searcy: 1953 White County Girls' Basketball Tourney Program. Searcy team. - 10/22/20 11:57 AM

I Splurged!  I did!  I did!  I bought this old book from ebay for more than I ever thought I would!
But just look at it!  It is the 1953 White County Girls' Basketball Tourney program!  It cost 25 cents at the game to get the program.  It contains pictures, feature stories, cage data (whatever that is) all about the big tournament.
It has pictures of the girls' teams from Griffithville, Rose Bud, Searcy, Judsonia, West Point, Beebe, McRae, Kensett, Bald Knob, Pangburn, Bradford and Central!  Look back at these towns and think how much fun it was to have those teams......girls' teams!  … (10 comments)

searcy: Bee Rock, Searcy AR climbing spot, Scenic, Dangerous? - 11/04/18 07:40 AM

Bee Rock, Searcy ARK
Tempted?  Yes, I am tempted to try to buy this old post card that is on ebay right now.  I have never seen a postcard featuring  Bee Rock in Searcy, Arkansas.  Yes, I have heard of Bee Rock, and I remember warning my kids NOT to go to that spot and try climbing rocks.  I have, unfortunately, heard of deaths and accidents happening at Bee Rock so perhaps it is time to discuss Bee Rock on this blog or on facebook.  Can you, Searcy Sleuths, provide more information about this place just outside Searcy AR?  Let's hear about … (11 comments)

searcy: Get Down Downtown Searcy AR coming up! Shared picture. - 06/30/16 12:13 AM

Today's Daily Citizen newspaper reminded us that Get Down Downtown is about ready to kick off again in downtown Searcy AR.  Get Down Downtown is an annual festival that features live music, concessions, children's activities, vendors and much more.  It lasts for two days and starts on September 23.  I personally love going and look forward to it each year. 
Back in 2011 I took this picture of a first-time attendee.  It is a wonderful picture of a little girl standing absolutely mesmerized by something going on, probably an on-stage activity.  This was after she'd been to the bouncy houses, had … (5 comments)

searcy: Mt Vernon AR cute kids from 1963. Know any of them? - 10/01/15 10:58 PM

Small schools did not have the funds to put out yearbooks.  At least that was my experience in a tiny school in Georgia.  They did, however, try to take a yearly picture of the classes.  My guess is that this picture was just that.....the yearly picture.  Boys must have been told to wear a tie and the girls were told to wear their best dresses.  Note the date and the pumpkins on the table and the happy, happy kids!  You can almost tell personality by looking at each one.  Perhaps some of our Searcy Sleuths will be familiar with Mount Vernon … (0 comments)

searcy: The new history book. Yearbooks! I love this one from Bald Knob AR. - 09/09/15 04:36 AM

This yearbook from Bald Knob AR is for sale on ebay right now.  I can't afford it but I do love the cover.  I have never seen this much creativity in a cover.  Tearin' It Up with a corner that looks as if they were ripping the page seems different and must have come from a creative art student.  I have several old books from Searcy AR and from Harding College (now University) in Searcy and a few from other cities but this is the best cover of them all.  Perhaps the buyer will be from around our area and will … (0 comments)

searcy: Judsonia AR strawberry-gathering picture from National Geographic 1946. - 08/03/14 05:58 AM
Donnie Miller, whose family grew up around Judsonia, gave me permission to post this picture from 1946.  He obtained an old National Geographic magazine which had an article in it about Arkansas and the article included this picture.

Donnie says that the lady in pink was his grandmother, Helen Hubach.  The one in overalls was Donnie's Aunt Emogene Hubach Miller.  Donnie's grandmother looks lovely and makes me wonder if she dressed up for the picture or whether she looked that good every day.  Looks as if she has on high heels and a lovely matching outfit. 
Strawberries used to … (5 comments)

searcy: Searcy Sleuths, where was this? Not Searcy AR. But a charming picture. - 01/29/14 09:43 AM

Searcy Sleuths have grown sleepy.  We have had no challenges lately.
So here is one.  This is a great card that is for sale on ebay right now.  I may buy it if someone does not beat me to it.
Note the kids playing on the tracks.  Was it fun to balance yourself on the tracks and walk along without falling off?  You bet it was.  Is that a train in the background?
So the question is where was this?  It was not in Searcy AR so I may be asking too hard a question but it is a … (5 comments)

searcy: It is open! Old bridge between Judsonia and Kensett. I drove across it. - 04/06/13 03:13 AM
I had to be in Judsonia so I decided to go across the newly opened bridge that connects Judsonia to Kensett and is supposed to save a lot of time for your trip.
I met practically no one on the whole trip so it must not be widely used yet.
Here's the way it looked as I entered the bridge.  The bright orange warning was a little off the color scheme but I guess the warning was important.

And then as I was half way through I could see the bridge made for the railroad.

If you haven't been, … (0 comments)

searcy: J W Blevins Livery Stable Heber Springs AR and Searcy AR Stage Line - 01/29/13 12:06 AM
Vac Veterans from facebook has put up another old picture.  It shows one really fancy stable.
It is labeled Searcy and Heber Daily Stage Line. J W Blevins Livery Stable.
It shows men and horses and a stagecoach. One guy may be on crutches?
I have never seen this picture before but Mary Cargile gives a possible explanation for its location. Go to the facebook page and read what she says.  And thanks, Vac, for allowing me to repost it.
Vac Veterans also says it has "Main St" in pencil on the back of the picture.


searcy: Bald Knob AR has a mansion too! Judsonia AR is not the only one with mansion. - 08/10/12 05:29 AM
Here's another great postcard photo shared by James Whitlow, who collects post cards.
This house is still in Bald Knob AR on Center Street.  Our last blog was about houses on the same street but they were not mansions like this one.  James thinks that the pictures were all taken on the same day by the same photographer because of their similarity in looks and the dates of postage.

The postmark is 1909. Refer back to the other blog for pictures of the houses nearby. The two links below also have pictures of this lovely house and one … (9 comments)

searcy: Doniphan? How do you remember the lake at Searcy or Kensett AR? Photo. - 07/19/12 11:25 PM

This card is from our new found Sleuth James Whitlow who probably bought it on ebay to add to his collection.  He wonders if any of the folks in Searcy can identify the people.  Here's the back of the card.

Note the date.  1909!  This card is over 100 years old.  So the questions I come up with are who are they? What was Doniphan at that time?  What were Ohio folks doing in our area? 
One final picture is a close-up done by Mr. Whitlow.  It is so clear.


searcy: Simpson, Simpson, Collier and Brock. Searcy AR attorneys hold open house. - 04/26/12 11:43 PM
This is the old view of Headlee's Drug Store which was located in downtown Searcy Arkansas. 

This is another view of the building.

 This is the look of the building today.  Simpson, Simpson, Collier and Brock, Searcy attorneys, held an open house which I dropped in on.  It was impressive to see how they have expanded from the large building on the corner to the one adjoining.  They will probably do more to the exterior but the inside is finished out beautifully.

Curious?  Here they are.  From the left, Collier, Simpson, Brock and Simpson.  … (30 comments)

searcy: 1965 revisited at the Duncan's Used Car Lot on East Race Street, Searcy Arkansas. - 03/02/12 10:56 PM
Just a blog or two ago I talked about little old office buildings that served as offices for car lots.  I put this one up as an example of how they are just about gone and are showing lots of wear and tear.  This one is in Beebe Arkansas.

Imagine my surprise when I was browsing through a 1965 Searcy High yearbook and saw this picture in the advertisements.

I hollered to Hubby (who was part of the Duncan crew) and said, "Well, look at this old picture of the car lot with the College Church of Christ in the background!"  … (12 comments)

searcy: Possum Grape. I kid you not. It is located in Arkansas. I traveled there. - 07/30/11 01:35 PM

Possum Grape is about 10 miles past Bradford Arkansas.  Bradford is a town of about 800 people so Possum Grape folks probably travel to Bradford for quick items since Possum Grape folks have no store.  Bradford is about 10 miles from Bald Knob, a town of about 4000 people.   Bald Knob people may go to Searcy for supplies.  Bald Knob is about 12 miles from Searcy Arkansas, my town.  Searcy AR has about 20,000 folks.
I had to travel 8 miles past Possum Grape for a foreclosure listing!  Count the miles if you're smart.  I'm still in a daze wondering where … (37 comments)

searcy: Unintentional Double Jeopardy. - 06/18/10 10:34 AM
The builder of this house spared no expense while constructing it.  The best of everything was put in.  The best of tile was selected and securely placed on both the front and back porches.
They forgot something, however.  When it rains the tile gets wet.  In the mornings dew is heavy and can also be on the front and back porches.
The tile that they chose was a clean-looking white.  It is also slick!  Even with no rain this tile is slick and smooth.  When it is wet it becomes a floor that can send you flying in no telling which … (8 comments)

searcy: Which came first? Bald Knob mansion or Searcy Arkansas (now gone) mansion? - 03/07/10 12:09 AM
Cruising through Bald Knob Arkansas, which I have to do quite often because of properties for sale, I always delight in driving past this house. Last week I drove by it and snapped a picture.  It made me wish we had been able to keep more of the mansions that were in Searcy Arkansas and have been torn down for progress.

Looking at the picture made me wish there were a few kids in the windows, which made me remember an old picture from the newspaper of a mansion in Searcy AR.  The mansion was torn down  so I put the two photos of … (18 comments)

searcy: Landline phones are being dropped. How are we going to handle this???? - 01/21/10 12:10 AM
I waved at my neighbor last week.
Their car is in the driveway.
Their dog still barks.  Their cat visits my yard.  They obviously still live beside me.
Tonight, I looked up their number in the phone book and dialed it.  I needed to ask them a neighborhood question.
"The number you have dialed has been disconnected."
There it has happened again!!  Those neighbors have probably decided that the landline is no longer needed.  They have cell phones.  Why pay that extra expense monthly for a landline?
As a matter of fact, hubby asked me two days ago if we REALLY … (35 comments)

searcy: Oh, NO!! Honey, come quick! The little green light is on! Heat pump! - 01/08/10 03:10 AM

We love our heat pump.  It works great most of the time.  It is so economical and we were promised low bills by the electric company when we reluctantly installed one in the new house years ago.
It proved to be a good promise.  They did say, however, that heat pumps are not good in extremely cold weather.  Look where the temp gage is today!!!  We hardly ever see that needle so close to a zero! 

Frightful.  We run around asking how people can stand cold weather like this ALL the time. 
Another thing they pointed out is … (16 comments)

searcy: Barbara Duncan, superstar real estate agent, meets Robert Wadlow, the gentle giant - 11/22/09 03:57 AM
On a trip to St. Augustine Florida last week, which took me away from activerain for a few days, decisions had to be made on what to visit.  We decided to visit the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum even though I had doubts about its interest to me.
Was I wrong!!
The trip through the museum was so much fun!  Here I'm staring up at the likeness of Robert Wadlow, the now celebrated "gentle giant."
He was 8' 11" and wore a size 37 shoe and was once billed as the world's tallest man. I think there may be taller … (17 comments)

searcy: Letona Arkansas depot with our favorite Corrine Hart waiting there. - 11/02/09 12:41 PM
The White County Historical Society has a collection of pictures on its website and they've said we can share them.  Here's a great one of the train depot in Letona, Arkansas. 
Letona is about 15 miles from Searcy and has 215 residents at this time. 
We're exploring how the trains went to every little town and below is a picture of the Letona depot.  But first we we found this picture of a young woman named Corrine Harrison Hart at about 1924 sitting at the depot.  Corrine is Anita's mother.   Anita is a contributor to this blog.  Anita, do you think the man … (13 comments)

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