remax advantage realtors: Stark! Description for Booth Rd building. Beautiful. Searcy AR. - 07/31/21 12:02 PM

Stark!  Beautifully unadorned building in Searcy AR.
Driving along Booth Road might lead you past this building and you can't help staring and admiring it.  It can only be described as STARK. Extremely simple. Sternly plain. It is always perfectly maintained with the property mowed but it has no landscaping
So I did a little sleuthing.  I found that it was moved onto the property from the pumping station. Our "pumping station" is located on Highway 267 in Searcy but there is reportedly one in Georgetown also.  The person who moved it had been transferred to our town to work at the pumping … (1 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Welcome a new subdivision. Searcy AR. Belmont Estates by Clay Hite. - 07/26/21 10:58 AM

Welcome to a new subdivision coming to Searcy AR.  
This sign has just gone up at the Corner of Sawmill Road and Country Club Road on the West side of Searcy AR.  The land has been in the Phillips family for many years and is now to be turned into a subdivision by Clay Hite, a popular builder in this area.  Hite has already completed several subdivisions in our town but this one may be the grandest yet.
The sign says it is to be Belmont Estates, a grand sounding name.  We'll have to find out more from him about the name, the … (1 comments)

remax advantage realtors: How inappropriate of me? Or timely? A Murder in Searcy. New book. - 07/21/21 06:57 AM

It could be considered inappropriate of me to have just a week ago put up a picture of the popular Dr. Porter Rodgers and his prized bull. Here it is.  Click to pull it up.  Someone commented that he was the one who murdered his wife. Just a few days after that blog came out this new book was brought to my attention.
It is a long, highly researched book about the murder.  It is written by Mike S Allen and Deana Hamby Nall.  It will definitely be a best-seller in Searcy AR.  The crime was such that people remember what they … (7 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Collectible now? Chair....not the baby. Searcy AR old photograph. - 07/19/21 10:21 AM
It's collectible now!  I mean the chair, not the baby!  
If you live in Searcy AR, you might recognize this street........if you are pretty darned old....... because the street has definitely changed.  What is surprising is that this old chair now seems to be collectible.  Why it is so large in this picture is the mystery.  Possibly the young child loved the chair and it was to be used in the photograph with him inside.
The picture is over 70 years old.  The child had a good life and has passed on.  The chair may be out there somewhere with a new coat … (1 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Dr. Rodgers with prized animal. Historic picture. Searcy AR - 07/15/21 10:15 AM

THE CATTLEMAN MAGAZINE a photo by Roger B. Letz
That is the information on the back of the above photo. Searcy residents know the man in the picture, Dr. Porter Rodgers, a popular physician in Searcy AR.  He had cattle land and it looks as if he enjoyed his cattle and posed fully dressed up in suit and tie for this photo.  We can only guess at the date but it would have been some years ago because Dr. Rodgers has been passed on for several years.
But the picture was impressive and was loaned to me by Sherry Quattlebaum Person and is … (2 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Bog's Treasure. Near Searcy AR? Never found. WOW! 10 miles N of town. - 07/13/21 09:09 AM
Way back when Searcy probably looked this way......or perhaps didn't exist......
I'd never heard of it before but while reading the Democrat Gazette a few days ago and finding an article by Steve Straessle (July 10) where he was reviewing a new book called "Chasing the Thrill: Obsession, Death, and Glory in America's Most Extraordinary Treasure Hunt" by Daniel Barbarisi, I discovered something new. 
He mentioned other treasure hunts and called up one called the Bog's Treasure which was lost about 10 miles North of Searcy AR!  So what did I do?  I googled it!  Here's what Google revealed.
A wealthy Mississippi cotton planter … (3 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Calculator showing its age? 14.5% interest. 1982 Calculated Industries. - 06/24/21 07:25 AM

I still use it!  But I just checked its age.
I knew it was old but didn't realize it was this old!  Check the example on how to use this calculator where it says payment.  Loan amount was to be $75,000.  Interest rate was to be 14.5%. Term was to be 30 years.  Payment? $918.41!
Then I looked at the bottom fine print and it gave the brand, Calculated Industries Inc. 1982!  It is hard to believe that interest rates actually went higher than this in the 80's.  I was a struggling real estate agent and was delighted to learn how to use … (7 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Historic postcard. E Race Street, Searcy AR. 1928? Was it 402 E Race? - 06/13/21 08:33 AM
Ebay card for sale.  East Race Street, Searcy AR
This card has shown up and says it was East Race Street in Searcy AR around 1928.  Perhaps some of the Searcy Sleuths will know the exact location.  Here is my guess.  This house at 402 East Race is on the market for sale right now and one of the pictures is shown here.
Compare the lines of this home at 402 E Race and see if you think it is probably the current view of the one in the picture on the postcard. It was built, according to court house information, somewhere around … (4 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Do dogs go out of style? Seems to be true. Cocker Spaniels and Weenie Dogs? - 04/25/21 08:07 AM
How do you like this fancy boot wipe weenie dog?  I remember having this type dog and my mother-in-law had this kind of dog and she owned this foot wipe animal.  I believe the proper name was Dachshund but everyone called them weenie dogs.  I have not seen one in a long time.   Are they out of style? 
Here's another type that seems to have disappeared.
This type used to be found in so many homes!  Cocker Spaniel they were called.  This one sits on my fireplace but we never had a live one.  This particular one was owned by an old … (8 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Rendezvous Searcy AR Cafe Restaurant. Another view. Old postcard. - 01/24/21 06:07 AM
Roberson's Rendezvous and Missouri Pacific Bus Station, Searcy AR
Here's another good view of Searcy's famous restaurant/cafe, Rendezvous, showing the view from the corner. It seems to be an artist's rendering.  I found it on an old postcard that has already been sold on ebay.  Here's the back of the postcard.
Notice what it said on the card?  The cafe (restaurant) had a banquet room that would seat 450 people or a Blue Room for private parties.  That sounds like a big area!  Searcy Sleuths, were you at either of these party spots when the Rendezvous was operating?  We have done other blogs … (3 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Rare book. Searcy Centennial Nov 23rd 1837 to 1937. Available at Estate Sale. - 01/18/21 08:30 AM

Rare Book.  To be found at Estate Sale.  
An estate sale is coming up this very weekend.  January 22 through January 24, 2021.  The address is 611 N Maple, Searcy AR.  This was published so long historic!  White County Historical Society take note!!!  If you don't have a copy, you might try to grab this one.  
If you attend the sale, check the home also.  It is for sale at a great low price of $125,000!

remax advantage realtors: 50 cents. Never spent. Nielsen television research. 1980's? - 01/01/21 02:23 PM

Look what was mailed to families way back then.
I saved this.  I should have spent the money.  50 cents was sent to me and many others, I assume, wanting us to keep up with our television viewing so that they could bring us more programs of our liking.  I saved the money but not the diary.  Drat.
I have a pet peeve now.....if I get a plea for money with a paid-for stamp (and a stamp now costs somewhere around 50 cents) for me to return my contribution I definitely do not give.  My thinking is that if they can throw money … (5 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Coat of Many Colors missing? Dolly Parton's song? Christmas 2020 - 12/25/20 04:55 PM

                            Guess who came to Christmas? 
I suspect it was Dolly Parton's "Coat of Many Colors."
Yes, the guest walked through the door and all eyes widened!  This guest had on a coat that would attract attention anywhere!  I suspected theft....she'd found Dolly Parton's "Coat of Many Colors" and quietly walked out with it.
But no one can walk out with a coat like this without notice.....or enter a room wearing one like it without notice.  So she's innocent but the coat surely makes you think of that famous country … (0 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Hard times now. Hard times then. Tobacco barn. Georgia working crew. - 12/24/20 12:40 PM

A tobacco work crew.  Times were hard then as they are now.
I remember doing an older blog about working in tobacco in South Georgia when I was a teen.  The blog even has a picture of me! Published in a newspaper!  Working on a harvester-tractor used in tobacco harvesting.  Ok, ok, here's the blog.  Go read it and see the pictures.
Wasn't that fun?  Now the picture above was the way it used to be.  Poor people needing money working under the shelter of the typical tobacco barn which was found all over the south when tobacco was king and everyone smoked.  … (3 comments)

remax advantage realtors: 1984 Listing Searcy AR home MLS entry. Note differences in interest rates. - 11/22/20 12:05 PM

Looking back to 1984 MLS entry
With today's 3% or less interest rates when buying a home, let's take a look at a listing from July 1984.  Searcy AR had started getting Multiple Listing Books every two weeks in the year 1982.  How'd we do that?  We had a California real estate agent move to Searcy and told us how the real world worked and we subscribed.  It was wonderful!
Anyway, back to this listing.  Notice the information that was included, especially the loan information.  It told how much was owed on the house and at what interest rate and gave the equity … (4 comments)

remax advantage realtors: Jim Bohannon, former Searcy AR resident. Maps and railroads expert! - 11/19/20 01:34 PM
Jim Bohannon, former Searcy AR resident.
This is Jim Bohannon and  he is a life-long student of railroad history and a collector of original 19th and early 20thcentury USA maps and railroad timetables.  He sent me pdfs of old historic roadmaps and sounds as if he would do the same for you.  He graduated from Searcy High and still keeps up with Searcy news.  He has graciously offered to share his stash with you if you are interested.  
He says, "In my retired senior citizen years, I stay interested and active by sharing with public libraries, historical societies and other non-profits (at no … (6 comments)

remax advantage realtors: 1962 Searcy AR Cub Staff. Some important folks here. Old yearbook photo. - 11/04/20 09:32 AM

Important people.  1962 Cub Staff.
Look through this group and see how many you know or perhaps, Searcy Sleuths, you are in the picture!  The small 1962 Cub from Searcy AR is so interesting with boys and girls who grew up to be Searcy leaders.  Many are shown in the picture above.  Enjoy!!

remax advantage realtors: Beebe AR basketball girls in 1953 and their fans. White Co tournament. - 11/01/20 10:06 AM

1953 Beebe AR girls' basketball team
Another team who entered the White County Girls' Basketball Tournament is shown here. It was held in the High School Gymnasium at Rose Bud AR.  I found the old program on ebay and bought it.  The pictures are so interesting.  Look through and see if you know any of the folks in the picture or any of the fans.  I'll bet "Fat" Daniel was a fun person! 

remax advantage realtors: Kensett AR school house, 1910, postcard of Ray Hanley's. - 10/18/20 08:07 AM

Kensett ARK Public School 1910.
The Arkansas Democrat Gazette often runs old postcard pictures from Ray Hanley's collection.  They are interesting, especially when they are near us.  This one was on line a few days ago and is very interesting.  Where was it located in Kensett AR?  Perhaps a Searcy Sleuth will remember and let us know.  One interesting thing was pointed out. It stated that the two teachers in the doorway (seeing how small they look in the doorway makes the building look MUCH larger) probably made the average salary which would have been $273 for 107 days of the school … (4 comments)

remax advantage realtors: You gotta smile! Red convertible under tree. - 09/21/20 10:28 AM

Smile!  You have to.
I have made several trips by this property and this happy sight remained.  A shiny red convertible had parked itself under this tree.  For shade?  Meeting someone? A flat tire? Forgotten?
Whatever the reason, I had to smile and feel good each time I saw it.  I hope you did too if you drove by there.

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