searcy ar: Sowell's Furniture, Searcy AR, advertising card. - 07/21/18 04:07 PM

Sowell's Furniture!
What a great old picture and this, believe it or not, is on an advertisng card mailed to my family a few years ago.  The card was an invitation to join them in celebrating 65 years in the location at 207 W. Arch in Searcy AR!  There was to be a 25% to 65% off sale in the store.
The old picture is a treasure and I liked it on the card enough to save it all these years.   We are proud to have this store still in operation in downtown Searcy!  Thanks for the invitation and for being here for … (4 comments)

searcy ar: Around Tuit Studio, Searcy AR, pottery makers? - 07/12/18 08:49 AM
You saw two pretty pieces of pottery above.  The second picture shows you the bottom of the taller one and it gives the date and the studio who made it.
I found these pots at estate sales and thought they were nice and brought them home.  I tried and tried to remember where I had heard of the Around Tuit Studio name.  I asked friends who had shops back in the 80's and they didn't remember either.
I finally had a great idea!  I'd ask the ceramics instructor that I had when I was attending Harding College (now Harding University) if he might … (3 comments)

searcy ar: Piano girls in 50's fashion attire. Searcy AR. - 07/06/18 07:48 AM

This photo shows the other most popular attire in the 1950s with Searcy High School girls.  We just discussed the pearls-with-a-sweater trend and now we have another picture with the little-scarf-around-the-neck style.  I mentioned that I grew up in Georgia and we dressed this way also and I wondered how fashion was the same with  so much distance apart withoug social media
Searcy Sleuths can name these girls.  I know several of them but not all.  Perhaps the Sleuths will also know why they were gathered around the piano.  Singing?  Just posing?  They do look happy!

searcy ar: Football queens from Searcy AR. Pretty girls from years ago. - 07/04/18 09:39 AM

Fashionable girls who were football royalty.
I grew up in Georgia and I can remember pulling my sweater up under my pearls and I looked similar to these girls from Searcy AR.  I also had the socks with shoes like these, the skirt that showed only a short amount of leg so the style must have been nationwide even without social media to send the style along.  How'd that work??
One thing I wonder about with this picture is how the girl on the bottom right could dress differently.  She has a sweater and a collar and a scarf.  I believe she also … (11 comments)

searcy ar: Searcy AR folks. Another great snapshot of friends on Arch Street. - 07/04/18 07:15 AM

Jody's new car?
Here's another great old snapshot that was loaned to me with permission to share on this blog.  The writing was underneath the scanned photo and tells who was there......even down to the dog's name.  But we don't know who owned the dog! 
Jody Taylor, so it says, was home from the Air Force and got himself a new car.  I assume the car on the left was it.  My understanding is that he and Anita Hart lived across the street from each other on West Arch Street in Searcy.
Note the street had a sidewalk!  I hate that eventually builders … (8 comments)

searcy ar: Classy women of Searcy AR. How many do you remember? - 07/01/18 05:28 PM

Where they were?  What they were doing?  Why they were together?
I don't know.  (But Searcy Sleuths will know.)   I do recognize lots of the ladies.  In fact, I recognize almost all of them but can't recall the names.  Definitely, they were on a nice brick porch and they were all dressed up.  I don't believe I see a single pair of pants in the picture so it dates back a good distance.  It might be fun for you to pinpoint your favorites in this picture!

searcy ar: Birthday party continued. Searcy AR Arch St birthday gang. - 06/18/18 09:37 AM

Bear with me.  We were on the subject of birthday parties of the past and how much they brought out the dress clothes and the good manners for the youngsters.   Well, here we are with the possible same bunch of kids on the same street but just a little bit older.  Anita Hart Fuller is right there beside the cake and we can recognize her and surely she can tell us who the other kids were.  Would it be fun to compare this one to a picture of a birthday party today?  I think it would.
Location:  Arch Street, Searcy AR.

searcy ar: Birthday Party. Fun in the sun in Searcy AR. Arch St. - 06/17/18 08:09 AM

Remember days like this?  It is probably typical of parties held long ago.  All the kids are told to look this way for the picture but the sun is so bad on their eyes that they have to put the arm up.  Note all the shadows of the grownups looking on for the fantastic picture of the kids having a party.  
I believe this party was being held on Arch Street in Searcy AR.  It says that it is Anita Hart's party but we don't know which one was Anita.  (Perhaps she will tell us.)  Looks as if it had a slightly … (6 comments)

searcy ar: Visit to top of Empire State Building. Old picture post card, Searcy family. - 06/16/18 06:41 AM

Here is a great old post card showing a Searcy AR family visiting the world's tallest building.  As they climbed to the top, the photo guy was there to snap their picture and sell it to them.  The picture had to be made prior to 1972 because that is when the Empire State Building in New York lost its prestige of being the tallest.  Doing a little googling revealed that it is now the 5th tallest in the US and the 37th tallest in the world!  
I like the styles of the folks in the picture.   For dress-ups back then women did … (10 comments)

searcy ar: Searcy AR trivia question. First women REALTORS in Searcy? - 05/29/18 10:39 AM

It does not seem possible now but in 1978 and shortly before then a lady REALTOR was rare.  This picture comes from a 1978 Harding yearbook and shows the Action Real Estate Center at 2909 East Race Street in Searcy AR.  Lots of students are in front of it and in the background I believe we are seeing a house in Cloverdale.  At this time there was no shopping center behind this building.  The building, by-the-way, is still there and still charming.
And to answer the trivia question about who were the first women agents in our area I believe we have … (4 comments)

searcy ar: Three Searcy AR ladies. Grace Neal, Ruth Fuller and one more. - 05/20/18 10:55 AM

Here's another photo loaned by Anita Hart Fuller and it is also a very interesting one.  It shows three ladies standing outside a house (and we know which house it was) and posing for the photographer.  It has these names on the back.
1. ?  2. Ruth Fuller  3. Grace Neal.  
So the person who wrote this did not know the first lady on the left.  But she looks so much like the lady in the middle that they have to be relatives.  The third lady, on the right, was Grace Neal.  I remember that she may have been the original owner … (6 comments)

searcy ar: First United Methodist Church Searcy AR. Old post card. - 05/19/18 11:48 AM

Another treasure from Anita Hart Fuller's collection of pictures.
This seems to be a post card with the congregation of First United Methodist Church posing in front of the historic church.  There is no date on it so we'd have to guess at the date.  The church windows seem different from the windows today but the card was in the collection of Corinne Hart's.  Corinne Hart lived to be about 100 and knew so much about Searcy AR and lived so much of Searcy's history.  Anita shares some of those pictures with us.
I'd like for you to do what I this … (10 comments)

searcy ar: Family Shoe Store, Searcy AR, 1978 Harding Yearbook. - 05/15/18 11:20 AM

Miss the service of yesterday?
I do.  I must admit that shopping now in at least one of my favorite stores of yesteryear is a disappointment.  There is no one in the shoe department to help you find a size.  There is no one in the ladies department to help you find the proper fit for you.  There are only a few checkers to check you out if you buy an item.
So look at this picture of a shoe store downtown many years ago.  They had excellent service from helping you decide what your size was to helping you find your size, … (22 comments)

searcy ar: Smith-Vaughn Mercantile, East Race St., Searcy AR a long time ago. - 05/11/18 11:04 AM

Smith-Vaughn Mercantile Co.
Let's see if I remember.  This picture was taken from a 1978 Harding yearbook.  I moved to Searcy in 1967 and this business was in operation.  I started working in the real estate field in 1979.  I transferred to Powell Realty a few years later and Powell Realty was located right beside this building.  The address on this building says 309 East Race and my understanding is that when this building was built and located here it was in the middle of lovely residential property with Dr. Porter Rodgers having a mansion right in front of it so this … (6 comments)

searcy ar: Heard's Sausage momento. Searcy AR good memory. - 04/24/18 05:55 PM

There's an estate sale coming up this weekend in Searcy AR!
The dates will be April 27, 28, and 29 at 111 Cloverdale in Searcy's beloved Cloverdale Subdivision.  I got a preview because my daughter/associate is doing the sale.  I saw these two pencils in a plastic bag with a price on them.  Heard's Sausage!!  What memories come back with that name!  Searcy AR, in the 60's, had no park equipment or recreation facilities at all for children.  When we visited the grandparents (this was before we came back to make Searcy our permanent home) the grandparents looked for fun things to … (3 comments)

searcy ar: Young boys at swimming pool. Searcy AR pool? Larry Leon James. - 04/17/18 04:28 PM

Another delightful photo from Elvin Davenport's collection.
We don't have to guess who this young boy was as he was sitting around a pool.  Was it a Searcy AR pool?  Perhaps Larry Leon James, who has verified that this was he, will join in and tell us where it was.  Perhaps, also, he can tell us who the darkly suntanned boy on the left was.
We repeat that Elvin Davenport roamed the city and the surrounding little towns and took many pictures.  We can consider them now part of history.  I consider them historic photos of Searcy AR and wish we could round … (2 comments)

searcy ar: Interesting picture. Dogs, church building, railroad tracks, East Pleasure, Searcy AR. - 04/09/18 05:08 PM

Here's a neat picture of two dogs.  Back in 1955 in Searcy AR there was probably no license law that required dogs to be kept in their own yard.  These two appear to be tired from roaming all over the place and are now crossing the railroad track to get home.
This photo is from Elvin Davenport's picture collection, loaned us by Sherry Quattlebaum Person.  He roamed the area taking pictures of lots of things.  At first I could not figure out where this was but doing a close-up with a magnifying glass, I saw the entry brick wall at the rock house.  … (11 comments)

searcy ar: Dressed up ladies. Searcy AR? Who were they? Elvin Davenport pics. - 03/31/18 03:27 PM

Who were they?
I'm curious.  This is another one of Elvin Davenport's pictures.  As we have repeated several times, Elvin walked or rode his bike all around the city of Searcy and the surrounding towns way back in the 50's and 60's.  He carried his camera and snapped pictures all the time.  Sherry Quattlebaum Person has loaned them to us for this blog.
So does anyone know who these ladies were?  Was one of them perhaps his mother or grandmother?  We understand he was an only child and the lovely house where he grew up was close to downtown Searcy and has now … (4 comments)

searcy ar: Searcy AR gains a new business and a new historian! Will Walker. Yesteryear. - 03/15/18 12:41 PM

See if your situation is the same as mine.  I had 8 mm film of kids.  I had the film transferred to VHSs.  VHSs are now practically extinct so I had them transferred to CDs.  I had lots of old family photos and I had them copied for family members.....  AND I had to send them all off each time.
NOW we have a new business in town called Yesteryear, located on N Spring in downtown Searcy.  Will Walker, shown in the picture above in front of my historic postcard wall at my RE/MAX Advantage office, and his wife Amber have opened … (9 comments)

searcy ar: Spring Park in Searcy AR to where? Possibly Main Street. - 03/15/18 12:21 PM

Spring Park in Searcy AR??
Yes, we do think so.  This is another of the Davenport photos loaned to us by Sherry Person and taken years ago by Elvin Davenport, a young man who rode around the countryside and citysides and took pictures with his camera.  This appears to be looking East across Main Street from Spring Park.  But we are not sure and Searcy Sleuths are invited to chime in.  We also wonder if the big house shown is the same as this one below.
Vernon, ole Po Dunk, Duncan had his first car lot across from Spring Park along Main Street.  … (8 comments)

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