realtor: Blog dedicated to my quasi-cult members. What's a quasi-cult? Let's ask Arkansas Business.... - 09/01/11 02:18 PM
Several REALTORS walked into the meeting on Wednesday and commented (with a few sneers, I think) about my being famous. 
"What are you talking about?" was my reaction.
"Your blog was written up in Arkansas Business," they said.
I hustled back to the office and found a copy and started reading.  I thought it was a darned good article with special tribute given to the 1952 tornado blogs.  What I liked best was how my readers were called quasi-cult members.  I don't dare look it up to see what that means because it might deflate my swollen head which is beginning … (17 comments)

realtor: This man has his hands full. Three kids, two ponies, and a suicide door car. - 08/30/11 10:01 AM
Blogging has taught me so much.  I'd never heard of suicide doors on cars until it was pointed out on this blog.  See an example below.

Suicide doors is not the subject of this blog but isn't it amazing how so many old pictures had the car in the scene.  Back to the subject, this man is the father of Ramona Palmer Riddle.  Here's what she has to say about this picture.
Barbara, thought you might get a kick out of this. It is my Dad holding Bo and Linda and Derrel on the ponies. The ponies are Pet and Button. … (7 comments)

realtor: Downtown Judsonia Arkansas was not lucky during the 1952 tornado. - 08/23/11 11:31 AM
The last blog was about the mansion in Judsonia that stood strongly through the 1952 Judsonia AR tornado.  Driving through downtown Judsonia will show you some buildings that didn't make it very well but still stand.  This one could be turned into an abstract painting because it has so much muted color and fascinating details.  Take a look.

Can't you just visualize it when it was a store or a movie house or a gathering place of some kind? Here's the side view.

And for our artistic closeup, study this one.  I lowered the resolution for this blog but in high … (18 comments)

realtor: OMG!! It's for sale!! Mansion in Judsonia AR that survived the tornado!! - 08/20/11 03:47 AM
The horrors of the Judsonia tornado in 1952 still fill lots of survivor's memories.  Several blog posts have been done concerning this tornado but probably the one that is most remembered is the one with the picture showing the mansion in Judsonia standing amidst ruin, proud and pretty.  Here's the blog link.
and here's the photograph.

Now the house is on the market for $138,000.  There is a visual tour if you'd like to see it at this link.  The detail on this house is (or was) magnificent.  It makes you wonder whether anyone today could actually do a house that … (11 comments)

realtor: Old Searcy Arkansas Public School. Where was this building? - 08/15/11 02:05 PM
We've just been commenting on where the Searcy Sleuths attended school way back when....
Since I didn't grow up here, I can't say much about the schools or the teachers or the students from Searcy Arkansas.
I did purchase a great postcard on ebay, however, and wonder where this school was located.  I'd like to drive by and see if the house is still there.  Note the house looked so much like ones we still have in Searcy. 
Sleuths, if you are listening, tell us what we need to know about this building.


realtor: Ramona Palmer Riddle's place of birth right here on East Race Street in Searcy Arkansas. - 08/10/11 02:08 PM
Ramona Palmer Riddle grew up in Searcy Arkansas and I hope she becomes one of our honored Sleuths.  She remembers so much about the old town.  She shared this picture of her mother and dad standing at the porch of the house in which she was born.  The picture appears to have been hand tinted.  It's lovely.

This house just happens to be the neighboring house to our office at 1507 East Race Street so I hustled out the front door and snapped a picture of it as it is today.  Notice they appear to have added a second front … (26 comments)

realtor: Old filling station gone. Remember when they were on every street corner? - 08/08/11 09:10 AM
I saw the big shovels working on this old filling station on Main Street in Searcy Arkansas.  I knew that I'd have to visit Google to get a picture of it that might be recognizable.  Here is the one that no longer IS.

So it is gone and so is this place that was beside it.  Recognize it?

Any of the Searcy Sleuths who may live away and come to Searcy just occasionally, be aware that the corner of South Main and Lincoln has changed.  No telling what will be going up there shortly. 
Another GONE thing would … (16 comments)

realtor: The way it used to be. Old house with porch and barn and honor system. - 08/04/11 09:15 AM
This country home that is now empty on Smith Road in Searcy Arkansas caught my eye as I drove past.  I thought to myself that the house should be on my blog.  But I didn't stop.

I saw this old barn beside the house and thought it should be on my blog. The country house and barn illustrated the way folks used to live.  The house had a big old front porch, long windows, no underpinning and tin roof.  Seems as if most of the barns looked like this one. 

But I didn't stop.
Then I saw something on the … (9 comments)

realtor: Bald Knob, Beebe and Kensett AR movie theaters of long ago. Movies on Saturday 15 cents. - 08/02/11 03:45 PM
Searcy has an old movie theater that has lots of fame and gets lots of publicity.  How about the other small towns?  I think each had a movie theater and each theater was loved by the kids, especially on Saturday afternoon when they had a cowboy movie and a serial before the movie.  I always wondered HOW that girl could be saved from that conveyor belt headed for the saws with her strapped on the belt and screaming her head off.
Here's Bald Knob.

Here's Beebe. Beebe just had a fire in this old structure so changes are in store.

realtor: Possum Grape. I kid you not. It is located in Arkansas. I traveled there. - 07/30/11 01:35 PM

Possum Grape is about 10 miles past Bradford Arkansas.  Bradford is a town of about 800 people so Possum Grape folks probably travel to Bradford for quick items since Possum Grape folks have no store.  Bradford is about 10 miles from Bald Knob, a town of about 4000 people.   Bald Knob people may go to Searcy for supplies.  Bald Knob is about 12 miles from Searcy Arkansas, my town.  Searcy AR has about 20,000 folks.
I had to travel 8 miles past Possum Grape for a foreclosure listing!  Count the miles if you're smart.  I'm still in a daze wondering where … (37 comments)

realtor: Searcy Arkansas, Phoenix Club,Searcy Library and mommies and babies.....and how they go together. - 07/27/11 08:53 AM
Two popular blogs that I have put up concern the first library in Searcy Arkansas, reportedly built in 1927 for a price of $33,000. That money was also reportedly raised by the Phoenix Club of Searcy. 
The Phoenix Club must have been an early women's civic club or social club or some club that believed in reading.  I have even heard that one physician's wife loved reading and wanted to help everyone read so she kept books in her home for folks to check out. 
The next investigating revealed that the popular mommies and babies blog was a get together … (19 comments)

realtor: Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. Right here in Searcy Arkansas! - 07/24/11 07:28 AM
There I wuz....just drivin' along by the park...
My passenger set up a high squeal!  "Mother, there are medieval fighters right out there in that park!"
Naturally we turn around to have a closer look.  We park the car and go up to these fighters and ask for permission to take their pictures. (We have courage!) We get permission to show you their outfits.

They have either built or bought the different parts of the outfits and strive for authenticity.

One warrior made this helmet for himself and then inscribed it.

Another warrior made his own leather vest.


realtor: What was it like 80 or 90 years ago in Searcy AR.....and how did families have fun? - 07/20/11 10:27 AM
What did folks do when they had free time many, many years ago?
What was a yard like when there were no tools to manicure it?
What was popular when there was no TV?  No computers?  Not very many motorized vehicles?
Here are three pictures that show what some folks did to have fun.  The pictures are inspirational and fun.

The yard as shown here has a happy family gathering posing for pictures.  Look at the garden and shrubs!

Someone probably suggested a game of baseball.  Grab a stick for the bat!

Oops!  What is going on here is … (14 comments)

realtor: Old Sunnyhill Market on Moore Street in Searcy AR 1977 and now. - 07/18/11 11:38 AM
Searcy used to have a store on every corner, so my sleuths tell me.  They told me that Mr. Yarnell of the Yarnell's Ice cream fame used to buy his groceries from the stores that sold his ice cream and rotated his business from store to store. 
Here's a market that I remember.  I even went in it a time or two, probably when it was not too busy and about to close down. 

Here's the building today.  Largely unchanged, wouldn't you agree?  It just needs a few Coke signs and bicycles and an ice machine in front to … (17 comments)

realtor: Bling? What is it and how'd you like an example of it? Searcy AR demonstration. - 07/16/11 02:52 AM
I had a real estate client who said his late wife liked "bling."
Say whut?  She liked bling?  The word is not in my 1953 Webster's Dictionary. So I went to
-noun 1. expensive and flashy jewelry clothing, or other possessions. 2. the flaunting of such possessions or the flashy lifestyle associated with it.
  I still didn't really didn't understand "bling" until I saw this photograph.  Now I feel that I need to teach my Searcy Sleuths, who have been dozing lately (understandable because of the heat) a little about bling.
So see if you can discover, Sleuths, what is the anomaly in this picture? 

realtor: More Yarnell's Ice Cream memories. Guest Jim Bohannon Searcy Arkansas Super Sleuth. - 07/13/11 02:33 AM
Yarnell's closing in Searcy Arkansas has made so many people go back and remember things about their lives growing up in Searcy.  Several worked at Yarnell's.  Here's a note I got from Jim Bohannon.  He gave his permission for me to pass the memories on.
July 7, 2011
Enclosed is the 1929 city map computer CD of Searcy.  I trust you'll enjoy retracing the old city streets and buildings.  Sad, indeed, that Searcy lost Yarnell's.  They were part of Searcy history and in the memories of all who knew them for the quality ice cream they produced.
It was … (5 comments)

realtor: Splendor once. Now in need of a little help. Old house in White County Arkansas. - 07/09/11 10:50 AM
Don't you just love it when you're driving along and see something interesting?
Kinda unbelievable so that you have to stop and look?
And take a picture?
I did.
This old house must have a history and the history must have some people with class because this house appears to have been a real beauty.

It has as many rooflines as the modern houses have.  Gables here and gables there and a nice little dormer in the front.  Some happy kids probably looked down from that dormer.
I'm going to let the Searcy Sleuths see if they can locate it … (17 comments)

realtor: Arkansas tomatoes....straight from the garden. This is the way they look. - 07/07/11 04:10 AM

This is a perfect picture of the gatherings from a garden in Arkansas.  Minus the three tomatoes at the top left, of course, who claim to be Arkansas tomatoes.  They are imposters, pure and innocent, but the ones that we first buy when tomato season is supposed to be starting and those stands start setting up beside the road boasting "Arkansas tomatoes!"
The others, excluding the cucumbers, are the kind we desire.  They come in all sizes and colors and perhaps even twins and in various shades of "ripe."  These are resting on my kitchen counter and are a gift … (16 comments)

realtor: Yarnell's closed their doors on a lot of memories. Including the mule barn! - 07/05/11 01:24 AM
With guilt feelings I drove down a road that says, "No through traffic.  Private property," but I suspected that since Yarnell's Ice Cream in Searcy Arkansas had shut down they'd have no one to arrest me for driving down the closed off street in Searcy AR.
I snapped pictures.  They keep saying that we'll miss the ice cream and that's no lie but we'll also miss the gaily painted trucks.  Look at the trucks behind the gates that have been locked.

How sad to see all the trucks grounded.

I loved the painted trucks.  Then there were the buildings.  … (33 comments)

realtor: And a Happy 4th of July to you, Neighbor!! I'm watching over you!! - 07/04/11 03:19 AM
We hide behind our fences, don't we?
We may not even know our neighbors?
Perhaps the fence is to keep the animals in but sometimes the fence may be just for our privacy?
On this 4th of July we all love each other and we all want to share our happiness and appreciation for this great country in which we live.
This picture made me happy today.  Peeking over the back yard fence was this sign of true happiness.  Who can be unhappy when a sunflower, uninvited, peeks over the fence and smiles at you!!!

Blog dedicated to my daughter who … (14 comments)

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