remax advantage realtors: Free blouses? JC Penney ad. 1972 Searcy AR yearbook. Solve the mystery! - 11/24/23 11:41 AM
Did you read the above ad that was in the 1972 Searcy High School yearbook?  Well, read it again and see if you can believe that J. C.Penney was saying that each Senior girl would get a free blouse.
That was my interpretation.  So I did a little counting.  I looked at the Senior girls and started counting.  I came up with 74 Senior girls and each one of them had on one of the pictured above blouses!  WOW!  That's a lot of free blouses!  Did boys feel left out?  My friends said, "No, Penney's didn't give them all a blouse;  they … (1 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Artists, Photographers, Collectors! I love them all! Mayfair exhibit! - 11/17/23 12:05 PM
Photographers!  Look at this great historic picture.  It shows probably all of the employees of Wood Freeman Lumber in Searcy AR.  On the trucks it gives the phone number as 446, Searcy and looks as if E. W. 's was 3200 and O. W. 's was 5000.  Last names must be provided by Searcy Sleuths.  See why I love photographers!
Artists!  Look at this beautiful Phyllis Alexander print!  A little girl with her loving pet.  "The little dog laughed to see such sport" is written at the bottom.  Phyllis Alexander is one of Searcy's best artists and painted so many portraits of … (5 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Home made Birthday card. Wyndelene Holmes Duncan caricature card - 11/16/23 11:58 AM

About 37 years ago.
My mother-in-law, Wyndelene Holmes Duncan, got this hand-done birthday card from me.  I had forgotten that I did it but it just popped up a few days ago.  We all called her Winnie but she preferred the real version of her name.  
She is also part of Searcy's history.  She grew up on Holmes Road in Searcy and that family is why the name is Holmes Road.  There is still a big old rock house on the side of the hill.  Click for the picture of it a long time ago.  
Ms. Winnie, as we called her, was a … (4 comments)

remax advantage realtors: West Point AR Old Sawmill. What does it look like now? Near Searcy. - 11/10/23 09:58 AM

Is it still there?
This West Point ARK old sawmill post card showed up for sale on ebay and has no date on it.  I wonder how old it was and if the sawmill is still working.  West Point is a neighbor to Searcy AR and was once a thriving lovely place to live.  It is on the Little Red River and steam boats came by often in the past.  I did a blog or two on a  fantastic older mansion-style home that overlooks the river but can't find them right now.  I also did a picture of the 1956 girl's basketball … (3 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Another one bites the dust. Searcy AR very historic Blume's Eat Shop - 10/31/23 11:18 AM

Gone!  No need to drive by.  
I went to the internet and found this rather old picture but not as old as the one above.  I really like the way the rock has been put on....kinda creative.  
Through the years of blogging, I have done this eat shop at least two other times.  Let's research.  Click on the first address below. It tells about some of its history.  Read the comments and notice we had just become neighbors.
Now click on the next address.  You must read the comments on it to learn all about it's history.  It used to be on the main … (1 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Mary Vesta Ford, Walt Disney Rejection letter, Searcy AR, Style Bangs! - 10/23/23 10:50 AM

1934 Kindergarten Class
Look at this class from 1934 and notice how the kids tried to be alike in hair fashion.  Bangs!  Bangs were definitely in for boys and girls!  But that is not the main reason I am doing this blog.  I have done another blog about the girl on the back row on the right, Mary Vesta Ford, who received an interesting rejection letter from Disney when she asked for a job. I
She lived in Searcy in a yard on Center Street that held a gorilla!  The original blog can be reached by clicking the link below.  Most important thing … (2 comments)

remax advantage realtors: THE WINNER!!! If we had a contest...Halloween fun. Dancing skeletons! - 10/18/23 08:38 AM

Dancing.....better than scaring!!
But plenty of scary stuff in this yard also.  Look at the size of the skeleton in the rear!  If there was a contest he's be the winner.  The house gets full attention from the owners each Halloween with every scary thing that you can imagine plus some fun!  Skeletons are doing things like dancing (my favorite), walking the dog, roasting marshmallows, taking a selfie, and one that is "just thinking" in front of a pile of jack-o-lanterns,  and there is even a witch who made a mistake and ran into a tree!
Giant skeletons. The one on the left … (2 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Remember newspapers? I do. I love them. Searcy AR had one. Picture! - 10/02/23 11:27 AM

Searcy Daily Citizen 1929
Newspapers seem to be passing away.  We can now go to the computer in order to read the newspaper.  Many people don't have computer knowledge or own a computer.  Prices for the newspaper has gone higher so lots of people have dropped their subscription.  I plan to continue reading a newspaper each day if I can afford to do so.  I love and respect newspapers and the folks who make it happen.  I treasure the clipped photos of family members that I saved through the years. 
Above is a 1929 photograph of a newspaper newsroom.  Looks kinda messy, doesn't … (8 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Lovely building. Harding University. Is it still there? - 10/01/23 12:47 PM

Built in 1953, Harding College Building, Searcy AR
Lovely, isn't it?  I bought this card from ebay for 50 cents.  The back says, "A modern, air-conditioned classroom building, completed in 1953.  It contains business laboratories, lecture rooms, seminar rooms, small auditorium, and staff offices." A 1960 Harding Petit Jean has a picture of it and calls it the American Studies Building.
My question is "Is it still there on campus?"  I am a Harding College graduate and the campus has grown so large that I have not been on it in quite a while. This was a beautiful building then and I hope … (3 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Please!! Don't tear it down. Built in 1855. 211 W. Woodruff. Searcy AR - 09/26/23 08:22 AM
211 W. Woodruff, Searcy AR
It once was a light color and easier to picture and admire.  It is now this dark color and harder to get a good view and picture. The court house says it was built in 1885 and says that is scheduled for foreclosure on October 19, 2023. And I say, "Please, recognize it as a very historic house and deserves to be respected and kept."
Too many historic homes have been eliminated in Searcy AR and I hope this one will be bought and loved.  It was a foreclosure before in 2013.  I wrote a blog about … (2 comments)

remax advantage realtors: First National Bank through the years. Searcy AR. 1904 lovely! - 09/14/23 12:46 PM

I was given this card with three different views of First National Bank in Searcy AR.  The 1904 view is SO different.  Correct me if I am wrong but I have been told that it was located at the corner of Arch and Spruce at that time and it burned.  In this picture it looks as if it was very fancy and perhaps had the entrance on the corner.  I'd like to see a very clear picture of it at that time.
In 1954, it seems much simpler and was in a different location. I believe it was then at the corner … (3 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Looks like Mom and Dad.....but not mine. Old picture. Fashion changes. - 09/11/23 11:02 AM

This tiny picture is only 3" x 3" and scanning enlarged it.
I glance at it and say, "They look so much like my mom and dad!"
Enlarging shows it is not them so I analyze and decide it is the fashion that makes me think it looks like them.  Take the lady....dresses only for women way back in the 30's. (This looks like 30's or 40's to me.) My mother would only wear pants to go pick cotton or work in the fields. Dresses were usually hand made with the style you see here. 
Then look at the man.  Overalls with lots … (4 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Searcy AR old postcard. Quattlebaum building. Phone 364. Then and now. - 09/08/23 12:45 PM

A mystery for Searcy Sleuths!
Ok, Sleuths.  Go no further.  Where was this building in Searcy AR.  This postcard was on ebay and I bought it for a member of the (as you can read on the truck and the sign) Quattlebaum family.  Searcy had a lot of Quattlebaums and this one was Connie Quattlebaum's building 
OK?  Ready to see the way it looks now?  Next picture, please.  It is still there and is a Beauty College.  Then the picture that follows shows the back of the card and the name of the business.  Car experts can probably tell the age by the … (3 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Something is missing! Large lot. No house. Market Searcy AR - 08/07/23 10:40 AM

WOW!  Look at that large empy lot! 
What's wrong with it!!  House missing!  Searcy Sleuths, have you driven by and missed it....just as I did?  So close the next picture and your eyes and think!  Where is this lot?
OK?  Give up? 
I had to go to the court house files to find a picture of the missing house.  The house was my kind of level....brick....and it had to have been built in the 50's or 60's because of that white wrought iron porch decor.  It was at the corner of East Market and North Moss.  SO....another one bit the dust.  And … (3 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Car colors. Bill's Grill Searcy AR. 1950's. Popular cars. Noble Motel - 07/17/23 11:21 AM

Car colors!
Look around you now.  White is the dominate color for cars and trucks, or it seems that way to me.  Hubby, car dealer, indicated one time that colors on cars made the vehicle cost more.  This old 50's post card showing cars, and one truck, parked around one of Searcy's favorite eating spots, Bill's Grill, showed a great love for light green!
Beside Bill's Grill was Noble Motel.  You MUST see the beginning of the Motel and see how it started.  Click here to see the beginning and read what it was like.  Mike Noble, now deceased, tells about it and … (2 comments)

remax advantage realtors: 1942 Billfold. OLD. Poll tax receipt. White Co AR tax receipt. - 06/13/23 08:32 AM

You think this looks old?
How about this one?  You can see it is ancient!
The probable date that it was in action. 1942.  Perhaps it was carried through the war.  Now we see two more interesting items.  A poll tax receipt and a receipt for paying White County AR personal property tax. Total tax was 80 cents. 
This old billfold was found at an estate sale and makes me wonder whether some gentleman carried it off to war with him.  There is a name, a Mr. Casey from Pangburn AR.  If anyone knew him perhaps we can learn more about him.  It is … (4 comments)

remax advantage realtors: A jug full of memories. Art exhibit at the Historic Black House. - 05/24/23 10:18 AM
A Jug Full of Memories
The Historic Benjamin Clayton Black House is having an exhibit called Artisans and Collectors of Searcy.  Here is an item displayed by one artist named Irene Crouch.  In my long art loving background I have never seen one of these and she has three of them in her display.   I love them.  Imagine having all those trinkets and treasures that are displayed on the jug!
Terry Williams, another Searcy artist, has a wonderful display.  Others include Jim Carr, Falyn Waggoner, Gary Shelton and Barbara S Duncan.
Plan to go!  You'll be impressed!
The address is 300 E. Race.  Hours are … (3 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Old! Old! A very old picture of the Searcy AR First Methodist Church. - 05/17/23 12:07 PM

Old, old picture of the Methodist Church.
While digging through my treasures, I found this picture of the Searcy Methodist Church.  Look at the mud in the road in front and the long fence in front of it.  I have forgotten wheather that was a house or another church in the background. Perhaps someone will remember and be able to tell us.  There was also no date but Google says it dates back to 1877 and is located at 304 N. Main St.

remax advantage realtors: Happy 100th Birthday! 2496 Gum Springs Rd, Searcy AR. Historic home. - 05/17/23 10:50 AM

Happy 100th Birthday.....
We don't know the exact day of birth.  We do know that it takes a good while for a house to be completely born.  So therefore we go to the courthouse records and see what has been recorded.  This house was born in 1922 says the courthouse.  It is located at 2496 Gum Springs Rd in Searcy AR  And it has that wonderful look of a plantation style house with porches, a porch swing, columns, and a metal fence in front.
It is on the market for sale right now.  Four bedrooms, four baths, 3152 sq. ft. of living space … (0 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Searcy Art Gallery. Benjamin Clayton Black house. Exhibit. 300 E Race. - 05/12/23 12:00 PM

Searcy AR Art Gallery, 300 E. Race, is the location of the Benjamin Clayton Black historic home that is on the Historic Register.  They are having an interesting exhibit that begins May 19 through July 19, 2023. 
Debbie Higgs, Director, is presenting the very first Artisans and Collectors of Searcy exhibit!  Debbie is on the left above and I am on the right. She has invited folks who are or were artists and ones who have interesting collections of art.  GUESS WHAT!!
Take a minute and look at the new look of the gallery.  It has been given a wonderful updating … (3 comments)

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