old photos: Searcy AR 9th grade cheerleaders. Merrell Walker Vani Geroy historic photo - 07/21/19 10:48 AM

A lovely group
Vani Quattlebaum Geroy, on front row, far right, posted this photo of a group of 9th grade cheerleaders in Searcy Arkansas.  She gave me permission to put it on a blog. I know several of them and am sad to say that the girl on the front row, far left, has passed away.   Also, just this week, the tall girl in the center, back row, has passed away.  She was Merrell Walker, loved by all who knew her.  I know we'd all like to know the names of the other girls so hopefully, either Vani or a Searcy Sleuth … (9 comments)

old photos: Old Person Furniture building in Searcy AR soon to have a facelift.....just sold..... - 03/19/12 03:40 AM
Paula, my friend who did the photography project for Girl Scouts back in the 40's, photographed what we now call the Person building.  Persons/Quattlebaums have owned it for many years.  It is about a block or two from the court square so it is considered downtown. 
I'm going to depend on my friends from Arkansas to give me more of the history of this building and what the sign above the corner entry door said.  I find it interesting that there were quite a few corner doors.  Was there a reason for that?  This building as you can see, is largely unchanged, … (7 comments)

old photos: A Searcy Arkansas family from long ago. A house and a car was/is happiness. - 06/23/09 07:45 AM

Wouldn't it be interesting to know how many photographs were taken beside the family car?  It's the same now. 
We have a long-running love affair with our cars.  It's no wonder.  Cars were more controllable than horses! 
This picture was found in our Duncan family archives.  I hope someone in Searcyland can tell me who they are.  The house is neat, too, with a chimney, front porch, and double-hung windows.  As a child I can remember climbing under the houses and playing where it was cool and dirty. Note this house, as lots of houses were, is on a foundation but is … (26 comments)

old photos: Time marches on - 04/16/09 07:10 AM
How sad to drive by a house that I sold in 1991 when it was in pristine condition with a lovely seller who was moving on to new areas.  I found these old pictures (no digital photos then!) and drove by to see how it has fared.
Deferred maintenance seems to have prevailed.  And it was such a charming old home in Searcy Arkansas. Perhaps it will get restored soon.  I'm hoping so.

old photos: Visiting a childhood home in Searcy Arkansas. You CAN go home again! - 02/20/09 12:12 PM
This blog is written by my friend Don who comments on my blogs and loves the old town of Searcy Arkansas where he grew up.  To see his picture and his very first blog visit him here.
Remember what is was like to visit a childhood home?
Nothing looked quite the same. Boundaries had changed, memorable trees were gone and replaced by others. The house may have been renovated or even torn down.

On the left is a recent picture of my house when I was 8 years old. On the right There is me standing on the … (11 comments)

old photos: Aerial view of old Searcy Arkansas in the 40's. Some landmarks still stand. - 01/24/09 08:44 AM

Lots of Searcy readers have been commenting on old Searcy Arkansas and the things they used to do, the places they visited, and the way the streets were laid out.  One of the readers, Harold Gene Sullivan, sent me this photo with some landmarks already labeled!  Look at all the old trees and the space between houses.  He thinks this was approximately 1948. Still standing are the Courthouse, the post office building, the Mayfair Hotel, Methodist Church and there is a new First Baptist on the spot of the old one. 
He also included this old Searcy map which shows … (36 comments)

old photos: Cowboys and Indians.....big fun in the early 50's. - 10/18/08 12:34 AM

Do you remember going to the movies to see Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, the Lone Ranger, Rex Allen and others?  They were really big-time in small-town America.  Small-town America had no idea they were Class B movies and all that their little theaters could probably afford.
They were just Fun! Going to the movie on Saturday afternoon was the thing all kids looked forward to doing.  The serials that left us wondering how our heroine was going to get away from that buzz saw that she was strapped on a conveyor belt and heading toward occupied our thoughts all … (27 comments)

old photos: Sign shop in Searcy Arkansas with signs old timers will recognize. - 10/16/08 12:21 PM
I had someone loan this photo that is actually pretty fascinating.  It is the interior of an old sign shop in Searcy AR with people that some of you from Searcy may recognize.  If so, tell me who they are.  I can see one Poll Parrot Shoes sign, a Charles Lovell Contractor sign, Wakenight General Electric and a Tower Court Cabins sign plus others.  Several are neon which must have been pretty high-class back then.
Searcy Arkansas is located in White County with a population of approximately 20,000.

old photos: Still standing and still lovely! Old Searcy AR post office on Arch Street. - 09/17/08 02:21 AM

This old building dates back to WWI, according to Dr. Ray Muncy's book called "Searcy Arkansas, A Frontier Town Grows Up With America."  He reports that the Federal Government gave approval for this building as a Post Office when post office buildings were rare in small towns.
Most communities with  a population of less than 3000 at that time picked up their mail at a cage in the corner of a merchandise establishment, said Muncy.  It still occupies a place of importance on Arch Street just about a block from downtown Searcy AR, White County. 
I really feel proud of this … (13 comments)

old photos: Boy Scouts. Girl Scouts. Cub Scouts. All kids loved these! - 09/08/08 12:23 AM
My memory of the scouts dates way back.  My son wanted to be a scout and he dragged me to a meeting of all interested parents and kids at the beginning of the scout year. 
I was a busy person.  I took care of the house, the spouse, the kids, and attended college and worked as a Junior Auxiliary member who had to donate oodles of hours to children's projects.
At the meeting the speaker asked how many people had time to be a scout leader.  No hands were raised.  He asked how many of the people had no time … (13 comments)

old photos: First Baptist Church, Searcy Arkansas, razed to build a new one. - 09/05/08 12:39 AM
Yesterday we looked at First Methodist Church in Searcy Arkansas.  It has been expanded and expanded and expanded til it covers about a block and a half.  But it still has the original building as we saw photos of it years ago and as it is now.
Today, I'm posting some of Paula's photos of the First Baptist Church which was completely torn down and a new one built.  That makes her old photos, made for a Girl Scout's photography project, more precious.  You know, this was a darned big building in the 40's, which is about the time she … (7 comments)

old photos: Searcy Landmark, Old and Now. First Methodist Church. Searcy Arkansas - 09/04/08 02:27 AM
Time for another photo of downtown Searcy Arkansas.  The First Methodist Church has stood at the end of Arch Stree on Main Street for so many years.  It is shown here on an old post card that was sold at Snowden's, a 5 & 10 store that has been closed for a long time.
The church, of course, has continued to grow and stretches out over about one and one/half blocks now.  These two pictures just show what is seen from Arch as you drive toward it.  It has always been a lovely old building.

old photos: Searcy Arkansas court square changing. LOOKS GOOD! - 08/26/08 01:59 AM
Comparing the old with the new in Searcy AR, White County, is interesting.  Here's another shot of yesteryear vs. today.
In the old photo, the old Security Bank is on the left and the building in the background is Lee Biggs old office building.  It still is, as a matter-of-fact.  But the upstairs has changed.  It has become private living quarters for a Searcy couple who also has a home in Little Rock and Aspen and no telling where else!
Living upstairs in downtown Searcy may become very fashionable as more of the old buildings are renovated.


old photos: Searcy old bank and old one being renewed. - 08/25/08 10:42 AM
Some of you have said you like my old photos and I'm glad.  Some have said to give us the present to compare with the old.  I am doing that today.  First Security Bank used to look like the picture below.  It was added on and covered over many times during the years.  Now it is being restored to some of its former majesty.  It's on the court square and the first picture is courtesy of Paula, who took it as a photography project for the Girl Scouts in the 40's.
I like the way it is looking. 

old photos: Searcy Arkansas Ice and Coal Building Approximately 1940's. - 08/24/08 05:21 AM

Years ago the ice-man came to your house.  He'd have blocks of ice on a wagon or some vehicle and he'd lift those blocks into your refrigerator (ice box)  which had a place for ice storage.  You could buy probably 25, 50 or 100 lb. chunks. (Correct me if I'm wrong, Anita or Don.)
Here'a a picture of the ice plant taken by Paula for a Girl Scout's project in photography.  It's the place where the ice was frozen.  What there was for coal I don't know.  I never remember anyone delivering coal to anyone in the South but that's … (30 comments)

old photos: Gem Cafe, Old Searcy Arkansas 1900 photo. - 08/20/08 12:10 AM

This great old photo of Searcy AR comes from the White County Historical Society collection of photos.  It dates back to 1900 and also looks like a photo from an old Western movie.  This quote below is from the WCHS explanation of the photo.
This scene is from approximately 1900, when Gem Café operated on the southwest corner of Spring and Center in Searcy. Directly behind the café, Giles Walker had the City Meat Market. And, as the giant sign on the side of the building proclaims, Cokes were only a nickel. The name at the top of the … (14 comments)

old photos: Shoe store in Higginson Arkansas, just a stone's throw from Searcy AR. - 08/18/08 12:16 AM
These old pictures are fun!  Look at this shoe store in Higginson Arkansas.  This picture was loaned to me by the mayor of Higginson through Ludean, long time resident of Higginson.
We've discovered that most of Higginson burned in the 20's.  Up until then, it was a thriving town.  We saw the High School which burned in the 50's after consolidation took place.  Now we have a classy looking shoe store which was probably part of the burned town.
But aren't these guys handsome!  Would we girls like to see some men dressed like this today? And the horse is one … (9 comments)

old photos: Higginson Arkansas High School in the 1930's. - 08/16/08 09:55 AM

We've been exploring old photos of Searcy Arkansas and its surrounding cities.  Higginson is just a breath away and was once a thriving city with trains going through it all the time.  Trains still go through it and my friend Ludean told me that they have two fire stations to make sure the fires can be fought on either side of town if a train has traffic stopped.
This photo is loaned to me by the Higginson mayor through Ludean. It shows the high school in the 1930's.  The children now go to Searcy schools and I don't know how … (10 comments)

old photos: Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1900 view Searcy Arkansas - 08/14/08 02:03 AM

Searcy has lots of churches.  Some have been added on to become almost not recognizable.  Some were torn down and rebuilt.  Some were torn down and replaced with commercial.  This church is located right across the street from our historic Rialto Theater.  Traffic passes by continuously night and day because the street has become so busy.  The church on the outside is largely unchanged and without all the grown landscaping you can see the real structure of it.  That's why I like the old photos. 
Inside I don't know of the amount of changes but it is a pleasure to … (3 comments)

old photos: Town burns down on Easter Sunday 1924....Higginson Arkansas - 08/12/08 12:09 AM

My friend Ludean obtained this picture for me to display.  She got it from Higginson's Mayor who displays it at City Hall.  Higginson is a tiny town just a minute or two from Searcy Arkansas.  Ludean pointed out that they have two fire stations in order to be prepared in case of a fire on the opposite side of the tracks and the train is stopped in the middle of town.  Now that's good planning!
I've posted three other photos of Higginson but I guess this one is the saddest and tells the worst story.  It says the town burned down … (9 comments)

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