realtor: The Aroma, yearbook 1923 Searcy High, Ruth Garlington - 05/01/17 07:05 AM

It is so old The Aroma might smell!
I have had this old yearbook for several years.  It has the name Miss Ruth Garlington, Searcy Arkansas, 1922 - 1923 Sophomore, inside the front cover.  It is a Searcy High School Annual and explains the name this way.   "The name has been changed from 'The Reveille' to 'The Aroma' for two reasons.  One is to advertise the famous White County Aroma strawberry.  Another is because it is hoped that in the future, as these pages are perused, the readers will have wafted from them the fragrant 'Aroma' of delicious High School days." … (20 comments)

realtor: Belmont Hotel Camp Pike Little Rock AR. Is it still there? - 12/22/15 03:25 AM

This is a wonderful old photograph and on the back it says, "Belmont Hotel Camp Pike."  A little research shows that this was near a military base called Camp Pike.  In one news item on line I found this picture which is obviously the front of this building. Here is the article that comes with the picture.  The article was written in 2008, however, so I now wonder whether the building is still there.  Can we do a little sleuthing and find out.  It was built in 1910, so says the article, and needs extensive repairs.  I do wonder how … (3 comments)

realtor: Continued....Prettiest little filling station in Bald Knob AR... - 07/20/15 03:34 AM
I wrote a blog last week about the pleasure I receive when passing by the little old English Tudor filling station in Bald Knob.  Lots of Sleuths have responded and I now have more pictures, more knowledge, and new friends.  It is on the Historic Register, was built around 1930 and was operated by the man shown in the picture below and all comments stated how nice he was.
Here's my picture with first blog.
Look at this next picture that was provided by a Sleuth who got it from an old high school yearbook.
I understand!  It does not show much of the … (10 comments)

realtor: 5 year diary has been replaced by facebook? Absolutely. - 04/19/15 12:11 AM

What a lovely picture. 
This is a 1937 five-year diary that was started by my now-deceased mother-in-law.  She added things to it everyday.  She probably also kept it hidden so that little brothers or nosy sisters couldn't find it and read the private notations. The picture is taken on an aged oak desk top that is perhaps older than the diary.
Guess what?
I have been watching facebook and participating somewhat with pictures and opinions from time to time.  But I don't pour my heart out like I have observed others doing.  Folks will sometimes rant and rave about things that probably should … (13 comments)

realtor: W Pleasure St Searcy AR changes again. Another house going down. - 02/13/15 11:07 PM
Some houses really do just get worn out.  Like humans.  There is just no way to make them live longer. That's the case with this 611 West Pleasure house on the corner of Pleasure and Pecan Streets and just across the street from the location of the popular-at-one-time Gentry's Grocery.
It has been bought and is being readied for the big bash that will take it away forever.  It had a tarped roof and I am sure that the inside was in bad shape.  But it still deserves one final tribute on this blog.
There are houses like it still in … (7 comments)

realtor: No! No! I WILL NOT BE USING A DRONE!!! A drone for real estate? - 08/08/14 03:40 AM
During my real estate career I must admit that I have sorta been forced into things by a forceful daughter.  Way back in the early 1990's she made this statement, "Mom, you need a computer."
"What's a computer?" was my probable reply.  She conveniently left hers with me while she wasn't using it and I played around on it and fell in love.  1993 sticks in my mind because that's when I bought my very own computer.....a little laptop that didn't take up much room in my tiny office.  I was able to type all my clients in and let them … (24 comments)

realtor: Ladies from Searcy AR in evening gowns # 3. Ann Lacy included. - 08/06/14 05:59 AM

I promise.
This is the last one showing Searcy girls (assumed) in evening gowns.  The Searcy Sleuths will surely recognize the draperies in the background and know the location of this group of girls.  Miss Ann Lacy, Searcy School teacher for many years and loved by all her students is in the middle this time, back row with eyes caught closed.   This picture was taken sometime around the 1950's.  Let us know if you recognize any other girls in the picture. 

realtor: Ladies from Searcy AR in evening gowns #2. Ann Lacy included. - 08/06/14 05:50 AM
Here's another picture of "assumed" Searcy girls on a stage singing.  We just put up a blog with Miss Ann Lacy, beloved Searcy teacher for many years, and a group of girls that none of the sleuths could name.  The Searcy Sleuths decided that the girls were not actually from Searcy.  So here's another one, different time, different place but Miss Ann's dress seems to be the same.  She is the first one on the left, front row. 
I find the heads in the audience interesting.  This was around the 1950's when one probably went to bed with curlers … (4 comments)

realtor: Morris School Searcy AR reunion planned! 45 or 50 year span invited. - 07/23/14 05:44 AM

Guess what?
I am not a boy and I am not an attendee of Morris School for Boys in Searcy AR but I have been invited to their reunion!  The invitation is because of this blog.  I featured several old pictures of the school that were found on ebay from time to time.
Several comments came in from boys who did attend the school.  Somehow they have joined forces and plan to have a get-together at the location that is now used for church services but used to be their school.  The picture above shows boys studying in the library.  … (10 comments)

realtor: The prettiest yard art or flower bed decoration that I have seen! - 07/23/14 04:01 AM

White previewing houses this morning I was SO impressed with one of the properties.  It was absolutely spotless inside and out.  She had a lot of what-we'd-call collectibles both inside and out.
My favorite sight was the flower bed in the back yard.  There these two little bikes were parked.  They must be antiques and I am now wondering if they belonged to her kids when they were little.  I have not seen yard art this impressive before. 
I can just imagine what happens to the yard art if a few little grandkids come visiting.

realtor: History for sale. Less than $12,000 for a big house with lots of character. - 07/16/14 01:48 AM

What a house and what a bargain!  This property is located in Wilbur Mills's home town of Kensett AR, a little town that still has trains going through it frequently.  Kensett is just a few miles from Searcy AR.
It was built, according to the courthouse, in 1936 and has 4 bedrooms, 1.5 baths and 2126 sq. ft.
Sure, it needs work.  Lots of work but buying it and redoing it would keep history alive and well in White County.  For photos of the house and the inside go to my website,, or to the listing agent's website,  … (3 comments)

realtor: Big hair, miniskirts, and ladies with no first names. - 07/11/14 12:25 AM

What fun it is to look through old newspaper clippings and if you are the same as most of us, you clipped when your picture was in the paper.  I found this one recently.  It was 1973.  Big hair was the style.  Miniskirts were in and I can see the white skirt that probably ends a bit above the knee.
We were members of the Searcy Junior Auxiliary and our entire goal was to help children.  The thing that is probably most interesting about the old pictures, however, was how we had no first names of our own in these … (8 comments)

realtor: Searcy Daily Citizen moves to new location. Historic picture 209 W Arch. - 06/22/14 12:39 AM

The Searcy Daily Citizen has moved and the newspaper has been running the notice of their move for several weeks.  Their new location is 723 W Beebe Capps Expressway beside the RE/MAX Advantage West Branch. 
I found this old clipping that was run when the Citizen last moved.  Forgive the condition because clippings kept in attics don't fare well.  This was run in approximately 1974 when the Citizen moved to the old Volkswagen building on East Race Street.  This editorial, also in poor condition, was also in the attic. 

This old editorial gives the history of the Searcy … (8 comments)

realtor: Car dealers, Searcy AR. Which one did you buy a car from? - 06/01/14 11:27 AM

Going through a lot of saved clippings, saved by my now deceased mother-in-law Wyndelene Duncan, I found this interesting one.
It shows probably every car dealer in Searcy AR in possibly the 60's.  She failed to put the date on this one other than that someone died on March 16.  It may have been Mrs. Gill.  Look through the list of attendees and see how many you remember.  Dealerships were family owned back then and this one represents a lot of families.
It's a great memory!  Did you buy a car from one of them?

realtor: Old Judsonia Arkansas picture from ebay. Before the tornado. - 05/28/14 09:06 PM

Maintaining a search on ebay for your home town or the surrounding area will bring rewards from time to time.  This picture is on ebay right now showing what must have been the main street in Judsonia AR a long time ago.  It is for sale and I hope Judsonia will buy it for their historic archives if there is someone maintaining them.
The awful tornado in 1952 probably wiped out all these buildings and by then the wagons and mules had been replaced with automobiles.  We have featured Judsonia several times in this blog so look at this one … (4 comments)

realtor: Davis Furniture in Searcy AR, approximately 1967. Old appliances. - 04/24/14 11:08 AM

Facebook calls it TBT meaning Throwback Thursday.  So on this Thursday, I dug out a picture found in the Harding College yearbook ad section in 1967.  It shows a picture of appliances in the Richard Davis Furniture Store. 
I certainly remember appliances that looked like these.  Notice the stoves.  I don't see a single smooth-top stove like the ones that seems to be in all homes now, including mine.  Trust me, I wish I had my old stove back.  I really hate the smooth top.
And look at those rugs that are hanging on the wall.  I don't remember … (12 comments)

realtor: What has happened to Root Beer? Does anyone still drink it in Searcy AR? - 04/14/14 10:19 PM
Here's a picture of A & W Root Beer which used to be located on East Race Street.
It was located where the big building that says "Lunch Box" is located now.
Somewhere underneath all that construction lurks the delightful little old food and drink place shown in this photograph found in a 1967 yearbook.
So tell me what happened to the Root Beer place?  Was it a chain?  Does anyone drink Root Beer anymore?


realtor: Searcy AR loses another old home. East Market Street house comes down. - 10/16/13 11:06 AM

Here is one last look at the old historic home on East Market Street.  It is going down and will be a memory by the end of the week. It was definitely tired and worn out.....kinda like we humans we are not losing a treasure.  But we sometimes think that anything that reminds of the early days of Searcy Ar becomes a treasure.  It was featured in another blog. Old blog on Market Street house
Here is the house in 1987 when it was for sale in one of our advertisements.

It did have some charm with … (4 comments)

realtor: Probably unchanged old home in Searcy AR. Sleuths, can you find it? - 09/15/13 03:18 AM
Several of the Searcy Sleuths no longer live in Searcy but are proud of the town where they grew up.
I'm thinking that this house dates back to their youth in Searcy and has probably had no changes since that time.  It has been on this big pretty lot since I have been in Searcy.  I once wrote a blog about the bigger the tree, the older the house.  Go review it if you'd like.  The tree was at the old home of Wilbur Mills in Kensett.
Now look at the size of the tree in this front yard!
Each time … (15 comments)

realtor: It must have been a custom built house.....back in 1964. Why else would it have pink? - 08/01/13 11:35 AM
In all my 30 plus years in real estate I have not seen a wall oven like this.
I tried to figure out how to open it.  You grab hold handles with both hands and Presto!  It opens.

Did I mention that it is pink?  I can't imagine a spec house having a pink oven or a pink stovetop. So my thinking is that this was a custom built house in 1964 and it still has the original appliances.  I'd be willing to bet that those cabinets are knotty pine painted over!  And the white does match the pink … (18 comments)

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