real estate agent: Evolution of a beautiful building. Searcy AR. Bliss Salon. - 09/13/15 11:55 PM

Driving through Searcy AR makes us feel proud that our city is being maintained and that old buildings are being used and made beautiful.  Passing this one at 219 W Market made me slam the brakes and stop and take a picture.  I loved the touches of green that have been added and the sale signs are very attractive.  Let's review how it used to look.
This is the way it looked when the building was bought just a few years ago.  I am glad they could see its potential.  Now go back a lot of years and see the picture taken … (7 comments)

real estate agent: Do you know who these handsome men were? Searcy AR old picture. - 07/29/15 10:43 AM

This picture was forwarded to me from Searcy Supreme Sleuth Anita Hart Fuller.  She grew up in Searcy and everyone assumes that she knows everyone who was once in this town.  And she almost does!
This appears to be at a train depot and we do have several expert railway sleuths.  The ladies behind look nicely dressed just as the men are.  In the background we have one well-dressed one and one who dressed more casually.  All appear to be fascinated with the photographer.
So if you know who they might be, send us a comment and perhaps we can identify.

real estate agent: World's first Ferris wheel. 1893. Check it out. - 06/14/15 04:58 AM

We see these things all the time now at the county fairs and other places where kids are expected to have fun but to really appreciate them, we need to read about how the first one was designed and when it was built.  This article is in the June 2015 issue of Smithsonian magazine.  The fine print tells how the man who designed it and built it for the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago was considered a genius but died early and broke.
The most impressive thing to me was reading that it carried up to 2160 people at one time.  There … (5 comments)

real estate agent: Visit this area! Not up North! In our Searcy AR city! - 05/25/15 12:27 AM

Well, folks, how'd you like to visit this lovely area?  Looks as if you'd be going way up North, doesn't it?
But this is Searcy AR and the buildings are new and more are being built by Harding University.  Driving East on Pleasure Street or Park Street will lead you right into these buildings with a Starbucks in the middle for you to stop, order an expensive coffee and try to get your bearings.  If you have not visited Searcy for a long time you will really be amazed.  I'm amazed daily as I drive near this new complex. Harding is doing … (2 comments)

real estate agent: High School yearbooks. Treasures from the past. Now changed? - 01/18/15 09:21 PM

Did you realize that old year books are becoming treasures?
Go to ebay and check them out.  Folks want a lot of money for the historic books.  Of course, since I have not been teaching school or keeping up with anyone in school since 1985 I am not current on what they cost now if they are still published. I did browse one from somewhere around 1990 and was surprised to see that the back part of the book where the yearbook staff always sold ads and where we now find lots of historic photos of the area was filled … (4 comments)

real estate agent: Can you advertise your competition? Town and Country Properties. Searcy AR. - 01/15/15 10:40 PM

It probably is not smart to advertise your competition.....UNLESS your competition is no longer your competition.  Thinking that the Searcy Sleuths need another challenge I'm putting up this old advertisement that was in the 1976 high school yearbook without giving the address or the owner of the property.
I love the picture!  I like the car and that driver sure looks like a dapper individual.  I even like the motto, "Happiness Adds and Multiplies as We Divide It With Others."  I also like the fashion in jeans and remember it so well.  The jeans were bell bottomed and had … (0 comments)

real estate agent: Old hospital. Another picture found as follow up. - 01/10/15 05:15 AM

This blog is a lot of fun.  I put up an old picture of a hospital a few days ago and some of the Searcy Sleuths knew where it was and had actually visited there.  They called it the MOPAC hospital that was sponsored by the MOPAC railroad.  I dug down further and came up with this picture which appears to be the same property and perhaps on the same day.
On the back of this one is written "the tow bldg is nurses quarters next high bldg is Col Scott house the tall bldg is city hosp."  I'm … (0 comments)

real estate agent: Jack's Saloon, 216 Central Ave, photo op? real bar? Arkansas Traveler - 08/23/14 11:23 AM
A neat old post card.  Post cards must have been easy to have made and could be quite personal.
So what's the deal with this old card.  Was it a real saloon or was this just a place for the Arkansas Traveler to posy up for a picture.  Note the top sign says "Arkansaw Traveler."

The young man posed here appears to be too fancy dressed to be operating a saloon and my eyes are not keen enough to be able to read all the signs.  So I suspect that this was a place where you could stop, pay … (10 comments)

real estate agent: Ladies from Searcy AR in evening gowns #2. Ann Lacy included. - 08/06/14 05:50 AM
Here's another picture of "assumed" Searcy girls on a stage singing.  We just put up a blog with Miss Ann Lacy, beloved Searcy teacher for many years, and a group of girls that none of the sleuths could name.  The Searcy Sleuths decided that the girls were not actually from Searcy.  So here's another one, different time, different place but Miss Ann's dress seems to be the same.  She is the first one on the left, front row. 
I find the heads in the audience interesting.  This was around the 1950's when one probably went to bed with curlers … (4 comments)

real estate agent: Morris School Searcy AR reunion planned! 45 or 50 year span invited. - 07/23/14 05:44 AM

Guess what?
I am not a boy and I am not an attendee of Morris School for Boys in Searcy AR but I have been invited to their reunion!  The invitation is because of this blog.  I featured several old pictures of the school that were found on ebay from time to time.
Several comments came in from boys who did attend the school.  Somehow they have joined forces and plan to have a get-together at the location that is now used for church services but used to be their school.  The picture above shows boys studying in the library.  … (10 comments)

real estate agent: First Christian Church once in Searcy AR. Now gone but remembered. - 09/26/12 10:58 AM

Card on ebay!
Slightly ragged and wrinkled and very old.
And no, I was NOT talking about myself!  I was referring to the condition of this card.  But the condition of the card is better than the condition of the church.  It has been torn down and replaced by buildings owned and operated by United Methodist Church. 
It appears to have a basement.  Wonder if it was a successful basement or did it have a tendency to hold water. Surely some of our sleuths will know the answers to questions about this old First Christian Church.  And … (22 comments)

real estate agent: You need to join the White County Historical Society. White County Mounted Patrol. - 01/26/12 06:52 AM
Why join the White County Historical Society?  Many reasons but the main one could be to get their newsletter that is sent monthly....with pictures!  They have given me permission to use their pictures on this blog so I am going to share this one with you. It was in the current issue and I have never seen it before.  Look at all these handsome guys of the White County Mounted Patrol.

Now that you see overall, I'm going to show you up close ones.

Now for the names if you are curious.
Top row, left to right.  … (14 comments)

real estate agent: A street in Kensett Arkansas, small town near Searcy Arkansas. Front Street. - 11/25/11 03:23 AM

 Front Street, Kensett Arkansas, probably no longer exists. I searched a map of Kensett, which is a small town of approximately 1900 people just a minute away from Searcy Arkansas, and found no Front Street on the map.
I suspect, however, that it was the main drag at some time in the past.  I found this picture somewhere and saved it on my computer.  Perhaps the Seary Sleuths can tell us more about the photo.
Interesting to me is that it looks so much like a town out of a Western movie and is that man on the porch one-legged?  … (13 comments)

real estate agent: 1948 picture of a school in White County Arkansas. Kensett Arkansas School. - 06/22/11 01:49 PM

It is a neat old building that has the location and the date on the back.  It was in one of those little wood frames that someone a few years back had used to frame old copies of pictures and had them for sale at some store.  Mother-in-law found one with a picture of her husband's father and brothers lined up on a board.  I have blogged it.
She was able to buy one for each family member.  I found one of the ruins of Judsonia from the tornado in 1952 … (17 comments)

real estate agent: Are you missing me yet? Columbus Georgia revisited. Sculptures.....lovely ones. - 11/02/10 01:27 AM
The question above about are you missing me yet?  Why, heck no, you're saying.  Were you gone?
I've been back to Columbus Georgia for a short visit.  I've written about Columbus Georgia two times before.  One was about the lovely girl sculpture on the river and one was about the roots in that town.
This time I found another lovely sculpture of a horse.  It took some skill to put together this horse designed from old wood.

And I had to go back for a visit to my little artist friend who sits on the Chattahoochee River and does her artwork.

real estate agent: Mystery photo from yesterday solved. McRae Arkansas has historic bank.... - 10/02/10 01:35 AM
No one seemed to know what the picture I posted yesterday was.  Some sharp minds visit this blog but no one thought of Bonnie and Clyde!
The picture shows bullet proof glass.....very old.  Evidently that is what happens with bullet proof glass as it ages. 
I had an REO in the little town of McRae Arkansas, 743 population in 2009, about 12 miles from Searcy.  Needing to cash a check or make a deposit, I went into the bank shown below.

It's on a corner and you can see the street name.  It is right in the middle of town … (19 comments)

real estate agent: A mystery photo. Can you tell me what this is? And what it does? - 10/01/10 01:38 AM
For fun today, I'd like to know if you can tell me what this picture is of.  Perhaps a little digging into history might help and if you come up with the answers, I can tell you more on comments.

Our county is full of history and interesting things if we just look around.  My trips into the county to check on listings often make me do double-takes when I see something different.  This was entirely new to me.

real estate agent: A great view of the old library at Spring Park in Searcy Arkansas. - 09/20/10 01:11 AM
This great picture which I've never seen before was sent to me by Robert Fuller, who grew up in Searcy and still loves memories of the old Searcy Arkansas.  It's the library that was in the park when I first arrived in Searcy.  My children loved it.  I loved it. 

Quick research revealed that the library was built in 1927 and cost $3300 to build.  The building and the idea was mostly from the contributions of the Phoenix Club in Searcy.  The Phoenix Club is another mystery to me which may have to be explored in another blog.  The library … (27 comments)

real estate agent: Now that is a form of GOOD advertising! Free gift with my Democrat-Gazette this morning. - 09/19/10 02:41 AM
Don't we just hate most forms of advertising?
Today, there was an advertising form that I'm so impressed about that I'm taking up all this valuable blog spot to brag about.
I got a free gift with my newspaper wrapping.  When I picked up the Democrat-Gazette, Arkansas's state newspaper, this morning it felt different.  And it was!  There in the special wrapping envelope was a free Lawry's Sundried Tomato and Garlic Chicken spices and seasonings package.

I'm gonna try that dish.  I have to since it was free.  Now all I have to do is go to the grocery store … (18 comments)

real estate agent: Helen Newman, real estate icon, high tea and me in Searcy Arkansas - 08/01/10 08:12 AM
I've perhaps read about "high tea" when it dealt with the Queen of England.
Never did I expect to attend one.  I'm just a simple little girl living in Searcy Arkansas.
But here comes an invitation through the mail with a pretty purple ribbon around the expensive envelope and the invitation said "hat and gloves are optional."  WOW!  That sounds dressy and important.
The invitation was to attend one of Searcy Arkansas's first real estate tycoon's party.  Helen Newman was to be celebrating her 80th birthday and her children were honoring her with a high tea!
On July 31, 2010 I … (8 comments)

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