realtor: Is that Anita Hart Fuller jumping into my blog again? Searcy Frozen Foods - 06/02/12 10:59 PM
 Look at the haunting face in the background.
I may be wrong but it sure looks like it might be my friend and the original Searcy AR golden child.  If so, she's being photographed inside a frozen food locker to advertise the food locker in a Searcy High School yearbook. 
Food lockers have become a thing of the past.  Years ago a family might take their animal to the food locker owner who would process it and keep it for you in the locker that you had rented.  Going into the locker to get a few pounds of hamburger would … (13 comments)

realtor: The changing look of Harding University Searcy Arkansas. New apartments going up. - 05/30/12 10:55 AM
What a surprising look there is in the new apartments being built by Harding University in Searcy Arkansas.  All the other buildings on campus are the staid and trustworthy look of red brick.  Now we are getting YELLOW buildings with a new look.

Look at this big impressive yellow building.

Notice the road is closed.  That road used to be East Park Avenue.  And look at the big yellow apartment houses.

I was stunned when I first discovered the new look.  I have to admit they are very attractive and have more of a village look.  I think … (17 comments)

realtor: Amazing things about old pictures. Old photograph made in Georgia. - 05/27/12 11:14 PM
I love old pictures.  Way back then, having your picture taken was something rare unless you were rich and I was not and knew no one who was.
This picture below is actually only 3" x 4" in real size but the scanner makes it big and easy to see.
It shows the way clothes were hung out to dry.
It shows how one squinted into the sun when looking at the camera.
It shows an old barn in the background, appearing closer than it really was so depth in photographs was deceptive.
It shows the simplicity of old toys....just a … (22 comments)

realtor: The tree won! Final results of the tree vs utility box in Searcy Arkansas. - 05/24/12 12:21 PM
This is a blog that I wrote last year.  Driving by each day has been interesting. But I came home a few days ago and it was obvious that everything in my house had been without power.....for hours.  Hubby had evidently been right about things going out.  See the results of the battle below. Kinda like watching paint dry but something is going to happen.  In the neighborhood there appears to be a battle between this tree and an underground utility box. It's been going on for years and it's like a slow but sure competition.
That tree grows bigger and … (5 comments)

realtor: That was quite a swat! Tree limb attacks chimney at Searcy AR Market Street house. - 05/17/12 10:26 AM
A drive to work a few days ago was interrupted by this disturbing site.

Heavy winds early in the morning had broken the limb off a tree and the limb had fallen and taken a big swat at the chimney of this beautiful old home on Market Street in Searcy AR.  Sleuths may remember it as the old Methodist Church parsonage.  That is what it was when I first came to town.  I hope they repair the chimney because it stood high and proud and we don't see many chimneys built on new houses anymore.

Tree is now gone.  … (10 comments)

realtor: Anita "Tart" Hart Fuller is liable to show up anytime....anywhere! - 05/12/12 03:41 AM
We call her Anita Tart Hart Fuller because she has a sharp tongue and it rhymes with Hart, her maiden name.
She just tartly chews us out when we do it and still loves and forgives us.
She was the happiest and most blessed child in Searcy Arkansas as she grew up.
She has been on many blogs on this blogsite and she comments on most of the blogs that I do.  She lets me know if I've made a mistake.  She helps find out the answers to hard questions about old Searcy AR.  She has supplied lots of photos for this … (25 comments)

realtor: When Kroger was in downtown Searcy AR...on Spring Street. - 05/09/12 03:56 AM

While touring Pioneer Village in Searcy AR I saw this picture hanging in the old depot building.  I remembered that no one seemed to be able to remember when the Krogers store was in downtown Searcy on Spring Street.  The picture says it was on Spring Street and it names the people in the picture.  Here's a bigger view of the tag.
Left to right, Marshall Watson, employee, Jesse Byrd, manager, Tommy Byrd, employee and Ed Coward, customer.  Ed looks as if he is floating in air but it is the reflections from the surroundings that give that appearance.  It's … (18 comments)

realtor: Knocked out with the color found on this turkey...Pioneer Village Searcy AR open house. - 05/06/12 06:51 AM
Seeing this turkey strutting around with all this color reminded me of the song that says, "Just because you think you're so pretty.  Just because you think you're so hot.  Just because you think you've got something that no body else has got."
This turkey DOES have something no one else has.....the most beautiful mixture of colors in a head that I have ever seen.  He deserves a strut.  Look at him!  He was on display this afternoon at the White County Pioneer Village open house.

And I've never been this close to a sheep.  He needed his wool removed … (10 comments)

realtor: Visit Crystal Bridges in Bentonville but don't forget to go to the Dime Store. - 05/04/12 07:15 AM
As a child I wanted to go to the "Dime Store."  Perhaps it was called a five and 10 cent store but to me and my kin it was the Dime Store. 
I could go in there with one dime and find many items that would please me. 
In Arkansas we now have the famous Crystal Bridges Art Museum in Bentonville AR.  I absolutely insisted that Hubby take me up there to see all the art work.  He didn't object too strongly because he likes the drive in North Arkansas.  Even he was delighted with the new museum. 

realtor: Look at this guy in the door!! The best captured self-portrait yet! - 05/02/12 11:12 AM

Shoot fire!  We know you don't do this!  You don't let yourself show up in the MLS pictures!  We definitely can't put our signs in the picture!  But is there a rule against having yourself in the picture??
This young man from our office swears he has never had more attention with an MLS picture.  He said he preened to the right and then to the left and kept that tummy sucked in the whole time and decided this was his best shot!
We have teased him mercilessly but he has no remorse!  Go, Stu!!  Gotta go quickly and put … (14 comments)

realtor: Simpson, Simpson, Collier and Brock. Searcy AR attorneys hold open house. - 04/26/12 11:43 PM
This is the old view of Headlee's Drug Store which was located in downtown Searcy Arkansas. 

This is another view of the building.

 This is the look of the building today.  Simpson, Simpson, Collier and Brock, Searcy attorneys, held an open house which I dropped in on.  It was impressive to see how they have expanded from the large building on the corner to the one adjoining.  They will probably do more to the exterior but the inside is finished out beautifully.

Curious?  Here they are.  From the left, Collier, Simpson, Brock and Simpson.  … (30 comments)

realtor: Under investigation. Blogger Barbara gets visited by the Super Sleuths..... - 04/25/12 10:33 AM
I was put on the spot!
Searcy Super Sleuths came to visit.
I met them at Doc's Grill and got grilled myself!  This picture shows how serious they can be about their history.

From the right is Harold Gene Sullivan from Searcy originally but now living in Seattle.  Next is Bob Fuller, the better half of our beloved Anita "Tart" Hart Fuller who is next in the picture.  Then we find the man who can do anything, Don Thompson, and beside Don is Carolyn Sullivan.  None of them still live in Searcy but have fond memories of the OLD Searcy … (17 comments)

realtor: Was this house a hospital? 401 E Park, Searcy AR. Historic home. - 04/23/12 12:32 PM

It was 1984 and this property was listed.  It sold.  Then it sold again.  And even I had it for sale at one time. It rented mostly to Harding students because it is within walking distance of Harding.  It was so TALL!  And it is still tall.  Here is today's view.

When I had this house listed the rumors were interesting.  It was rumored that this building was once a hospital. Perhaps the Searcy Sleuths can clear this up.
The courthouse says it was built in 1930. Notice it was for sale for $59,900 in 1984.  Today's assessment … (19 comments)

realtor: Searcy AR police force in 1979. Old calendar picture. Police Chief, Dean Hunter. - 04/21/12 12:08 AM
Here's a good-looking group of guys who looked out for the well-being of Searcy AR in 1979.  This picture was on a calendar that I found in an old building that is being redone.  In fact, there were several calendars in the old building and the old building was the Person Furniture Building that we have blogged about.  The new owner let me take them off the wall and bring them home with me.  The calendars were pretty much crumbling but I saved the pictures.
If anyone can give us their names, that would be great.  I only know the Chief, … (5 comments)

realtor: The changing face of Searcy Arkansas. New looks to old building fronts. - 04/16/12 06:50 AM
Seems that every shopping center in Searcy is getting an updated look.  These high fake fronts make me think of the buildings in the wild west or in the early small towns.  Here's the newest look being put on the professional center that is located on Beebe Capps Expressway and well know as the place to pay your cable bill.

And this one has been finished and it is the location of the White County Cable TV office at 1927 W. Beebe Capps Expressway.

And this is the way the Westside Professional Center did look, borrowed from the … (2 comments)

realtor: Worth repeating. Violin students from Searcy AR in the 50's. - 04/15/12 02:54 AM

Most of us in the 50's were doing rock and roll, weren't we?
But some were more cultured!  I love this picture made in Searcy Arkansas First Methodist Church (I think) and definitely featuring Super Sleuth Anita third from left on the front row.
Some of them I recognize but some I don't.  They need to be recognized.  And perhaps we need to know why some of them are NOT holding violins but are definitely all dressed up!

realtor: Where was this house in Searcy AR several years ago? Searcy Sleuths test. - 04/14/12 03:49 AM

Old advertisements for houses left out an item or two in order to get the customer to call and find out where the property was. 
Well, to tell the truth, real estate agents still do it!
This picture comes from an old Powell Realty advertisement and leaves out (guess what) the address!  Powell Realty no longer exists and neither does this house but Searcy Sleuths may remember it.  Having been in the real estate business for so long,  I remember most of them.  This is from a 1984 advertisement booklet.
Test......where was it?  It's a neat old house, isn't it?

realtor: Review of a busy and successful corner in downtown Searcy Arkansas. - 04/08/12 10:16 PM
Here's the way the corner of Spruce and Arch looks today.  Sowell's Furniture has been there for as long as I can remember.  The building is largely unchanged from when another store was located there.

The store before this one was Garner's Ace Hardware.  That must be going back over 40 years?  Thednal Garner was such a popular business owner that he had a radio show called "Sawdust and Sandpaper" which he turned into a book later in his life.  He could do anything and solve any problem.  That was back when the customer received individual attention in businesses.


realtor: Shhhhh....Searcy Sleuths.....keep it quiet and I'll let you in on a little secret.... - 04/04/12 11:02 AM
Wonder what your neighbor sold his house for?
Wonder what your house is assessed for? 
Wonder what the history of a house is?
Wonder if your friend's house is still standing after all those years that you have been away from Searcy?
For the past several years I have been paying good money to get this information from the county records.  I'd go online and pay 10 cents a minute for the time I spent there. The information is crucial for real estate agents and the info was worth every cent.  If I want to do extensive searching I still … (5 comments)

realtor: Finished! All done. Searcy's mural downtown. Thanks, Harding University. - 04/01/12 11:01 PM

The mural that stretches from Arch Street to Market Street in downtown Searcy is finally finished. (I think, but there may be something planned for the open space in the middle of this black and white and gray one.) Recognize any familiar landmarks in this mural?

This view stretches it out a little further toward the courthouse.

And here are all 8 panels.  They were done by Harding University professors and students and they have done a great job!  Note the top of the courthouse in the background. 
Other blogs about this mural.

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