old picture: Wondering what is ahead. 2024? Kids picture. So far, so good. Barbara. - 01/01/24 06:31 AM

This could be the young 2024.
All the cartoons today are showing the old worn-out 2023 child (now ancient) giving the new 2024 child a welcome and warnings for the new year.  This old picture from many years back has the same look as the 2024 child.  I wonder if this could be by a photographer in Georgia who became as famous as Disfarmer from Arkansas? 

old picture: Looks like Mom and Dad.....but not mine. Old picture. Fashion changes. - 09/11/23 11:02 AM

This tiny picture is only 3" x 3" and scanning enlarged it.
I glance at it and say, "They look so much like my mom and dad!"
Enlarging shows it is not them so I analyze and decide it is the fashion that makes me think it looks like them.  Take the lady....dresses only for women way back in the 30's. (This looks like 30's or 40's to me.) My mother would only wear pants to go pick cotton or work in the fields. Dresses were usually hand made with the style you see here. 
Then look at the man.  Overalls with lots … (4 comments)

old picture: Car colors. Bill's Grill Searcy AR. 1950's. Popular cars. Noble Motel - 07/17/23 11:21 AM

Car colors!
Look around you now.  White is the dominate color for cars and trucks, or it seems that way to me.  Hubby, car dealer, indicated one time that colors on cars made the vehicle cost more.  This old 50's post card showing cars, and one truck, parked around one of Searcy's favorite eating spots, Bill's Grill, showed a great love for light green!
Beside Bill's Grill was Noble Motel.  You MUST see the beginning of the Motel and see how it started.  Click here to see the beginning and read what it was like.  Mike Noble, now deceased, tells about it and … (2 comments)

old picture: Old parade picture. Searcy AR. Service window Quattlebaum Music building. - 06/13/22 11:01 AM

Parade downtown Searcy. 
Here's an interesting picture of a parade in old down-town Searcy AR.  The original brick streets are visible and interesting.  The court house is in the distance.  To me, most interesting is the service window that has now been closed but once was a part of what is now Quattlebaum Music Store on the corner of Arch and Spring Streets. 
That's a Truman Baker Chevrolet float and some of the Searcy Sleuths may recognize the lady on the float.  Someone may also know the date by observing the cars.  Definitely a good historic photo!!

old picture: Advertising paperweight picture. Beebe AR Church. - 11/06/20 06:32 AM
Old advertising method that is new to me.
On ebay right now is this glass paperweight that was a method of advertising that I have not seen before.  The paragraph below is written on ebay regarding the item.  Perhaps someone will know its location and whether it still stands.
This is a vintage, clear glass paperweight featuring a church and probably its pastor, and the writing at the bottom edge reads, 'M.E. Church South Beebe White Co., Ark. Rev. Franklin B. Noe D'. The writing cuts off at the "D" and I can't make out the rest. This is about 4x2&1/2. I don't … (0 comments)

old picture: Pangburn. 1st grade. 1929-30. Historic photo. Love it! - 11/06/19 08:36 AM

I love this picture!  It is part of the Dale VanPatten collection of pictures and historic documents.  I like the old house in the background, the kids looking so well-behaved, and the teacher standing beside the group.
The old style-thing shows up again.  Girl's hair style was short-hair-with-bangs straight across the forehead.  The 8th girl on back row (left to right) reminds me of me because she is taller than most kids, has serious scared look, and would never be a trouble maker!  Boys mostly had overalls.  Some had bare feet.
Also look at girls 6 and 9, back row.  They have faces … (6 comments)

old picture: Little golfer. Did he grow up to be famous? Who was he? - 08/26/19 11:23 AM

Who  was he?
The picture is too old to ask, "Who is he?"  I am sort of a sucker for old photos and this one was 50 cents at an estate sale.  I didn't notice until I got it home that this little feller is holding a golf ball and golf club.  The mat had been rounded to fit into a round frame (but didn't) and the frame was rusted.  I removed him and decided to share with folks on activerain.  Wouldn't it be funny if he turned out to be some famous golfer!  Or perhaps he was some famous golfer's son......
So … (8 comments)

old picture: Kensett AR depot. Another Elvin Davenport photograph. Historic photo. - 03/26/18 05:59 PM

We have shown several Elvin Davenport old photographs, loaned by Sherry Quattlebaum Person, on this blog.  Reportedly, he roamed the countryside on his bike with his camera handy and loved taking pictures of trains.  These two say Kensett on the depots even though you have to enlarge them to read the sign.
My question is why the depots look slightly different?  Did Kensett have two depots?  Is this the same train track?  Folks also say that Elvin got so close to the trains that he had to quickly get out of the way and therefore lots of the photos are slightly blurred.
Perhaps … (12 comments)

old picture: Tootie 1917 Mary Walker Crawford old picture Wilson AR - 08/25/17 11:56 AM

I love these old pictures of a lady called Tootie.  She is another family member found in the collection of old family photographs bought at an estate sale in Searcy AR a few weeks ago.  I wish the family could treasure them and want them.  The first one shows Tootie all dressed up and the date is 1917.  The name on the back says Mary Walker Crawford.  Married 9/3/1918 to E. Allen Wilson, Ark.  I believe the husband must have been E. Allen from Wilson, AR but it isn't clear.
So we know who she was but the next photo only says … (4 comments)

old picture: Marcella Rose? Where did I get this picture and who are they? 1954 - 03/10/13 01:05 AM
Most of the pictures that I post are loaned to me and I know the folks who loan them and the folks who loan them know the people in the picture!
I was searching for something and there in the bottom of a seldom used file cabinet was this picture.  I cannot remember where I got it and I don't know the people.  They may not even be from Searcy.
The only thing written is on the bottom.  Marcella Rose.  Alad's Hotel (can't make out the name of hotel). 1954.
It is interesting.  Look at all the men on one side … (11 comments)

old picture: Great photo of Searcy AR folks. - 12/20/11 05:17 AM
Borrowed photograph from a facebook friend with permission.
I just love this photo.
I can tell you who they are and will but I think it would be fun to see if any Sleuths know who they are.
The old car is great.  The happy smiles of the boy and girl are great. And look at the thick wavy hair on the guy.  She has on a fashionable cowl-necked dress with a sashed waistline and looks all dressed up.
I can't quite make out the thing in the background, can you?  Is it the rest of the car???


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