searcy ar: In love again! With two little boys and an old ice box. - 04/24/16 05:58 AM
While listing a house this past week we walked through and I gave my usual speech about how the house needs to be depersonalized.  I tell the owner that folks look at the personal items instead of the house.  And right then....right there....I did it!  I fell in love with the very personal picture of two young boys.  The picture was taken so many years ago that I can't possibly find them but I love them anyway.  Look at the matching (almost) outfits, the socks that match the outfits, and the tender way the picture had to be touched up with … (4 comments)

searcy ar: Hwy 36 W and Honey Hill intersecton. Wonderful. Searcy AR - 04/20/16 03:45 AM

So many times I have hated this intersection especially since they have been working on the by-pass from Hwy 267 South to Hwy 36 West.....because I'd get to that intersection and have to wait with foot on brake to keep from going backward because of the hill I'm parked on while waiting for all those vehicles to turn onto Honey Hill.
So in the last few days I have pulled up there and discovered this wonderful new intersection with turning lanes and a traffic signal AND no hill!!  It is a delight now to travel Honey Hill Road where the road is … (0 comments)

searcy ar: 16th Section Singers, Floyd Bradberry teacher, AR - 04/03/16 07:06 AM

 A picture from our own White County is on ebay right now.  It is a picture with the inscription "16th Section Singing School"  teacher Floyd Bradberry or Floyd Brobbery.  At the ebay site there are close-ups of parts of the picture so you can see if any of your relatives are there.  If it was a singing school it had singers of all ages.  The item also says that the 16th Section Church is outside Beebe and McRae AR.  Wonder which one of the men in the picture is the teacher Floyd. 
Google gives the address of the 16th Section Church … (9 comments)

searcy ar: Holmes Rd, Searcy AR. Holmes girls a long time ago. - 04/01/16 09:57 PM

These are the Holmes girls.  The family has a street in Searcy AR named for them.  Holmes Rd is just off  Highway  16 North and once was considered way out in the country.  The Holmes family built a big rock house that still stands on the side of a hill and is probably showing in the background of this picture.  I think they owned quite a bit of land in the area also.  The only one of the girls still living is shown second from the right.  The mom is in the middle.  My mother-in-law is shown on the right.  The … (4 comments)

searcy ar: Rialto Theater, Searcy AR, 1962 students. Historic photo. - 03/13/16 10:54 AM

This picture is taken from a 1962 Searcy High School yearbook and there is a "Save the Rialto" campaign going on in Searcy AR so it needs to be shared.
It is rather dark BUT the names of the people in the photo of the Rialto Theater area are shown.  It is an unusual photo of the historic theater because most of the photos are taken from the front. 
This one was probably taken at the back of the theater.  Could it have been upstairs in the balcony?
Perhaps one of the ones in the picture can clarify where they were.  … (2 comments)

searcy ar: Where was this house? Searcy AR probably. Shoffner Estate picture. - 03/10/16 03:11 AM

These are lovely old pictures of a house or houses that were probably in Searcy AR.  It was loaned to me by the Cargile Auction team to share with you.  There is to be an auction of the Shoffner Estate on March 19 2016 with lots of antiques, real estate and collectible items.  This appeared to be the same house when I first looked at them but upon closer examination, perhaps they are not.  Or perhaps it could be the same one with additions made?  I am hoping that someone may remember more about these houses and these people and can … (0 comments)

searcy ar: Photos at an angle? First ones I have seen. - 02/04/16 05:55 AM

While sifting through some old historic photos from Searcy AR I came across a few picture that were printed out at an angle.  See these examples.  I have never seen any like these before and started wondering if any of the Searcy Sleuths have seen any.  They have been put away for so long that the condition is not wonderful but you can still see great detail in the features and the dress.  One even has a name on the back.  The name looks like Cynthia Ragsdale and she is the one on the right above.  The others are not named.  … (3 comments)

searcy ar: Searcy AR old photos in front of building. Shoffner Estate. - 01/29/16 03:49 AM

Here are two more pictures from old Searcy AR.  They were loaned to me by Cargile Auctions to share with readers of this blog and come from the Shoffner Estate Sale that will be coming up in March.  Look at the background.  What store in Searcy was that?  Anyone remember?  It looks as if the pictures were both taken in front of the same store.  Note the windows and door.  I'm betting some Sleuth will remember which store it was.
Barely readable on the back of the wagon with barrels is this, "George Shoffner & Mr. _____________."  I can't make out the … (8 comments)

searcy ar: Dog-goned inspirational! Three legged dog in the neighborhood. - 01/25/16 08:36 AM

With our large back yard we see lots of visiting animal and birds.  I have been accused of feeding the crows with left-overs with the explanation that "all God's critters gotta eat" and preferring feeding to wasting.  I can walk out back and hear the crows saying, "There's that old woman throwing away some food again.  Race you to it!"
But when we see this critter, a three-legged dog, we become quite quiet and say again and again that this animal is an inspiration.  He comes often and sniffs and parades in the yard getting around beautifully with his three good legs.  … (8 comments)

searcy ar: A look back. Judsonia AR Hotel post card from 1908. - 01/01/16 04:46 AM

We are beginning a new year.  2016!  2015 surely went by in a hurry and we are all glad to start anew.
Look back, however, to how it used to be.  I have so many old pictures on my computer and I have written so many blogs that I forget what I have already published on this blog.  But this old building is worth seeing again.  I have it down as Judsonia Hotel and wonder if it lasted up until the tornado.  The enormous size can be seen by the person on the porch.  Porches were important then  in order to be … (5 comments)

searcy ar: Lincoln Street Oak Tree. Over 250. Searcy AR. - 12/09/15 08:56 PM

A house is about to be on the market on Lincoln Street in Searcy AR.  When checking it out how could we miss seeing this huge tree!  It may be on the property that we will sell or it could be on the adjoining property but it is fantastic no matter who owns it.  We researched and found this information from an article written by Warren Watkins several years ago.  November 24, 2007.
"The largest tree in Searcy, a red oak well-hidden behind a grove of tall pine trees at 500 West Lincoln, has a 16' circumference.  Its dozen or so branches, … (1 comments)

searcy ar: From buddies under a tree to a broker team. Valerie Canepa. - 11/15/15 09:15 PM

This picture was a few years back as you can see by the car, the hair styles and the waist top jeans. In fact, the house had wrought iron trim and short windows, also a thing of the past. But I love it because it showed mother and daughter looking like good pals under a huge oak tree that used to have a tire swing for kids to play on.
Flash forward to this picture which we ran as an ad for our now real estate team!  Yes, a team.  Mother and daughter selling real estate together.  I must admit that her … (7 comments)

searcy ar: Remember the Ideal Shop? Mam'selle? Searcy AR 1965 - 11/09/15 09:14 AM

The ladies in Searcy loved the Ideal Shop.  It was located on Spring Street and displayed the latest fashions in the windows.  This 1965 yearbook picture shows what was the ultimate.  Women wore gloves and hats!  And they tried to have a purse that matched the outfit.  Jewelry was sparse but certainly included a watch.  Skirts were all the same length and fashion set the length each year.
I remember going into the shop.  They were so nice and would put you into one of their two small dressing rooms and keep bringing you the clothes that might please you.  They made … (4 comments)

searcy ar: 209 Mulberry. Our new address 200 Mulberry, Searcy AR. - 11/02/15 09:17 PM
Now that the address for our new RE/MAX Advantage home is 200 W Mulberry we might wonder what came before us so when we see a picture that has the Mulberry name under it we linger.  Here's one that I just found in my collection and it says 209 E Mulberry.  Pretty close neighbors!
Then I searched my old blogs and found that I had written about the Purina building before.  Actually, the TWO Purina buildings that were on the very same street.  Go to my old blog by clicking here and see the pictures of both of them.  How our town … (8 comments)

searcy ar: 1892. Proper and perfect penmanship example. - 10/21/15 06:31 AM

Read this if you can!
I have just had a need for a document in order to sell property to a town.  The town was incorporated in 1892 and this document has been on record at the Secretary of State's office since then.  The town would have once had a copy, no doubt, but we couldn't find it.  Bingo!  There was a copy ( or maybe it was the original? ) at the Secretary's office.  Reading it is a challenge but this was before we had all the modern things of today.  Did they even have a typewriter at that time?  I … (14 comments)

searcy ar: Who remembers the Ter-Juan Motel in Judsonia AR? - 10/08/15 09:51 AM

I found this old card on ebay and added it to my collection.  However, I am unable to figure out where exactly it was.  It says Hy 64 & 67 so that must have been an intersection.  I have not done a real search yet because it seems that highways change.  I prefer asking the Sleuths to give me their opinion as to where it was.    It looks like a really peaceful location to pull in and spend the night. 
Here's the back of the card.  Seems the managers were Joseph and Lottie Rice and the motel had cabins with one … (9 comments)

searcy ar: A mixture of OLD and NEW! Tea at 611 W Center Searcy AR - 09/27/15 07:16 AM

The invitation came through email, something that would never have been dreamed about when this house was built.  The house is called the Kerr-Booth house and is located at the corner of Pecan and Center at 611 W Center.  It is Queen Anne style and  was built in 1890.  So I drove up not in a horse and carriage but in my car that I don't even have to put a key in to start. 
The owners were gracefully lending their historic home (It is on the National Register of Historic Sites.) for the location for a farewell tea honoring the director … (2 comments)

searcy ar: What is a Cabbage Patch Doll and did you have one? - 09/20/15 10:54 AM

Remember Cabbage Patch Kids dolls?  We seem to have a toy craze every year and this picture was taken to show the 1983 before-Christmas craze.  I thought sure I'd recognize someone in the photograph but don't.  Perhaps some of you Searcy folks will recognize yourself. 
It would also be interesting to know what the dolls are worth now.  My best memory of the dolls was coming back from a shopping trip at a nearby town and seeing one of my students (I taught shool way back then) in a restaurant with her newly purchased Cabbage Patch Kid doll propped up behind her … (5 comments)

searcy ar: Does anyone wear fine jewelry any more? Parrish Jewelry Searcy AR. - 08/30/15 11:23 AM
I remember enjoying going into this jewelry store in Searcy AR.  This photo which is borrowed from an old yearbook shows Mrs. Parrish who was always lovely and friendly.  It makes me wonder now whether folks still shop for fine jewelry.  There are so many pieces of flashy costume jewelry that one can wear it and dump it along with the outfit that it was bought to match.
Years ago we appreciated a few pieces of jewelry.  We needed a string of pearls, a diamond ring, a watch, and perhaps a bracelet and then there was the time when gold chains were … (9 comments)

searcy ar: Save the Rialto. Searcy AR. 1963 group in front of theater. - 08/23/15 06:46 AM

Old yearbooks have become pictures of the past and some of the pictures are important.  Right now in Searcy AR a group has formed to try to "Save the Rialto."  The Rialto is an old movie theater that has been on the same block corner for years and years.  It is still in operation and anyone who lives or lived in Searcy loved going there.  Almost every year book had a picture of the Rialto in the advertisement section. 
This one is from the 1963 yearbook and has a large crowd in front.  Perhaps the Searcy Sleuths can recognize and identify … (10 comments)

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