searcy ar: Robertson's Drug Store. Old postcard. Searcy AR. Historic picture. - 07/31/20 06:21 AM

Almost priceless picture of downtown Searcy AR landmark.
On ebay right now, priced at $23.75, is this wonderful postcard of the original  Robertson's Drug Store (now operated as Quattlebaum Music) in downtown Searcy AR.  It was established in 1860, according to the card.  I seem to have put this building up several times in this blog history.  Here's another view of it .
And check out this one that has a closer view of the window on the side.

searcy ar: When phone calls were NOT free! 1954 price page. Phone book. - 07/28/20 01:44 PM

1954 Phone call prices from Searcy AR
Our kids today think phone calls are free.  And they are.  They can talk for hours on their cell phones.  Let's educate them by saying phone calls were once very expensive.  Check this phone book page.  You live in Searcy AR.  You have a friend in Little Rock.  You want to call the friend.  If you call station-to-station it is cheaper.....3 minutes for 50 cents!  If you want to call person-to-person (which means if you don't get the person you don't have to pay)  it is 80 cents for the 3 minutes.  Plus tax will … (11 comments)

searcy ar: 1997 football boys, cheering girls. Searcy AR. Duncan's sponsor. - 07/28/20 12:47 PM

D for Duncan's?  Cheerleaders for PeeWee Football 1997.
And who were they cheering for?
Here they are.  1997 PeeWee Football players and their coaches.  See if you can find yourself if you were growing up at that time.  I believe the sponsor was Duncan's Chrysler Plymouth Jeep.  

searcy ar: 1939 Searcy football stars. Names included! Games won! - 07/17/20 10:23 AM

Searcy AR football team 1939 - 1942
This great old picture was loaned to me by Ginger Pickens Brookshire and husband Frank.  Frank was a member of another football team in approximately 1970 sponsored by Duncan's Chrysler Plymouth car dealership and still loves football.
This picture is so interesting because it names the folks in the picture.  You will probably remember (note I did not say recognize) several of them.  #99, Gerald Pickens, owns the picture and was another one who loaned it to me.  He bragged about their record for the years and it is written at the bottom.
Thanks for another … (6 comments)

searcy ar: Found! A Treasure! Dusk to Dawn Searcy AR Historic Street Lamp Post. - 05/30/20 11:22 AM

And this treasure could be yours!
While listing a house at 2405 Brittany Lane in Searcy AR I noticed this georgous lamp post in the front yard.  I said, "Surely that is not one of the historic street lamp posts from Searcy!"  The owner replied that it is.  He bought it when Searcy had removed them.  He is the type who can do anything so he put it in his front yard with underground wiring that turns it on at dusk and off at dawn!    And he has kept it in perfect condition throughout the years.  He wishes he could take … (10 comments)

searcy ar: Going down! Drive by and say "Good-bye." 210 E Vine & 511 N Main. - 05/10/20 12:15 PM

210 E Vine....REALTORS'S home for 13 years.
Changes are coming to Searcy AR.  Big changes.  The newspaper reported demolition permits were given for 6 addresses near downtown Searcy.  First Security Bank seems to be planning a new complex and has bought many properties that are very close to the court square.  The above picture shows the Searcy Board of  REALTORS home for the past 13 or 14 years.  It was one of the purchases.  While moving we found a sign for Ed Bethune's law office.  He had his office here when he lived in Searcy.
511 N. Main......a charming older cottage.
This property has … (8 comments)

searcy ar: Don't fence me in! Tree vs. Fence. Years long battle. - 05/06/20 12:49 PM

Fence  vs. Tree?
Chain link fences are wonderful because they don't have to be painted, don't rot, don't have termites and seem to last forever.  But this one seems to have found a formidable foe.  I found this site at a listing today and thought it very interesting because of the time it has had to take to get to this stage.
The tree was probably pretty big when the fence was put in because no one would plan a problem like this.  So the tree kept growing, the fence stayed solid.......until......this situation.  It's a tough battle but I think I am betting … (8 comments)

searcy ar: Searcy AR filling station Exxon. Where was it? Gone now. - 04/04/20 10:12 AM

Here's a challenge, Searcy Sleuths!
While we are spending most of our time at home looking for things to do, we perhaps look back through old memory books or files saved.  I was doing just that when this lovely photograph fell out of the book.  I thought I knew exactly where it was.  Folks from Searcy will probably remember the old root beer restaurant which was behind a filling station on East Race.  I remembered a big white house on the same block and just knew this station was beside the house.
So I drove by to prove I was right.  WRONG!  From … (15 comments)

searcy ar: One-upped! Dang! Her barn makes my barn look cheap! Louden Barn. - 03/21/20 07:39 AM

My daugher, Valerie Canepa, and I, a team, were fortunate to be listing country properties on the same day.  We went in different directions and put the listings on MLS on the same day.  My listing is great with 5 acres at 260 Oak Forrest Road in Searcy AR.  (Check it out on the internet.  MLS #20009479. Nice house, shop, fenced, and a scenic old barn that even has a chicken pen.)  
Here's the picture of my scenic barn!!!
What was her barn like?  See the first picture again.  Her barn is part of her listing at Pangburn AR at 379 Highway 124 … (5 comments)

searcy ar: 311 W Center, Searcy AR. Queen Anne Victorian home. No longer there. - 03/16/20 09:55 AM

While looking through old saved clippings, I came across this one.  And it is a good example of irresponsible clipping and record keeping by me.  I failed to put the date of the clipping.  It does say that the house was 78 years old and this was to be very close to the end of the lovely P. A. Robertson home at either 311 West Center or 309 West Center.  The newspaper put two different addresses for the home  It described the home as one of the finest and best preserved examples of Queen Anne Victorian architecture in the state and … (4 comments)

searcy ar: Feeling guilty as I ate the Coke cookie. Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Searcy - 02/12/20 10:04 AM

Coke revisited in Searcy AR
I ate a beautiful cookie and felt guilty as I did because it was SO pretty.  They were being given to guests who visited the Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Open House in downtown Searcy AR on 2/11/2020.  In years past the building (owned now by Sowell's Furniture) was an official Coke bottling Company and located at 210 W. Arch.  Here's another picture.  It was called The Syrup Room.  What's a syrup room?  Searcy Sleuths needed.
The old company has been remodeled and made into offices for rentals but lots of the old building is still highly visible.  The stairs … (4 comments)

searcy ar: On To Victory by Claude H. Jones. Othel Jones father. Music sheet. Old. - 02/07/20 11:15 AM

Sheet Music
 I attended school in a tiny town in Georgia and I now think that when we gathered in the auditorium and a teacher led us in singing songs that the school was perhaps fulfilling a required music class.  When I was in college and majored in Art,  I was not required to take a music class because I already appreciated the arts.   SO......I know nothing about music.  I do not know what any of those note things mean when I see a sheet of music.  Now I wish I did because look what I have found.
Othel Jones was a teacher … (11 comments)

searcy ar: Searcy AR 1980 ad. How things change. Arch St downtown. - 02/06/20 10:07 AM
Downtown Searcy 1980
It  interesting to see this old ad that was in the Searcy Daily Citizen on 4/25/1980.  Davis Furniture now has a new owner and name, Young's Tire is no longer at that location.  The Commercial Printing Company is not there, vehicles have certainly changed and this picture makes the street appear shorter than it really is.  The Methodist Church is still highly visible in the background.
BUT......Searcy AR does still have CLASS

searcy ar: Remember Town & Country Real Estate? 609 E Race, Searcy AR. Gone now. - 01/31/20 01:48 PM

1978 yearbook picture...Harding College Searcy AR
This interesting picture is unusual in that there is snow on the ground and the kids had to be well-wrapped to get in that convertible for the Harding yearbook picture.  I found it in an old folder titled 1978 Harding yearbook ad pictures.    
The house was at 609 E Race, according to the address on the building.  I remember it as a very attractive brick house that housed several businesses through the years including the Town and Country Real Estate business.  It no longer pulls up on because it is no longer there. Harding now … (7 comments)

searcy ar: Boy in tree. Fancy photography? How'd they do that? Christmas tree? - 12/31/19 07:46 AM

How did they get the picture to look like this?  This was a long time ago, approximately in the 70's, when no one had tricky cell phones that do amazing things.  The young man was in the tree and another young man took the picture.  I stumbled upon it the other day and was once again stunned that this picture was made right in my own front yard by my own kids!  Looks like a snow covered tree in the still of the night....which it was not.  
It is worth seeing again.

searcy ar: Dog Tags Tax, Old Searcy AR 1952 and 1965 dog tags. Dr. George Harlan - 12/07/19 10:41 AM

Rare Find
These are so old that they are difficult to read but I finally got a good picture of the two so you can also see and read them.  They are full of interesting information.  First, the newer one is called a DOG TAX .  It was good for one year, I assume, and would have to be renewed......more tax!  It was a 1965 tag.  
The larger one has the name of the owner, again I assume, who was Dr. George Harlan, who probably lived at 1106 East Race Street in Searcy, ARK.  His phone number was 689, the year was 1952 … (3 comments)

searcy ar: Holmes Rd Searcy AR Gertrude Holmes as a young girl - 12/06/19 02:07 PM

Elizabeth Gertrude Durham
The pretty girl on the left was named Elizaeth Gertrude Durham and I think the girl on the right was her sister.  The picture dates back, way back, and the girls are dressed in very pretty and fancy outfits.  The hair styles appear the same with a huge bow at the back.
Elizabeth Gertrude had an Arkansas future coming her way.  She married Ballard Holmes from the Searcy AR area and they lived on Holmes Road in Searcy for many years......long enough to have the road named for them.  They had 4 children.  All of the children have passed on … (10 comments)

searcy ar: Strange!! Camel cigarettes? Lighter? Coffee cup with pretty lady? - 11/13/19 11:39 AM
So what does this mean?
I found this picture at an estate sale.  There were other pictures of the same lady with normal snapshots taken outside the house.  So you could see that a picture had been cropped so that it was placed in this coffee cup.  But WHY was she in the coffee cup.  Was Camel Cigarettes paying her to advertise?  There appears to be a man's hand holding the cigarette (actually smoking it because you can see smoke) and the cigarette lighter is on the table.  Perhaps it was a romantic thing with his saying that she was all he … (6 comments)

searcy ar: What is missing? 703 W. Race Searcy AR. One down, one to go. - 10/31/19 11:52 AM

This pretty little house that once had a front porch is on its way down.  While driving by I did my usual OMG reaction to seeing this one almost gone.  And then I started remembering that its neighboring house was already gone!  So, Searcy Sleuths, what was the neighboring house?'s the picture.  The White County Court House still has the two pictures on line.
The one on the left is gone.....with no signs of it left.  They are/were both owned by the Dale family and David Dale had told me they were going to remove the rock house for more room … (4 comments)

searcy ar: Plaza Theatre Searcy AR Searcy High Band with names! 1936 - 10/29/19 11:27 AM

We have published the old Plaza Theatre picture before but this time it has the names of the band members.  I have always loved the looks of the building and the perfect way all the band members are sitting and standing.  The sign to the right on another street says, "Varner's Cleaners & Tailors.  We clean everything.  Phone 81."   Movies were HIGH WIDE AND HANDSOME, EBB-TIDE, and DOUBLE OR NOTHING.
The picture was taken by Faucett-Hogue Photo Co of Litle Rock, ARK and was loaned to me for this blog by Shirley Baugh of Searcy.  I believe it was saved by the … (9 comments)

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