remax: The Aroma, yearbook 1923 Searcy High, Ruth Garlington - 05/01/17 07:05 AM

It is so old The Aroma might smell!
I have had this old yearbook for several years.  It has the name Miss Ruth Garlington, Searcy Arkansas, 1922 - 1923 Sophomore, inside the front cover.  It is a Searcy High School Annual and explains the name this way.   "The name has been changed from 'The Reveille' to 'The Aroma' for two reasons.  One is to advertise the famous White County Aroma strawberry.  Another is because it is hoped that in the future, as these pages are perused, the readers will have wafted from them the fragrant 'Aroma' of delicious High School days." … (20 comments)

remax: J C Penney was in downtown Searcy. Remember? 1978 - 04/06/17 05:47 PM

The year was 1978.  Young people were running around getting ads for the Searcy High School yearbook.  I posted a picture a few days ago from the yearbook featuring Quattlebaum Music.  This one features JC Penney.  It is hard to remember but JC Penney was downtown at 113 North Spring.  And it is even harder to remember that JC Penney had a loft upstairs.  These students were up there.
And I can not remember at all what was up there and how it operated.  Seems as if they sent money up there from the downstairs area but some Sleuth will have to … (18 comments)

remax: Is this the "bowl" cut? Old hair style, cute kids. - 02/10/16 05:13 AM

Beautiful kids from a long time ago.
I always heard my parents say folks would just put a bowl over the head and cut around that bowl for a haircut.  These kids look as if that has been done....but in a very professional manner.  The bowl would have had to be moved for the bangs which were shorter.
The other interesting thing about them is that they are dressed just alike except for the shoes.  The socks do appear to be the same but there is a dark shoe and a light shoe.  This picture was placed on a post card.  Seems that … (4 comments)

remax: 1892. Proper and perfect penmanship example. - 10/21/15 06:31 AM

Read this if you can!
I have just had a need for a document in order to sell property to a town.  The town was incorporated in 1892 and this document has been on record at the Secretary of State's office since then.  The town would have once had a copy, no doubt, but we couldn't find it.  Bingo!  There was a copy ( or maybe it was the original? ) at the Secretary's office.  Reading it is a challenge but this was before we had all the modern things of today.  Did they even have a typewriter at that time?  I … (14 comments)

remax: Do you know who these handsome men were? Searcy AR old picture. - 07/29/15 10:43 AM

This picture was forwarded to me from Searcy Supreme Sleuth Anita Hart Fuller.  She grew up in Searcy and everyone assumes that she knows everyone who was once in this town.  And she almost does!
This appears to be at a train depot and we do have several expert railway sleuths.  The ladies behind look nicely dressed just as the men are.  In the background we have one well-dressed one and one who dressed more casually.  All appear to be fascinated with the photographer.
So if you know who they might be, send us a comment and perhaps we can identify.

remax: There she stood! Rita Fong, Marion AR REALTOR, Activerain friend! - 02/26/15 10:01 AM
I spotted her across the room and I have never seen her before in my life.....except on activerain.  But I felt that I had always known her because of the activerain relationship and the activerain competition for status in Arkansas!  Rita Fong is a bilingual real estate agent and Executive Broker with RE/MAX REAL ESTATE TODAY in Marion, AR.  
We were at Little Rock AR today for the annual awards luncheon for RE/MAX agents in the state.  I ran over to her and she knew me too!  Look at these clasped hands for the picture!

We had a delightful visit talking … (5 comments)

remax: Jack's Saloon, 216 Central Ave, photo op? real bar? Arkansas Traveler - 08/23/14 11:23 AM
A neat old post card.  Post cards must have been easy to have made and could be quite personal.
So what's the deal with this old card.  Was it a real saloon or was this just a place for the Arkansas Traveler to posy up for a picture.  Note the top sign says "Arkansaw Traveler."

The young man posed here appears to be too fancy dressed to be operating a saloon and my eyes are not keen enough to be able to read all the signs.  So I suspect that this was a place where you could stop, pay … (10 comments)

remax: An open letter to anyone wanting to get their real estate license... - 08/19/14 09:43 PM

This is a really good blog that has been featured and refeatured.  I am also asked about the possibility of getting a real estate license and I think I will refer them to this blog from now on.
Several times a year I am approached by people who want to become a Realtor. Many of them think it's a great way to supplement their income while they keep their day job. A lot of others are interested in a career change. I decided to type this blog to save myself time. Each time I'm asked I'll simply send the inquiring person … (2 comments)

remax: Ladies from Searcy AR in evening gowns # 3. Ann Lacy included. - 08/06/14 05:59 AM

I promise.
This is the last one showing Searcy girls (assumed) in evening gowns.  The Searcy Sleuths will surely recognize the draperies in the background and know the location of this group of girls.  Miss Ann Lacy, Searcy School teacher for many years and loved by all her students is in the middle this time, back row with eyes caught closed.   This picture was taken sometime around the 1950's.  Let us know if you recognize any other girls in the picture. 

remax: The prettiest yard art or flower bed decoration that I have seen! - 07/23/14 04:01 AM

White previewing houses this morning I was SO impressed with one of the properties.  It was absolutely spotless inside and out.  She had a lot of what-we'd-call collectibles both inside and out.
My favorite sight was the flower bed in the back yard.  There these two little bikes were parked.  They must be antiques and I am now wondering if they belonged to her kids when they were little.  I have not seen yard art this impressive before. 
I can just imagine what happens to the yard art if a few little grandkids come visiting.

remax: History for sale. Less than $12,000 for a big house with lots of character. - 07/16/14 01:48 AM

What a house and what a bargain!  This property is located in Wilbur Mills's home town of Kensett AR, a little town that still has trains going through it frequently.  Kensett is just a few miles from Searcy AR.
It was built, according to the courthouse, in 1936 and has 4 bedrooms, 1.5 baths and 2126 sq. ft.
Sure, it needs work.  Lots of work but buying it and redoing it would keep history alive and well in White County.  For photos of the house and the inside go to my website,, or to the listing agent's website,  … (3 comments)

remax: Davis Furniture in Searcy AR, approximately 1967. Old appliances. - 04/24/14 11:08 AM

Facebook calls it TBT meaning Throwback Thursday.  So on this Thursday, I dug out a picture found in the Harding College yearbook ad section in 1967.  It shows a picture of appliances in the Richard Davis Furniture Store. 
I certainly remember appliances that looked like these.  Notice the stoves.  I don't see a single smooth-top stove like the ones that seems to be in all homes now, including mine.  Trust me, I wish I had my old stove back.  I really hate the smooth top.
And look at those rugs that are hanging on the wall.  I don't remember … (12 comments)

remax: Cotton trucks. A real scene from the past. - 01/22/14 10:11 AM
Roger Dobbins contributed this picture of trucks hauling cotton to market.
I remember picking cotton.  Trust me that it would have taken a lot of people to pick this much cotton!

Perhaps someone who knows about the harvesting of cotton can tell us more about the age of these trucks and where they may be headed.
Has the cotton been sold already?  It almost looks like a parade of cotton trucks.

remax: Searcy AR old Robbins-Sanford building and the famous horse that was their advertisement. - 12/29/13 08:34 PM

We have had a lot of folks who grew up in Searcy AR and who loved Searcy AR mention the horse that the old Robbins-Sanford Merc. Co used as advertisement.  As kids, they got a terific thrill when it was in parades and they seem to think they were allowed to sit on it from time to time.
So here is the best picture that I have seen of the horse.  It even gives their motto, "In business since horse & buggy days."  This is probably a parade day because it appears to be a float. 
This picture was provided … (8 comments)

remax: Halloween costume? Outer space creature? Mysterious photo! Happy Halloween! - 10/25/13 01:08 AM
Study this photo that was contributed by a friend.
At first I thought it was someone in a costume at the edge of the woods.
Then I thought it might be a space alien with four eyes, four arms and four legs captured trying to sabotage the pipes in the foreground.

But then you explore a little more closely and you see swinging lines that reveal the true identify of the thing!
It is the world's largest spider out there getting ready for Halloween!
Happy Halloween!!

remax: Luxurious living for some pet in Searcy Arkansas. Pet step and separate entrance. - 03/27/13 11:55 PM

Viewed at a big and luxurious house that is for sale.
Entrance steps for a pet.  It can't be a Great Dane, which we also saw as we toured new listings in Searcy AR, because the entrance appears too little.
We were impressed by the corner steps which were wrap around and led to the entrance of a separate room inside that was designed for the pet's comfort.  That appears to be a light above the entrance.
Impressed?  Yes, we were.  It displayed how important pets are to the American family of today.  I'm wondering if it is for a … (10 comments)

remax: White County Packing Company, Searcy AR. An old picture when it was for sale. - 03/20/13 11:42 AM
I had a few free minutes and looked back at some old advertisements.
I have been in the real estate business for over 30 years!  Geesh!  The old ads that we used to run are now possibly becoming precious.
Look at this one.  Who would have thought we'd ever find it interesting to look at this old building again.
Sleuths!  A question to test your memory.....
Where was it?  And you may need to explain to the new generation what a packing house was.
They called it a high traffic area then.  What would they call it now?
I like … (20 comments)

remax: Beebe AR, White County, old pictures reviewed. Historic Beebe. - 02/03/13 09:57 AM
Beebe Arkansas is getting a Wal-Mart supercenter.  It is under construction right now.
So perhaps we need to review Beebe.  This picture was just on ebay and sold for $43.56 and I hope someone from Beebe bought it and will treasure it.  It is over 100 years old.

Here's another one from old Beebe.  But now we have motor vehicles.

And another one.

This one shows a thriving corner with a filling station. 

Beebe Arkansas is a thriving small town in White County.  If you have not been to the historic downtown of Beebe lately, … (8 comments)

remax: What do you do with this thing? Sleuths, even my hubby didn't know what it was. - 01/31/13 08:45 AM
Ok, Sleuths.
Here's a change of subject from historic Searcy.
I stumbled upon this in the back closets of a relative.
"What the devil is this?"  I asked Hubby.
He turned it this way and that way and finally admitted that he didn't know

Here it is.  Some of you will try to read the paper inside.  That's ok.  All is fair in trying to determine what this thing is. 

remax: Another Judsonia AR picture of the 1952 tornado. Are these folks your relatives. On ebay now. - 10/28/12 09:50 PM

Here is another very sad picture of Judsonia folks walking after the tornado that hit Judsonia in 1952.  This picture is for sale on ebay right now and does belong in the Judsonia archives so hopefully it will be found and purchased by Judsonia. Click here.
Also, since Judsonia AR is so close to Searcy AR these might be relatives of some of us.  Note there is one building in the background that is still standing. 


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