white county ar: Wonder if they had the same architect way back then. Old banks in White County AR. - 01/08/12 09:28 AM

Great picture, isn't it!!  This old picture of the Bald Knob State Bank with an approximate date of 1910 shows how lovely the building was.  Evidently the fashion was to have a corner entry. 
I started comparing.  Here's a picture of the Kensett Bank, now closed.  Look how similar.

And let's add another one.  It is still open and thriving.  McRae Arkansas has this fantastic old bank built around 1900 so says the county records.

I did a blog on this bank once before and loved the bullet proof glass that is still inside.  Here's a review.


white county ar: Cresting. I found some more of that stuff right here in White County Arkansas. - 10/19/11 02:38 PM
Reviewing some delightful pictures that I took last year of our famous "oldest documented church in Arkansas" I found another example of what I had never heard of until a few days ago when I put up a blog about a house in West Point Arkansas that was built in 1883 and had this stuff on the top of the roof which was defined by a reader as cresting. 
This oldest church is called Smyrna Church and is located just before Center Hill on Highway 36 West.   Suzy Ribeiro defined the trim on roofs in a comment.
The spindly metal trim on rooftops … (3 comments)

white county ar: Another puzzle for Searcy Arkansas Sleuths. What are these girls doing? - 02/12/11 03:31 AM
Stumbling across this picture which shows action going on brought back a lot of old memories.
Seems that I remember this game but don't remember being any good at it.  I was always a scaredy-cat as the kids used to call each other when they were doing a "double-dog-dare" and you refused to do it.
Since I grew up in another state, I'm wondering if you Searcy Arkansas folks called it the same thing we did.  And how strange to actually find an old picture of these dressed up kids playing.


white county ar: Civilian Conservation Corps? Public Works Program? What is happening in this picture? - 03/20/10 05:44 AM

I'm putting this picture on my blog with no memory of where I got it.  It makes me think of the Great Depression and the work that was done during the 30's and very early 40's by the WPA and the CCC.  I put up a blog a few months ago regarding a relative's discharge papers from the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1941.  He was shipped from California back to Georgia and was about 17 years old.
Could this have been in his estate pictures?  The first guy beside the truck stands like he did.  The amazing thing to me, … (10 comments)

white county ar: Georgetown, Arkansas. You've gotta be going there because you can't drive by! - 10/22/09 12:15 AM
Georgetown Arkansas in White County is the oldest continuously settled area in Arkansas, according to Wikipedia.  It was settled in 1789 and overlooks the White River.  As of the census in 2000 there were 126 folks who lived there.  There were 55 households and 33 families.
Now, more down to earth into.....when I taught school I had a few West Point kids in class and they rode a bus to school.  When we had flood weather, the road to Georgetown became completely covered in water.  If the kids got to school they had to come on a boat or get outa … (44 comments)

white county ar: Photo Op at Security Bank, Searcy Arkansas. Two ladies in fashionable attire. - 10/02/09 12:47 PM
Seems as if Security Bank, which is now First Security Bank, was a lovely building where lots of photos were taken.  First Security Bank in Searcy Arkansas has just remodeled this bank to look original as in these pictures.
These two ladies are posing at the same spot. 
The first lady below in the fur coat (which we're afraid to wear now) is unknown unless some of my readers can identify her.  Notice the old city lamp post reflected in her picture.  Reportedly these antiques were later on sold and replaced with more modern ones.  What's that thing under the lamp post?
The second … (28 comments)

white county ar: Did you notice that little rectangular thing down underneath the picture on the blog? It makes it easy for you to know there is a new blog. RSS Feed. - 09/14/09 09:08 AM
It is just a little obscure thing under the dates for your blogs.  To the left here, you see that I did 26 blogs in September 2007, the year I joined activerain.  Goodness, I've been plugging and blogging for two years!!!  Then you see that little orange and blue thing.
I never noticed it.
However, a business person came into my office and mentioned a house that was on my blog.  I said, "I just put that up.  How'd you find it so fast?"
He said, "I put your blog on my feed?" 
You did what!
"You can subscribe to a … (9 comments)

white county ar: A good rock house may last forever. Here's one in Searcy Arkansas. - 06/06/09 09:54 AM
I had this photo loaned to me.  It shows three handsome guys standing in the front entry to this unique rock and brick house.  You have to look at the rock and brick carefully and try to figure out how it was done.  Did they cut the rock to fit around the brick?  It must be hard to cut a rock.  Searcy Arkansas and White County has a multitude of this style house.  The rock mason must have been very popular.
But I ramble.....I didn't know where the house was that was behind the three handsome guys.  Today I found it!  … (25 comments)

white county ar: The way to the REALTOR'S heart is through her stomach.....and eyes. - 05/18/09 12:03 AM

What more can be said?  This home inspector delivered two of these trays and sat them on our table at our office.  If he brought them to us, he must have taken them to all of the real estate offices. 
He left his card and I'm putting it on this blog.  I've used him and like him.  How can you not like a home inspector who brings treats!!!  I also like for them to bring brochures so that the brochure can be placed in the hands of the buyers so they can make the selection themselves.
My feeling very strongly is … (25 comments)

white county ar: Duncan New & Used Cars lot in Searcy Arkansas on a snow day. - 05/16/09 12:19 AM

A recent newspaper article pointed out that cell phones have now surpassed the households opting for landlines.  Fewer and fewer families are having landlines.  They are dropping the landlines and choosing cellphones only.  Verizon Communications Inc reported 39 million landline customers in March 2008 and 35 million a year later.
Over the same period Verizon's wireless customers grew from 67 million to 87 million!  Some of those came from the company's acquisition of Alltel Crop.  But the amazing thing is that many are going cell phone only.  It saves money.
I hate that I can't go to … (20 comments)

white county ar: Armstrong Springs Baseball Team. White County Arkansas 1917!! - 05/03/09 12:04 AM

One of our RE/MAX agents was going through her desk and found several great old pictures of her relatives.  She said I could share them on my blog.  This first one is the Armstrong Springs Ball Team from 1917.  Her dad, Noel Woodson, is the one on the right on the back row.  The agent's name is Ruby Nell Woodson Moye.
Armstrong Springs is not even known as a town at the present time but then it had a hotel which had healing springs and folks came for the healing waters, so Ruby reported.  Later on it became … (9 comments)

white county ar: Aerial view of Harding College prior to 1951, Godden Hall featured. - 04/08/09 05:09 AM

This picture of the location of Harding University in Searcy Arkansas is fascinating.  Trees are small, the space between houses is large and there is this huge building that was Godden Hall, according to Raymond Muncy's History of Searcy published in 1975.
Godden Hall was reportedly torn down in 1951 to make way for Harding University's new Administration Building.  Ones who grew up in Searcy can probably name lots of the houses seen in this photograph and possibly still standing.  It's a great view of the past.


white county ar: Wordless Wednesday.....my first time to do this. - 04/01/09 12:43 AM
I must admit I'm not real crazy about Wordless Wednesday or Speechless Sunday or Meddlesome Monday or Trecherous Tuesday or any of the others that I've missed.
This picture needs no words.  My husband comes from a family of cattle lovers.  They have cows right in the city limits and are god-fathered in because they've been there for so long.  We've witnessed two burning barns that quickly became burned barns.
These cows are wordlessly expressive!


white county ar: Skunt hunt continued. This is a smart, bold, beautiful creature. - 01/04/09 12:50 AM
Around Thanksgiving we had several visits by animals coming to eat our cat's food and perhaps a few morsels that we didn't want to throw away when God's critters might be hungry.
We caught two possums and one skunk in a three day trapping.  They were taken away and turned loose in a more wooded environment.
We have acquired another visitor.  At 6:30 in the morning he comes calling.  I'm sitting there drinking my coffee and reading the paper and not 10 feet away from me on the patio is this gorgeous animal eating the cat's food and drinking the cat's … (23 comments)

white county ar: When kids were happy with just a few toys and a friend. Girls with doll. - 12/01/08 11:14 PM

This picture brings back so many memories, doesn't it? 
Remember when as a child you really wanted something for Christmas that might just materialize under the tree on Christmas morning and you knew your parents had sacrificed to get it for you and you loved it all year long?
Remember when you could play outside without worrying about someone kidnapping you?
Remember wearing little hats?  Most hats covered the ears.  These girls must be dressed up!  Remember when your mom would insist that you wear your coat outside so you wouldn't catch cold?
Remember when you lived in town … (33 comments)

white county ar: All God's critters have to eat, don't they. - 11/21/08 11:22 AM
We live on the edge of the wilds.  Actually we live with the golf course behind us but trust me, there are some WILD WILD people out there, real people swinging golf clubs with uncontrollable balls!
Lots of critters come up to our yard.  Since our cat lives on the back porch the critters come up to eat her leftovers.  Our favorite visitor was the cutie fox.  He'd sneak up and eat almost anything we left out. We started putting out all the leftovers, including bones and the next morning they'd all be gone.  Then a possum came calling.  And then....and … (36 comments)

white county ar: Girls in short shorts! A real blast from the past! Searcy Arkansas. - 11/11/08 11:29 PM

Summer is on its way out!  Or gone! 
I remember summers being so hot that all girls wore short shorts!  It was the only way to stay cool.  Houses didn't have air conditioned spots to sit and watch TV all day!
Boys must have loved all the short shorts!
This picture from Searcy Arkansas showing four Searcy cuties is worth analyzing.  Notice the cat-eye glasses.  Cool!  One has a camera around her neck and look at the shadow of the picture taker!  They all have their blouses tucked in their shorts and their shoes all seem similar.
Plaid was IN!  … (23 comments)

white county ar: Pershing Highway Service Station, Searcy Arkansas - 10/24/08 12:38 PM

Old pictures of your home town are so much fun!  We drive through the four lane new highways and love the convenience but it is still heart warming to look back in time to "how it used to be."
Here's an old service station picture.  Looks like there's the White County Courthouse in the background.  If so, this station must have been on what is now Main Street of Searcy Arkansas.  Searcy old timers speak up and tell us about this old station.

white county ar: Getting ready for Halloween costumes? Look at some old ones. - 10/08/08 01:55 PM
Some folks think that Halloween is a great time to have a party.  There are no gifts expected, no crass commercialism (at least there used to be none....times may be changing) and no big meals to prepare.  All one has to do is welcome little kids at the door and give them a piece of candy.  You can also get yourself an outfit and pretend for one day that you are someone else; costume parties are great fun!
If you live in the subdivisions where parents drop the kids out, that candy thing can be a big expense.  I live … (28 comments)

white county ar: The copper thieves are still out there. - 09/25/08 02:27 AM
The latest copper theft was a surprise in Searcy Arkansas.  The house had been remodeled by investors and they had found a buyer.  The house was in city limits and not isolated.  One of the investors had been in the house a few days before the close and flipped on the lights and they didn't come on but he checked the breaker and noticed it was off.  That would explain the lights not coming on.
The close took place.  The new owner went to his house, turned on the lights and the breaker and he still had no lights.  Closer examination found that thieves … (23 comments)

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