old pictures: Test time. How soon we forget. Searcy AR Armory? - 11/29/15 09:38 AM

We really do forget in a hurry and I'll bet most of you have forgotten this building and where it was located in Searcy AR.  It is nice to have two types of blog readers.  The first type is the group who no longer lives in Searcy.  They grew up here, graduated, married, moved, but still have fond memories of their home town.  And they remember it just as it was when they lived here.  Examples:  Anita Hart Fuller and Don Thompson, super sleuths supreme.
The second group lives here now but quickly forgets the building that was here two years ago … (10 comments)

old pictures: Rather romantic. Searcy AR at night 1956. - 09/07/15 04:37 AM

This is a picture that is unusual in that it is in black and white and shows the city of Searcy AR at night.  We are gazing East from Arch Street toward the First Methodist Church.  Almost no vehicles spoil our view of the streets and the parking meters.
Who remembers parking meters?  I do.  You had to keep them fed with nickles and quarters. Who remembers Western Auto on the right?  I do but I don't remember Firestone Tires .
The light poles appear to be decorated so it may be Christmas and I can't figure out those giant orbs in the … (12 comments)

old pictures: Bible study from the past. Gentleman studying in room. - 08/07/15 11:31 PM

I found this picture at one of the thrift stores and I always wonder how families can throw away pictures of family.  And now that pictures are so easy to do on cell phones you'd think we would appreciate the old ones like this. 
Try magnifying parts of the picture and it becomes very interesting.  I wanted to see what the things on the mantle were because they look like shadow boxes but I could not tell what the contents were.  The cord to the lamp must be from some overhead light.  Or maybe it connects to the cell phone lying … (13 comments)

old pictures: What a picture! Bald Knob Public School. Photo for sale. - 08/03/15 10:14 PM

Isn't this a fantastic picture!  It is for sale right now on ebay.  I love the clarity, the people in the foreground, the steeple on the side.  Wonder if it was also a church?  And I wonder what the attached little structure on the end of the porch was?  And I wonder where it was located in Bald Knob?  The seller says it is postmarked 1910. 
Old pictures bring back so many memories.  Having grown up in Georgia where the climate was milder than here in Arkansas, I remember lots of buildings with no skirting around the foundation.  It was fun … (4 comments)

old pictures: Long hair. Pretty posed picture of sister and brother? - 12/02/14 05:36 AM

What a great picture of a girl with extremely long hair, stockings and a little brother (probably) who is not at all happy with the situation. 
Notice the little boy has on a dress and stockings just as the girl.  It must be the girl's hat on the stool.  This must have been about 100 years before today's "selfies."
Their shoes appear worn so they could be hand-me-downs as was common in the old days.  I must admit that I just love these old black and white pictures.

old pictures: Mr. Wiggs. An old picture of a handsome Searcy AR resident. - 02/20/14 11:18 PM
Cliff Wiggs, one of the Searcy Sleuths who loves and remembers the old Searcy AR when it was small and everyone knew everyone, has sent us this old picture of his dad.  He says that blog that I did of "Cowboy?  Railroad man?  Cowpoke?" made him think of this picture of his dad taken when his dad was a young man.

He said his dad and almost all men of that day and time wore a hat.  His dad wore a hat all the time when he was out until his death in 1981.  His dad was born in … (2 comments)

old pictures: Letona AR near Searcy Arkansas a long time ago. Three pictures of Letona. - 12/04/13 08:54 PM

What a picture! 
I have been having to drive to Letona weekly to check out a bargain foreclosure property there.  Seeing this picture made me realize the changes that we have all been through.  I think this view would be one that I pass by each time with the road leading to Sidon.  With all that dirt, it would take a while to get there!
The old hotel is still there in Letona.  it sold a few months back.  Here is a picture.

Now that is a modern-day picture.  Let's see it earlier when the railroad ran through town.

old pictures: Another great blog photo on ebay. Mrs. Ruth Wyatt and a young boy from Searcy AR. - 05/24/13 11:42 PM
Ebay is putting up some interesting pictures from the past and some from Searcy AR.
Look at this one which is for sale now on ebay.

When I first looked at this I thought it said the child was James Davis.  Look again.  Now I think it says the child is James Louis.
We do know that so many boys and girls used to be called by two names.  Elmer Dale, Barbara Ann, Clara Nell, Jim Baugh and so on and on.
So this maybe was her son?  Named James Louis Wyatt?
She is dressed in high fashion with a … (22 comments)

old pictures: 5 ladies. They remind me of my mother. Old tinted picture. - 04/25/13 01:57 AM
This picture reminded me so much of the way things were as I was growing up.  I bought it for just that reason.
There are 5 women standing together.  The one on the left has her apron on?  Or is that just the style of the dress?
The second from the left looks like the original career girl.  She is younger....probably going out into the world to make a living.
The middle lady has style!  Her dress looks store bought and is perhaps a nicer fabric.
Second from right.  She makes me think the most of my mother.  Her dress is … (4 comments)

old pictures: Police Chief Dick Hart with fire prevention posters a long time ago. Searcy AR. - 02/18/13 09:33 AM

Bridget Hart from Wynne AR found our blog that had an old picture of Searcy's Police Chief of long ago.  She was married to J. C. Rankin "Dick" Hart's son.  She said the J and C didn't stand for anything. This picture shows Dick Hart on the right and she does not know who the other men are.  They are displaying posters turned in for a fire prevention poster contest.
Let me quote what she tells about the Hart family.
"His dad was a Methodist Circuit Rider through Texas settling around Lubbock and Colorado City. That family had about … (8 comments)

old pictures: Beebe AR close-up pictures of long ago. James Whitlow enlarged pictures. - 02/05/13 04:23 AM
We put Beebe Arkansas on this blog a few days ago and this particular photo was placed on the blog.

Our blog friend James Whitlow has the same card and he enlarged some areas.  See them below.

And he included a look at the street more like now, modern Beebe Arkansas!

Here are other Beebe AR blogs if you are interested.

old pictures: Beebe AR, White County, old pictures reviewed. Historic Beebe. - 02/03/13 09:57 AM
Beebe Arkansas is getting a Wal-Mart supercenter.  It is under construction right now.
So perhaps we need to review Beebe.  This picture was just on ebay and sold for $43.56 and I hope someone from Beebe bought it and will treasure it.  It is over 100 years old.

Here's another one from old Beebe.  But now we have motor vehicles.

And another one.

This one shows a thriving corner with a filling station. 

Beebe Arkansas is a thriving small town in White County.  If you have not been to the historic downtown of Beebe lately, … (8 comments)

old pictures: This historic home is for sale! Better grab it! Knox kindergarten house on N Main in Searcy AR. - 01/18/13 06:09 AM
Let's review a blog that I did quite a while back.
It had lots of beautiful kids posing on the front porch.
It has Mrs.Klyster Knox standing with them.  Here's the house today.

And, yes, we'd better show the kids!

So this house at 510 N Main in Searcy AR is available right now if you'd like a house full of memories!  Listing agent is Lee Teed with our RE/MAX office. Price is $145,000.  I look forward to touring it and possibly helping find a new owner for it.

old pictures: We've come a long way, Baby! 1920 Searcy High School Yearbook pictures from Don Thompson. - 12/31/12 11:58 PM
You gotta study these pictures.  I glanced at them when Don emailed them to me and thought, "Why are those people all dressed alike?"  I still don't know but going a little further and looking to see if there were any familiar names, I found a lot of humor.  First see the picture of the Domestic Science Class.

Now see the Officers of this class.  Also note that there are NO boys in this class.

Note the Senior Officers.  Head Advisor, Chief Cook, Spoon Licker, Principal Server and Hater of Dish Washing.  The Junior Officers were T. Kettle, U. … (9 comments)

old pictures: How many kids will a horse hold? Great Americana picture from Don Thompson, super sleuth. - 12/02/12 01:35 AM
I love this picture!
Count the kids on the back of this horse.  Kids are crowded but I count at least six!
Looks as if it took Mom and Dad to keep the horse from departing!
This picture was contibuted by Don Thompson who says the people are his cousins from possibly Kansas. I love the dog that is in the picture and the windmill and the old truck and the old car.
And I think we should notice the dress on the lady.  She was as stylish then as we are now.  The dress did not hang evenly and right … (19 comments)

old pictures: Pershing filling station in Searcy AR.....another view from ebay. - 06/18/12 06:22 AM
We've had pictures of the evidently very popular Pershing filling station on this blog before.  In fact, we have had it on two times.  Check this blog and this blog for other pictures.
The station has cropped up on ebay and I made a bid or two but it has several interested bidders and I have lost out. But here is the picture on ebay.

I wish we knew who the gents were who were standing around gazing at the camera.  It was a nice brick building!

old pictures: Amazing things about old pictures. Old photograph made in Georgia. - 05/27/12 11:14 PM
I love old pictures.  Way back then, having your picture taken was something rare unless you were rich and I was not and knew no one who was.
This picture below is actually only 3" x 4" in real size but the scanner makes it big and easy to see.
It shows the way clothes were hung out to dry.
It shows how one squinted into the sun when looking at the camera.
It shows an old barn in the background, appearing closer than it really was so depth in photographs was deceptive.
It shows the simplicity of old toys....just a … (22 comments)

old pictures: 1965 revisited at the Duncan's Used Car Lot on East Race Street, Searcy Arkansas. - 03/02/12 10:56 PM
Just a blog or two ago I talked about little old office buildings that served as offices for car lots.  I put this one up as an example of how they are just about gone and are showing lots of wear and tear.  This one is in Beebe Arkansas.

Imagine my surprise when I was browsing through a 1965 Searcy High yearbook and saw this picture in the advertisements.

I hollered to Hubby (who was part of the Duncan crew) and said, "Well, look at this old picture of the car lot with the College Church of Christ in the background!"  … (12 comments)

old pictures: Oh!!!! Please say it isn't so!! Bald Knob AR bank modernized..... - 02/04/12 09:37 AM
I closed a property with long-time Bald Knob Arkansas citizens.  During chat time, I showed them this wonderful picture of the bank in Bald Knob at an earlier time.

  They said, "Oh, yes, and it is still there. But it doesn't look the same."  I asked them to direct me to it and they did.
Here is what I found.  : (

Modernized....Changed....No longer recognizable.....
That's why I say, "Please tell me this isn't the same place!"

old pictures: You need to join the White County Historical Society. White County Mounted Patrol. - 01/26/12 06:52 AM
Why join the White County Historical Society?  Many reasons but the main one could be to get their newsletter that is sent monthly....with pictures!  They have given me permission to use their pictures on this blog so I am going to share this one with you. It was in the current issue and I have never seen it before.  Look at all these handsome guys of the White County Mounted Patrol.

Now that you see overall, I'm going to show you up close ones.

Now for the names if you are curious.
Top row, left to right.  … (14 comments)

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