searcy ar: Save the Rialto. Searcy AR. 1963 group in front of theater. - 08/23/15 06:46 AM

Old yearbooks have become pictures of the past and some of the pictures are important.  Right now in Searcy AR a group has formed to try to "Save the Rialto."  The Rialto is an old movie theater that has been on the same block corner for years and years.  It is still in operation and anyone who lives or lived in Searcy loved going there.  Almost every year book had a picture of the Rialto in the advertisement section. 
This one is from the 1963 yearbook and has a large crowd in front.  Perhaps the Searcy Sleuths can recognize and identify … (10 comments)

searcy ar: Remembering big hogs in a small town. Heard's Sausage. Searcy AR - 08/16/15 11:34 PM
Way back in the 60's Searcy AR had no playground equipment for parents to take kids to play on.
They could drive a distance and visit  a swimming hole called, if I remember right, The Bluff Hole, in Letona AR.  And there were probably some fishing holes where the kids could sit on the bank and throw a fishing pole in.  When my kids visited the city to see grandparents, the grandparents worked hard to try to find entertainment for the children. At times the kids were somewhat critical of the size of the fish.
One of their favorite places to visit was … (7 comments)

searcy ar: Bible study from the past. Gentleman studying in room. - 08/07/15 11:31 PM

I found this picture at one of the thrift stores and I always wonder how families can throw away pictures of family.  And now that pictures are so easy to do on cell phones you'd think we would appreciate the old ones like this. 
Try magnifying parts of the picture and it becomes very interesting.  I wanted to see what the things on the mantle were because they look like shadow boxes but I could not tell what the contents were.  The cord to the lamp must be from some overhead light.  Or maybe it connects to the cell phone lying … (13 comments)

searcy ar: Lightle Dobbins & Lightle, staff and some early REALTORS. - 08/06/15 01:35 AM

Lightle Dobbins & Lightle Insurance and Real Estate agents and staff were found in the 1970 Harding College Petit Jean yearbook.  They were advertising their firm in the back of the book. (The yearbooks are becoming treasures for the advertising alone as time marches on.)
I know several of them.  My first real estate firm, in fact, was the Lightle Dobbins & Lightle firm. It was several years after this photo was made.
My question is regarding the matching outfits!  Why?  Did the ladies dress alike everyday?  Did they do the dress-alike just for this advertising picture?  I trust the Searcy Sleuths can … (35 comments)

searcy ar: Do you know who these handsome men were? Searcy AR old picture. - 07/29/15 10:43 AM

This picture was forwarded to me from Searcy Supreme Sleuth Anita Hart Fuller.  She grew up in Searcy and everyone assumes that she knows everyone who was once in this town.  And she almost does!
This appears to be at a train depot and we do have several expert railway sleuths.  The ladies behind look nicely dressed just as the men are.  In the background we have one well-dressed one and one who dressed more casually.  All appear to be fascinated with the photographer.
So if you know who they might be, send us a comment and perhaps we can identify.

searcy ar: The prettiest little filling station in Arkansas. Bald Knob. - 07/16/15 04:17 AM
Each time I drive through Bald Knob Arkansas I admire this property.  It must have once been a filling station but who ever heard of an English Tudor filling station?
The building is brick with Tudor trim.  It even has a curved outside doorway that probably led to the outdoor bathrooms.  Doors probably rolled up to let mechanics work on vehicles. 
Today I stopped long enough to snap a picture from across the street.  If anyone sees this blog and can give us history regarding this building that would be great.  Truth to tell, I could not even find the proper address … (13 comments)

searcy ar: Teddy Riedel, or Redell, Searcy AR recording artist vinyl record found. - 07/13/15 12:15 AM
While searching and getting rid of hundreds of vinyl recordings, I came across one that was different.  I thought that I had heard of this name, Teddy Redell, but also thought it was spelled differently.  Teddy Riedel was famous in White County and I was fortunate to hear him play and sing two times.  He has passed on now but this recording has an account of his background.  It is worth reading but you will have to ignore misspelled words, bad grammar, and bad writing.  The recording was made in Holland and has no date anywhere on it.
The recording is wonderful … (5 comments)

searcy ar: Drive by for a last look. Market St houses to go. - 07/05/15 07:09 AM
The newspaper said today that there are three houses on East Market Street that will be torn down for more parking for Harding University.  I always like to keep a picture of the ones going down.  We can't keep houses forever but perhaps we can keep the pictures forever.
Here they are.  912, 914 and 918 East Market, Searcy AR.  Better drive by quickly.  I drive by each day on my way to work at the RE/MAX office on Race Street so I may be forced to detour during the demolition.
Progress is good and I know Harding needs the space but sometimes … (8 comments)

searcy ar: REALTORS helping out. Searcy AR. Who, what, where, when, why. ? - 07/02/15 10:20 PM

It is not that I can't remember all these folks.  It is because film technology was not as easy back then and the picture is not so clear.  Larry DeGroat (who can forget him?) is on the left and he is the one who shared this picture.  He also was instrumental in getting the Searcy Board of REALTORS to visit this home and help get it painted and prettied for the people who lived there and could not afford to do it themselves.
Here is another one.
We were tired and hungry after working all morning.  I need help from my real estate … (0 comments)

searcy ar: Sister houses on W Academy Searcy AR. Dutcher and Bloom 1929 owners. - 06/24/15 11:25 AM

The Dutcher House - 702 W Academy
The Bloom House - 708 W Academy
A new property has come on the market and it is right beside one that is also for sale.  Both are historic treasures in Searcy AR.  The listing agent provided information about this newest property on the market and it is worth sharing for its historic value.  Right now Searcy is trying to raise funds to redo the Rialto and this information fits right in.
In 1929 a local carpenter named Dutcher paired with Bloom, a businessman, to build two houses in the heart of Searcy.  Bloom owned the Grand … (17 comments)

searcy ar: Style show Searcy AR. Baggy pants and curly hair. What year? - 06/10/15 11:09 AM

We clipped this because a family member was in the picture but a date was not included with the picture.  So putting our thinking caps on we need to establish a time frame.  Note all the curly hair and especially the long, curly hair.  This style came after the beehive but before the long straight look.
Also, there are baggy pants in the picture.  I loved those things even though when I first saw them I thought them terribly ugly.  I now wish they'd return to our world.
The other things missing are the location and the reason for the show.  Perhaps someone … (2 comments)

searcy ar: The Rialto, Searcy AR, always had a good movie. - 06/02/15 09:55 AM

This picture of the Rialto in Searcy AR has to bring back of memories.  Look at the dressed up couple going in to see what looks like GI Blues.  The girls are off to the right while the guys fumble in their pockets for the money for tickets. (Wonder how guys afford the price of tickets today and then get popcorn and a coke inside?) 
This picture was in the 1968 Harding Petit Jean yearbook.  Searcy is now trying to raise funds to restore the Rialto.  It is still open and the tickets now are the best bargain in town but … (6 comments)

searcy ar: Bee-hive hairdo secret pictured. Frances Beauty Salon Searcy AR. 1968. - 05/31/15 04:04 AM
If you were a fashionable person in 1968 you wore a beehive hairdo.  They just suddenly, it seemed, evolved.  Looking at old movies and magazines, you didn't see anything like these hairstyles.  I admit that I thought it was the best looking hairdo and I wanted  the look for myself.  Alas, the more hair that you had the bigger the beehive and my hair was sparse. 
This picture from a 1968 yearbook from Searcy AR shows one being done.  The beauty shop was Frances Beauty Shop and the address was 701 West Race.  The operator shown is Frances Dale, a lovely person … (10 comments)

searcy ar: Lightle Dobbins & Lightle, old and important name in Searcy AR. - 05/30/15 12:49 AM
How they come flowing back from time to time!  And the name Lightle Dobbins & Lightle has always been an important one in Searcy AR.  When I decided to obtain training regarding real estate (not to be an agent but just to learn) I was contacted by the broker at the firm to consider signing up with them as a real estate agent.  Well, I WAS flattered.  He even came to my house to make the proposal.
So after getting my license I hung it on their wall, continued teaching Art at Searcy High School, and continued learning more about the real … (4 comments)

searcy ar: Don't sell your home alone! Throw back Thursday ad by Robert Cargile, Searcy AR. - 05/06/15 04:56 AM
The year was 1995.
The ad was for a little flyer that I believe came through the mail.
It was such a delight that I saved it and while rummaging through old memories I came across it again.  This agent is still in real estate and does a lot of auctions now.  He is the agent who brought the RE/MAX franchise to Searcy AR and it is still going strong.  Needless to say, he was such a charmer that I signed on and have been with RE/MAX ever since.
Robert, I loved the ad then and still do! 

searcy ar: 1930 Gallowegian. Yearbook for Galloway College. Chorus group. - 05/03/15 11:08 AM

Fashions come and fashions go and then they come again. 
Look at this choral group taken from the 1930 Gallowegian, a yearbook for Galloway girl's college in Searcy Arkansas.  The dress skirts are up and down and reminds me of the droopy tops and bottoms that are today's fashion.  Hair styles are all basically the same in this they would be in a today's picture.  One thing is interesting and that is the long skirt on the girl in the front row.  Was she the trend setter for new fashion since she dared to be different? 
Definitely the legs are … (2 comments)

searcy ar: 5 year diary has been replaced by facebook? Absolutely. - 04/19/15 12:11 AM

What a lovely picture. 
This is a 1937 five-year diary that was started by my now-deceased mother-in-law.  She added things to it everyday.  She probably also kept it hidden so that little brothers or nosy sisters couldn't find it and read the private notations. The picture is taken on an aged oak desk top that is perhaps older than the diary.
Guess what?
I have been watching facebook and participating somewhat with pictures and opinions from time to time.  But I don't pour my heart out like I have observed others doing.  Folks will sometimes rant and rave about things that probably should … (13 comments)

searcy ar: PEO ladies from Searcy AR. Can you name them? - 04/05/15 06:23 AM
My good friend and blog buddy Anita Hart Fuller has shared this picture with us.  Seems her aunt is in the group and somehow Anita has inherited the photograph.  These dressed-up ladies made up the PEO chapter for Searcy AR, I think.  Don't ask me what PEO means or stands for because I have never been invited to join and the members say the meaning of the initials is a secret.  It is a wonderful picture, however, and I know lots of the ladies.  Some have passed on and all have become older but all were then and are now fine … (2 comments)

searcy ar: Judsonia AR Landis Cafe & Filling Station. Price is Right! - 03/16/15 04:56 AM
Now that sounds like a tricky title.  Sounds as if Landis Cafe and Filling Station is for sale.  And I AM a real estate agent looking for things to sell.  But that is not what I meant.
I meant that I have found a great old post card showing the old Landis Motel Cafe and Station at Highways 64 and 67 in Judsonia, Arkansas.  Their slogan was "We Doze but Never Close."  Air-conditioned rooms, new and modern.  Here is the way it looked in 1958.

It looks so clean and neat, doesn't it?  But what is interesting and surprising is … (8 comments)

searcy ar: Fred Stewart Searcy AR cartoonist remembered. - 03/12/15 10:34 PM

While working on a real estate transaction, I received this book as a gift.  I did not know that Fred Stewart had written a book and was very pleased to receive it.  I have now read it through and looked at all of the cartoons and the book IS a cartoon book with 88 pages.  It shows his talent and makes me wish he was still around.
This is a part of what he says about himself on page two.
"Fred Stewart has been involved in law enforcement since 1964 when he started with the Skokie, Ill. police department.  He … (2 comments)

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