vintage: Tired Santa. Old Christmas decoration. Price on bottom? - 12/10/23 02:32 PM

Santa is tired!
Antique chalk decoration for Christmas.
I drag him out every Christmas and enjoy my sleeping Santa.  I bought him at a garage sale several years ago and he is a delight to have different!  I don't know how old he is but the original price is on the bottom  Let's look.
There it is!  If you are old enough to remember going to the "dime store" with parents many years ago you'd perhaps remember how items were priced on the bottom with a marker.  This was 69 cents!  What would it be today?  Seems as if we can't buy anything … (7 comments)

vintage: My three cents worth. Montgomery Ward refund. Very old. - 12/17/18 11:56 AM

My three cents. 
Wonder what the refund would be worth now?  And I wonder if I can still get the three cents?  I looked for a date and found none but this refund has to be old because Montgomery Ward & Co. has not been around in a long, long time.  If I lived close enough to the banks listed perhaps I could go in and cash it.
Where did it come from?  I had a son who was a collector.  He collected everything and while looking through some of his old things, I found this.  It is very fragile and might … (9 comments)

vintage: Vintage Crissy doll. Hair grows! Loved by kids. Coming up for sale. - 10/17/18 05:49 AM

Once upon a time there was a little blonde girl who was about 5 years old AND she was still a thumb-sucker.  The little blonde girl's mom and dad begged and pleaded and threatened but it did no good.  She went to bed at night and loved that thumb.
BUT, the little blond girl watched TV and saw a new doll advertised.  The new doll had hair that grew!  A doll with hair that could be long or short and was controlled by the doll's owner.  The little blonde girl HAD to have that doll!
The begging and pleaded was reversed.  … (5 comments)

vintage: Yarnell Ice Cream Co old billfold. What approximate date was it, Sleuths? - 01/21/13 11:28 PM
I have too much stuff?  Not expensive stuff but just stuff that the family has stuck back over the years.
One of these things is this billfold given away by Yarnell Ice Cream.  It has a neat picture on the front and it has the info saying that it has a secret compartment for hiding really good stuff.  I didn't unfold that secret compartment so I may be missing something.
The picture on the front looks good and is encased with plastic.  I'd like to know what the approximate date of this billfold was.  It was actually a nice giveaway at … (8 comments)

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