searcy ar: Girls on bicycles. Searcy AR? Historic photo. - 03/15/18 12:19 PM
Girls ride bikes on the sidewalk is Searcy AR?
We have shown several other pictures taken by Elvin Davenport as he roamed around Searcy and surrounding towns on his bike in the approximate 50's and 60's.  Reportedly, the first two girls shown here are Clydell Neal and Mary Kay VanPatten.  The question now is whether this is a Searcy street or was the photo taken in some other location.  Seary Sleuths should be able to tell us or Mary Kay VanPatten James will remember and give us a report.  Thanks, Sherry Person, for sharing Elvin's pictures.

searcy ar: Kids and phones, 1979, Searcy AR. Not a lot of change! - 03/07/18 09:45 AM

Worth noticing is this old 1979 phone book from Searcy AR. It turned up at a sale where folks kept lots of items, including this old phone book.  Imagine our surprise to find two phone numbers in this book.  One was for Duncan, Rodger W.  (Wives didn't count back then but I lived there too.)  And in another spot was the phone number for Valerie and Paul Smith, my children!!  It was a separate phone number just for the kids!  Looking through the book found several households with two numbers, one for the children!  And one for the parents!
It made me … (2 comments)

searcy ar: Old photo of yards, shotgun houses, chicken pen. Interesting. - 03/03/18 10:20 AM

1965 photo of yard and small houses.
Here's another interesting picture loaned by Sherry Person from her dad's collection.  Her dad, Ivan Quattlebaum, was a history lover and saved everything.  These pictures, we have found, are from a collection of snapshots possibly taken by a long-ago resident named Elvin Figg Davenport.  He was the only son of Judge W. D. Davenport and his wife Margaret.  Searcy old-timers remember Elvin as a young man who roamed the Searcy, Kensett, Judsonia and other areas on his bicycle while carrying his camera.  He loved trains!  We probably will be posting more of his pictures of … (13 comments)

searcy ar: Dolls never grow old. Arch Street, Searcy AR. Anita Hart Fuller. - 02/13/18 07:19 AM

This old picture was shared by guess who?  Of course, Anita Hart Fuller, who grew up in Searcy AR, married a Searcy boy, left Searcy but still has a love for this town and stores many, many memories to share with us. 
This picture was made on Arch Street with the "Woodson" house in the background.  It is found at the corner of Arch and Sowell Streets and deserves lots of respect.  Anita lived across the street.  I asked Anita who the little girl with her was and she couldn't remember who she was.  So I said, "Anita, what was the … (12 comments)

searcy ar: 1942 Searcy AR High School seniors. See a relative? Good pictures. - 02/08/18 05:25 AM

I have done you a big favor. 
  I made a copy of this wonderful old picture of the Searcy High School 1942 class that was loaned to me by Sherry Person and then cut it in quarters so that you can read the names!  And you surely will want to see if any of your relatives are in the pictures.  Sherry's uncle was (and still is because he is still around) Jack Spaulding and she may have this photo because of family connections.  He ran a successful moving company for many years here in Searcy AR.  He is a charmer now … (5 comments)

searcy ar: The Ideal Shop, Searcy AR, noted for high fashion in 1978. - 02/04/18 10:06 AM

The Ideal Shop in Searcy AR 1978
Look at this picture and if you are from Searcy Arkansas it brings back many memories of the clothing store that was located downtown at 110 North Spring Street.  It was in business for many years and was loved.  This photo was in the advertisement section of the 1978 Harding yearbook.
And if you are not from Searcy, this picture will bring back fashion memories.  Look at the ladies outfits.  Waists were where the belts went, not dropped way below the waistline as seems to be popular now.  I'd like to know what brand they are … (3 comments)

searcy ar: 1978 Entertainment in Searcy AR? Skate, bowl, have fun! - 01/21/18 11:50 AM
Here are two pictures that were found in the Harding University 1978 yearbook.  They show something about Searcy that you might remember.  I do seem to remember Freeway Park for skating but don't remember the miniature golf, swimming, or health spa.  Seems that I remember dropping the kids off for a few hours and then picking them up.  The list of things to do were all under one roof?  Perhaps you remember?
And then there was College Bowl, located on Center Street, this ad says.  I guess my memories are mixed because I seem to remember a bowling place located on East … (0 comments)

searcy ar: Two little boys at war? Searcy AR mystery picture? Barefoot and shirtless. - 01/16/18 07:29 AM

Here's an old Searcy AR picture of little boys having fun.
It is below 20 degrees in Searcy AR today so seeing this old picture is warming.  This picture shows little kids having a fight or wrestling match, barefoot and shirtless as boys used to play.
  Girls, too, except perhaps not shirtless.  One of my memories (notice I did not say favorite) goes back to my being in one of the lower grades of school in Georgia.  Of course it was extremely hot and we'd just come in from recess.  I had a good friend named Mae and she and I decided … (7 comments)

searcy ar: Anyone know anything about the John Headlee family? Genealogy research? - 01/09/18 05:24 PM
I have been asked if I might help find someone who might have a picture of some of the Headlee family.  I have recently, several times, come across family photos that have been discarded because no one cares about them.  It is sad, sad, sad, to discover this.  Check and see if you, being an old-time Searcy person, might have any old pictures of this family.  Here is what he wrote and what he is seeking.    I need some advice and possibly a referral to a Searcy person that might be able/willing to do some genealogy research for me.   My great grandfather, … (4 comments)

searcy ar: When folks needed a shoemaker. Hard times. Shoes had to last. - 01/01/18 01:12 PM

Since when have you needed to visit a shoemaker?  That used to be in a very active business.  These shoes from the past show what the past was really like.  Ladies needed to have a pair of dress shoes for church or shopping and you probably remember (if you are older) that ladies did not wear pants except for doing hard labor in the fields.  These pictures are of a pair of high heeled dress shoes.  
When they became aged you just kept wearing them and you took them to the shoemaker and he'd put on new soles.  Looks as if these … (8 comments)

searcy ar: Searcy Rialto was host to Ricardo Montalban, Anita Hart Fuller - 12/17/17 12:11 PM

I have to ask Anita Hart Fuller whether the audience screamed and fainted when the Searcy Rialto Theater was visited by famous Ricardo Montalban and she attended and GOT HIS AUTOGRAPH on this sheet of paper.  Or did the screaming just start with Elvis and the Beatles? 
So I am asking her on this blog.  She has graciously agreed to share this with us and she points out that the lipstick mark is where she kissed it and she has treasured it for so many years.  On the other side is the autograph of Julia Adams but she does not remember … (13 comments)

searcy ar: Visit North Elm and notice missing houses. Searcy AR - 12/17/17 11:03 AM

I know, I know, it's progress.  But it is still rather surprising to drive around a street and find several houses missing.  Just gone, like overnight.  This view shows the corner of North Elm and West McRae Street in Searcy AR.  You can see apartments in the background and the parking spaces across from the football field on the right.  The little house that was in the corner is gone and this small rock house has been taken.  It definitely was in disrepair but it was once a charmer, I'm sure.
A little further around was this charming home that was the … (0 comments)

searcy ar: What's wrong with this 1980 ad? Searcy Daily Citizen. Real Estate. - 11/26/17 02:38 PM

Holidays are good for giving you time to go through old things.
While going through old papers today, I found this ad.  I thought, "WOW!  That is the first open house that I ever held when I started in the real estate business!"  I started looking to see if was the same one that I thought it should be.  I looked and looked!  You can look and look and there seems to be a small address for the property.  I did work for Lightle Dobbins & Lightle and the address for that office was Corner Arch & Apple.  So that is … (3 comments)

searcy ar: Aerial view photos. So nice and so easy now. Harding, Searcy AR. - 11/07/17 06:22 AM

Aerial view photos!
We who have been in real estate for many years really appreciate the ease  with which we can obtain photos of our listings.  In Searcy AR we can go to a free courthouse web site called and find out the information about a property.  Not many years ago we had to pay 10 cents a minute to get the information online, which was a good thing because before that we had to visit the county assessor's office to get the information.
Even at the court buildings, however,  we could not get aerial-view photos.  In the early 90's I had … (0 comments)

searcy ar: Pee Wee football Searcy AR 1970's. The beginning. - 10/20/17 01:25 PM
Absolutely gorgeous young boys.
And fairly handsome coaches!
It was somewhere in the early 1970's or late 1960's when PeeWee Football was started in Searcy AR.  These young boys are now grown up and professional in so many different fields.  One coach, Rodger Duncan, on the right is still a football lover who likes looking back on his coaching career.  The other, Sid Quattlebaum, has passed away but the two friends loved coaching these boys.  The names are on the back but let me see if you know any of the boys and can tell us about them now!  In 2010 I did … (8 comments)

searcy ar: Perfect color coordination in an office at RE/MAX. Anna Layne. - 10/17/17 06:22 AM
A few years ago I made a trip around our RE/MAX Advantage office at 200 W Mulberry Street in Searcy AR.   In 2015 we had all moved into a new building and we all had an office to prepare. Those office pictures are posted on facebook at RE/MAX Advantage Realtors.
Today as I cruised by offices at the office, I did a quick stop!  We have a new person at RE/MAX.  She is    Anna Layne.   She has a Regions Bank mortgage office and has been with us for probably  6  months and she welcomes  mortgage seekers at our location.
Having been an … (2 comments)

searcy ar: A fluffy chicken? I got educated today in Griffithville AR. - 10/13/17 01:56 PM

I had never, that I can remember, seen a soft and fluffy chicken.  I was thrilled at a listing appointment today to see this little bird in the back yard of the property.  In fact, the home owner had several in different colors!  It has become common for folks to have chickens as pets now so there may be lots of these out there.  She fed it a boiled egg and that was a new thing for me to learn.  I had no idea chickens love boiled eggs!  It was a nice day and a nice visit!

searcy ar: 1960 Van-Atkins Searcy AR downtown. Still remembered. - 10/03/17 12:23 PM

Remember Van-Atkins?
Of course we remember Van-Atkins Department Store which was downtown just off the square.  They had everything at some time and I believe they replaced the old Robbins-Sanford store.  I like this picture because it is so clear showing how dusty the car was, how it was probably without air-conditioning because of the rolled down window and remembering how  guys used to meet downtown and chat. 
And look at the parking meter!  It has been a long time since we had those.  This picture was taken from the ads in the 1960 Searcy High School yearbook.  Someone can surely tell … (2 comments)

searcy ar: Rialto Theater Searcy AR 1960 ad in yearbook Searcy High School - 09/05/17 12:05 PM

The Rialto Theater in Searcy AR
We have seen so many pictures of the Rialto!  We have it stored as a beloved memory!  We love that it has been restored to what it was when we were growing up.  So since we never get tired of the Rialto, here's another picture.  This comes from the advertisements in the 1960 Searcy High School yearbook on page165.  Names are there and perhaps someone can say whether the ones in the picture paid for the ad or whether the group was for seniors.  It is unusual in that it does not show the Rialto but … (9 comments)

searcy ar: 1955 Searcy High School yearbook picture. James Funeral Home. Arkansas - 08/23/17 12:13 PM

BOYS!  Loitering around a funeral home!
Really....this is from a 1955 Searcy AR high school yearbook and it does look as if these guys are "hanging out" right there at what the sign says is James Funeral Home, phone 180, and owned by Robert "Bob" James.  Even a close-up does not let me identify these guys but perhaps some of our Searcy Sleuths will know who they were.  
Searcy Sleuths can also help with the history of this building.  I think it is located at the corner of Market and Main, now an eye clinic, but it has probably had lots of … (10 comments)

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