photography: Wishing! That this could be a Disfarmer photo. John Cantwell Searcy AR - 02/10/18 01:57 PM

Disfarmer type picture of young boys.
This delightful picture was contributed by Anita Hart Fuller who found it in the things that her mother, Corinne Hart, had saved.  It has names on the back.  John Cantwell, Graham Patton.  It does not say which is which, however.  And one of them looks like a girl and they both look as if they are happy and having fun.  I remember a John Cantwell who lived in Searcy and was once a real estate agent in the same office that I worked in.  I think the taller one in this picture is John.  
Now lets discuss … (6 comments)

photography: Christmas. Pretty girls. Ronnie R. McGaffin. Hot Springs photographer. - 08/21/16 11:26 AM
How old is this picture?  It seems ancient with an old fashioned Christmas tree that is not even symetrical.  Can't tell if it has lights.  The girls have on their formal attire with flowers in their hands and in their hair and gloves that go above the elbows!  I thought for a minute that rings were in style because rings are all over one girl's dress (the one on the right) and a hint of some on the girl on the left.  Then I decided it had to be a flaw in the picture even though you can't see a flaw … (11 comments)

photography: Learning advanced ipad tricks from a 7 year old! - 08/12/16 06:40 AM

Do I know as much as a 7 year old?
Absolutely not! 
I have this new ipad that was bought at a charity auction last night and I was needing help learning how to make it work.  Presley, a 7 year old, took charge.  She showed me how to go to Photo Booth and do all kinds of things.  I loved it when she did this circular set of images of herself.  First she made the images with ugly scary faces.  No!  I did not like that one.  Second she did it with a great big smile that showed some missing teeth.  … (4 comments)

photography: The old Baugh house in Searcy, Arkansas. Photo from the 40's. - 09/15/08 12:24 AM
This house was torn down for progress.  I think there is an apartment complex sitting where this old house used to be.  My Searcy historians can tell me exactly where it was but I believe it was on Center Street. 
It shows the fancy architecture that was loved a long time ago. People actually sat on the wrap porches.  This house was the ultimate.  If it were around today, my thinking would be that it is a maintenance nightmare and the fireman would probably think of "fire trap" with all that wood.
Our friend Paula took this picture in the 40's for … (8 comments)

photography: Two good examples of bad examples for MLS photos. - 03/23/08 01:25 PM
We continually complain on activerain about the bad photos submitted to our MLS and how these photos do a very bad job of representing the seller's property.
I hesitate showing photos that someone might recognize as their home and become offended.  But these two that I found are probably not recognizable by anyone.  They are the epitome of BAD.  You cannot even see out the window that appears to be featured.  They are both from the same MLS listing.
Those people who can't take a decent photo probably can't figure out how to get to a blog site so they'll never hear the … (31 comments)

photography: My wide angle lens makes the refrigerator curved! - 01/08/08 01:39 PM
I love my old Sony Mavica camera and bought myself a new wide angle lens from ebay that would fit the camera.  On some of my pictures the rooms look great and large, especially in empty houses.
But I have a new listing and the pictures that I took make the walls curve, the refrigerator curve, and in general I have a wavy photo around the edges.
I'm also curious about whether the quality of the outside or inside photos suffer if the wide angle lens is on the camera. There are many experts on this blog that can probably give me a little … (28 comments)

photography: Anyone out there from Port Isabel TX or San Benito? - 01/07/08 12:16 PM
Ever notice how we all dress the same.  A group photo would show all of us today with the same fashions with slight variations.  And in a few years the fashions will look absolutely laughable.  I've always enjoyed looking back at old photos and I especially like the black and white or sepia ones.
At an auction a few weeks ago I picked up a yard-long photo and I have stared at the very clear fashions on the people in the photo.  They are from Port Isabel Texas with a date of 1929.  Photo was taken by a Nat Dick of San … (0 comments)

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