judsonia ar: Another Judsonia AR 1952 tornado picture. Jim & Julian McFadden. - 11/02/18 10:27 AM

After the tornado.
While listing a property recently, I saw this old picture just laying on the bookcase.  The back of it says March 1952.  Jim & Julian McFadden.  I quickly asked if I could borrow it and share on this blog.  The owner gave me permission.  It is just a snapshot but shows the devastation of the never-to-be-forgotten tornado that struck Judsonia AR and other surrounding towns in 1952.  Judsonia was a thriving small town at the time and has never fully recovered.  We have uploaded other tornado pictures but I had never seen this one before.  
One of our favorites, of … (2 comments)

judsonia ar: Judsonia, AR. 1908. Dirt streets, downtown picture postcard. - 05/27/17 06:15 AM

We can look at this photo and think about how things have changed for the better in the last 100 years.  Imagine traveling those mud streets of Judsonia AR.  
This is an old postcard that is on ebay right now.  Price is pretty high so I will not be buying but it would be good for Judsonia to have it in their historic collection.  A one cent stamp delivered it to Indianapolis, Indiana to a Mr. Robert Storm and I like the last sentence which says, "Whats the matter with you dead or married?"  
Postcards, when they become enlarged by scanning, … (3 comments)

judsonia ar: Before the 1952 tornado. Judsonia AR. Johnson Hotel. - 03/22/17 08:08 AM

The huge tornado that destroyed Judsonia AR still lives in the memories of so many people.  It destroyed a thriving town and the town has never recovered completely.  These pictures were loaned to me by a Judsonia resident who has a scrapbook of  events and news clippings and the pictures show how things "used to be".  The three story house shown here was destroyed as was the little grocery store beside it.  The photo was taken in the Depot Town section of Judsonia.  The Johnson House Hotel was built in 1907 and enjoyed heavy patronage while the railroad was in its … (0 comments)

judsonia ar: Judsonia AR Landis Cafe & Filling Station. Price is Right! - 03/16/15 04:56 AM
Now that sounds like a tricky title.  Sounds as if Landis Cafe and Filling Station is for sale.  And I AM a real estate agent looking for things to sell.  But that is not what I meant.
I meant that I have found a great old post card showing the old Landis Motel Cafe and Station at Highways 64 and 67 in Judsonia, Arkansas.  Their slogan was "We Doze but Never Close."  Air-conditioned rooms, new and modern.  Here is the way it looked in 1958.

It looks so clean and neat, doesn't it?  But what is interesting and surprising is … (8 comments)

judsonia ar: Judsonia AR strawberry-gathering picture from National Geographic 1946. - 08/03/14 05:58 AM
Donnie Miller, whose family grew up around Judsonia, gave me permission to post this picture from 1946.  He obtained an old National Geographic magazine which had an article in it about Arkansas and the article included this picture.

Donnie says that the lady in pink was his grandmother, Helen Hubach.  The one in overalls was Donnie's Aunt Emogene Hubach Miller.  Donnie's grandmother looks lovely and makes me wonder if she dressed up for the picture or whether she looked that good every day.  Looks as if she has on high heels and a lovely matching outfit. 
Strawberries used to … (5 comments)

judsonia ar: Old Judsonia Arkansas picture from ebay. Before the tornado. - 05/28/14 09:06 PM

Maintaining a search on ebay for your home town or the surrounding area will bring rewards from time to time.  This picture is on ebay right now showing what must have been the main street in Judsonia AR a long time ago.  It is for sale and I hope Judsonia will buy it for their historic archives if there is someone maintaining them.
The awful tornado in 1952 probably wiped out all these buildings and by then the wagons and mules had been replaced with automobiles.  We have featured Judsonia several times in this blog so look at this one … (4 comments)

judsonia ar: Judsonia AR General Merchandise Store before the 1952 tornado that demolished the city. - 10/13/12 12:47 AM

This wonderful old post card is on ebay for sale.  Judsonia AR needs to buy this card and hang it in City Hall.
It shows Judsonia AR before the demon tornado that attacked the city in 1952.  I love the little kids in the picture, the men standing (one in awkward position) and visiting and the old automobile parked in front.  It makes me wonder if the location was the same as this current picture of a store in Judsonia.  Probably not but the before and after pictures … (7 comments)

judsonia ar: Memories of country living. And needed buyer for 144 Capps Road Judsonia AR. - 09/07/12 10:55 AM

Isn't this a charming old house?  Built around 1937 per courthouse records.  I have it listed right now for a mere $25,500.  It needs some work but is full of memories.
Look at these two things that I found in the shop building.

How many remember when our parents and grandparents had to include a horseshoe over the doorway for luck! I certainly do and this shop still had one hanging up there.
Also see if you can figure out what went on at this workbench.

Ok, young folks, notice the jar lids that are nailed to … (9 comments)

judsonia ar: Judsonia AR Exchange Land Office and Post Office. Historic photograph. - 08/23/12 04:28 AM

I wish I could read what the sign says.  I can read Public sale but below that I can make out only a few words.
This is another picture from the stereoscopic views of Judsonia that was scanned and loaned to me for this blog by Melanie Murphy from Judsonia.
It is a great one showing a Land Office and the Post Office.  Perhaps some of our readers can explain what is going on in the picture.


judsonia ar: G B Farris Transportation May 9 1908 in Judsonia Arkansas. - 07/30/12 10:10 PM
James Whitlow has sent us another picture for this blog.  It is one that I have never seen and indicates that in 1908 a Mr. Farris had a transportation company.  Perhaps he transported folks up or down river by boat?  Or he transported freight.  Writing on the front says it is in Judsonia ARK.  Thanks, James.
Wonder where this was in Judsonia?


judsonia ar: Strawberry picking Judsonia Arkansas. Strawberry capital of the world....once... - 06/06/12 12:24 PM
This photo was provided by Donnie Miller, lifetime resident of White County Arkansas who knows everone in the county.  He serves as President of Regions Bank in Searcy Arkansas and appreciates the history of our area.  In this photo, his mother is in the center and his grandmother is on the left and the one bringing up the berries is unknown. Read underneath the picture to see how important this area was in harvesting strawberries.
Interesting today is the bonnet wear on all three ladies.  Have caps taken over?  Even with the girls?
I also like the outfits of the girls.  … (6 comments)

judsonia ar: I'm a survivor too. How come that mansion gets all the attention in Judsonia Arkansas. - 10/31/11 08:38 AM
If houses could talk, that might be what this house would say.  It is located right across the street from the Judsonia Arkansas mansion that survived the 1952 tornado.  We have featured the mansion several times in blogs with the latest perhaps being this one.  First, let's review the after-the-tornado photograph.

Now look to the right and see the house that has lost a porch but still has the porch rails.  And then check out this house that we had listed for sale probably way back in the 80's.

The porch rails still look lovely.  The porch has been reattached … (13 comments)

judsonia ar: Downtown Judsonia Arkansas was not lucky during the 1952 tornado. - 08/23/11 11:31 AM
The last blog was about the mansion in Judsonia that stood strongly through the 1952 Judsonia AR tornado.  Driving through downtown Judsonia will show you some buildings that didn't make it very well but still stand.  This one could be turned into an abstract painting because it has so much muted color and fascinating details.  Take a look.

Can't you just visualize it when it was a store or a movie house or a gathering place of some kind? Here's the side view.

And for our artistic closeup, study this one.  I lowered the resolution for this blog but in high … (18 comments)

judsonia ar: Judsonia card from 1910 now on ebay. Train, wagons, strawberries and a car! - 02/06/11 01:26 PM
This card is for sale on ebay right now.  It is a great one for history and I hope Judsonia will buy it. 

It reads, "We saw a string of wagons like this picture.  Mr. Longin took a picture of them."
Then the card is labeled Judsonia Ark. Monday May 2 -10.  14 cars 7270 cases srawberries.
It looks as if this picture was taken along the railroad tract in what is now called Depot Town.  I did a blog a few weeks ago showing an old store in this area.  It must have been strawberry season and folks must … (32 comments)

judsonia ar: Remember the Foot Long Hot Dog at Judsonia AR? No wonder it closed.... - 12/02/10 08:25 AM
Going to Judsonia or Bald Knob from Searcy on the old road (scenic route Hwy 367) takes you by this scene.

This is the way the Judsonia Dairy Freeze looks today.....vacant, empty.  And I suspect it had something to do with adding that drive-through which covered the front part of the dog.
My children and I always loved to stop at the Footlong Dog.  Even now my directions to people would be, "Turn left at the Foot long hot dog stand."  Alas.  Half the dog disappeared.  Why couldn't they have painted the front of the dog right through that drive-through.  … (22 comments)

judsonia ar: For sale now with a second floor. In 1989 it was a one-story house! - 07/13/10 03:23 AM
My listing at 1216 Wade is on the market now.  The price is $72,900 and it is a foreclosure property.  The surprise to me was seeing this same house in a Homes for Living magazine put out by the Homes for Living franchise in 1989.  I worked for Powell Realty and saved all the advertising magazines. 

Today, the screen is gone from the porch.  The shop had a caved roof and had to be removed.  The garden spot would have to be revived.  It still has the trees.  AND the house grew taller.  Note the second story that has … (7 comments)

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