old pictures: A glimpse at the fashion of a by-gone era. Girls in hats.....big hats! - 07/10/09 12:21 AM

I can't remember who loaned me this picture.  Was it you Anita?
But is is so lovely.  I think they are probably sisters.  Observe the slightly heavy chins and determined look on the face of each one. 
The costumes are great with shoes looking very chic and fashionable but just a little dusty.  Also notice the ice-cream chairs.  They used to have these twisted wire chairs in ice-cream parlors, I believe.
The backdrop is obviously painted so the girls can be posed in front of it.  Note the excessive amount of twigs on the floor, however, so perhaps it was placed … (13 comments)

old pictures: Roseann Motel in Searcy Arkansas dates back to phone #1575 - 06/20/09 12:28 AM
This old post card shows the Roseann Motel and Restaurant on Hwy 67 East. It boasted 20 bedrooms, electrically heated - air conditioned - tile baths - carpeted floors - king-size Beautyrest mattresses - phone in each room  - morning coffee served guests free.  Phone 1575.  It also had a swimming pool but the card didn't mention that and it may have come later.
The sign had the AAA rating on it.

It is still standing.  I took pictures the other day as I drove by.  It is for sale along with 16 prime acres according to the sign in … (60 comments)

old pictures: Watermelon time is just around the corner. - 05/31/09 09:15 AM

I wrote a blog about my husband's tomato growing a few days ago.  There is nothing that is more anticipated in the South than home-grown tomatoes.
Except perhaps home-grown watermelons!  I'm eating cantaloupe right now and I've always been too fastidious to really enjoy watermelon.
I love this picture but keep cringing as I think of the pretty little outfits that are worn by these children having watermelon juice all over them.  When folks had few clothes and had no automatic washers and dryers clean up would have been a problem.  But isn't it a great old picture!
Bring … (21 comments)

old pictures: Smyrna Church, White County Arkansas, Searcy. Dedicated in 1857. It's OLD!! - 05/12/09 12:07 AM
This photograph of our old Smyrna Church on Highway 36 West taken in 1981 ? by one of the Armstrongs from Armstrong Springs was loaned to me by Ruby Nell Woodson Moye.  She found it as she was cleaning out her desk and going through things long forgotten. 
The church is now undergoing restoration.  The photographer's composition is very nice.  Most of us would have centered the church, wouldn't we?  For another view and a little history of the church, click here.  From this link you can find out a lot of White County history.  Go for it!!


old pictures: Before and after, Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Searcy Arkansas - 04/10/09 12:29 AM

Here she is.  Stark, lovely, unhurried, dirt street, in downtown Searcy Arkansas in approximately 1910.  This is the Cumberland Presbyterian Church that is across the street from our historic Rialto Theater  on Race Street.  You could toss a rock from this church and hit our Courthouse.  It almost looks like a couple of people on the right? 
Now here she is today.  She's still lovely but you have to fight through the traffic and the power lines and the concrete to get to her.  We're proud of her and looks as if the congregation is taking care of a … (15 comments)

old pictures: Sowell's Home Supply. Now Sowell's Furniture. Wonderful picture of old Searcy. - 03/14/09 12:53 AM

We usually hate getting mail that is trying to get us to buy something, don't we?  Not as much as we hate telemarketers but we usually glance at it and then throw it in the trash.
Mail a few days ago, however, caught my eye.  There was this fantastic photo of an old truck with Sowell's Home Supply, PHONE 499, Searcy ARK on a large card.
One the back the owners of Sowell's was inviting us to Sowell's Furniture to celebrate their 64th year in business.  On March 19,20, and 21 they want us to stop by at 207 West Arch Avenue and wish them … (8 comments)

old pictures: Ghost signs in Arkansas are found on many buildings. - 03/02/09 08:51 PM
The University of Arkansas Press in 1997 published a book called Ghost Signs of Arkansas  written by Cynthia Lea Haas with photographs by Jeff Holder.  It shows lots of what they call ghost signs that remain on old buildings, perhaps not in the greatest shape but with lasting charm and forever memories.
My friend Anita was so inspired by this book that she started taking along a camera and snapping pictures of other ghost signs.  I'm borrowing a few for this blog.  In the book it shows Lynn White, a sign painter who had the skill to paint on the side of … (16 comments)

old pictures: Merchants Grocer Co & Peoples Bank Searcy Arkansas - 03/01/09 11:34 PM
Merchants Grocer Co. and Peoples Bank were located on the east side of Courthouse Square in Searcy. The bank was chartered July 6, 1889 with a capital stock of $30,000 and folded during the depression, September 30, 1931, according to the Historical Society records.
Here's another fantastic view of old buildings that were once on the square of Searcy Arkansas.  This picture came from the Historical Society's web page with the quote above.  The East side of the square is now home to First Security Bank.  Notice the dirt streets and the fence around the court house.
The architecture of these … (21 comments)

old pictures: Old Depot in Beebe AR, a town that still has a lot of character. - 02/27/09 11:39 PM
I've had to drive to Beebe a lot lately and I love driving through the old downtown.  I always wonder why they don't come to Beebe and film a movie.  It would create a perfect background for some 40's or 50's movie.  I put up some photos of old town Beebe a few weeks ago.  If you missed them go back and review them.
I love the old depot.  Here are photos of it when it was an active one and what it looks like now.  Correction:  I assume it was active then.  Perhaps the age of the cars in the … (9 comments)

old pictures: My nominee for Valentine Queen of Searcy Arkansas. Send me your pennies. - 02/11/09 05:31 AM

A long time ago the schools in little towns had carnivals and selected queens and kings for the carnival. They were connected with raising money for the school, unfortunately, so little kids who were nominated to be a king or queen had to collect pennies for votes.  Well, guess who would win?  Daddies and moms who had more pennies made sure their child won. 
How about a Valentine Queen this year? 
I'm using this as an excuse to publish these two delightful pictures of a little Queen, whether she wins or not.  This is Anita Hart Fuller on her bike … (19 comments)

old pictures: Rip Van Winkle Motel & Cafe Searcy Arkansas Hwy 64-67 - 01/27/09 11:36 PM

You can't say that this is not a creative name for a motel!  Rip Van Winkle slept for 20 years and woke up and found everything different!
Wikipedia says,
The story of Rip Van Winkle is set in the years before and after the American Revolutionary War. Rip Van Winkle, a villager of Dutch descent, lives in a nice village at the foot of New York's Catskill Mountains. An amiable man whose home and farm suffer from his lazy neglect, he is loved by all but his wife. One autumn day he escapes his nagging wife by wandering up the … (23 comments)

old pictures: Economy Wholesale, Searcy Arkansas old photograph. - 01/19/09 08:56 AM

Since we had so many Searcy people trying to figure out yesterday's old photo, here's another.  I believe Paula made this with her Girl Scout's project in photography in the 40's. 
I can remember, almost, hearing people talk about Economy Wholesale, but being new in town, I certainly don't know anything about it.  So where was this, whose car was this, is this the front or the back and is that Don Thompson standing on the porch?  LOL 

old pictures: There must be a good story behind this picture. Election bet payoff? - 01/09/09 07:32 AM

This old photo shows a lot of men and boys (Where are the ladies?) dressed in their Sunday (probably) fine suits and one man is pushing the other in a wheel barrow.  I like the way they are all dressed the same, just as we dress alike today and this was around 1900.
The White County Historical Society has this to say about the picture.
Election Bet. Missouri and North Arkansas Railroad conductor Ed Ferrell cashes in on an election bet in this downtown Searcy scene c1900. Ferrell is the passenger in what appears to be the payoff of an election … (13 comments)

old pictures: Celebrating New Year's 60 years ago? - 12/31/08 01:08 AM
How will you celebrate the New Year tonight?
We will all be welcoming the 2009 year with great anticipation and hoping we don't revert to an older less affluent time.
Isn't this picture wonderful.  This child has had his hair slicked for the photograph and has had to sit through a haircut at a young age.
He has on Buster Brown's, you can be sure.  All children wore Buster Brown outfits 60 years ago. 
And he has on shoes that are sensible with solid soles for walking. The shoes have probably been polished with white shoe polish and may have been through … (11 comments)

old pictures: Visited by my favorite photographer from yesteryear, Paula Anne. - 12/24/08 02:14 AM
I've posted lots of old pictures of our little town, Searcy Arkansas during the past few months.  Lots of them were taken by Paula Anne when she was a Girl Scout and had a photography project to take care of. 
Pictures that she took then and she probably considered useless but Mom and Dad thought were wonderful because their little girl took them are now treasures.  I'm going to repeat one of my favorite pictures of her as a little girl when she won the camera.  She's the tall girl in the background.

Yesterday she and her husband Don … (10 comments)

old pictures: A very interesting SOLD picture on our MLS from old Beebe Arkansas - 12/09/08 04:26 AM

We do a lot of griping about photos of our MLS listings and solds.  Today I sat up straight when I saw this one particular photo come through as sold for $84,000.  There is no identification as to what old department store it may have been but the picture is loud and clear.  I loved the stark clarity of it.

Doing a little investigating, I found this old photo of downtown Beebe Arkansas, a growing city that is about 20 miles from my town of Searcy.  Once while in Beebe not too far back, I went into what I … (52 comments)

old pictures: Bill's Grill in Searcy Arkansas has always been a favorite. - 11/20/08 12:09 PM

This old photo post card of Bill's Grill in Searcy AR on Race Street is sure to bring back a lot of memories to people who grew up in Searcy.  What was then that little two-lane highway in front is now a 4 and 5 lane street that you avoid ever trying to turn left on. 
The cars in this picture are fun.  The parking lot was full most of the time throughout the years because they had great food and a wonderful hostess named Earnestine.  She made the most wonderful chocolate cake with ice cream and whipped cream topping!  … (30 comments)

old pictures: The Searcy Cotton and Oil Company. Old picture from our home town. - 11/13/08 11:36 AM

One of the pictures that I have borrowed from friends in order to place it on this blog is this photo of The Searcy Cotton and Oil Co. That the company was in the present day industrial area is the only information that I could find.  If any of you Searcy readers come up with more information, share it with us.
Dr. Raymond Muncy wrote a book called "Searcy, Arkansas.  A Frontier Town Grows Up With America" in 1976 and the book includes this photograph.  It contains lots of information about Searcy AR and lots of photos.  For searching Searcy history, … (17 comments)

old pictures: Girls in short shorts! A real blast from the past! Searcy Arkansas. - 11/11/08 11:29 PM

Summer is on its way out!  Or gone! 
I remember summers being so hot that all girls wore short shorts!  It was the only way to stay cool.  Houses didn't have air conditioned spots to sit and watch TV all day!
Boys must have loved all the short shorts!
This picture from Searcy Arkansas showing four Searcy cuties is worth analyzing.  Notice the cat-eye glasses.  Cool!  One has a camera around her neck and look at the shadow of the picture taker!  They all have their blouses tucked in their shorts and their shoes all seem similar.
Plaid was IN!  … (23 comments)

old pictures: Snowdens! Who didn't like a 5 & 10 cent store?? - 11/01/08 07:56 AM
Searcy, Arkansas had its share of dime stores.  At least that's what I heard them called as I was growing up.  Snowdens was one of the dime stores in Searcy.
"Mama, can we go to the dime store?" 
When Mama said yes we were happy kids.
Snowdens was still in Searcy AR when I arrived in about 1967.  It was located on the South side of the court square.  The Snowdens lived on Arch Street and evidently they never threw anything away but built a building behind their house to hold all the stuff. 
Arch Street wasn't far from where … (17 comments)

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