sherry person: Interesting picture. Dogs, church building, railroad tracks, East Pleasure, Searcy AR. - 04/09/18 05:08 PM

Here's a neat picture of two dogs.  Back in 1955 in Searcy AR there was probably no license law that required dogs to be kept in their own yard.  These two appear to be tired from roaming all over the place and are now crossing the railroad track to get home.
This photo is from Elvin Davenport's picture collection, loaned us by Sherry Quattlebaum Person.  He roamed the area taking pictures of lots of things.  At first I could not figure out where this was but doing a close-up with a magnifying glass, I saw the entry brick wall at the rock house.  … (11 comments)

sherry person: Girls on bicycles. Searcy AR? Historic photo. - 03/15/18 12:19 PM
Girls ride bikes on the sidewalk is Searcy AR?
We have shown several other pictures taken by Elvin Davenport as he roamed around Searcy and surrounding towns on his bike in the approximate 50's and 60's.  Reportedly, the first two girls shown here are Clydell Neal and Mary Kay VanPatten.  The question now is whether this is a Searcy street or was the photo taken in some other location.  Seary Sleuths should be able to tell us or Mary Kay VanPatten James will remember and give us a report.  Thanks, Sherry Person, for sharing Elvin's pictures.

sherry person: Wash day 1958. The way it was before automatic washing machines. - 02/24/18 07:37 AM

I remember days like this.
My mother was "tickled to death" when she was finally able to have a washing machine like this one.  It was still work to wash all the clothes and hang them on the line to dry but not nearly as hard as it was when she used an old iron pot over a fire to boil the dirty clothes.  And PULL THE WATER UP OUT OF THE WELL!
This great photograph was loaned to me by Sherry Quattlebaum Person.  Her father was Ivan Quattlebaum and he collected lots of things, including photographs.  This photo could possibly have been … (7 comments)

sherry person: 1942 Searcy AR High School seniors. See a relative? Good pictures. - 02/08/18 05:25 AM

I have done you a big favor. 
  I made a copy of this wonderful old picture of the Searcy High School 1942 class that was loaned to me by Sherry Person and then cut it in quarters so that you can read the names!  And you surely will want to see if any of your relatives are in the pictures.  Sherry's uncle was (and still is because he is still around) Jack Spaulding and she may have this photo because of family connections.  He ran a successful moving company for many years here in Searcy AR.  He is a charmer now … (5 comments)

sherry person: Leon Person, Searcy AR. Gone but never forgotten. - 09/23/17 07:28 AM
Leon Person lived in Searcy AR all his life.  I came on the scene around 1967.  I married into the Duncan family and Leon worked at that time at the Duncan Auto Sales dealership. He was a person that I met and loved quickly,  Sadly, Leon passed away on Sept 21, 2017.  I'd like to show a few pictures of Leon and give him a tribute.   I looked back through a lot of photos and found so many good memories of Leon and his family.  The pictures tell some things about Leon.  Let's start with two pictures of a wild … (11 comments)

sherry person: The world is flat! So it appears to these girls. - 07/02/16 04:47 AM

This picture is neat because the ladies look as if they can conquer the flat world that is in front of them.  They were standing on the edge of a lake view in New Orleans just before taking a tour of the Hurricane Katrina damages to the city.  The tour lasted about three hours and the guide said the tour would not include the very worst hit area because the folks who live there got tired of gawkers on a bus riding by their properties.  Most of the other places that the tour went through has been restored.  The tour definitely … (0 comments)

sherry person: Lightle Dobbins & Lightle, old and important name in Searcy AR. - 05/30/15 12:49 AM
How they come flowing back from time to time!  And the name Lightle Dobbins & Lightle has always been an important one in Searcy AR.  When I decided to obtain training regarding real estate (not to be an agent but just to learn) I was contacted by the broker at the firm to consider signing up with them as a real estate agent.  Well, I WAS flattered.  He even came to my house to make the proposal.
So after getting my license I hung it on their wall, continued teaching Art at Searcy High School, and continued learning more about the real … (4 comments)

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