realtor: Two great Searcy Arkansas cards for sale on ebay. May day Celebration. - 07/27/12 03:32 AM
Remember when we used to drive around and stop at antique shops and search for things we collected?  It was a difficult process but we really appreciated finding some old collectible out in the middle of nowhere.
Things have changed.  Just put a search on ebay and let the treasure-oppportunity be emailed to you.  Right now there are two great old Searcy AR cards on there.  See here and then go bid if you'd like.  Here's the first one.

And here's another.  Wonder if they were the same day?

Tom Keene cigar!  Our friend James Whitlow could do some … (9 comments)

realtor: One happy hubby with lots of tomatoes.....home him! - 07/25/12 11:02 AM
I'm guilty!
I confess!  I did it!
I poked fun at my husband's tomato-growing prowess in past blogs.
The laugh is on me.  LOOK!

He was SO successful this year with tomato growing that his friends run in the other direction when he starts toward them with another bag of tomatoes to give them.  He had to leave our little backyard to grow them.  He begged a row from his friend who has a horse in the perimeter so that the horse may have scared off the @#$%^ deer (his usual description of them) and may have also provided a … (10 comments)

realtor: The difference in black and white and color photos. Galloway College Searcy AR - 07/24/12 05:05 AM

I bought another card on ebay.  I already had the black and white one shown above but decided to take a chance and buy the one in color, shown below.  It is obvious.  The top one is more charming and shows more detail.  Look at the dog and the gentlemen and the fountain.  It is dated 1908 and has a 1 cent stamp. It was mailed from Kensett to Philadelphia.  The colored one has had time for trees to grow so it has to have a later date but the card is not dated.

Looking at either one, however, … (6 comments)

realtor: Run by and say your final good-bye. House at 800 W. Center coming down. - 07/16/12 12:00 PM
The house is so stately and has class.
The house has always been well maintained.
The house will soon be gone.
  The wrecking ball is on its way so I drove by and said my final good-bye and snapped a few pictures for history and for the Searcy Sleuths.  Searcy history said it was once a Methodist parsonage in 1957 and it was built in 1955.  I know it as the former home of Leon and Sherry Person who served many delightful meals to friends through the years.  I almost cried as I circled it.

That was earlier.  Here … (12 comments)

realtor: Closeup photos of the old People's Bank Searcy AR, now First Security Bank. - 07/14/12 08:10 AM
Our newfound blog friend, James Whitlow, who bought the old postcard of People's Bank in Searcy Arkansas from ebay has very thoughtfully sent us scans of the card.  The scans are SO clear.  This bank became First Security Bank and we have had other blogs about it.  Super Sleuth Anita has lots of pictures of her mother, who actually selected the name Security Bank, at this bank.  We have to review. 

Now let's see the close-up scans.


Were those not great closeups!!  James was in town and took a current picture but Activerain got mad … (10 comments)

realtor: The brand new 1600 W Pleasure building and the old 1600 W Pleasure look. - 07/13/12 05:26 AM
I did a blog a few months ago with a picture of a house that gave the Sleuths a fit because they couldn't find it.  They just didn't remember it.  It was located at 1600 W Pleasure and was torn down several years ago.  To refresh your memory, here is the house.

After being just two vacant lots for many years, it was sold and now we have this new look at the location.

Patrick Connell did it up right with landscaping, driveways, and a lovely building.  I also like the big 1600 on the front of the … (15 comments)

realtor: Braggart! Crepe Myrtles in Searcy AR are bragging to the extreme. - 07/08/12 10:48 AM
Walking down the road for an early morning exercise session can be boring but I couldn't help being amazed at the bragging ability of some of the trees and flowers.
Take those Crepe Myrtles.  It appears that they are just bragging and bragging.  Everything around them, including people, are gasping and complaining about the 110+ temperatures that we've been having in Searcy Arkansas.
So what do they do?  They just bloom their hearts out......bragging about their love of hot weather and their ability to survive.
LOOK AT THIS TREE!  As I walk toward it, jt just gloats!

LOOK AT THIS … (6 comments)

realtor: Baptizing at Kensett Arkansas - 07/06/12 05:24 AM

Remember when the preacher baptized in the river with the saved person fully dressed?  This great image has been shared by a reader.  Here is what he wrote to me.
Hello Barbara,Sending a scan of a baptizing. Notation on back gives name and location. I think the name is Henry Biden ?. This  body 0f water the Little Red or is it a large farm pond. Got this card in Cave City several years ago. Sending four scans one at a time. Hope your readers like it.James
The back of the card looks like this.

Here's a … (13 comments)

realtor: Pershing filling station in Searcy AR.....closeup views from ebay buyer. - 07/02/12 10:14 PM
Folks are so nice to us on this blog.  The buyer of the card that was on ebay a few days ago has sent us closeups of the two people who were shown on the card at the filling station.  Review the blog first if you'd like. 
Click here.

Here's the gentleman who was in front. 

And here is the gentleman who was on the side.
The buyer of this card has gone out of his way to send us these pictures!  I hope we can see them well enough now for some of the Sleuths to identify them.

realtor: Sold! A lovely house with a little help from Activerain and friends. - 06/30/12 04:47 AM
June 29, 2012 was a good day.  We sold this lovely house in Searcy Arkansas.

It was built just a couple of years ago and the owner had the finest of everything put in the house. 
She finished up with fully landscaped yard with an over-yard sprinkler system.
Who built this house?  Let's see her when she was a Searcy High School Senior.  Here she in in a kitchen with friends.  Owner was Mildred Adams Holland, shown below in a picture from a high school yearbook.

Here she is again.

Let's back up!  Who else was in that … (12 comments)

realtor: Broker Barbara S Duncan pretends she is a kid with an iphone! Video practice. - 06/28/12 12:44 AM
I do have an iphone and admit that I have hated it since I got it.  It is just too smart for me.  But with a few hints I think I can catch on.
I just noticed something on the thing.  You can upload a video to youtube from it!  Now that explains why youtube is used so much by kids and smarter-than-I-am (all kids are smarter) adults.  I had to wait for someone who was late today so I tried it out.
Just look at me sitting in my car and surveying the area!  Click here to see the video. 

realtor: Sweet Anthem Chamber 3220 Searcy AR? What does this mean? - 06/25/12 03:39 AM
A blog reader sent me this picture of a tombstone that he found in the cemetery in Searcy AR and asked if I knew what the Sweet Anthem Chamber 3220 meant.
"Also, I've got a picture of this headstone from the cemetery on East Moore St. I was wondering what "Sweet Anthem Chamber" was. Sounds kind of creepy, but it is in a cemetery. Many thanks,"  so the email read.
I told him the Seary Super Sleuths could probably tell us what it meant....or means....
Here's the picture.

This blog reader is also interested in West Point Arkansas if there … (10 comments)

realtor: Proud to have this new listing in Searcy AR. Historic house on Center Street. - 06/23/12 07:38 AM

Tell me the lines of this house are not beautiful.
You must agree with me that they are so pleasing.  Here's another view from the side.

And check out the back yard!  Who has a trellis with climbing vines anymore?

And I have this house listed for sale right now.  My sign is in the yard.   Go to and check out Searcy homes listed for sale between $135 and $150,000 or go to my website  and see pictures.  The attic was opened up a few years ago and made into a lovely master suite with … (11 comments)

realtor: The way things used to be in Searcy Arkansas. Porches and sidewalks - 06/23/12 03:22 AM
Churches joined together and held a carnival for young people today June 23 2012 in Spring Park in Searcy Arkansas. Spring Park's old pavilion was in use again as shown here.
I parked a little distance away on Spring Street and noticed a few old houses that are just about the same as they used to be.  Look at this delightful shaded home with a welcoming porch.

And there was a sidewalk to walk on (old Searcy used to have lots of sidewalks.) It was just  not maintained. I regret that builders today do not put sidewalks in their new … (14 comments)

realtor: Old rock houses and more creativity in Searcy Arkansas. - 06/21/12 11:02 AM
We found another charming old rock house in Searcy.  It needs repairs but still has potential and you know how we have bragged about these things before.  We have featured them several times.  Here goes again.

That is the basic look but lets go up closer for the creativity that shows through.  The grout has had added "bling."

That bling is pretty unusual but look at what I found in the closeup!  7Up!!

The rock artist went one step further in being creative with these kitchen windows.  He curved them and definitely it would have been easier to … (19 comments)

realtor: Pershing filling station in Searcy AR.....another view from ebay. - 06/18/12 06:22 AM
We've had pictures of the evidently very popular Pershing filling station on this blog before.  In fact, we have had it on two times.  Check this blog and this blog for other pictures.
The station has cropped up on ebay and I made a bid or two but it has several interested bidders and I have lost out. But here is the picture on ebay.

I wish we knew who the gents were who were standing around gazing at the camera.  It was a nice brick building!

realtor: What it wuz....wuz football in Searcy AR 1956. Creative ads in the program. - 06/14/12 12:46 AM
Someone gave my husband an old 1956 football program that had lots of football players and their pictures in the advertisements.  Here are two of the ads.  They seem more creative than most.  I like the way Headlee Drug Store says that if you are looking for "him" or for "her" you'll find anyone there because it was the hangout.
I also like the "Ole Po-Dunk and his gang" ad saying that you could always come in and the boys would have something to say. 
Wonder who was in charge of this football program?  And are the present ones this … (4 comments)

realtor: Did you know??? Dipper's Nuggets Chicken started in Searcy Arkansas..... - 06/08/12 12:12 AM
Her obituary was in the paper yesterday.
Norma B. Young died at the age of 101.  She had a very long and deserving obit which can be found at the Daily Citizen or the Democrat-Gazette.  It dwelled quite a bit on her chicken-cooking queen history. 
In 1971 she entered a National Chicken Cooking contest and won it!!  She entered her dipper's nuggets recipe and received several thousand dollars as the winner.
I, along with millions of others, tried and loved the recipe.  The thing about chicken then, however, was that you had to buy the breast with bone still on … (14 comments)

realtor: Strawberry picking Judsonia Arkansas. Strawberry capital of the world....once... - 06/06/12 12:24 PM
This photo was provided by Donnie Miller, lifetime resident of White County Arkansas who knows everone in the county.  He serves as President of Regions Bank in Searcy Arkansas and appreciates the history of our area.  In this photo, his mother is in the center and his grandmother is on the left and the one bringing up the berries is unknown. Read underneath the picture to see how important this area was in harvesting strawberries.
Interesting today is the bonnet wear on all three ladies.  Have caps taken over?  Even with the girls?
I also like the outfits of the girls.  … (6 comments)

realtor: The biggest private house in the world now finished and occupied. India. - 06/05/12 04:59 AM
I wrote a blog about the largest private house in the world on May 8, 2008 and it has received 217,063 clicks by June 4 2012. I was looking through my current issue of Vanity Fair and it has a long article about the family who lives in the house.  Nita Ambani and husband Mukesh and their three children now occupy the house in Mumbai India and the article has photos of the gracious Nita and some of the house.  I don't know how long the article will be up but right now it is here.
And here is the … (6 comments)

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