remax advantage: Hotel Mayfair, Searcy AR, 1936 historic picture. Landscape - 08/07/19 12:30 PM

Hotel Mayfair, Searcy Arkansas
This picture was published in the August 1936 White County Centennial Edition of The Daily Citizen and White County Citizen.  It's the Mayfair Hotel in downtown Searcy and what impresses me the most if the extensive foliage around it.  If the trees were this big at that time, how big must they be now?  If they are still there.....
The Mayfair has been a part of the history of Searcy for so long!  Finding this picture was fun.  Even better pictures of the Mayfair can be reached from this older blog.  Click here to see the hotel in other … (3 comments)

remax advantage: When the dress is older than the model. Vintage clothes. Cindy Duncan. - 07/07/19 12:29 PM

Remember Double Knit?  
Back in the late 60's and early 70's there was a fabric called doublt knit and it was wonderfully comfortable and easy to sew.  The style at the same time was mini-skirts.  So shame on me for holding onto clothes that were very special to me at the time.  I loved them too much to give them up so they are "vintage clothing."  I, unfortunately, can no longer even get half of me in them but I found a willing model to try them on and let me get a final photo of them.  She was caught off-guard so … (8 comments)

remax advantage: Searcy AR Public School 1908 view. Historic post card. - 04/26/19 07:33 AM

On ebay right now is this great post card showing Searcy AR Public School.  The card is dated 1908 and that means it is VERY old.  I started thinking (actually assuming) it might be Searcy HIGH School but it says Public School Searcy ARK. Possibly it was the entire school for Searcy at that time?
I may have put this picture up before because when I looked on my bulletin board, I saw a card just like it that I already have.  But it deserves another view and if you'd like a copy, hurry to ebay and buy it.  They must be … (4 comments)

remax advantage: Yep, another one gone. 1307 E Market, Searcy AR bit the dust. - 03/19/19 11:19 AM
Even this heavy piece of equipment looks tired.  It has just helped remove another Searcy AR house.
The property at 1307 E Market St. IS no longer.  Well, perhaps the property IS but the house that sat on the property is gone.  We knew it was coming because it was going further and further downhill. I took the picture below just a few days before a friend sent me the one above.  I remember when it  was on the market and sold in 1987 and it was lovely.  Because I used to drive by it every day when I went to our … (0 comments)

remax advantage: RE/MAX looking back. Found in treasure box! Statistics. Searcy AR ad - 03/05/19 08:09 AM

Look at this old advertisement that I put out in 1993! 
It was found amidst other treasures sent to my daughter from someone who discovered it and thought she might like to have it.  I LOVE IT!  Note there was no cell phone in this ad but there was a pager number.  Pagers are gone.  Home phones are almost all gone.  And I still work for RE/MAX.  And as Willie Nelson says, "I woke up still not dead again today."
Perhaps it needs an update.  Here goes. 
2018 -    Interest rates are around 4.25%.  Average sales price of a home in 2018 … (7 comments)

remax advantage: Origins of Searcy Country Club July 1995 Hilltop Nightclub AR - 02/04/19 10:41 AM
Here's the second chapter of the 1995 origin of the Searcy Country Club.  It was written for the monthly newsletter that was sent to members of the Searcy Country Club during that year.

remax advantage: Origins of Searcy Country Club Sept 1995 - 02/04/19 10:35 AM
4th issue, September, of the Origins of Searcy Country Club in Searcy AR written by Barbara S Duncan in 1995 for the monthly newsletter.
Here is what the president at the time wrote about the old stock split.

remax advantage: How we have changed 1986 - 2019! This picture tells a lot. Searcy AR - 01/14/19 11:15 AM

Christmas is over!  Business is back!  I'm glad.
          But while looking through some of my old things, I came across this picture.  Searcy Board of REALTORS used to be called White Woodruff Co BOARD of REALTORS.  I became President in 1989 and it was still called White - Woodruff Co but shortly after that the club was renamed Searcy Board of REALTORS.  That was a good change and it was also easier to write.  Woodruff County and White County had been dropped and we used the city name of Searcy.
          But looking at … (9 comments)

remax advantage: Oak St octagonal apartment complex. Gone. Memories below. Searcy AR - 12/28/18 07:31 AM
Where am I?
That is what I thought as I drove by a big block with nothing but a big pile of dirt in the middle of it.  I did a double-take and thought and thought!  Then I remembered that there was supposed to be an apartment complex on that block made up of octagonal small houses.
I even remembered when they were designed and built.  Early in my real estate career, and that was the early 1980's, a man who worked for Lightle Dobbin's Lightle Real Estate (where I started my career) was part owner and promoter of the new style small … (5 comments)

remax advantage: Boys & Girls State Searcy AR. Handsome crew. Where are they today? - 12/18/18 11:31 AM

Boys and Girls State Members?  What year?
I used to teach at Searcy High School, Searcy AR, so I remember most of these young people.  I can't read the shirts but I think they were the Boys and Girls State members who got to go to the state meeting and possibly run for office and get a real taste for leadership.  It would be fun for them to perhaps check in and let us know what is going on in their lives.  I remember that my son, Paul, was a selected member one year and these were friends.  He may have taken … (11 comments)

remax advantage: Heavy snow in Spring Park, Searcy AR. Old library post card. - 11/29/18 05:19 AM

A heavy snow in Spring Park, Searcy AR?
This is a post card that is on ebay right now asking for a buyer.  I have not seen this card before and chances are the Searcy Sleuths have not seen it either.  It shows the old library that was in Spring Park.  It has been replaced with a bigger, nicer library but I do remember this building.  My kids loved going there and so did I.  There is no date on the card but it just shows that a heavy snow back then (or is it ice?) was fascinating then as it is … (10 comments)

remax advantage: A place called Harmony AR. Great memory. Church in background. - 10/21/18 10:04 AM

A happy child at Harmony.
Working in real estate brings new friends.  My blog has several Searcy Sleuths as neighbors who help me track Searcy news, myths, and history.  They also provide great pictures for sharing.  The above picture comes as a result of my trying to track the history of 9.26 acres of land at Harmony.  "Where's that?"  You may ask and I admit I did the same.  
Harmony is just a few short miles from Center Hill on Highway 305 headed toward Romance.  Clifton Wiggs owns the land and it is for sale right now.  Harmony was once a thriving community … (5 comments)

remax advantage: Vintage Crissy doll. Hair grows! Loved by kids. Coming up for sale. - 10/17/18 05:49 AM

Once upon a time there was a little blonde girl who was about 5 years old AND she was still a thumb-sucker.  The little blonde girl's mom and dad begged and pleaded and threatened but it did no good.  She went to bed at night and loved that thumb.
BUT, the little blond girl watched TV and saw a new doll advertised.  The new doll had hair that grew!  A doll with hair that could be long or short and was controlled by the doll's owner.  The little blonde girl HAD to have that doll!
The begging and pleaded was reversed.  … (5 comments)

remax advantage: Southerland Lumber Co Searcy AR 1936, Central AR Lock and Safe, Logo? - 09/20/18 01:27 PM

Photo logos?
Another interesting find from an old safe that was purchased by Central Arkansas Lock and Safe, owned by Jody Travis in Searcy, were envelopes or checks or statements with the pictures of the business in the corner.  At that time an envelope just had to say a name and Searcy, Arkansas (and if mailed in the city you could probably leave off Arkansas) and it got delivered to the right person.
I have been aware of the bottom two businesses but not the top one.  Southerland Lumber Company is a new one for me.  I am sure the Searcy Sleuths will … (9 comments)

remax advantage: 1884 built building for sale in Searcy AR. 118 & 120 N Spruce. - 09/11/18 10:53 AM

Historic Searcy AR building for sale.
This building at 118 and 120 N Spruce in Searcy Arkansas has appeared as a newly listed for sale property.   It says the building was built 1n 1884!  That's a long time ago!  The information also says that it was once Moye Mercantile but it does not say what Moye Mercantile was.
Lots of pictures are given of the interior and they are quite interesting.  So, Searcy Sleuths, wake up, look at the pictures and give us some history about this building if you know things about it.  MLS # 18029055 and the property is listed by … (6 comments)

remax advantage: Photobombing is NOT new. Plus fashion from the past. - 09/01/18 11:22 AM

You think photobombing is new?
Not new at all.  I could not help laughing as I stumbled across this picture from the past.  Big sister is talking on what?  The old style phone, probably rotary, that had a special little sitting place just for phone visiting.  The books are phone books.  We could look up numbers and dialing took so long we really needed a place to sit down and wait.  
Big sis's fashion is interesting too.  Remember the puffy short sleeves with long sleeves underneath.  The pants had to be long enough to drag the ground and this sis's legs were long, … (6 comments)

remax advantage: Hancock Fabrics. We used to sew a lot. Searcy AR memory. - 08/27/18 10:50 AM

Thumbing through the 1978 Harding yearbook brings up another interesting picture about how things used to be.  We used to sew a lot!  We women had sewing machines.  We had a special place set up for that sewing maching and we made our own clothes, our kids clothes, and we visited the fabric stores often.
The stores had row after row of fabrics, threads, needles, and any other items needed for sewing.  There were pattern books that we poured through and we'd chooe one that was fashionable at the time.....and maybe not too complex.  We spent hours in the sewing machine area at … (6 comments)

remax advantage: For men only. Ladies, skip this. Pleetway pajamas? Are they still around? - 08/21/18 01:07 PM

I don't remember where I found this really cool display for men's pajamas.  Just look at this good looking man advertising men's pajamas.  At first I thought it said Fleetway but these pictures reveal Pleetway, the Worlds's Most Comfortable Pajamas.  This must have stood on the counter top of a store that sold these pajamas.  
So here's the question and probably only guy's can answer.  Why do they have a balloon seat?  What advantage was that to a gentleman?  And why did they have under arm pleats?  The man's arm can be raised to display the pleats. What did those pleats serve? 

remax advantage: Sowell's Furniture, Searcy AR, advertising card. - 07/21/18 04:07 PM

Sowell's Furniture!
What a great old picture and this, believe it or not, is on an advertisng card mailed to my family a few years ago.  The card was an invitation to join them in celebrating 65 years in the location at 207 W. Arch in Searcy AR!  There was to be a 25% to 65% off sale in the store.
The old picture is a treasure and I liked it on the card enough to save it all these years.   We are proud to have this store still in operation in downtown Searcy!  Thanks for the invitation and for being here for … (4 comments)

remax advantage: Classy women of Searcy AR. How many do you remember? - 07/01/18 05:28 PM

Where they were?  What they were doing?  Why they were together?
I don't know.  (But Searcy Sleuths will know.)   I do recognize lots of the ladies.  In fact, I recognize almost all of them but can't recall the names.  Definitely, they were on a nice brick porch and they were all dressed up.  I don't believe I see a single pair of pants in the picture so it dates back a good distance.  It might be fun for you to pinpoint your favorites in this picture!

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