searcy ar: White County AR's best deal! Membership in White County Historical Soc. - 12/11/16 01:12 PM

My 100 page book of historic stories and photos of White County came in the mail a few days ago. Hubby always grabs it first and starts looking it over.  He is the same way with the monthly newsletters that are sent to members each month.  He grew up here and knows a lot of history and he finds the publications very interesting.  The yearly one is called the Heritage and is pictured above. 
Membership in this group is a "best deal" in the county.  For a mere $20 yearly membership fee (according to their web site) you get the monthly … (3 comments)

searcy ar: Newly written book by Don Sebourn from Searcy AR - 12/09/16 02:42 PM

It's a small book, only 46 pages, but it says a lot.  Don Sebourn has been a friend of mine for a long time.  Only recently, however, have I discovered his and his wife's interest in the paranormal and that they actually visit places that reportedly have paranormal activity and use devices to help them communicate with any spirits that might be present.
This book tells about his communication with a great, great grandfather and how they have become reunited.  It is a fascinating story and Don has told it well.  The book is available on Here's what Don says on … (0 comments)

searcy ar: A new discovery? Harding College Industrial Arts Building, Searcy AR - 12/05/16 05:30 AM

This is a new discovery for me.  This photo card is for sale right now on ebay and I have not seen a card like this one before.  I asked Hubby, who has lived here all his life, if he knows where this building was located and he admits he does not.
Therefore, we have another mystery for the Searcy Sleuths to solve.  Where was this building and what was it used for?  There is a small tree in the front so it may have been fairly new when this picture was taken.  Definitely, it was before air conditioning!

searcy ar: Fancy rock work from the past. 1935 built house, Searcy AR. - 11/15/16 03:26 AM

A closeup view of fancy rock work from the past.
Upon visiting this house in Searcy AR today I was once again so amazed to see this rock work from the past.  The house was built in 1935.  Imagine the time it took to make these nice long lines in the mortar defining each rock.  The rock, also, is different.  It does not look like a rock but more like a sponge.  Is it a different kind?
My "once again" refers to the house.  It was one of the first houses that I ever listed.  I was new in real estate and the … (12 comments)

searcy ar: 1976 News Article White County's Old Clock Searcy AR - 11/07/16 10:11 PM

Do you like the old clock at the White County Courthouse?
If you do, you will want to read this article that was written in 1976 after the clock had had some repairs done.  It gave the age then as 104 years old.  Add another 40 or so years and it becomes something like 144 years old!  That is an old clock!
I seem to remember that a member of the Robert Joe Dacus family was able to work on this clock but would like a Searcy Sleuth to clear my memory on this.  I don't believe it is working right now.
This … (6 comments)

searcy ar: A little treasure found at the Black House aka Searcy Arts Council. - 10/09/16 11:53 PM

Pardon the not-quite-clear look of this little 2"x3" object.  But you can definitely see the picture and the writing and the charm of this little magnet.  I don't even like refrigerator magnets and advise clients to get the kid's artwork and the magnets off the refrigerator when trying to sell their house.  I tell them to depersonalize the house because you want the buyer to see the house not your personal items and your family pictures. 
But I got off the subject.  This little magnet costs $4 at the Searcy Arts Council Gallery located at 300 West Race Avenue in Searcy … (4 comments)

searcy ar: Searcy AR, Nickerson Stoves. Remember them? Inserts and stand alones. - 09/26/16 11:42 PM
Go to nice houses built in our area in the 70's and 80's and you're quite likely to find a fireplace in each one of them.  Strangely, in our area, real site-built fireplaces have just about gone the way of wallpaper.  No one seems to covet them anymore.
Back then we had a fireplace insert factory in Searcy AR!  Ebay right now has a manual for sale to show how to install and operate them.  They were inserted into the fireplace and you could put wood into the insert two times a day and they would heat the house all over.  If … (2 comments)

searcy ar: Whaddya do with an 1899 newspaper? Searcy Daily Citizen, AR.? - 09/04/16 03:13 AM

Whaddya do if you find an 1899 newspaper that has been in hiding for over 100 years and is in bad condition but still readable if you hold it delicately?  I found this one and I am showing you the date on it.  March 3 (the three is turned wrong but my keyboard does not allow me to do that).  This must go back to the days when an individual placed each word or letter by hand.
Here's a closeup so that you can see it is from our favorite city, Searcy AR.  You can read some of the stories and one … (7 comments)

searcy ar: What!! The Beatles came to Searcy AR! Oops.....I read it wrong. - 09/02/16 06:26 AM

Looking through a lot of memories, I found this ticket and jumped!  The Beatles came to Searcy Arkansas somewhere back in time!
Then doing a closer examination, I saw that this was advertising the first Beatles movie!  No personal appearances but they gave out a Premier Souvenir Ticket for this first show held on Wednesday, August 12.  (No year date is given but it had to be sometime in the middle 60's and the person who owned this ticket LOVED the Beatles and clipped every picture and every bit of printed info about them.)  
Now the ticket itself might be considered historic … (6 comments)

searcy ar: Yarnell children? Headlee family historic photos. Searcy AR. - 08/29/16 11:11 PM

I love it when I get picture contributions from some of the Searcy Sleuths.  Tom Headlee has given me permission to share this one with you and he gives a little history about it.  He and I are both hoping that perhaps these beautiful children can be identified and the location can be pointed out.  Who knew Searcy may have had "row" houses but these two do look alike, don't they.
Thanks, Tom Headlee!!
Hi Barbara -  Here is one of the more interesting pictures from my grandmother’s (Mildred Yarnell Headlee) collection.  Unfortunately, it was not labeled.  I am sure it was taken in Searcy…likely … (5 comments)

searcy ar: Strange trucks. What were they? Holmes family Searcy AR. - 08/28/16 03:50 AM

This picture is in the Duncan archives of old pictures and I believe this is Mrs. Holmes and her children who lived on Holmes Road in Searcy AR. (I think the child on the right may be my husband's mother.)  I had never seen a vehicle like this one before.  It seemed very strange when I first saw it but I remembered seeing it when I discovered another similar one in an old picture that I recently found.  
At that Keo antique shop/museum that I recently visited and enjoyed there was another $2 picture which I brought home.  The trucks are … (5 comments)

searcy ar: The Oliver house, 605 N Spring, Searcy AR, new owner! - 08/04/16 05:57 AM

                                                     The Oliver House
How nice it would be to have a house named after you even though it has
changed hands several times during the years.  This one at 605 N Spring
Street in Searcy AR has just changed hands again but is still recognized as
The Oliver House. The court house says this house was built in 1895!  That is pretty old!  I received a call from the new owners and am so pleased
to report that the new owners love history, are researching the history of
this house and are going to live in it!  I told the new … (8 comments)

searcy ar: White County Court House, Searcy AR, view approx. 1915. - 07/28/16 10:27 AM
This old picture that I found at an antique shop in Keo AR shows our beloved White County Court House as it looked in approximately 1915, as noted on the picture.  It seems relevant to post this picture today because this afternoon in Searcy AR there was a celebration held to note the new improvements to the court square.  Speakers, music, ice cream and lots of enthusiasm were to be shown right around this building.  A big storm blew up and I stayed home but I hope it went well.
The building was built in 1871 and remodeled in 1912, so history … (4 comments)

searcy ar: Grease, the musical, coming to Searcy AR. How they need to dress. - 07/16/16 12:57 AM

Let's use a little history to be helpful.  Grease, the musical, is coming to Searcy AR and is to be performed at Theater on the Square  right here in our little city!  I look forward to going.  It will be a huge amount of work and they'll be working on costumes for sure.
So here is where we help out.  This is an authentic picture of what was worn in 1957 by really cool guys.  Notice!  Rolled up jeans, saddle oxfords (two-toned?), letter sweaters and jackets, and flat top haircuts.  And they felt their importance to the extent of being able … (6 comments)

searcy ar: Bill Davis Service Station, Searcy AR. 210 W Race St. - 07/12/16 01:10 AM

This picture came from a 1962 high school year book.  We can certainly remember when there was a filling station on every it seemed.  The station took care of all our car needs.  Check your oil.  Wash your windows.  Be sure the tires have the right pressure.  Remember how they'd come out and ask, "Filler up?" 
We have two full service filling stations left in Searcy AR and I admit that one of my luxuries in life is to visit one of them.  This filling station is no longer here and was eliminated many years ago.  The location was 210 … (14 comments)

searcy ar: Real Estate 1963? Here's a possible example of marketing. - 07/07/16 06:50 AM

Look!  I captured this treasure in an antique store for 10 cents.  It is a card with a house on one side and a description of the house on the other.  Further examination indicates that it was a method to market the house!
I fail to find a state but perhaps you know where Benton Harbor is.  It has the broker's name (Lindenfeld), the price of the house, the size of rooms, the taxes, the terms of showing and just about the same thing we put in our MLS listings today!  It says it has a full basement so that rules out … (10 comments)

searcy ar: Drat! I wanted this Truman Baker Searcy AR post card that was on ebay. - 07/06/16 02:42 AM

This post card was on ebay and I really wanted it but my minimum bid wasn't enough.  Someone else bought it and I hope they were from Searcy because Searcy AR really needs the card.  Here's what the listing said about Mr. Baker.
"You are bidding on a unused real photo postcard of Future Auto Dealer and Politician Truman Baker Posing With An Automobile Along With a Rose Bud, Arkansas Pennant. Truman Baker would later own an auto dealership in Searcy and serve on the Arkansas Highway Commission. He was responsible for designing and developing the many roads in and around White … (5 comments)

searcy ar: Time to look back at a rap tune about Searcy AR. - 05/30/16 06:11 AM
 I posted a blog on August 25 2007 and decided to go see if this rap tune is still on youtube and it is!  Times have not changed much.  I thought it was amusing when it first came out but here it is years later and the styles have not changed.  Pants still are falling down, jeans still have holes in them, tattoos are still big but some of the background things in Searcy are changing.  I believe I see the Wendy's in the background and that building is on its way down.....making way for a nice big Sonic!  Wendy's old … (1 comments)

searcy ar: Asolutely Genuine Authentic Worn Out Blue Jeans! - 05/27/16 01:06 AM
I am amazed as I see the younger set (and sometimes older ones too) wearing fake worn-out jeans.  The jeans have holes and snags all over them.  There are open ragged spaces for the knees.  Some have just a few snags and wears but folks who are willing to pay more get the worn look all up and down the legs of the jeans.  My understanding is that these jeans cost over $100!
So I have taken these authentic worn-out jeans away from my husband who worked hard for years and years and years wearing these things out and am offering … (9 comments)

searcy ar: Found! A money covered car at Bentonville AR. Love it! - 05/16/16 10:08 PM

We took a day or two off.  I wore my favorite motorcycle jacket and daughter Valerie carried her orange suitcase purse.  We visited Bentonville AR and Crystal Bridges, the fantastic art museum that has been provided to Arkansas by our own Wal-Mart heirs.  I thought my favorite thing was to be the original Sam Walton dime store but look what we found that made us stare!  It's a money-covered car!  Look at the closeups below.

The car is completely covered with absolute precision-placement of nickles and dimes and possibly quarters.  It was so interesting that we walked around and around it.  If … (9 comments)

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