sell: Removing the Rose Colored Glasses to Buy or Sell in Hugo, MN - 07/18/11 06:54 PM
Whether you’re buying or selling a home in Hugo, MN, you may find yourself wearing a beautiful pair of rose colored glasses. Buying or selling a home can be an emotional process, and sellers and buyers have different blind spots that they are susceptible to in a sale or purchase. This article outlines a few of the ways that you can prepare yourself for a successful transaction by taking off the glasses.
As a seller, you have an emotional attachment to the house you’re selling, particularly if you’ve had it for many years or if you’ve raised a family in it. … (3 comments)

sell: Boost the Value of your Forest Lake Home's Garage - 07/07/11 11:33 AM
As you prepare your Forest Lake home for sale, don't neglect the garage! It's easy to allow garages to become (or remain) catch-all holding tanks for your possessions, especially as you prepare to move. It's a mistake, however, to treat the garage any differently than you treat the rest of your house as you clean and stage it. Garages are huge selling points to many people, and seeing one in disrepair or completely filthy has a proportionally inverse effect on many buyers' desire to live in your house.
Here are a few good tips to prepare your garage for sale:
1. … (1 comments)

sell: Selling Your Woodbury, MN House? Give it a Bath. - 07/07/11 11:28 AM
If you're working on getting your Woodbury, MN home ready to sell, you're probably getting sick of the phrase "curb appeal". You want to do everything you can to make your property attractive to potential buyers, but it can be overwhelming to think about all the possibly ways you could spend money sprucing up your house and yard.
One simple, time-efficient and cost-effective thing that you can do to immediately boost the look of your house and yard is to pressure wash it! This is particularly good for stucco homes, but will produce positive results on any kind of siding. For … (1 comments)

sell: Help Sell Your Lindstrom House With a Gorgeous Lawn - 07/06/11 04:03 AM
To sell your house in Lindstrom, MN, you need good curb and web appeal. Most potential buyers will be viewing your house online before coming in person for a showing. A beautiful lawn is key to presenting your house in the best light, and achieving it is not as difficult as you might think. Here are some simple steps to getting a gorgeous green lawn to attract buyers:
Soil - your lawn may become compacted, which will hinder growth. Having it aerated will allow water to seep into the group and soften the soil. Testing your soil's pH balance is also … (0 comments)

sell: Avoid These Landscaping Mistakes to Sell your North Branch, MN House - 07/05/11 04:57 PM
If you're working toward selling your house in North Branch, MN, you may be looking around your yard and considering ways to improve your curb appeal. You're wise to do so - Smart Money magazine indicated that consumers value a landscaped home up to 11.3 percent higher than its base price, and a study by Aspen Environmental Companies found that a landscaping investment is nearly always recovered and can help reduce time on the market.
But as you determine where to spend your landscaping dollars, keep in mind a few common landscape and patio mistakes that homeowners often make, as outlined … (0 comments)

sell: Short Sale or Foreclosure for your Highland Park Home? - 07/05/11 06:57 AM
If you are facing the reality of a potential foreclosure on your home in Highland Park, St. Paul, MN, you’re probably considering the option of a short sale. It can be a very confusing process, and one that you shouldn’t attempt without experienced professionals helping you through it – both legal help and real estate help.
But is a short sale better for your credit in the long run than a foreclosure? There has been some confusing information put out in the past few months, but the bottom line is still the same: yes. A foreclosure is always the worst option … (0 comments)

sell: Study These Trends to Sell your Grand Avenue, St. Paul House - 06/30/11 03:08 AM
Want to sell your Grand Avenue, St. Paul house? You would be well-advised to study recent buyer trends when it comes to home priorities. Ron Phipps, president of the National Association of Realtors, lists several noted trends that show what buyers are looking for. Some may surprise you! Among them:
Homes in Good Condition This may seem like a no-brainer; everyone wants a home in good condition, right? The point, however, is that fewer and fewer buyers are interested in DIY fixer-uppers. They want homes that are ready to move into, with all necessary repairs completed, and completed well. As Phipps … (0 comments)

sell: Selling Your Maple Grove, MN Home as a Short Sale - 06/29/11 04:57 AM
There is good news and bad news on the horizon if you want to sell your Maple Grove, MN home as a short sale. If you owe more on your mortgage than the house is currently worth and need or want to sell, a short sale is quite possibly your best option. It’s important to state up front that you should always talk to an attorney who specializes in real estate issues and preferably short sales/loan modifications before making a decision or signing any kind of agreement.
But back to the good and bad news – you probably already feel like … (0 comments)

sell: Staging Your Shoreview, MN House to Sell - 06/28/11 02:32 AM
If you’re thinking about selling your Shoreview, MN house, one of the most important things you need to do is something you can’t do: view your house from a detatched, unbiased perspective. Your real estate agent is someone who can help you make important decisions about the price of your home, and a stager is someone who can help you make good decisions about how to present it.
Just as you can sell your house without a real estate agent, you can present it to buyers without the aid of a professional stager. But the numbers don’t lie: you will sell … (0 comments)

sell: Tips for First-Time Home Sellers in Mahtomedi, MN - 06/22/11 05:26 PM
If you are selling a home in Mahtomedi, MN and this is your first time as a home seller, the good news is that you have no previous experiences to compare this to. That’s good news because all your previous experiences would have had very little bearing on what it’s like to sell a home in today’s market.
Hmm. I said “good news”, right? Well, maybe “real news” would be more accurate. There’s no point in pretending that it’s easy to sell a house today. Sellers have to work harder to make their house stand out from the pack, and in … (0 comments)

sell: Five Things That Can Help Sell Your Blaine, MN Home - 06/22/11 06:22 AM
Interested in selling your home in Blaine, Minnesota? You likely know the importance of pricing your home correctly for the market and your area, and have taken care of major repairs and decluttering. But some other surprising factors can help sell your home, as mentioned in this article:
1. Neighbors We all know that bad neighbors can be bad news for selling a house; their unkept landscaping and old rusted lawnmower in the yard can be a turn-off to potential buyers. But conversely, they can be a huge asset as you sell. Your neighbors have personal motivation to secure good neighbors. … (0 comments)

sell: Remodel Your Kitchen to Sell Your Hugo, MN House - 06/16/11 04:53 AM
Selling your Hugo, MN house can seem like a daunting task, and you have certainly considered the question “What do I need to do to my house to sell it?”.
There are a few places where you can spend remodeling money and be almost assured of a 100%+ return on your money, and the kitchen is the #1 spot. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just spend crazy amounts of money on the very finest appliances and features. As realtor Elizabeth Weintraub states in this article, “The high-end kitchens don’t return as much as the mid-range or minor kitchen remodels. Most … (0 comments)

sell: Hopeful Signs for Stillwater River Front Homes - 06/15/11 05:06 AM
If you are selling or plan to sell your river front home in Stillwater, MN, you know that there’s been plenty of bad news in the housing industry to go around for the past few years. And although we’re not ready to jump up and down and declare the beginning of a huge upswing, it’s good to note the hopeful signs on the housing market horizon.
There were fewer home sales closed in Minnesota in May 2011 than one year ago (down by nearly 17%). However, the number of pending sales was up 13.2%, and the number of new listings was … (0 comments)

sell: Buyers are Looking for Value in Center City Homes - 06/10/11 03:04 AM
Regardless of which source you read, the news for those selling homes in Center City, Minnesota is not encouraging. Overall prices are down, foreclosures for sale still compete with standard sales in drawing buyers, and there is no immediate market improvement on the horizon.
Savvy sellers must pay attention to the things that buyers in this market care most about. Jake Duffy shares some good insights here regarding what buyers are demanding in today’s market:
Compact but CoolThe depressed economy has changed the priorities of many buyers; for energy and maintenance reasons, far more are looking for smaller homes rather than … (0 comments)

sell: Navigating a Short Sale Purchase of a Lindstrom, MN Townhouse - 06/09/11 10:51 AM
If you’re considering buying a short-sale townhouse in Lindstrom, Minnesota, there are things that will likely be different than the process of a standard home purchase. If you have time on your side (i.e. don’t need to move quickly) and really want the townhouse, short sales can often present great savings to buyers. But they certainly don’t come without their own set of potential hassles.
David Uffington gives some pointers here to potential buyers. First, he says, do what you’d do in any kind of home buying scenario: get approved and get your credit clean. After that, the main thing that … (0 comments)

sell: Selling Your Chisago City, MN House in a Buyer’s Market - 06/08/11 04:16 AM
If you want to sell your house in Chisago City, MN, the real estate market news can feel dismal. It is definitely a buyer’s market right now, with nearly 30% of all homes for sale being foreclosures and the corresponding effect on all home values. But don’t despair – none of this means that your home can’t be sold! If your home is not in foreclosure, you have at least two distinct selling advantages over those that are:
Time A foreclosure or short sale can be a lengthy process, both for sellers and for buyers, taking months to complete. Your house … (1 comments)

sell: Five Things that Impact the Value of your St. Paul Riverfront Home - 06/02/11 09:32 AM
You love your home on the river in St. Paul, MN. You want to sell it, but you want to get the highest price possible. Won’t everyone else appreciate what a wonderful home it is?
This article explains why the answer is “no”, and why an experienced real estate agent can help take emotions out of the equation and help you look at the objective factors that raise or lower the value of your home. We would argue that there are significantly more than five factors that impact your home’s value, but these five are good to think about:
1. Location … (0 comments)

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