old pictures: Typical old grocery store? Old picture. Behymer family? Who and where? - 01/20/20 11:18 AM

Grocery store?
This is an interesting old picture of  a store of some kind.  Is he holding a knife?  What is he selling?  Are those cabinets in the back for foods that need electricity.  
On the back is his name, Harry Behymer, and it makes me wonder all over again why some families do not cherish their old family pictures.  They are left behind when moves are made, when houses are foreclosed, when relatives die, when estate sales are held.  Here is another family member, probably, of the Behymer family.  It has a name on the back that is not quite clear but … (6 comments)

old pictures: Beloved bicycles. Did you have one? Old pictures. - 11/29/19 11:42 AM

Beloved bicycles.
I love old pictures as readers know.  I also can't understand why some families don't cherish their old snapshots of family.  The top picture above is an unknown person......cast aside by family who didn't want the old photos.  He seems to be so proud of his bicycle and it, as my husband says, was a NICE bicycle.
The second picture above is a picture of my husband and his sister and his little brother.  With bikes!  The bike that he is beside was not a nice bike, as he remembers it.  If you look closely at his right leg you will … (11 comments)

old pictures: Strange!! Camel cigarettes? Lighter? Coffee cup with pretty lady? - 11/13/19 11:39 AM
So what does this mean?
I found this picture at an estate sale.  There were other pictures of the same lady with normal snapshots taken outside the house.  So you could see that a picture had been cropped so that it was placed in this coffee cup.  But WHY was she in the coffee cup.  Was Camel Cigarettes paying her to advertise?  There appears to be a man's hand holding the cigarette (actually smoking it because you can see smoke) and the cigarette lighter is on the table.  Perhaps it was a romantic thing with his saying that she was all he … (6 comments)

old pictures: Crook-Powell Motor Co. Where was it? Old sign. Bettye Perry Picture. - 10/02/19 11:48 AM

Where was it?
This old picture was included in an old album of photographs of  folks from Floyd Arkansas.  The girl, as written on the back, was Bettye Perry and there are several pages of pictures of her.  So who was she?  The album has pictures of the school at Floyd before it was closed and lots of pictures with folks standing beside old cars.
I hope I can share more pictures as I enjoy this album and if any of you sleuths can contribute something about the places and people be sure to do so.

old pictures: Class of 1927. Old picture. About what year taken? Dress styles. - 08/26/19 11:30 AM
Wonder what year this was taken.
Under the picture is written "Class of 1927."  There is no address or name of a school or town.  This is just one of those thrown-out, no-longer-cared-about pictures that some family treasured but their heirs don't.
One of my associates asked what year I thought this might be.  Could you tell by the dress style?  I see all ladies wore skirts, and all skirts were the same length.  I do remember my mother fretting about the current year's dress length to be in style.  Not that I thought she was stylish but evidently she cared and the … (9 comments)

old pictures: Yarnell's Ball Team. Who, what, when and where? Help wanted. - 05/02/19 11:48 AM

Happy Team of Youngsters.
A friend just sent this picture  to see if perhaps I knew who the folks were.  It reminds me of the old training we had for writing reports.  Who?  What?  When?  Where?  All of these were important.  So who were these delightful boys who had probably just finished a game of softball or baseball.
When was this.  Possibly a year could be given.
What they were doing is rather interesting.  What are those things on the table?  Are those minature trees on the table?  And what is that in the hand of the man in the striped shirt?
And finally, where … (10 comments)

old pictures: 702 E Race St Searcy AR as it was. Duncans Car Lot. - 04/17/19 11:31 AM
Duncans Car Lot
A few years back, this is the way 702 East Race Street appeared.  It was the home of Duncans Used Cars and also the Chrysler Plymouth dealership.  The small sign in the background says Duncans Used Cars and my husband says that it also said, "What ole Po Dunc says it is, it is!" 
An interesting part of the picture is the house on the left which has been gone for a long time.  Also interesting is seeing all those cars in the far background.  They must have been across Vine Street, which runs parallel with Race. I also believe … (4 comments)

old pictures: Young Searcy boy. Captivating hand-tinted picture of Jody Taylor. - 03/22/19 11:12 AM

Captivating, isn't it?
At times you see something that just grabs you.  That is the way I was with this old portrait of a Searcy boy who passed away a few months ago.  At the very bottom right it looks as if it is noted as 7 years old and then above that it definitely says Mitchell- E Smith......possibly the person who took the picture and then did a bit of  hand-tinting for embellishment?
The handsome young boy was Jody Taylor  and his daughter let me borrow this picture for this blog.  It was not framed and appears to have had some neglected … (6 comments)

old pictures: Georgetown AR riverboat, train, old car, tracks, history. Surratt family. - 02/01/19 10:01 AM
Well, first of all you need to review the blog that I wrote about Georgetown AR way back in 2009.  Blogs seem to live forever on the internet and this one had some great pictures of the old Georgetown.  Click HERE to read it and then come back.
Now, we are ready for more Georgetown history.  Look at these pictures, in bad shape on the first and last one, but very interesting.  A lady found my blog and sent me the message seen below the pictures about her family.  I love the fact that she treasures the family history and family pictures … (27 comments)

old pictures: Dressed up ladies. Searcy AR? Who were they? Elvin Davenport pics. - 03/31/18 03:27 PM

Who were they?
I'm curious.  This is another one of Elvin Davenport's pictures.  As we have repeated several times, Elvin walked or rode his bike all around the city of Searcy and the surrounding towns way back in the 50's and 60's.  He carried his camera and snapped pictures all the time.  Sherry Quattlebaum Person has loaned them to us for this blog.
So does anyone know who these ladies were?  Was one of them perhaps his mother or grandmother?  We understand he was an only child and the lovely house where he grew up was close to downtown Searcy and has now … (4 comments)

old pictures: Anyone know anything about the John Headlee family? Genealogy research? - 01/09/18 05:24 PM
I have been asked if I might help find someone who might have a picture of some of the Headlee family.  I have recently, several times, come across family photos that have been discarded because no one cares about them.  It is sad, sad, sad, to discover this.  Check and see if you, being an old-time Searcy person, might have any old pictures of this family.  Here is what he wrote and what he is seeking.    I need some advice and possibly a referral to a Searcy person that might be able/willing to do some genealogy research for me.   My great grandfather, … (5 comments)

old pictures: Rialto Theater Searcy AR 1960 ad in yearbook Searcy High School - 09/05/17 12:05 PM

The Rialto Theater in Searcy AR
We have seen so many pictures of the Rialto!  We have it stored as a beloved memory!  We love that it has been restored to what it was when we were growing up.  So since we never get tired of the Rialto, here's another picture.  This comes from the advertisements in the 1960 Searcy High School yearbook on page165.  Names are there and perhaps someone can say whether the ones in the picture paid for the ad or whether the group was for seniors.  It is unusual in that it does not show the Rialto but … (9 comments)

old pictures: Hair! How'd they do that style? Historic photo. Old picture. - 08/14/17 12:18 PM

Found at an estate sale.
We have been having a little discussion about how we all try to dress alike, which dictates style, I guess. So at a recent estate sale I bought a box full of old photos that some family had left behind.  I still can't understand how families don't treasure these old gems but it is definitely a changing world.  What oldies treasured....the young people throw away.
Anyway, I wonder how they got those hairstyles to work and stay up like we see here.  Remember when teased hair came around and the hairstyles were so cherished when hair was … (11 comments)

old pictures: Photographer's Art? Burlington Iowa. No faces showing in pictures. - 07/23/17 11:09 AM

In my last blog I mentioned that a relative had passed and lots and lots of old pictures dating back into the 1800's were left behind.  Jack Flournoy Henry V had never married and had no children so it could be the end of the line for the Jack Flournoy Henrys.
Among the photographs were these two which grabbed my attention because they were not posed to show their faces as most professionally done photos are.  The first one has a name on it, Dorthy Carson, and the photograph has Reynolds, Burlington Iowa on the front.  
The second one is even more … (6 comments)

old pictures: Searcy AR Main Street. Dirt street. Very old postcard. - 03/26/17 10:38 AM

I am not sure that I have seen this scene before.  It says that it is Main Street, Searcy ARK but do they mean it was the main street in Searcy or was it Main Street and named Main Steet?  It is in one of those portfolio folders that used to be sold with several pictures of postcards in it and it is for sale on ebay right now.  The other pictures in it were the public school, the court house, Spring Park, and Galloway Hall.  I copied the picture from the ebay site to share with out Sleuths who can … (2 comments)

old pictures: Another old home. Searcy AR. Historic? Built around 1907. - 01/09/17 10:37 AM

Another old home in Searcy AR for sale!
I remember this house.  It was one of my very first listings when I started in real estate. It was probably in the early 80's, so long ago that the on-line county data does not list the name of the owner at that time.  It looks very much the same and is on the market for a price of $89,900.  The location is 810 West Vine on a corner lot.  
What I am wondering now (and did not back then) is wheather it has any interesting history.   Now I have met many Searcy … (7 comments)

old pictures: Football players early 1919 Searcy AR High School - 09/06/16 03:22 AM

What a good looking crew!  These young men don't look as uniformed as the football players of today do but they do show personality better.  They even have some names on their shirts.  And they are named on the back of this old picture.
"Front row, left to right are Lee Lason, Joe Dale, Jim Paul Watson, Ray Mason, Boogie (Fletcher) Holleman, and Oris Henry.
Middle Row, Bill Barton, M. P. Jones, Joe Bill  Patterson, Morgan Thomas and Frank Burkett.
Back Row, Jim Findley, Ernerst Butler, Mr. Woodard (Supt.), Lester Mason, J. L. Taylor (Prin.) and Raymond Guthrie. 
Seated as played about 1919."
Great picture of … (6 comments)

old pictures: Yarnell children? Headlee family historic photos. Searcy AR. - 08/29/16 11:11 PM

I love it when I get picture contributions from some of the Searcy Sleuths.  Tom Headlee has given me permission to share this one with you and he gives a little history about it.  He and I are both hoping that perhaps these beautiful children can be identified and the location can be pointed out.  Who knew Searcy may have had "row" houses but these two do look alike, don't they.
Thanks, Tom Headlee!!
Hi Barbara -  Here is one of the more interesting pictures from my grandmother’s (Mildred Yarnell Headlee) collection.  Unfortunately, it was not labeled.  I am sure it was taken in Searcy…likely … (5 comments)

old pictures: 1909 picture of Searcy Bank....standing alone! A rare find! - 06/22/16 01:00 AM
This picture is for sale right now on ebay and I admit I am tempted to buy it because it is the only one I have seen with this beautiful building standing alone on the corner of what is now Arch and Spruce. Look at the sidewalk going to nowhere and the dirt streets.  The wording on the end is, "Do you know this man with his hands in his pockets?"  There is also a little checkmark beside the gentleman.  Here's the back of the post card. Note the date Apr 5/09.  Be sure to read it.  Sounds as if was … (2 comments)

old pictures: Beautiful family but she should have lived now, not then. - 06/12/16 07:47 AM

This lovely picture taken at some photographer's studio is a good image of the 50's.....somewhere around there anyway.  The proud parents stand with their two boys.  The boys, especially the smaller one, is probably wearing a home made outfit.  Note the pants with a very high hem for letting them out as he grew taller.  Also note the shirt with mismatched checks and a big wide collar and rolled up sleeves.    The seamstress was not expert.  And he has on two toned shoes.
The older son is more polished and probably was old enough to dictate what he would wear.  He loved … (4 comments)

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