searcy ar: Wheat Motel Searcy AR. Old Postcard. Hwy 64-67 ByPass. - 04/25/17 12:18 PM

This old postcard shows the Wheat Motel in Searcy AR.  I do not remember this motel at all so some of you Sleuths will have to tell me where it was.  The address was Hwy 64-67 Bypass in Searcy AR but where was that many years ago?  It looks as if it had carports?
The back of the card brags that it had air-conditioning and panel ray heat, free T.V., room phones, free coffee, tile showers.  "Just plain old-fashioned comfort."   Pat & Mary Wheat, Owners & Operators.  Call CH 5-4661.
It was never mailed.  Who can tell us about it?  And about … (12 comments)

searcy ar: Artists and houses. John E Keller. Searcy AR. Griffithville AR. - 04/21/17 08:18 AM
Super Sleuth Anita Hart Fuller shared this picture with me because she said it was the home of her childhood friend Alice Anne O'Donell who lived at Griffithville AR, a small town several miles from Searcy AR.  This one is just a photograph of the original watercolor painting done by John E Keller, a very successful artist in Searcy.   Anita had it done and presented the original painting as a gift to her friend.  The date signed by Mr. Keller is 1993. 
The question might be why?  Why did Anita commission this painting?  We have the answer to that question!  Anita … (13 comments)

searcy ar: A Rock Fountain. My first. Toured in lovely house yard. Searcy AR. - 04/14/17 11:33 AM

We were visiting houses on our weekly tour of new listings.  The house was expensive, custom built, and in a lovely area of Searcy AR.  I expected everything to be perfect, which it was but I was especially impressed with this rock that was in a flower bed in front of the house.  Notice it has a hole in it and water is coming out!  
It just looked like a rock.....
Someone had done a clever job of putting a fountain, hidden, into the rock so that it spouted water all the time.  They put rocks over the operating mechanisms so you … (10 comments)

searcy ar: Down memory lane. Quattlebaum Music Center. Vinyl records. Searcy AR - 04/02/17 05:46 PM

Did you ever do this?  Did you visit the record store and thumb through dozens of vinyl albums looking for your favorites?  I suspect you did and you did it with the same enthusiasm that young people of today embrace their smart phones.  This picture was in a 1978 yearbook from Searcy AR.  It was taken to advertise Quattlebaum Music Center in downtown Searcy.  The students would visit the advertisers and have their pictures taken while they were smiling at the camera.  Not this one!  The students appear to have become infatuated with the record search and forgot the camera!
And! … (3 comments)

searcy ar: Find a need and fill it! The way to success? Perhaps! - 03/28/17 05:48 PM

Have you always heard this phrase?  Find a need and fill it!
Our small town of Searcy AR with a population of perhaps 22,500 has a need.  We have several auction companies who successfully come to your property and conduct an auction that rids you of all the property that needs to be sold.  But some people think that is rather impersonal.  They'd like their precious things to be priced, and studied, and appreciated with lots of buyers.
So.....our little town needs an estate sale expert!  The expert works for days and days sorting and pricing and loving the loved-ones property.  She/he falls … (4 comments)

searcy ar: A beautiful head adornment....although a surprise and unwanted. - 03/19/17 11:45 AM

I was just visiting with my friend/neighbor and wonderful artist, Phyllis Alexander, and got surprised.
We were talking about her new project of making paper dolls ( a coming blog) so that kids can remember how earlier kids found entertainment.  I did notice and commented on a pretty bird sitting in the door of the cage and trying to interupt my conversation with Phyllis.
All of a sudden the bird left its perch and found a new one....right on the top of my head!  I was stunned and Phyllis was laughing her head off and the bird just sat there.  I leaned over … (8 comments)

searcy ar: Historic homes at Bald Knob AR circa 1919 multi-view postcard. - 03/13/17 06:06 AM

This postcard shows pictures of important homes in Bald Knob AR approximately 1919.  This is the first multi-view postcard that I have seen.  We know that at least one of these homes is still standing.  Sleuths from Bald Knob should be able to give us the addresses of ones remaining.
Names that are readable are J W Roetzel, Dr. J C Cleveland, J J Campbell, J W Cranford, A P Moody, W A W Price, J W Roetzel (second time), R H Upchurch and what looks like E R Wynn.
It is an excellent glance back close to 100 years ago! 

searcy ar: Remember when Headlee's Drugstore looked like this? - 03/10/17 07:48 AM

Today this corner of Spring and Market holds White County Title and beside it will be the newly redone Robbins Sanford Grand Hall in Searcy AR.  So how many of you remember when the corner held Headlee Drug and looked like this?  Seems that it was made to have a western look with old boards and shingles.  
This picture was taken from a 1978 Searcy High School yearbook.  I definitely remember that so many people would go to the drug store each morning for a cup of coffee and a lot of "catchin' up." 
And while you are remembering, notice the parking … (8 comments)

searcy ar: Wallace Fruit Market, Bald Knob AR, historic postcard - 02/28/17 04:35 PM

I guess I should have bought this old post card showing the Wallace Roadside Market in Bald Knob AR. I did bid on it while it was on ebay but someone else really wanted it more than I did and it is gone. But here is a picture of the front and of the address side.  Sounds as if it was an interesting place one mile west of Bald Knob on Highways 67 and 64.
Sounds also as if they had imported gifts, fruits and vegetables, souvenirs, pottery, hand-blown glass and native sorghum and honey. Also ciders and exotic foods.  Owners were … (4 comments)

searcy ar: Williams Addition, Searcy AR, a little history. Corinne Hart redo. - 02/25/17 11:59 AM

I am sure you can't read this so I will shorten it for you.  This article was written and published in the Searcy Daily Citizen in 1982.  It tells about one of our favorite citizens, Corinne Hart, who lived to be about 100 and contributed a lot to the history of Searcy.  She redid several houses in Searcy and this one at 900 Merritt was one of them.  The article was framed by her daughter, Searcy Super Sleuth Anita Hart Fuller, so I borrowed it but didn't take it from the frame.  Scanning didn't work well with glass.
It was the old … (2 comments)

searcy ar: It's Junior Auxiliary time in Searcy AR. Uniforms. Helping children. - 02/19/17 11:30 AM
The National Association of Junior Auxiliaries, Inc. has sent out their latest magazine called the Crownlet.  They are celebrating their 75th year of being a group of women who help children by doing various projects throughout the year.  Searcy AR has a very successful chapter of this association and it has been in operation since sometime in the 1960's.  Right now Searcy's chapter is planning the annual charity ball to be held on February 25, 2017.  It is always a wonderful production with members and guests dressing to the hilt.
Hubby, while browsing through the booklet, saw this picture of a uniform … (0 comments)

searcy ar: White County Court House with a hand painted look. Searcy AR historic. - 02/17/17 04:10 PM

Well, I'm guilty again.  I bought another historic post card on ebay. 
This one of our historic White County AR court house appealed to me because it was different.  It is not a photograph.  It seems to be an artist's rendering of the historic building.  It does not have an artist's signature on it and if it was newer we could say it had been edited to appear as original art work.  The back of the card calls for a one cent stamp so that puts a little age on it.  Perhaps the Sleuths will know something about the card and can … (4 comments)

searcy ar: Bald Knob AR Market Cafe and Station. Historic post card. - 02/09/17 05:07 AM

Travel through Bald Knob AR and you can still stop and visit this Market Cafe.  This post card shows the building and the cars reveal the age of the picture.  I found it interesting that the cafe owner may have also been the owner of what was a filling station.  The building in the backgroud is called Market Station and it is also still there but it no longer says Market Station.  Here is a current picture from Google Earth showing the two buildings.
Bald Knob sleuths may be able to tell us more about the history of these two buildings and … (12 comments)

searcy ar: Run Fox Run! Fox Motel Bald Knob AR historic photo. - 02/01/17 02:14 PM

This old post card found on ebay shows the Fox Motel in Bald Knob Arkansas and you can guess its age from the vehicles in the picture.  I'm guessing that the fox lit up and ran!  Some Sleuth will have to tell me it that was the way it worked.  I do like the way they pushed phones and TV and electric heat and the arrow definitely urges you to come stay at the FOX.  Notice Kelley's Grill way back in the background. 
We've come a long way, Baby!

searcy ar: Thanks, Terri Tarkington Milligan, Searcy AR for reviving a lovely home! - 01/23/17 04:41 AM

The house is almost finished in this photograph.  ( Pardon the debris on the side of the street waiting to be carried away.)   Terri Tarkington Milligan fell in love with this older home that had fallen into tough times.  Here's the way it did look.  If you walked under those trees the house was in terrible condition.
The house is located at 909 West Arch and has the pleasing combination of native stone and brick construction.  If you'd like, google Silas Owens who has become quite famous for his work in this type construction.  I also have done another blog or … (6 comments)

searcy ar: Master artist, master framer, Searcy AR Terry W Williams. - 01/12/17 08:04 AM

I consider this a small masterpiece done by our local artist, Terry W Williams, and I had to do some master bargaining to get it from him.  Terry painted this in 1970 and he says it is a portrait of his dad, Nathan Hale Williams from Sunflower Co, Mississippi.  He titled it "My Share of the Crop."
Terry did not dwell on the real meaning of the title but history tells us how there was a lot of share-cropping in the South.  Farmers worked for their share of the crops and the crops might be too puny to do much sharing.  He … (2 comments)

searcy ar: Rodgers Perfection. World's Grand Champion Walking Horse 1959. - 01/01/17 06:14 AM

Available on ebay right now is this interesting plate that was probably made in 1959 when Dr. and Mrs. Porter Rodgers were owners of a horse named Rodgers Perfection.  He was trained by Joe Webb who lived and trained in Searcy AR.  I have blogged about this famous horse and trainer before but I have not seen a plate like this one.
Note its size.  It is being held in a hand and the description calls it a pottery desk tray.  In 1959 it could also been designed for use as an ash tray.  Here is part of the description on ebay … (0 comments)

searcy ar: Duncan New and Used Cars Ole Po-Dunk and others. Searcy AR. - 12/30/16 08:25 AM

This old ad was in a 1956 Searcy AR football program with Searcy Lions battling the Beebe Badgers.  The picture shows Rodger Duncan, son of the personality-plus Po-Dunk whose motto was "What Ole Po-Dunk says it is--it is."  Vernon Duncan was the one who began the firm and all of his children followed in the business in some way.  But this was too early for kids to be involved.
What is intriquing about this ad is what is at the bottom.  It gives the names of others at the firm but only the first names.  Perhaps we need to look back and … (6 comments)

searcy ar: Rialto Theater has front redone! Searcy AR historic building. - 12/23/16 04:54 AM

I wrote the following blog about 8 years ago.  It was a bit of a plea for keeping the Searcy historic theater around forever.  It seems to be happening!  These are two new pictures of the lovely old building, now being renovated with the front completed!
Searcy Arkansas has one of the oldest theaters in Arkansas.  It was built in approximately 1923 and still flashes its Neon sign as busy Race Street passes within a few feet of its ticket window.
The theater building is owned by the city of Searcy as it was donated to … (10 comments)

searcy ar: A mystery photo from Searcy AR. Who, when, where? Lightles at Hawkins' house. - 12/12/16 11:16 AM

A Searcy Sleuth (Anita Hart Fuller) was going through her old photos and found this one.  It shows a handsome man, a pretty little girl and a sturdy brick house.....all from Searcy AR many years ago.  Oh, and two pretty horses!  She figured out who the people were, and I won the argument about where the house was. 
But .......
we are not telling yet!  For the Christmas season it should be fun to see if
any of you read this blog, know or care who these people were and tell us!
To me, it indicates a slower pace of living when folks … (5 comments)

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