realtor: Wonder if they had the same architect way back then. Old banks in White County AR. - 01/08/12 09:28 AM

Great picture, isn't it!!  This old picture of the Bald Knob State Bank with an approximate date of 1910 shows how lovely the building was.  Evidently the fashion was to have a corner entry. 
I started comparing.  Here's a picture of the Kensett Bank, now closed.  Look how similar.

And let's add another one.  It is still open and thriving.  McRae Arkansas has this fantastic old bank built around 1900 so says the county records.

I did a blog on this bank once before and loved the bullet proof glass that is still inside.  Here's a review.


realtor: Another view of Searcy Arkansas's Robbins Sanford building built in 1908. - 01/03/12 08:57 AM
Here's another view of our old Robbins Sanford building which has so much history. I found this while reading the book "The Humorous History of White County Arkansas" by Claude E. Johnson and published in 1975.

This one has an interesting gable looking thing at the top which might be from the other street?  Here's a view from another angle.  Where is the gable?

And here is the view of the old building today.  The corner has a title company occupant and there is a grand hall taking up the other part of the building. What did they do … (8 comments)

realtor: A truck to match my shoes!! How lucky can a girl be? Searcy AR collectibles. - 12/30/11 01:33 PM
I saw the truck and had to turn around and go back for a picture.
It had a for sale sign on it so surely the owner wouldn't mind if I snapped a picture.
My ulterior motive?
It would match my shoes!! 

You don't believe it?
Have a look.

Wouldn't they go well together? I may need some orange socks to make them match a little better.
Now, just a little history about the shoes.  My mother-in-law never threw anything away.  Upon her death, I decided I had to keep these shoes even though they don't fit.  They came … (8 comments)

realtor: What a shame that pictures like these are two for a dollar at our Searcy AR flea market. - 12/27/11 08:36 AM
When grass just grew and no lawn mowers were used?
Actually, you have to go WAY back to remember but I admit that I do remember.

These are such wonderful old pictures that I picked up at a Searcy Arkansas flea market.  It is sad to think that the family just got rid of all the memories of these two little kids with their pets. Were these two boys or one boy and one girl?

realtor: Compare this old train schedule with our "now" airline schedules. From Searcy AR by rail. - 12/25/11 01:41 AM
Jim Bohannon sent me this interesting info with this note. Barbara, Enclosed is a copy of the 1895 Searcy & West Point Railroad schedule to Kensett. The schedule is from my 1896 copy of the Rand McNally USA railroad schedules & time tables. It appears there is a 2:30 AM early bird special leaving Searcy.   The early departure must have been for allowing Searcy railroad travelers to board early morning Iron Mountain Railroad trains via northbound to St. Louis or Southbound to Little Rock via points into Texas.   I thought your viewers might enjoy reading the old Searcy & … (11 comments)

realtor: A great Searcy AR Christmas blog. Worn out picture from some Dad's billfold of his beloved children. - 12/22/11 05:45 AM
Sleuths came through and guessed the last picture.  Here's another and I think it is absolutely perfect for a Christmas memory.
The picture is so worn.  And it is probably worn from being in a billfold.  There is a fireplace for Santa. The kids appear to have on robes with one reading from a good book....Bible?
The little girl has a doll.   Sweet!
The little boy looks like a possible mischief-maker to me.
Who are they? 


realtor: Great photo of Searcy AR folks. - 12/20/11 05:17 AM
Borrowed photograph from a facebook friend with permission.
I just love this photo.
I can tell you who they are and will but I think it would be fun to see if any Sleuths know who they are.
The old car is great.  The happy smiles of the boy and girl are great. And look at the thick wavy hair on the guy.  She has on a fashionable cowl-necked dress with a sashed waistline and looks all dressed up.
I can't quite make out the thing in the background, can you?  Is it the rest of the car???


realtor: Another historic house....but not in Searcy AR. It's in Griffithville. - 12/18/11 09:32 AM
You know how kids are?  They hold it against you because you never owned a two-story house so they could slide down the banisters like they do in the movies? 
I had one like that.  Now she's grown-up and in fact, is helping me with my real estate business. 
This house came on the market and she was hopping up and down like a 12 year old because she used to play with kids who lived in that house and she wanted to go preview it!
I had a wee bit of curiosity myself since I heard the envy plea … (14 comments)

realtor: Those Hoggards....they really rock! Top producers in Searcy Arkansas - 12/16/11 02:08 AM
The Hoggard Team in Searcy Arkansas does so much business!
They are the top team producers in our area.
And they are nice!
You could say they "ROCK."
Just observe.

That's Phil on the left, Joel in the center and Judy on the right.  They are at our weekly sales meeting and rush to grab the seats beside the wall.  At first I thought the rockin' was just a Phil thing.  Then I saw Joel doing it.  And then......Judy joined.
I'm jealous.  If I did that the chair would slip and I'd be floor bound and the REALTORS would ROTFL.

realtor: Mental exercise for the Searcy Sleuths. Another old Searcy site goes down. - 12/13/11 01:29 PM
Believe it or not, today I received a call from a business associate and he called to give me a blog topic.
I asked what it was and he said __________________ was being torn down as we spoke.
Now I could fill in that blank but that would not make the minds of the Sleuths work.  I hustled over and took a snapshot of the demise of this building and thought I'd put it out and see if any of you recognize the remains.
Here's the very artistically arranged photograph.  Guess we need the Googleman to show us how it used … (31 comments)

realtor: My 3 cents worth.....a whine. - 12/10/11 08:19 AM

I received a check for 3 cents from an ebay settlement!
The are pretty demanding, however, and say that I have to cash it before 12/22/2011 or it will be no good. 
It's Christmas time, for Pete's sake, and I'm a busy person. 
I may not get to the bank by then and I'll bet no one will accept this check with a store purchase.
What if I buy a 10 cent coke and try to pay with this check and a few pennies. (Oh, I forgot!  There are no 10 cent cokes anymore.)
I guess I got paid pretty … (17 comments)

realtor: Memories of East Park Avenue near Harding University....soon to be new construction in Searcy AR. - 12/05/11 12:21 PM
Some of you may remember some of the older homes on East Park near Harding University.  I actually do remember some but I had to go to Google to refresh the memories.  Here's the way the street used to look.

Harding is expanding and has eliminated a few of our memories.  I sold this little house once.

I showed this one once AFTER DARK and swore it was ridiculous to show property after dark. It had the neatest side porch that had been added when someone restored the house.

Here's another that is just memory.

And another.

realtor: Historic Searcy Courthouse painted by Searcy Artist Glenn Pollard in 1997 - 12/04/11 07:45 AM

So many photographs of this building exist.
Probably lots of paintings too.
But this Pollard painting done in 1997 showed up in my files as I was looking for something else.  If you have never seen it you'll love it!  I believe it was done to dedicate the White County Veterans Memorial on May 30, 1998.  172 names are on this Memorial.
Glenn Pollard is a Searcy artist with a studio at 1213 East Race in Searcy Arkansas.  Stop by to see his magnificent art work.

realtor: Phone service in 1916 in Searcy Arkansas. Courtesy of Jim Bohannon. - 12/02/11 01:19 PM
We know what the phone service is like today.  Do we ever!  There's a phone attached to every person's ear and the person is likely to like that phone better than they like you.
Let's review the phone service in 1916. This is typed from a 1916 Bell Telephone Directory shared by Jim Bohannon who grew up in Searcy but now lives in Montana.
     Signal the operator in the regular way and ask for "Long Distance."  When "Long Distance" answers, give her the telephone number from which the call is … (6 comments)

realtor: Searcy Arkansas Arch Street postcard showing J. D. Pope's piano shop. - 11/30/11 01:09 PM
Oops, I did it again.  I bought another old postcard from ebay.  It shows the South side of Searcy's court square and I find the piano shop of interest.  I can't tell for sure but it is probably Pope's Piano.  See if you can tell.

Luke Jones, who wrote historical articles about Searcy before he left us to live in a bigger city, had the best article about John Dee Pope in the Daily Citizen on Sunday, July 11, 2010.  I saved it!
It says that Mr. Pope was friendly and OH! SO! Strong!  Reportedly, on a day in November … (14 comments)

realtor: Cement advertised in Searcy Arkansas by Mr. T. W. Holston. Ink blotter. - 11/27/11 07:11 AM

How little we think about concrete now! 
But way back sometime in Searcy Arkansas Mr. T. W. Holston was advertising his Atlas Cement business.  We have very few rotting plank walkways now and even fewer muddy foot paths.
Wonder if this was a picture of a house in Searcy Arkansas? 
This blotter is for sale right now on ebay and the ebay presentation says that the blotters were distributed each month because evidently a new one was needed monthly.  For $4 it can be yours.

realtor: A street in Kensett Arkansas, small town near Searcy Arkansas. Front Street. - 11/25/11 03:23 AM

 Front Street, Kensett Arkansas, probably no longer exists. I searched a map of Kensett, which is a small town of approximately 1900 people just a minute away from Searcy Arkansas, and found no Front Street on the map.
I suspect, however, that it was the main drag at some time in the past.  I found this picture somewhere and saved it on my computer.  Perhaps the Seary Sleuths can tell us more about the photo.
Interesting to me is that it looks so much like a town out of a Western movie and is that man on the porch one-legged?  … (13 comments)

realtor: What happened to all the HUD houses in Arkansas? - 11/22/11 07:23 AM
What happened to all the HUD houses for sale?
Anyone who is shopping for a HUD home has noticed that the listings for Arkansas properties on have all but disappeared. It happened suddenly, around mid-November, much to the dismay of bargain hunters throughout White County and around the state.
Here’s what seems to be going on.
A bankruptcy case filed in the Jonesboro area has caused a temporary suspension of many HUD transactions in the state of Arkansas. According to a story published Nov. 14 on The City Wire (, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy judge in … (6 comments)

realtor: What's an airplane bungalow? Google search spells it out and Searcy has an example. - 11/20/11 12:47 AM
Dorothy Warden, our historical oracle supreme, does a column in the Searcy Daily Citizen each Saturday and she  mentioned in one of her columns an airplane bungalow at the corner of Fir and Center Streets.
I hustled over to that street and saw nothing that looked like an airplane.  Sleuth Anita googled it and found this description of the house style. 
The Airplane Bungalow style dates from the early 1900s and becamevery popular in Los Angeles in the mid-teens.
The Airplane Bungalow is a residential style that grew out of theCraftsman movement. The Craftsman movement grew out of theEnglish Arts and … (20 comments)

realtor: Are you missing me yet? Old Kelso Purina Building has been updated...Oops! Replaced in Searcy Arkansas. - 11/15/11 12:21 PM
One can take a nap while waiting for the traffic light at the corner of South Main and Beebe Capps Expressway.  Adding a McDonald's and a Burger King has made this one of the most congested corners in Searcy AR.
Instead of a nap today I took a picture of our new building that now occupies the corner on the NW side.  It looks like this today.  It is very attractive and is the home of Kernodle and Katon Asset Management Company.

Just a few blogs (look closely because I said BLOGs not blocks) away, we had the old Kelso … (11 comments)

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