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Well today is my son's BIRTHDAY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEOFFREY!! I kinda started a tradition by doing a post for my Daughter's Birthday on February,5th. Then on February 13th my husband's Birthday and did a post about him. My son is 9 years and 3 weeks younger than my daughter.  He kinda had two Mother...
  Over 200 REALTORS® participated during the 2009 Hill Visits held at the Kentucky Capitol in February.  Many REALTORS® had opportunities to meet with their Senators and Representatives on issues affecting real estate.   While visiting the Capitol, The Alcohol Industry was protesting a bill that ...
As I was going up the Driveway this afternoon to my Home in London, Ky, I saw the deer laying just over the hill.  They were all laying down, I guess it was nap time.  So I got my camera out and rolled down the window and started taking pictures. The one just looked at me as if to say "You are di...
I attended theKAR2009 Frankfort Meeting, on Feb. 10-12. There were lots of Committee Meetings.  We Visited the Capitol and met with Senators and Representatives, Letting them know what bills we Oppose and Support.  Networking with REALTORS® that made their way to Frankfort from all of the state, ...
Today is my Husband's Birthday.  Since I wrote a post wishing my daughter "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" I guess I have started a family tradition.  My husband Bob, was born in 19___ .(I am sure not going there!!) He loves Old Cars!!!  He has had a few over the YEARS!! He is on the left in the picture below!  ...
Today is my daughter's Birthday.  Stephanie is my oldest, I would tell you her age but she would kill me instead I just want to be a Mother and tell you how incredible she really is.  She has a beautiful family, one daughter Macie, one step daughter, Cortney, and one step son Tyler and her Husban...

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