searcy ar: Carder Buick Olds dealership souvenier knife. Searcy AR. - 05/03/21 10:44 AM

Carder Buick Olds dealership
Nice old souvenier pocket knife from the popular Carder Buick-Olds car dealership in Searcy AR. This is available right now on ebay and I have never seen one of these before.  Carder Buick was a popular dealership up until a few years ago when it closed down.   If you collect you might want to look this up.

searcy ar: Yarnell's Ice Cream. Searcy AR memory. Dip can. Now Turkey Hill. - 04/07/21 09:01 AM

What is this?  Yarnell Ice Cream dip painted. Good memory!
Yarnell's Ice Cream was a Searcy AR favorite.  The ice cream was delicious and the company was in business until a few years ago.  It sold and has recently sold again. This photo was supplied by our Searcy Sleuth Anita Hart Fuller who reported that a friend sent it to her.  The friend bought it at a sale and had it painted to be more attractive and to hold flowers.  The dip can held ice cream in various ice cream parlors and the ice cream was dipped onto a dish or … (3 comments)

searcy ar: I'm in love! Young boy's portrait that has a lot of Searcy AR history! - 02/07/21 08:08 AM

I'm in love!!
I entered an estate sale, looked over things, and saw this picture!  OMG, I fell in love with it immediately.  This picture portrays the epitome of love, trust, innocence, and anticipation.  It is quite old and must be a colorized picture of a black and white photo.  Back then color photography was not the norm.
So here is where Searcy AR history comes in.  It is signed Wm Walker, Searcy ARK.  William Walker was a successful and beloved Searcy photographer.  If he put the color on the photo, he was also an artist.  Here's his signature from the photo.
Another person … (9 comments)

searcy ar: Rendezvous Searcy AR Cafe Restaurant. Another view. Old postcard. - 01/24/21 06:07 AM
Roberson's Rendezvous and Missouri Pacific Bus Station, Searcy AR
Here's another good view of Searcy's famous restaurant/cafe, Rendezvous, showing the view from the corner. It seems to be an artist's rendering.  I found it on an old postcard that has already been sold on ebay.  Here's the back of the postcard.
Notice what it said on the card?  The cafe (restaurant) had a banquet room that would seat 450 people or a Blue Room for private parties.  That sounds like a big area!  Searcy Sleuths, were you at either of these party spots when the Rendezvous was operating?  We have done other blogs … (3 comments)

searcy ar: Rare book. Searcy Centennial Nov 23rd 1837 to 1937. Available at Estate Sale. - 01/18/21 08:30 AM

Rare Book.  To be found at Estate Sale.  
An estate sale is coming up this very weekend.  January 22 through January 24, 2021.  The address is 611 N Maple, Searcy AR.  This was published so long historic!  White County Historical Society take note!!!  If you don't have a copy, you might try to grab this one.  
If you attend the sale, check the home also.  It is for sale at a great low price of $125,000!

searcy ar: Let's Rendezvous! Good Memories of Searcy AR's favorite restaurant. - 01/17/21 12:39 PM

This is a very historic chair!  You can find it in many Searcy High School yearbooks.
We are fortunate, my daughter and I, to have been chosen to market the house and the contents of the home that has been occupied by members of the Roberson family.  What makes the Roberson family special?  THE RENDEZVOUS!  
The Rendezvous was one of the best and most popular restaurants in Searcy AR for many years.  It was started by the Roberson family and was often the chosen location for happy functions.  Click here for an early view of it.
The family says that this wrought iron chair … (10 comments)

searcy ar: Hard times now. Hard times then. Tobacco barn. Georgia working crew. - 12/24/20 12:40 PM

A tobacco work crew.  Times were hard then as they are now.
I remember doing an older blog about working in tobacco in South Georgia when I was a teen.  The blog even has a picture of me! Published in a newspaper!  Working on a harvester-tractor used in tobacco harvesting.  Ok, ok, here's the blog.  Go read it and see the pictures.
Wasn't that fun?  Now the picture above was the way it used to be.  Poor people needing money working under the shelter of the typical tobacco barn which was found all over the south when tobacco was king and everyone smoked.  … (3 comments)

searcy ar: Football for girls. Searcy AR. 1973. Valerie Smith. I don't remember this. - 11/27/20 01:49 PM

I Don't Remember This!
Look closely!  There's my daughter in this rag-tag football picture!  When did Searcy have girl's football?  I did a little research (because I do NOT remember it) and discovered that it was started in October 1973 when Harry Miller was in charge of Parks and Recreation in Searcy AR.  Harry was wonderful and was especially instrumental in trying to get sports for girls.  I remember my daughter's playing softball and she loved being on a swim team and she played tennis.....but I do not remember football.   Let's read what Harry said about the teams.  There is a touch … (5 comments)

searcy ar: 1984 Listing Searcy AR home MLS entry. Note differences in interest rates. - 11/22/20 12:05 PM

Looking back to 1984 MLS entry
With today's 3% or less interest rates when buying a home, let's take a look at a listing from July 1984.  Searcy AR had started getting Multiple Listing Books every two weeks in the year 1982.  How'd we do that?  We had a California real estate agent move to Searcy and told us how the real world worked and we subscribed.  It was wonderful!
Anyway, back to this listing.  Notice the information that was included, especially the loan information.  It told how much was owed on the house and at what interest rate and gave the equity … (4 comments)

searcy ar: Pangburn AR Basketball Girls' Team 1953. From tournament program. - 11/17/20 12:54 PM

Pangburn Girls' Basketball Team 1953
Another one of the 12 teams that were entered in the 1953 Basketball tournament held at Rose Bud Arkansas is shown above.  Their fans are listed below the picture.  We have put almost all of the teams on blogs so go back and see all of them if you'd like.  We have one more to go....Rose Bud.
Either the girls at Pangburn were short or the coach was extremely tall!  Look through the group and see if you know anyone.

searcy ar: Wonderful gift! 1925 Gallowegian year book. Harding University to be! AR - 11/13/20 04:19 PM

Thanks to a friend in Georgia!
She found my blogs, decided I liked history, wondered if I'd like to have this historic 1925 Gallowegian yearbook that had been kept by a relative!  Did I!!!  I loved the idea.  She mailed it and it is wonderful!  Check out this magnificent 4 page fold out of the student body.
Now let's see if we can see a closer look.  This was an all girl's school in 1925.  Eventually it became Harding College in Searcy AR and then Harding University as it is today.  Here's a view of the left side.
And here is a view of … (5 comments)

searcy ar: Wm. Walker Studio. Phone 694. Searcy AR. How old is this?? - 11/03/20 04:00 PM

How old is this!!

searcy ar: The Good Ole Days. Early voting 2004. No Covid-19. No masks. - 10/26/20 11:19 AM

Found!  An old newspaper clipping of early voting.
I stumbled upon this old clipping.  Don't we all clip family pictures from the newspaper?  How this one ended up on the front page of the local newspaper is a mystery BUT it means so much right now.  It makes us think of the good old safe distancing.....just stand in line to early vote.
Another sad change from 2004 to 2020 is the demise of so many newspapers.  This one, The Daily Citizen, used to be delivered almost daily.  Now it is delivered three times a week by the US Post Ofice.  It … (4 comments)

searcy ar: Kensett AR school house, 1910, postcard of Ray Hanley's. - 10/18/20 08:07 AM

Kensett ARK Public School 1910.
The Arkansas Democrat Gazette often runs old postcard pictures from Ray Hanley's collection.  They are interesting, especially when they are near us.  This one was on line a few days ago and is very interesting.  Where was it located in Kensett AR?  Perhaps a Searcy Sleuth will remember and let us know.  One interesting thing was pointed out. It stated that the two teachers in the doorway (seeing how small they look in the doorway makes the building look MUCH larger) probably made the average salary which would have been $273 for 107 days of the school … (4 comments)

searcy ar: MoP Depot 1978, and now. Searcy AR. Old postcard on ebay. - 10/16/20 05:18 PM

Postcard on ebay
The top picture is a postcard that is for sale right now on ebay and the building appears to be in great shape.  I don't think trains were anywhere near it in 1978 but it is called the MoP depot, there is an old railroad track on the side in the top picture, and it is in Searcy, AR. 
Nosy me. What does it look like now?  The second picture shows a more recent view.  Looks as if its days are numbered.
It is located on South Main if you'd like to drive by.  Perhaps the city of Searcy could … (7 comments)

searcy ar: Searcy AR has no museum? Look again! Try visiting Old Hippy. - 10/12/20 11:50 AM

As good as a real museum....except you may purchase things!
We are all tired, bored, lonely during this Covid year.  Today I made a visit to Searcy AR's "Old Hippy" store that is located at 1216 S Benton.  I already have too much stuff in my house to be shopping to buy more but I DO like to look.  In fact, I like museums.  But we don't have one close by.
While browsing through all the treasures that are on display out there I had a sudden thought.  This is just like a museum!  There is history all over the place.  Old pictures.  … (3 comments)

searcy ar: Searcy AR Public School May Day Parade Spring St 1912 card on ebay. - 10/05/20 08:10 AM

May Day Parade on Spring Street looking North, Searcy AR.
This wonderful old card is available on ebay right now.  I think I may have used it in a blog before but we probably have new viewers.  (    We did!!  Please do read all the comments on the location and information about the picture when you go to this early blog.
Interesting is the Tom Keene cigar sign on the brick building.  Also interesting would be the possible location of what is now Mayfair Hotel.  If you go to the ebay site they have pictures that are nicely enlarged.  The … (6 comments)

searcy ar: You gotta smile! Red convertible under tree. - 09/21/20 10:28 AM

Smile!  You have to.
I have made several trips by this property and this happy sight remained.  A shiny red convertible had parked itself under this tree.  For shade?  Meeting someone? A flat tire? Forgotten?
Whatever the reason, I had to smile and feel good each time I saw it.  I hope you did too if you drove by there.

searcy ar: White County Court House Searcy AR 1909. Historic post card. - 09/01/20 05:00 AM

Another treasure on ebay.
Here's another historic post card showing our beloved old court house that is in the middle of Searcy AR.  It was postmarked 1909 with a one cent stamp.  Folks were good about sending letters and post cards back then.  Now they reach out with cell phones.  Will history no longer have evidence?  Perhaps so.....with this blog.....
Activerain has done a great job of keeping our blogs alive and they pull up easily in searches.
Thanks, Activerain!!!!

searcy ar: Searcy AR street 1927. Is that a mudhole? Old postcard. - 08/18/20 11:01 AM
Old Postcard found on ebay.
 Here's another treasure to be found right now on ebay.  But before we see the street, let's look at the creative way it was addressed.  I was puzzled.  Something looked like a handsaw but why?  And then there were more scribbles in front of it.  THEN I GOT IT!  In R (picture of a can) (picture of a saw).  Go back and look!  Creative, isn't it!!
Now the picture.....It is an old 1927 view of Arch Street in Searcy AR.  The street seems to be so much wider then than it it now but I guess the vehicles … (8 comments)

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