townhouse: Why Use a Realtor to Buy a Minneapolis Townhouse? - 07/04/11 08:27 AM
If you want to buy a townhouse in Minneapolis, chances are you’re looking at every possible angle to make sure you’re getting a good deal and making a good investment. Let me take a few moments to tell you why working with a realtor is the smartest way to go. There are over a dozen good reasons given here, but I’d like to highlight four:
Your REALTOR® can assist you in the selection process by providing objective information about each property.Someone who is a trained realtor has knowledge, experience and resources to help you find the right home. The amount of … (0 comments)

townhouse: Why It’s Time to Buy a Townhouse in Cottage Grove, MN - 06/27/11 04:18 AM
Looking for a townhouse in Cottage Grove, MN? You might be wondering if it’s a good investment. The past five years of the real estate downward spiral in the United States has been discouraging for some, but surveys show that most Americans still believe that buying a home is a good way to invest their money. And with good cause, per the Wall Street Journal. There are indications that 2011 might be exactly the right time to buy:
Mortgage rates are near 50-year lows ARMs are at record lows  Homes are more affordable than ever  The high number of foreclosures has … (0 comments)

townhouse: Buying a Townhouse You Can Afford in White Bear Lake, MN - 06/17/11 10:00 AM
If you’re looking for the perfect townhouse in White Bear Lake, MN, you no doubt have a list – physical or mental – of all the things you’re looking for in your new home. But have you made a list of steps to take to ensure that you find a townhouse that you can really afford? This article gives seven helpful steps to get you down the path to responsible home ownership:
#1 – Get your credit in as good shape as possible Many people have no idea what their credit score is, and while you don’t want to check it … (0 comments)

townhouse: Navigating a Short Sale Purchase of a Lindstrom, MN Townhouse - 06/09/11 10:51 AM
If you’re considering buying a short-sale townhouse in Lindstrom, Minnesota, there are things that will likely be different than the process of a standard home purchase. If you have time on your side (i.e. don’t need to move quickly) and really want the townhouse, short sales can often present great savings to buyers. But they certainly don’t come without their own set of potential hassles.
David Uffington gives some pointers here to potential buyers. First, he says, do what you’d do in any kind of home buying scenario: get approved and get your credit clean. After that, the main thing that … (0 comments)

townhouse: Nine Reasons to Buy a Shoreview Townhouse Now - 05/30/11 03:20 AM
If you're looking for a townhouse in Shoreview, MN, the time has never been better to buy!  This article lists nine reasons to consider buying a home in the next few months, among them:
Lowest Prices and Interest Rates in YearsIt's unclear when the housing market will begin to recover, but analysts predict that prices will begin to slowly increase over the next few months.  We may be looking at the bottom of the market, when buying would be an especially good investment.  And with interest rates at a 30-year low and expected to increase, it's a great time to get a … (1 comments)

townhouse: Pricing your White Bear Lake, MN Townhouse Correctly - 05/18/11 02:47 AM
If you are in the beginning stages of selling your townhouse in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, one of the biggest questions you’re considering is certainly “How much will I be able to get for my home?”
A natural tendency for sellers is to overvalue and therefore overprice their home, as noted in this article. The author references the real estate climate in Michigan, but these principles are equally true in Minnesota.
It may seem like a smart idea to set your townhouse’s price high, at least initially. Why not see if you can get as much as is humanly possible? Well, … (0 comments)

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