listings: One-upped! Dang! Her barn makes my barn look cheap! Louden Barn. - 03/21/20 07:39 AM

My daugher, Valerie Canepa, and I, a team, were fortunate to be listing country properties on the same day.  We went in different directions and put the listings on MLS on the same day.  My listing is great with 5 acres at 260 Oak Forrest Road in Searcy AR.  (Check it out on the internet.  MLS #20009479. Nice house, shop, fenced, and a scenic old barn that even has a chicken pen.)  
Here's the picture of my scenic barn!!!
What was her barn like?  See the first picture again.  Her barn is part of her listing at Pangburn AR at 379 Highway 124 … (5 comments)

listings: More Yarnell's Ice Cream memories. Guest Jim Bohannon Searcy Arkansas Super Sleuth. - 07/13/11 02:33 AM
Yarnell's closing in Searcy Arkansas has made so many people go back and remember things about their lives growing up in Searcy.  Several worked at Yarnell's.  Here's a note I got from Jim Bohannon.  He gave his permission for me to pass the memories on.
July 7, 2011
Enclosed is the 1929 city map computer CD of Searcy.  I trust you'll enjoy retracing the old city streets and buildings.  Sad, indeed, that Searcy lost Yarnell's.  They were part of Searcy history and in the memories of all who knew them for the quality ice cream they produced.
It was … (5 comments)

listings: Was the agent using reverse psycology? It sounds so bad I'm going to go preview it. - 12/15/10 01:32 AM
We have meetings and folks tell about their new listings or their sales or whatever they want to tell.
One agent started telling about her listing. 
It is terribly dated.  Ugh....
It has that old Cloverdale green remaining.
The carpets are old but there is hardwood underneath in places.
The bathtub is blue.  Ugh...ugh...
All of the derogatory things were expressed with a turned up nose and a sneer.  My private thoughts were that if it is SO bad, why did you take the listing.
I looked on the MLS entry and she also has only 4 pictures!  They are … (60 comments)

listings: For sale now with a second floor. In 1989 it was a one-story house! - 07/13/10 03:23 AM
My listing at 1216 Wade is on the market now.  The price is $72,900 and it is a foreclosure property.  The surprise to me was seeing this same house in a Homes for Living magazine put out by the Homes for Living franchise in 1989.  I worked for Powell Realty and saved all the advertising magazines. 

Today, the screen is gone from the porch.  The shop had a caved roof and had to be removed.  The garden spot would have to be revived.  It still has the trees.  AND the house grew taller.  Note the second story that has … (7 comments)

listings: It's a topsy turvy world in real estate right now in Searcy Arkansas. - 04/04/09 12:44 AM
Clients have been internet shopping and planning a trip to buy in Searcy Arkansas.  I've emailed them what I think is the very best out there.  They are here.....ready to buy.
"Okay, Barbara, we'd like to see the one you sent us on Jonathan Street. When I tried to pull it up on the MLS search, it didn't pull up."
Sorry but that one went under contract yesterday and that's why it won't pull up.
"Okay, what about the foreclosure that came back on the market and you think it's a good deal?"
Sorry but that one went under contract yesterday.
"Okay, … (14 comments)

listings: Do you have high speed internet connection at this house? - 11/10/08 09:21 AM
This question seems to be coming up more and more but it is not something asked for on our Multiple Listing Forms in Arkansas.  We probably need to insist that they add it because it is a question asked by buyers. We have one subdivision with expensive houses that up until about a year ago had no cable TV so thus no cable internet.  In fact, in that area, cell service for the phone was almost absent.  While showing a house out there and trying to make a call, I'd find a spot and stand perfectly still while talking in order not to lose the signal. … (17 comments)

listings: So what am I going to do now? Fleas are still present and house is listed. - 09/01/08 12:13 AM
Usually the time it takes to get an REO house listed drags on for a few weeks.  Usually you start wondering what happened to it.  Usually you'd have time to get it all prepared for showing with grass mowed and the house trashed out and cleaned. 
Not this time.  I wrote a blog just a few days ago about the house having a flea infestation.  I went back to it just yesterday and saw the little boogers jump on my inserted white paper so I didn't go all the way in.  Then I see email with a listing come through.  I'm supposed … (19 comments)

listings: You can show it but my house is a mess. Two types make this statement. - 08/10/08 01:13 AM

Showing property this weekend, I heard the old phrase, "But my house is a mess."  The seller asked if I could show it at 5:00 instead of within the hour as I'd requested.  That was outside the schedule so I said no.  Then I called back and said, "This buyer is looking for a house and we really need to see it."  I said I'd make excuses for the house being a mess.  And I did. 
But when we entered the house.....well, as we approached the entrance to the house and noticed grass not mowed, debris on the lawn … (30 comments)

listings: One of my first listings and sales. Still pretty and a Searcy old-home classic. - 08/08/08 12:34 AM
This house is back on the market and holds a lot of memories for me.  It sits on Arch Street under a few huge trees and is a Searcy classic.  There is very little yard but you could walk to downtown.  Probably 25 years ago I was fortunate to be chosen as the listing agent for the folks who owned it then. 
I shouted with glee when I also sold it.  A minister who wanted to be very close to his church bought it.  It was the time when ministers were beginning to get housing allowances instead of a free parsonage.  It was … (13 comments)

listings: Sold house in Beebe Arkansas to a wonderful family. - 02/28/08 05:42 AM
This house has found an owner.  A young family who liked the idea of commuting to Little Rock from Beebe has moved in.  They were a delight to work with and loved the house from their first viewing.  Best wishes in your new home, Mike and Shela! 
This house is convenient to Little Rock Air Force Base, Cabot, Jacksonville, Little Rock, Conway, Searcy or where ever you may wish to commute.  Beebe is a growing city.  I can remember when it was ruled by a few old city fathers and they cared nothing about being progressive.
Things have changed.  Beebe is now … (1 comments)

listings: Newly listed property in Bald Knob Arkansas with four acres. - 02/21/08 06:53 AM
SOLD The price has finally come in on my new property on Hwy 258 in Bald Knob Arkansas.  It will need some spic-n-span attention but will then become a great country property.  For a foreclosure it has great potential.  Price is $119,900.  The shop is wired and has bath facilities.  We're not sure about mineral rights but think they are probably not leased and remain with the property. 

listings: Ooops! You missed your WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY! - 01/15/08 01:18 AM
I suspect you got up this morning just as I did and checked your email and checked for new listings on the Multiple Listing Service.  As just as I, you probably did a little silent fuming because there's a new listing in a great neighborhood or one that is out in the "boonies" which is too far to drive by and there are no photos.
Our MLS considers a listing NEW for three days and shows it as new.  After that it is considered ACTIVE.  When an agent does not get a set of photos in within the three day period that … (8 comments)

listings: My wide angle lens makes the refrigerator curved! - 01/08/08 01:39 PM
I love my old Sony Mavica camera and bought myself a new wide angle lens from ebay that would fit the camera.  On some of my pictures the rooms look great and large, especially in empty houses.
But I have a new listing and the pictures that I took make the walls curve, the refrigerator curve, and in general I have a wavy photo around the edges.
I'm also curious about whether the quality of the outside or inside photos suffer if the wide angle lens is on the camera. There are many experts on this blog that can probably give me a little … (28 comments)

listings: Not keeping appointments on showings - 11/29/07 06:10 AM
Too often one of our listed clients will call and say that the agent who made an appointment to show the house didn't show up.  I always tell my listed clients to turn every light in the house on, open the blinds, leave and the person showing should turn off the lights.
I've had it happen to me.  You drive up to the front of the house and the potential buyer says, "Oh, no, I don't want to see that house."  My preference for handling this situation is to leave the buyer in the car with the explanation that we made an appointment … (9 comments)

listings: Choose Beebe AR for a progressive small town... - 10/26/07 12:39 PM

This house is convenient to Little Rock Air Force Base, Cab
ot, Jacksonville, Little Rock, Conway, Searcy or where ever you may wish to commute.  Beebe is a growing city.  I can remember when it was ruled by a few old city fathers and they cared nothing about being progressive.
Things have changed.  Beebe is now thriving with lots of new construction and citizens who like the slower pace of life in a small town.
This house is an unusual one.  Someone bought it new and lived in it just a few nights and then had a change of plans.  It … (0 comments)

listings: Expensive property but worth it..... - 10/25/07 09:37 AM
All cities have best-selling areas.  In our city of Searcy AR folks usually have preferences.  Some prefer manicured lawns, privacy fences and easy-access to everything.  They usually choose River Oaks, a lovely subdivision on the East side of town.  Others say, "I don't want a neighbor too close to me."  They want a large yard and don't mind driving 10 minutes to get home.  These buyers choose the West side of Searcy.
This particular property that I have for sale has 8 acres!  Right in the middle of that most-wanted area of Searcy! The house has about … (2 comments)

listings: A house within walking distance to downtown Searcy. - 10/17/07 06:40 AM

Searcy AR has a lot of nice homes.  Searcy has a very active downtown and this house is within two blocks of downtown.  You could walk to the Rialto, our historic old movie theater. There's an active Theater-on-the-Square that has dinner shows and children's productions.  There's a great little cafe that has famous breakfasts.  Several professional offices are on the square and several places to shop.  If you know of someone wanting to scale down and sit on a nice little porch and watch a tiny garden grow, this is it.

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