lindstrom: Help Sell Your Lindstrom House With a Gorgeous Lawn - 07/06/11 04:03 AM
To sell your house in Lindstrom, MN, you need good curb and web appeal. Most potential buyers will be viewing your house online before coming in person for a showing. A beautiful lawn is key to presenting your house in the best light, and achieving it is not as difficult as you might think. Here are some simple steps to getting a gorgeous green lawn to attract buyers:
Soil - your lawn may become compacted, which will hinder growth. Having it aerated will allow water to seep into the group and soften the soil. Testing your soil's pH balance is also … (0 comments)

lindstrom: Navigating a Short Sale Purchase of a Lindstrom, MN Townhouse - 06/09/11 10:51 AM
If you’re considering buying a short-sale townhouse in Lindstrom, Minnesota, there are things that will likely be different than the process of a standard home purchase. If you have time on your side (i.e. don’t need to move quickly) and really want the townhouse, short sales can often present great savings to buyers. But they certainly don’t come without their own set of potential hassles.
David Uffington gives some pointers here to potential buyers. First, he says, do what you’d do in any kind of home buying scenario: get approved and get your credit clean. After that, the main thing that … (0 comments)

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