old pictures: I'm going to visit White County Courthouse tomorrow for two reasons. - 10/19/08 04:14 AM
Our Courthouse is over 100 years old and is still a busy place.  At 10:00 a.m. on lots of Mondays foreclosures are done.  A person comes from Little Rock or somewhere to read that the house at 111 Address St. is up for auction.  He reads the rules of the auction and places his own bid right there in the courthouse lobby.  He usually says that 222 Mortgage Corp bids ____ amount and are there any other bids.  Almost never are there other bids because his bid for the mortgage company includes what is owed including attorney fees. The auctions are advertised … (17 comments)

old pictures: Romance Arkansas, the city of love? - 10/12/08 09:14 AM

I'm always writing about Searcy Arkansas because that's where I live and work and Searcy has grown through the years.
Thumbing through my picture collection, however, I found this interesting shot.  It is a picture of Romance, Arkansas in 1930.  Romance lies 22.1 miles from Searcy and the trip takes about 49 minutes.  Actually, you head toward Joy and it leads to Romance (big Arkansas joke but a true statement).
About the only thing at Romance is a post office.  Folks go there to buy stamps to put on wedding announcements or valentines or sometimes they'll plan their wedding in Romance.  With … (16 comments)

old pictures: Truman Baker Chevrolet. A big name in Searcy Arkansas for years. - 09/24/08 02:21 AM
Here's another one of friend Paula's pictures.  She won a camera and went around town snapping pictures for a Girl Scout project.  It was sometime in the 40's.
This was the Truman Baker corner at the corner of Race and Main.  The Truman Baker Chevrolet dealership took up this corner for many years.  It has been less than 5 years, probably, since they closed it down and moved it to a larger spot near the freeway.  The corner now has a Walgreen's drugstore.  All buildings have been torn down. 

old pictures: Searcy High School Building built in 1908. Picture from the past. - 09/22/08 12:21 AM

My friend Paula took photos with a camera she'd won sometime in the 40's.  The assignment was for Girl Scouts and she was to take photos of buildings in Searcy AR.  She dutifully went around snapping photos and we've been featuring them on this blog.
Here's another one.  It is a school building.  I looked it up in Ray Muncy's "Searcy Arkansas: A Frontier Town Grows Up With America" book and he says it was built in 1908 and called it Searcy High School.  His book, by the way, was written in 1976 to celebrate the American Revolution Bicentennial.  Dr. … (21 comments)

old pictures: Mystery church in Searcy Arkansas not lost at all. It is still there. - 09/20/08 02:51 AM

Yesterday's blog about two mystery churches has been solved. One is still there.  I just didn't recognize it from the picture. 
My friends, Don and Paula, quickly found me a current picture of it.  They'll probably send me a book on "Dummie's Blogging" if I don't get better. 
But they do understand that being a newcomer with a mere 40 years in a town puts you at a disadvantage. 
This church is at the corner of Arch and Elm near downtown, Trinity Parish Episcopal Church, and it is really one of our oldest and most charming churches.  It is still small and hasn't … (13 comments)

old pictures: Mystery churches in Searcy AR....where did they go? - 09/19/08 12:45 AM
My Searcy friends and I have a thing going.....where did this property "used to be?"
Not having grown up in Searcy and not having roamed the streets of Searcy like my friends Don and Paula and Anita and Ludean, I can't remember these places. 
My history is only 40 years so I'm a newcomer! Going through my picture collection, and these were taken by Paula (I think.) for her Girl Scout photography project, I found these churches. 
Where were they??


old pictures: The old Baugh house in Searcy, Arkansas. Photo from the 40's. - 09/15/08 12:24 AM
This house was torn down for progress.  I think there is an apartment complex sitting where this old house used to be.  My Searcy historians can tell me exactly where it was but I believe it was on Center Street. 
It shows the fancy architecture that was loved a long time ago. People actually sat on the wrap porches.  This house was the ultimate.  If it were around today, my thinking would be that it is a maintenance nightmare and the fireman would probably think of "fire trap" with all that wood.
Our friend Paula took this picture in the 40's for … (8 comments)

old pictures: Spectacular view of downtown Searcy taken from atop the Court House. - 09/13/08 12:29 AM

This old picture is another treasure and I believe it is also from our girl scout photography project done by Paula.  She took them in the 40's.  To take this she must have climbed up to the top of the Court House.  The view she took shows the old Searcy Bank which we've featured before.
What I like best about the picture, however, is the view of the houses barely in the distance.  Little rooftops are everywhere.  House rooftops, not businesses, because Searcy was still a small town and Paula, Don, Ludean, Anita and others could walk downtown at any time!  … (18 comments)

old pictures: Old hotel in Higginson Arkansas, very near Searcy AR - 08/05/08 12:34 AM

Two days ago I put up a street photo taken in Higginson Arkansas.  It needs to be put beside this one in your photo collection.  This one shows a hotel in Higginson and is so clear and wonderful.  My friend Ludean who lives there got permission from the mayor to let me put it on the blog for all of you to see.
My understanding from Ludean and the information on these pictures is that Higginson, the city, burned down in the 20's.  Now it is just a post office, a fire department, some new growth happening and a lot of … (15 comments)

old pictures: Did you ever have to ride a bus from town to town? Searcy Arkansas bus stop. - 08/02/08 12:39 AM
In the North, city buses are everywhere and each person knows how to read the bus schedule. Southern people are lost with buses like that. (I may be speaking only of myself, dumb as dirt about mass transit.)
In the South the buses ran from small town to small town, stopping at each one for passengers to get off.  It might be a 15 mile ride or a 4 hour ride.  On the 4 hour ride you'd probably need to exit the bus for a drink or to use the facilities.
This old picture of a bus stopping at a bus … (22 comments)

old pictures: Very very old picture of Searcy Arkansas. You'd not recognize it! - 07/30/08 12:12 AM
My friend Don sent this old postcard photo of Searcy and gives the following explanation of this Searcy Arkansas, White County picture.  Thanks Don.  It is a REAL oldie.   

1911 May Day ParadeIf you can't read that faint caption, it tells us that those were public school children marching, and that this was taken on Spring Street, looking north toward the Court House. The court house dome can just be seen through the utility pole cross bars.The building on the left should be the Gill House built in 1882 and later replaced with the  Mayfair Hotel in the early … (12 comments)

old pictures: Loading cotton somewhere around Searcy Arkansas a long time ago - 07/28/08 01:33 AM
This old photo was supplied by my friend Anita and shows the process of loading cotton on a flat bed truck years and years ago.  I assume it is from somewhere around the Searcy AR area.  Sure looks dangerous with that man standing apparently under that cotton bale. 
I remember having to pick cotton as a youngster in order to get 15 cents to get in the movie theater in Coolidge GA, the tiny town where I grew up.  The process was to pick the cotton until your long-dragging sack was as full as you could get it.  The growers … (19 comments)

old pictures: Everybody loves a parade! Old parade on court square Searcy Arkansas. - 07/25/08 12:57 AM

Remember the thrill of a parade when you were growing up.  And actually riding on a float or riding a horse at the end of the parade was a thrill.  I couldn't ride but I do remember being on a float and wearing some sort of harem outfit.  (I didn't know what a harem was then but looking back that is what the outfit looked like.)  I felt very queen-like up there waving to my subordinate school mates who just got to look at the parade. 
These parade photos come from my friends.  The pictures show the old brick … (22 comments)

old pictures: West Side Spruce Street Searcy AR with wagons - 07/16/08 01:30 PM
This is another picture of Searcy Arkansas and is reportedly the West side of North Spruce Street.  I put up one about three days ago that showed this same area or a part of the area but it appeared to be posed with gentlemen dressed in finery.  This appears to be a more likely scene with people in their wagons and trying to maneuver the dirt streets.   The picture was given to me by a friend whose family used to own the daily newspaper.  If some of you are experts on this area and need to correct me on what it was, … (9 comments)

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