old pictures: What a shame that pictures like these are two for a dollar at our Searcy AR flea market. - 12/27/11 08:36 AM
When grass just grew and no lawn mowers were used?
Actually, you have to go WAY back to remember but I admit that I do remember.

These are such wonderful old pictures that I picked up at a Searcy Arkansas flea market.  It is sad to think that the family just got rid of all the memories of these two little kids with their pets. Were these two boys or one boy and one girl?

old pictures: A street in Kensett Arkansas, small town near Searcy Arkansas. Front Street. - 11/25/11 03:23 AM

 Front Street, Kensett Arkansas, probably no longer exists. I searched a map of Kensett, which is a small town of approximately 1900 people just a minute away from Searcy Arkansas, and found no Front Street on the map.
I suspect, however, that it was the main drag at some time in the past.  I found this picture somewhere and saved it on my computer.  Perhaps the Seary Sleuths can tell us more about the photo.
Interesting to me is that it looks so much like a town out of a Western movie and is that man on the porch one-legged?  … (13 comments)

old pictures: Who needs a pony? This old cow will do. Old photo Effie & Orb Horn. Searcy Arkansas. - 09/11/11 03:04 PM
Blog Super-Sleuth Anita Hart Fuller (at times she is Anita Tart Fuller because of her sharp tongue) found this wonderful old photo in her mother's collection of photos.  Her mother lived to be 100 and we have done several blogs about Corinne Hart and her years of living in Searcy Arkansas.
This is a really old and beat up postcard but on the back there is written what appears to be Effice & Orb Horn.  Perhaps those are the children shown posing with the calf.  I wonder if this is one of those places where you get to ride a fake bull just … (12 comments)

old pictures: This man has his hands full. Three kids, two ponies, and a suicide door car. - 08/30/11 10:01 AM
Blogging has taught me so much.  I'd never heard of suicide doors on cars until it was pointed out on this blog.  See an example below.

Suicide doors is not the subject of this blog but isn't it amazing how so many old pictures had the car in the scene.  Back to the subject, this man is the father of Ramona Palmer Riddle.  Here's what she has to say about this picture.
Barbara, thought you might get a kick out of this. It is my Dad holding Bo and Linda and Derrel on the ponies. The ponies are Pet and Button. … (7 comments)

old pictures: Arkansas used to have the best strawberries in the world. Lots of pickers were required. - 05/09/11 03:09 PM
Strawberries are ripe right now around Searcy Arkansas.  Driving from Searcy Arkansas to Bald Knob Arkansas (which used to be called the strawberry capital of the world) along the old highway will possibly find lots of people with freshly-picked strawberries for sale.
They're pretty expensive this year, probably about $4 a quart.  Folks who have a wild desire for strawberries are going to have to pay dearly.
An old family diary indicated that the teenage girl and two of her friends were going to McRae to stay at the home of a family and pick berries.  They stayed a few days and didn't … (19 comments)

old pictures: Downtown Searcy Arkansas Van Atkins and other stores. Parade! - 04/16/11 09:45 AM
In keeping with my popular blog about a parade in downtown Searcy Arkansas, I found another parade picture.  It has elephants!  It almost makes me want to visit the zoo and see those giant animals again.
It also shows a part of our town that has changed so much in the last few years.  It was taken near the Van Atkins store.  Some of our newer blog readers may not remember these business locations. Some of the smaller names on stores may need to be supplied by Searcy Sleuths.
Note the advertisement on one elephant for White County Motor Company and it also gives … (16 comments)

old pictures: Girls and cars....everyone posed in front of or beside a car.. - 04/06/11 04:07 PM

This is a great picture of both girls and cars. So many people posed with their cars in the old days.  The girl on the right is Wyndelene Holmes Duncan.  Perhaps the Searcy Sleuths can name the person on the left.  I'm trying to decide whether the girls had on nylon stockings or were they bare legged.  My bet is that they had on hose.  Here's another picture of the same car and girl.

This picture was taken at the very end of West McRae Street with the view of what is now Headlee Heights in the background.  The ladies … (25 comments)

old pictures: Rhodes Field House, Harding University, Searcy AR. Still alive and lovely. - 03/23/11 07:14 AM
Postcards pop up on ebay and I buy them sometimes.  Here's one that I bought years ago showing the unique structure called Rhodes Field House on Harding University campus in Searcy Arkansas.
I loved the old cars that appear to be in the 40's.  I drove by while students were on Spring Break and took the "today" picture.  I like the fact that it has not been torn down but enhanced with some additional brick work.

Compare the old picture to the look of today.  The University added class to the old structure and it still stands.


old pictures: Searcy Stamps Trio. Who were they? Found in old family files from Searcy Arkansas. - 12/18/10 12:39 PM

Look what turned up under stacks of old things.

These ladies were in pictures dating back to 1930's so it was a long time ago.  This is the front side of a card and there is nothing on the back. 
Perhaps some of our Searcy Sleuths will consider this a challenge and tell us who they were.  Were they actually from Searcy or were they appearing in Searcy and did a special image for the city? 
The picture is so clear!  And I love the dresses that were the same but different.

old pictures: Funeral home in Searcy Arkansas on Market Street......the first one? Marian Daniel Ingram reports. - 10/26/10 03:17 PM

Marian Daniel Ingram responded to our earlier blog about funeral homes.  I loved her email and the picture that she sent.  Here goes....
This picture is the first Daniel Funeral Home which was on Market Street where a telephone company is located.  Rudolph Chandler had a funeral home there before we bought it around 1944 or 1945.
We lived upstairs and had a roomy 3 bedroom space with stairs in the front and back.  We had the funeral business, ambulance service, monument company plus burial insurance. (Pretty busy place, especially when the tornado hit Judsonia and we had 24 deceased people who … (22 comments)

old pictures: Before Wal-Mart in Searcy Arkansas there was Magic Mart! A look back..... - 09/04/10 03:01 PM
We forget.  We forget some of the great stores that we used to have in our town.  I remember Magic Mart but my memory is sorta vague.  Here's a great shot taken from an old high school annual ad that shows it at 3003 East Race Street in Searcy Arkansas. What came before Magic Mart?  What came after Magic Mart?  Some of our historians may remember and give us the history.  Some of our car experts can probably also date this photo by the vehicles in the front. 


old pictures: When the stage was small and the audience was close and the voices were melodious. - 08/21/10 10:17 AM
This great picture of a group of young women singing has surfaced. Look how small the stage was and how inelegant the steps to the stage were.
And the audience was certainly able to see the "whites of their eyes."
The only person that I can positively identify in this picture is Miss Ann Lacy, located on the left on the front row.  The picture was early 50's, I think, even though no date is on it.  Miss Lacy passed away earlier this year and taught school in the lower grades of McRae Elementary in Searcy Arkansas.  She was a genteel … (22 comments)

old pictures: Civilian Conservation Corps? Public Works Program? What is happening in this picture? - 03/20/10 05:44 AM

I'm putting this picture on my blog with no memory of where I got it.  It makes me think of the Great Depression and the work that was done during the 30's and very early 40's by the WPA and the CCC.  I put up a blog a few months ago regarding a relative's discharge papers from the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1941.  He was shipped from California back to Georgia and was about 17 years old.
Could this have been in his estate pictures?  The first guy beside the truck stands like he did.  The amazing thing to me, … (10 comments)

old pictures: Des Arc Arkansas boys at the old swimming hole......and a lovely lady. - 02/21/10 08:11 AM
We wrote a blog yesterday with pictures of the Searcy Arkansas band members traveling, having fun and hopefully not getting into any mischief.  Summer rolled around and it became time to cool off so more pictures were taken. 
Our photographer from the past, Paula, now shares these pictures.  She calls them the Des Arc boys and she's in two of the pictures with a couple of the boys.  I think she may have been sorta sweet on these guys.  Des Arc is a small town several miles from Searcy so whether Paula went there to swim with these guys she doesn't remember.   I like … (14 comments)

old pictures: Searcy Arkansas Sanitarium. Where was this and what was it? - 10/13/09 12:39 PM
My Searcy readers have said enough of those shoe blogs.  Give us another history blog.
They just want a challenge.  So here it is.  I've had this picture for awhile but have never heard any discussion about it.  It says Sanitarium Searcy Ark on the front. 
Was this dated back to tuberculosis sanitariums?  Searcy had one?  If so, where was it and what happened to it.
Another possibility was that it was some sort of relaxing spa?  Look at the ladies in fancy duds.  Note the tennis net in the front.  Bet they had dirt courts for sure!  Perhaps they came for … (11 comments)

old pictures: That is NOT my mother at that motel in Bald Knob Arkansas! Sure looks like her though. - 09/23/09 09:47 AM
Bald Knob, Arkansas, located about 12 miles from Searcy Arkansas, used to be the strawberry capital of the world!  Now it is still a pretty busy little town but the strawberries are mostly pick-your-own. 
Ebay had this card showing the Americana Motel located at Highways 64- 167 & 67 in Bald Knob.  Phone number was Parkview 4-3204.  It boasted electric year around air-conditioning, wall-to-wall carpets, tile baths and showers, TV, phones, and swimming pool.
I took a close look and felt as if I knew those people beside the swimming pool.  That woman in white looks just like my mother used to … (15 comments)

old pictures: Let's not forget to be thankful for the streets of Searcy Arkansas. Look at this! - 09/15/09 12:38 AM
Here's a historic view of West Arch Street in Searcy Arkansas.  Notice the building on the right was under construction. Notice the streets look like mud!  Looks like a wagon with passengers heading West.  On the South side you can see a Drug Store sign and that must have been Stotts which is still in existence.
And look at all those poles!  Telephone poles, light poles, poles to hold up awnings! 
This picture should make us appreciate how thing have changed.  When we feel like griping about a pothole, remember this picture.  Also look at our lovely areas where the utilities are … (8 comments)

old pictures: A house from the past once located at Letona Arkansas, a few miles from Searcy Arkansas. - 09/05/09 01:12 AM

We sell houses.  We sell neat little houses with sodded yards, privacy fences in the back yard.  But think back to the time when the fence went all the way around.  You walked through a front gate!  There was a porch and vines grew up to shade the porch.  The chimneys were tall and worked.  And there were out-buildings. And no grass grew in the yards, just dirt.  If chickens roamed, you'd better watch out while going barefoot!!  And families gathered on the front porch for photos.  I borrowed this photograph from the White County Historical Society photo … (20 comments)

old pictures: Big Sister Little Sister dressed up and looking great! Note house in background. - 08/27/09 02:11 PM

This picture was loaned to me by my friend Ludean.
It brings back old memories.  Let's count a few.
Note the house foundation.  I remember as a kid crawling under those houses with piers but no underpinning.  It was cool and fun.  Now it gives me the shivers to think of going under there with all the spiders and other things that might be there.
Note the bobbie sox with the dress shoes.  I can't tell whether the shoes were high heels or not but the toe was definitely open and the strap showed fashion flair.
The hem length was a definite each … (8 comments)

old pictures: The Hawkins Clinic 1940 at the corner of Grand Avenue and East Market. - 08/24/09 05:14 AM
This great old picture showed up on ebay and I splurged and bought it to share with Searcy readers.  It is the best photograph that I've seen of the clinic.
The clinic, as I understand, was actually a hospital.  My husband says that his children were born there and he may have had a surgery or two himself at this hospital.
This shows it in 1940 and there is no need to go take a picture of the parking lot that is there now.  A parking lot is a parking lot is a parking lot.  Right?  It's location was right in … (31 comments)

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