searcy ar: Sulphur Springs Park Searcy AR where people once visited for health - 06/17/08 12:18 AM

It's Searcy AR history time again.  This old post card shows a group of slender men at the Pavilion in Spring Park.  (Wonder what a current group of our guys would look like?) The Pavilion, to the best of my knowledge, had a spring with sulphur water which was believed to be great for one's health.  Folks came to Searcy to enjoy the Springs.  The elegant Mayfair Hotel was just a block away, within walking distance to this park.  The Pavilion is still there but the springs have all been boarded up.  The Mayfair Hotel is also still there but … (7 comments)

searcy ar: Searcy Arkansas old filling station, boy scouts, and bad tires - 06/16/08 12:10 AM
Here's another treasure from the old picture stack of Searcy Arkansas White County photos.  It's an old filling station with two young boy scouts and two adults.  The boys are holding a tire and an inner tube that may require repairs.  Do you remember tires with inner tubes that had to be taken out and repaired?  I remember people talking about tubeless tires as if they were some miracle.  I guess they were.  My friend, who supplied the photo, has this to say about it.
Here is everything you want to know about the picture but were afraid to ask: … (3 comments)

searcy ar: Searcy Arkansas, Family Shoe Store on the courthouse square long ago. - 05/31/08 09:43 AM
Here is still another picture of old town Searcy Arkansas.  This picture shows a group of happy kids who have won prizes for some contest.  Perhaps selling seeds?  I'm sure that my friend Paula Windsor Thompson, who is the tall girl in the picture, will tell me more in a comment.  She appears to have won a camera and took pictures of Searcy with that camera.
Family Shoe Store was a fixture in Searcy for so many years!  It closed just a few years ago and everyone was sorry to lose the traditional family shoe store! 
If those kids had … (6 comments)

searcy ar: They called me to come and list the house. Judsonia AR lovely! - 05/30/08 02:02 PM
I wrote this blog just a few days ago and now I have the listing on this lovely house located at 105 Christopher in Judsonia.  It is a truly better than new house!  It has 1 1/2 lots with wide side yards large enough to drive to the backyard and store an RV.  Inside it has a split bedroom floor plan and oak cabinetry.  Privacy fenced back yard.  Meticulously maintained.  Only $135,000.

Receiving the call to "come and tell me what my house might bring because I'm moving and may want you to sell it" is always a good thing … (6 comments)

searcy ar: A view of Searcy Arkansas downtown - 05/29/08 02:36 AM

While looking at old photos of our Searcy AR White County town, I was loaned this wonderful photo as well as the ones yesterday of our old Safeway store that was in the middle of downtown.  A friend has given me permission to post it.
It shows part of the court house sqare and the memorial that stands on the SW corner.  It also shows the Safeway store but it is an easier-to-recognize location in this picture.  The old Security Bank building shown here is under renovation right now.  I hope it will end up looking like this photo again.
Thanks … (12 comments)

searcy ar: Downtown Searcy Arkansas Safeway Store....a long time ago. - 05/28/08 09:23 AM
Today we have wonderful photos loaned to me by the daughter of the first manager of Safeway in Searcy AR.  It was on one of the main streets of Searcy, right in the middle of downtown.  It's hard for us to imagine now that people went DOWNTOWN to shop for groceries.  Horrors!  Where'd they park?  How'd they push the carts to their car to load the groceries? 
She has also included a picture of the inside of the store!  Not a vast selection of groceries, was there?
And the most interesting thing of all could be the street … (18 comments)

searcy ar: How nice to visit the new home that I sold you 3 years ago and find it looking great! - 05/23/08 12:50 AM
Receiving the call to "come and tell me what my house might bring because I'm moving and may want you to sell it" is always a good thing to hear!    WHEN DO YOU WANT ME TO COME, TODAY OR TOMORROW?  
That call came this week.  The house was bought new about 3 years ago.  There were several children involved and would live there.  I had not been in the house since the purchase.  We always wonder what we'll find and to be honest, I've seen so many mistreated houses by well-meaning people that I am always worried.
Driving up to the house today … (17 comments)

searcy ar: Morning Sun, Searcy AR, a place that is rapidly changing - 05/22/08 03:28 AM
Look what I've found this time.  This is a postcard of Morning Sun, Searcy AR.  It is a newspaper copy and not a great picture but who would have thought there'd be one at all?
Morning Sun reminds me of one of our real estate friends who said as a young man he worked at the filling station there for some super salesman.  He was trained to go out and say, "Fill er up?"  Then he'd do the service on the car.  They apparently also had a snack bar.  He was to make a milk shake and … (5 comments)

searcy ar: For those young people who have never seen a REAL service station. - 05/18/08 12:51 AM

This delightful photo shows a real filling station!  The station is right beside the street and looks as if it has only one gas tank.  The gentleman filling up the tank has probably been told to "fill 'er up" and at the slightly over 25 cents-per-gallon charge, it will not cost much.  That gentleman would also check under the hood, wash the windows, check the tires and give you a big smile and lots of local interest conversation!  THOSE WERE THE GOOD OLD DAYS?
 P. S.  While remembering notice the rolled up jeans.  The jeans were … (32 comments)

searcy ar: Old picture postcard showing Arch Street in Searcy Ark 1912 - 05/15/08 12:28 AM
I have a permanent search on ebay for certain collectibles or memorabilia and one of the searches I have is for Searcy AR, my home town.  The fun thing is ebay will email you any new items for that search.  No looking every night or wondering if you've missed something.  This card is one that I found.  It shows Arch Street before it was paved. 
The front says Arch Street.  Searcy Ark.
Made in Germany.  W. L. Baugh, Druggist, Wholesale & Retail Searcy Ark.
The back has a hand written note to Mrs. Mattie Hurt Eureka Springs Ark.  It was from … (7 comments)

searcy ar: Another historic view of Searcy Arkansas, Spring Street - 05/13/08 12:50 AM

I have a permanent search on ebay for certain collectibles or memorabilia and one of the searches I have is for Searcy AR, my home town.  The fun thing is ebay will email you any new items for that search.  No looking every night or wondering if you've missed something.  This card is another one that I found.  It shows Spring Street looking North.
The front says Spring Street, Looking North,  Searcy Ark.
Notice the Coke sign on one of the buildings that was evidently a barber shop and a place for baths!  Spring Park is just a block … (6 comments)

searcy ar: Galloway College building before Galloway became Harding University - 05/12/08 03:10 AM

I have a permanent search on ebay for certain collectibles or memorabilia and one of the searches I have is for Searcy AR, my home town.  The fun thing is ebay will email you any new items for that search.  No looking every night or wondering if you've missed something.  This card is one that I found.  It shows Galloway College, Searcy ARK. 
This building must have been new because there are almost no trees in the front yard.  It was a huge building.  I love the dog and the gentlement in the front yard.  Galloway College was a … (15 comments)

searcy ar: An exciting or scary night at Searcy Country Club - 05/10/08 02:25 PM
Our friends and we were gathered at the Searcy Country Club tonight anticipating a great meal and fellowship.  The storm warnings were out.  Tornado warnings again!!  Oh my God, there went the siren from 1/2 block away saying take cover.  We had just ordered our dinners.
The safest place seemed to be the ladies lounge.  We all headed in there, cooks, waitresses, the manager, the guys.  One lady, I kid you not, had just chowed down on her Tilapia meal and she took it with her.  She had to suffer a lot of teasing and we also stole bites off her … (9 comments)

searcy ar: This video shows scenes from Searcy AR and is very funny! - 05/07/08 03:04 AM
This rap tune has been on youtube for several months now and each time I view it I appreciate the work that had to go into it to make it.  These four Harding University students had to walk down the streets of Searcy, climb over railroad cars, write the lyrics, record the lyrics, probably lip-sinc the lyrics as they are out in the middle of a Searcy landmark.
Searcy Arkansas is home to Harding University, a highly rated private school that is also my alma mater.  Extremely talented students attend from all over the world.
We are now BIG TIME into videos on Activerain so … (7 comments)

searcy ar: See a burned-out house and an example of thorough marketing for a change. - 04/18/08 12:58 AM
We have done a lot of griping lately about not enough MLS photos, inferior quality of MLS photos and how agents just don't seem to get it!  Lots of agents just don't understand that the internet is full of shoppers and the shoppers are not happy with the quality of photos they are getting.
While looking at the new listings today in our MLS there was a new entry by my good friend Larry DeGroat who is always a step or two above the rest of us.  The house is a burn-out.  Once lived in by Searcy elite, it has burned badly.  … (18 comments)

searcy ar: For your protection get a home inspection in Arkansas - 04/16/08 05:12 AM
Interesting information that I discovered from reading our Arkansas real estate magazine called "Realtor Rightings" was found in an article written by Bob Balhorn, ARA Government Affairs Director.
He said that when a person builds a new home or structure outside the city limits of an Arkansas city you can assume that the only part of the structure that has been inspected is the septic system.  It is the only state required inspection!
The state building code has lots of requirements but there is no enforcement mechanism for making sure the code is adhered to.  You can complete the house and have all … (12 comments)

searcy ar: Spring colors in Searcy Arkansas - 04/14/08 03:23 AM

Walking by my azalea bush in the back yard, I was almost blinded by the color.  It will only last a few days and be gone.  Looking at the neighbor's yard, I saw this tree that is also so colorful.
With flooding all over Arkansas, as you've probably read in the news, it should be cheerful to see something pretty and colorful. 
BUT, it is colder than the dickens here (old Southern saying and I don't know what it means) so all our new flowers may get killed tonight by late freeze. 

searcy ar: Finding a residential rental property in Searcy Arkansas - 04/12/08 01:06 AM
We are pleased to have new people moving to Searcy.  Several families are being relocated to White County as gas wells are being built and all the jobs that go with gas production are filled.  Everyone is excited as we watch to see what happens in this previously quiet town.
At this point, Searcy has no central rental agency.  Other towns have places to go and have someone find you a rental.  Not Searcy.  The best we offer right now is a rental sheet with a list of what we have been told is available.  We offer it as a courtesy and … (6 comments)

searcy ar: Historic house in Searcy as it was then and as it is now. - 04/07/08 05:49 AM
This great old house in Searcy has been here for a long time.  It is located near downtown Searcy and was built before the street was paved, as you can see in the original picture.  I once had it listed and the inside was so interesting with lovely wood trim and wood floors and butler's pantry and a sleeping porch upstairs.  I have not been inside in several years but I hope it hasn't changed too much.
I personally think it is interesting to compare the house when it was new with no trees or shrubs and how it is now with a … (8 comments)

searcy ar: Freeze your personal home real estate taxes in Arkansas if you are 65 or handicapped. - 04/05/08 10:35 AM
Having been in real estate for many years and thinking I was pretty smart, I was absolutely bowled over when we had a member of the tax assessor's office come and speak to us a few years ago.  She mentioned "freezing your real estate taxes on your personal home" as a benefit to people over 65 or handicapped!  WHAT!  How come I'd never heard of such a thing.  The cat was out of the bag, so to speak......I don't believe a real estate agent in that room had ever heard of such a thing. 
Since then we have added it to … (7 comments)

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