old searcy ar: J C Penney was in downtown Searcy. Remember? 1978 - 04/06/17 05:47 PM

The year was 1978.  Young people were running around getting ads for the Searcy High School yearbook.  I posted a picture a few days ago from the yearbook featuring Quattlebaum Music.  This one features JC Penney.  It is hard to remember but JC Penney was downtown at 113 North Spring.  And it is even harder to remember that JC Penney had a loft upstairs.  These students were up there.
And I can not remember at all what was up there and how it operated.  Seems as if they sent money up there from the downstairs area but some Sleuth will have to … (18 comments)

old searcy ar: Boy's and The Dangerous Things They Can Do - 01/30/17 06:25 AM
 I am copying a blog that was put up by my friend, Don Thompson, who is one of our supreme Searcy Sleuths.  So what you see below is written by Don.   Please do not try to make one of these!!!  Even Don says don't do that.   
Growing up in Searcy in the forties gave boys plenty of opportunities to do dangerous things.
My friend and frequent blog contributor, Harold Sullivan, reminded me of that recently. He had found a firecracker gun he made as a teen in Searcy. We lived 3 houses apart in 1943.

Firecrackers were readily … (9 comments)

old searcy ar: Kids from yesterday. Cute and so different from today. - 02/22/16 04:11 AM

These cute kids have to be brothers and sisters if you look closely at their features. 
Then spend some time checking the differences in these kids from today's kids.  Notice the little boy, possibly two little boys, have on dresses.  Parents today would NEVER let a boy wear a dress, would they?  They would have on blue jeans.  
They are slso barefooted but dressed in pretty fine outfits. The clothes would have been handed down and handed down until they were entirely worn out. 
There appears to be weeds growing around where they are standing.....which was before folks manicured their … (2 comments)

old searcy ar: W Pleasure St Searcy AR changes again. Another house going down. - 02/13/15 11:07 PM
Some houses really do just get worn out.  Like humans.  There is just no way to make them live longer. That's the case with this 611 West Pleasure house on the corner of Pleasure and Pecan Streets and just across the street from the location of the popular-at-one-time Gentry's Grocery.
It has been bought and is being readied for the big bash that will take it away forever.  It had a tarped roof and I am sure that the inside was in bad shape.  But it still deserves one final tribute on this blog.
There are houses like it still in … (7 comments)

old searcy ar: Help me identify these people who are part of the old sheriff's department? - 10/05/14 06:40 AM
While listing a house the other day I saw this great old picture and the owner graciously said I can put it on this blog.  The only ones that I have identified so far are Ricky Veach, former Mayor of Judsonia for many years, on the far left, Aden Woodruff in the center holding the car door open and Nancy Elbert on the right.
Perhaps the sleuths can help us put names on the other folks.  They are posed in front of the building beside the present Regions Bank.  Join in and let's put names on these people who are a … (5 comments)

old searcy ar: What happened to colorful cars? N Spring St. in downtown Searcy AR. - 08/18/14 10:28 PM
Ok.  I admit it.
I have a white vehicle.
My husband has a white truck.
Most of my friends and his friends have white vehicles.  Seeing a bright yellow or baby blue or red vehicle will make you blink several times from surprise.
So, what happened to cars like these in this old picture of our beloved North Spring St. in Searcy AR?

Do we even see a white car?  Red ones, green ones, two colors ones, blue ones, yellow ones but nary a white one.  And what about pickup trucks!  None in view. 
This street in Searcy AR … (14 comments)

old searcy ar: Ladies from Searcy AR in evening gowns #2. Ann Lacy included. - 08/06/14 05:50 AM
Here's another picture of "assumed" Searcy girls on a stage singing.  We just put up a blog with Miss Ann Lacy, beloved Searcy teacher for many years, and a group of girls that none of the sleuths could name.  The Searcy Sleuths decided that the girls were not actually from Searcy.  So here's another one, different time, different place but Miss Ann's dress seems to be the same.  She is the first one on the left, front row. 
I find the heads in the audience interesting.  This was around the 1950's when one probably went to bed with curlers … (4 comments)

old searcy ar: Taking a nap under a tree. Old Searcy AR historic photo made on W Arch St.? - 07/10/14 10:41 PM
We do get tired today, don't we?
We usually head to the air-conditioned living area of our nice homes and curl up on a couch and take a quick nap.
Imagine a few years back.  Here is an example of how we might have rested.  This picture was loaned to me by Anita Hart Fuller, a lady who grew up in Searcy and who has loaned us many pictures for this blog.  She will have to tell us who this is.
The picture is so clear and has so many interesting things in it from his socked feet to his … (8 comments)

old searcy ar: Searcy Bank, Searcy AR. A look back to cat-eye glasses and huge hair! - 04/19/14 05:22 AM

Here's another look at Searcy AR in 1967, taken from an old year book.  200 W. Race is the address of present-day Regions Bank. 
Look at the huge hair on the young women.  The lady in the background seems to have stuck with the older style hairdo. 
And cat-eye glasses!  I remember them but I can't remember the glasses making anyone look prettier. 
And, what's that thing on the right bottom?  I suppose it's a raised ash-tray? 
Perhaps someone in the Sleuth Club can actually identify these folks.

old searcy ar: The Ideal Shop. Fashion in Searcy AR in 1967. - 04/13/14 10:57 AM
This picture comes from the 1967 yearbook for Harding College because the Ideal Shop bought an ad in the book along with lots of other Searcy businesses.  What I like about this picture is the style that it shows.
1.  At that time dress length was dictated by fashion.  No one dared to differ.
2.  Hats were very much in style.  Ideal Shop had lots of hats to choose from.
3.  Ladies wore gloves.  For church or any dress-up occasion.
4.  Shoes were high heels, yes, but you didn't see platform shoes like today's.
5.  Purses were simple and you needed … (4 comments)

old searcy ar: Same day? Same kid? Searcy AR raised beautiful children. - 12/10/13 09:24 AM

Who is this little darling playing on her antique toy.  What did you call that thing?  A scooter?
She is all dressed up in her Sunday best and I still love the little high-topped shoes that kids used to wear.  Perhaps someone can identify the location in Searcy Arkansas that is showing behind her.

And what have we here?  The same little darling?  One thing we can tell about this picture is that she is taking everything in, learning with every second of her life, and probably deciding to make those older people around her bow to her every … (13 comments)

old searcy ar: Saved by Mr. Google again! Old apartment building on Spring St, Searcy AR gone. - 11/23/13 11:24 PM
There really is a lot to be bragged about in this modern world.
We can see what is no longer there!  Mr. Google is a procrastinator and does not get "what used to be there" off the computer immediately so we can go see what we missed.
I was that way on this building.  I had no idea what the building between First Baptist Church and the corner building across from Spring Park looked like!
But I did notice it was now a big empty spot.  Hello, Mr. Google!  And here is what went missing.

This picture probably would be … (8 comments)

old searcy ar: Searcy Sleuths! Challenge.....who is this and where was he? Dick Hart. Searcy AR a long time ago. - 11/21/13 09:33 PM
A Super Sleuth from Searcy AR dialed my phone yesterday!
HA!  Dialed?  We have forgotten what the word means. 
Buy, anyway, my phone rang and she demanded my response as to why we have had no blogs lately about her dear old town of Searcy.  I told it like it was.  I have been SO busy selling real estate and my sources of old photos has dried up and I thought that facebook has taken over the need for blogs.
She disagreed and so I found another picture to put up.  Before telling who this is, I think the Sleuths need … (21 comments)

old searcy ar: Police Chief Dick Hart on horseback in downtown Searcy AR long ago. - 02/20/13 06:41 AM
Here's another great picture from historic Searcy Arkansas.  Correct me if I am guessing wrong but I think this would have been Arch Street downtown.  The vehicle can be a good approximate date.
Perhaps it was at the White County Fair Parade when so many people ride horses.  Or might we have had a mounted patrol?  Note the parking meters that have been gone for a long time.

Our new blog friend, Bridget Hart, loaned us this picture.  Dick Hart, Police Chief, was her father-in-law.
Thanks, Bridget.

old searcy ar: Simpson, Simpson, Collier and Brock. Searcy AR attorneys hold open house. - 04/26/12 11:43 PM
This is the old view of Headlee's Drug Store which was located in downtown Searcy Arkansas. 

This is another view of the building.

 This is the look of the building today.  Simpson, Simpson, Collier and Brock, Searcy attorneys, held an open house which I dropped in on.  It was impressive to see how they have expanded from the large building on the corner to the one adjoining.  They will probably do more to the exterior but the inside is finished out beautifully.

Curious?  Here they are.  From the left, Collier, Simpson, Brock and Simpson.  … (30 comments)

old searcy ar: Does anyone remember the Blue Bird Cafe in Searcy AR? They had a sense of humor. - 03/26/12 11:36 AM

Who remembers the Blue Bird Cafe?
Not me.
I just have this memory from the cafe. 
Who remembers when everyone smoked and you picked up a free little matchbook when you left.  The matchbooks were personalized and some were quite creative.
And I think some have become collectibles.

What this says is "If your wife can't cook DON'T DIVORCE HER - KEEP HER FOR A PET AND EAT AT OUR PLACE."
It was located at 504 S Main in Searcy AR.
So what is there now?
This picture is from the White County Courthouse info but I … (15 comments)

old searcy ar: In memory of Paula Windsor Peacock Thompson, Searcy AR historian. - 01/05/12 12:44 AM
I met her through this blog....She and her husband Don Thompson contributed photos, comments, and information for the blog that has become largely a pictorial of old Searcy Arkansas.  She passed away January 4, 2012 and this is a tribute to her and the many contributions she made to further the history of Searcy.
Let's begin with a picture of Paula Windsor posing after winning a camera from Family Shoe Store.  She is the tall girl on the right.  She used the camera to document some of old Searcy.

Paula was a Girl Scout and she used the camera in … (22 comments)

old searcy ar: Looking back on the golden age of The Rendezvous Searcy Arkansas - 11/13/11 12:44 AM

I couldn't resist buying this old card on ebay.  Even though I was not around Searcy in the 50's, which is when this picture was taken, I did come on the scene early enough to eat a few times at this old restaurant.
The building has just been sold.
It is now being worked on and I'm not sure what will be done to it. But admire this picture.  Note the phone booth outside, the canopy to walk under, the bragging on the edge of the awnings and the AAA rating on the sign. The sign also brags about … (23 comments)

old searcy ar: Lure Cafe Searcy AR and other old Searcy business places and people. - 11/06/11 03:20 AM
I just get so distracted.
I go on to the computer and plan to do some really important things and then WHAM!
I see some fascinating picture on my computer that I've saved from somewhere.  Look what I ended up drooling over today.

It appears the then Governor was making an appearance and Searcy brought out the band and the majorettes and the brass.  It also appears to be a rainy day.  But what fascinates me the most is seeing the old Spring Street stores.  Remember the Ideal Shop?  Lure Cafe?  Morris and Son?
And I think this one … (18 comments)

old searcy ar: Ghost architecture in Searcy Arkansas. Makes you wonder what it once looked like. - 05/06/11 03:06 PM
My blog buddy, Anita, once had me distracted by looking for "ghost signs" which were old signs painted on brick buildings.  We blogged a few of those.
While downtown in Searcy Arkansas I looked up from my parking space and saw "ghost architecture."
Yes, that's a good name for it.  These brick buildings have been renovated but there are signs of the past all over them.

I wonder whether we could get someone who is an expert with Photoshop who could give us the original view of these buildings.  They liked curves!!

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