searcy daily citizen: Robertson's Drugstore. Now Quattlebaum Music. Searcy AR historic photo - 08/19/19 12:25 PM

Recognize these locations?
Here it is 2019 and Searcy is having a great time having new murals painted downtown, winning a contest for lots of money, and having new people come to town, love the town, and work to keep the town alive and vital.
So these two buildings are the SAME buildings.  They come from my old issue of White County Centennial Edition of The Daily Citizen and White County Citizen, given to me by Letain DeVore, and published in 1936.
 The picture on the right above was Robertson's Drug Store in 1936.  (It is now Quattlebaum Music.)  Notice the corner entrance door … (6 comments)

searcy daily citizen: Headlee Drug, 1936 view, Historic picture, Frank Headlee owner - 08/05/19 10:23 AM

"Head-in at Headlee's"
These photos are from The White County Centennial of The Daily Citizen and White County Citizen that was published in August 1936, a long time ago.  I like the drug store picture and the phrase underneath the picture.  Second picture shows the interior with several people.  Lots of shirts and ties.  Were they employees?  Customers?  And then there is the picture of the owner, Frank Headlee, with a little bragging that he was not just the genial proprietor but also the president of the Searcy Kiwanis Club.  
On the side of the building, signs say DRUGS.....SODA.....CURB SERVICE....LUNCHES and something else … (4 comments)

searcy daily citizen: Searcy Daily Citizen 1929 picture of press room. Named people. - 10/23/18 10:40 AM

Searcy Daily Citizen 1929
I bought this picture at a recent estate sale.  I guess I'm a sucker for old pictures.  This one was framed and on the back of the frame were the names of the picture's people.  It may be hard to figure out who is who and what they are near because we probably don't have linotype operators and job press anymore.  But here goes.
Seal Winston and W. E. Boyce, linotype operators.
Coat on - Acreman Johnson
Jamie Jones
Mrs. J. J. Baugh
W. E. Harlan at job press
Cruce with cap and glasses
Joe Cook by press
Picture taken late 1929

searcy daily citizen: Searcy Daily Citizen moves to new location. Historic picture 209 W Arch. - 06/22/14 12:39 AM

The Searcy Daily Citizen has moved and the newspaper has been running the notice of their move for several weeks.  Their new location is 723 W Beebe Capps Expressway beside the RE/MAX Advantage West Branch. 
I found this old clipping that was run when the Citizen last moved.  Forgive the condition because clippings kept in attics don't fare well.  This was run in approximately 1974 when the Citizen moved to the old Volkswagen building on East Race Street.  This editorial, also in poor condition, was also in the attic. 

This old editorial gives the history of the Searcy … (8 comments)

searcy daily citizen: What a newspaper USED to look like. You needed long arms!! Searcy Daily Citizen 1964. - 12/10/10 12:20 AM
Cleaning up old places turned up this old newspaper used to line a shelf....or perhaps saved because of the relative on the front page.  The date was May 20, 1964.  It was a shocker!  Newspapers have shrunk so much, not only in subscribers but also in size. 

I couldn't help comparing it to the newspaper's size now.  And then I had to zero in on my now-deceased father-in-law who had his picture on the front page for gaining the Chryrsler, Plymouth and Valiant dealership in Searcy Arkansas.  Duncan's New and Used Cars was doing a name change to Duncan's … (17 comments)

searcy daily citizen: The king car dealers of Searcy Arkanasas in years past. - 08/08/10 07:06 AM
What a great old picture I've discovered from the Searcy Daily Citizen, saved by my mother-in-law,  Mrs. V. W. Duncan.  Notice V. W. in this picture below that has practically ALL the car dealers in Searcy posing with Viva Gill who was retiring from the County Revenue Department as County Revenue Agent.  She had served 25 years.  Can you, Searcy folks, name the ones still in business?  Unfortunately, Mrs. Duncan did not mark down the year of the picture.  I just bought a car from one of them so he's still around!

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