things to do in maine: Mayfair Weekend in Bath, Maine! - 04/28/09 02:22 AM
Good morning folks! Well, if you had any doubts that spring has arrived in Bath, Maine...better check the forecast! It's going to hit 83 degrees! Beautiful weather for gardening, golfing, and Mayfair! Some of you might remember a post I did a few days ago describing the upcoming Mayfair weekend in Bath. It is a celebration of spring, and is comprised of numerous activities that include a farmers market, dancing around the Maypole, and the city-wide yard sale! Don't forget to bring your contributions by our office in Bath....remember that all proceeds go to help the Bath Youth Meetinghouse and Skate … (2 comments)

things to do in maine: March Madness in Bath, Maine! - 03/13/09 05:01 AM
This time of year, people in Maine are always itching for a celebration. Something that says we've emerged from the icy grip of winter and are barreling headlong into a Maine springtime. Well, with the forecast predicting highs in the upper 40's for this weekend, I've got a plan where you can have fun, enjoy the warmth, and soak up some sunshine! How about joining me in Bath, Maine for a little March Madness?  March "Irish" Madness that is!
This year brings us the first ever Saint Patrick's Day Weekend Celebration!  The festivities include a Saturday parade, Irish music, children's coloring contest, … (3 comments)

things to do in maine: Pumpkins, and Lilies, and Tulips - Oh My! - 03/11/09 08:18 AM
When I left the house this morning, I had to wonder if spring would ever arrive. There was a steady sleet/snow falling that quickly turned to all snow during my morning commute.  And as I write this blog, a cold rain accompanies a brisk north wind. Kinda makes it hard to picture my clusters of daffodils or mounds of lilies ever emerging from the frozen ground.
And then I saw the morning paper and my whole outlook changed!  What changed my mood? I'm glad you's the arrival of

That's right friends! The Portland Flower Show begins tonight, and for many … (0 comments)

things to do in maine: "Skip Work, Play Golf" - 02/18/09 02:01 AM
While the weathermen are keeping an eye on an approaching snowstorm, Maine Golfers are looking forward to the first days of spring.  The first day they can step out on the links and see how many trees they can hit...or balls they can lose...or lakes they can splash through. At least that's how my golf game usually goes! But luckily, when it comes to golf courses Maine has something for every skill level and every budget.  With over 140 courses, you can choose from an intimate beginners course or a stunning world-class layout.  You can decide to play 9 holes in a scenic mountain … (1 comments)

things to do in maine: Calling All Campers!!!! - 02/02/09 04:36 AM
If you're planning to spend your summer camping in is your day!  You can begin making your Maine State Park camping reservations today!
You can do it one of four ways:
- online at
- by calling in state at 800-332-1501; or (out-of-state) 207-624-9950;
- by mailing reservations to: Bureau of Parks and Lands, ATTN.: Reservations, 22 SHS, Augusta, ME 04333. Mailed reservation requests must not be postmarked before Feb. 2, 2009.
- Or by walking in at the Augusta office.
If you walk in to the Augusta office,  you must have your registration forms with you as well … (0 comments)

things to do in maine: "Baby, it's Cold Outside!" or "10 Ways to Keep Busy During A Maine Winter" - 01/30/09 04:50 AM
As I sit here writing this post it's a balmy 24 degrees in Phippsburg, Maine and there's an additional 8 inches of fresh snow. Some people find this invigorating, and can't wait to hit the slopes, grab a sled, or hit their favorite frozen pond.  But if you're one of those people who want to experience the magic of Mid Coast Maine from a warmer spot, then this list is for you. 
10 Ways To Keep Busy During A Maine Winter!

1.  Visit the Patton Free Library!  The library is always a little more crowded in the wintertime. The library offers an amazing array of activities … (6 comments)

things to do in maine: Did You Know.... - 01/28/09 06:46 AM

Did you know that Maine's Acadia National Park is the second most visited park in the United States...second only to Yellowstone? It's true! Located along the rocky coast, Acadia National Park encompasses over 47,000 acres of granite domed mountains, deep forests, lakes, ponds, and ocean shoreline. The variety of terrain offers outdoor recreation opportunities that are unparalleled along the Eastern Coast!  Hike to the top of Cadillac Mountain, enjoy a sunrise over Frenchman's Bay, or wet your line in one of the numerous lakes and ponds.  The park also features over 40 miles of tree lined carriage roads as well as … (2 comments)

things to do in maine: Get Hooked! - 01/20/09 10:39 AM

Well boys and's that time again!  One of my favorite winter sports is in full swing..time to don your long underwear, grab your gear, and head to the nearest frozen puddle!  It is ....drum roll please...Ice Fishing Season! 
When I first moved to Maine, the thought of sitting on ice and staring at a hole was about as unthinkable to me as a hotel without a jacuzzi.  But let me tell you, once you've tried're hooked!   Pardon the pun...
If you've never been, it's not hard to get started. All you need is … (0 comments)

things to do in maine: Arts Downtown and All Around! - 12/09/08 11:40 PM


things to do in maine: The Great "Double Pecker" Challenge....... - 11/18/08 06:06 AM read that correctly! It is once again time for the Great "Double Pecker" Challenge!  And before you push that button to notify the blogging gods...or start typing an outraged e-mail...I want you to think of one word..."clams".  Yes--we're talking about CLAMS!  And if you're a fan of clams...steamed..stuffed...fried... then make sure you save your appetite for November 21st! 
The Maine Clammers Association will host a steamed clam supper at the Freeport Masonic Lodge.
The Clammers Association is a non-profit group that works to maintain the quality of Maine's waters as well as protect Maine's shellfish resource.  And they put on quite a … (0 comments)

things to do in maine: Hi! My Name Is__________! - 10/30/08 02:19 AM
New in town?  Well, grab a name tag and mark your calendars for November 17th!  If you've moved to the Bath area or a surrounding town (Phippsburg, West Bath, Arrowsic, Georgetown, and Woolwich) within the last year, then we would like to invite you to participate in the Bath Social!  This is a fabulous opportunity where you can meet other new and long-time members of our community!
Come join us and enjoy mingling, networking, meeting new friends, sharing stories and experiences, and learning everyone's favorite restaurants, shops, and service providers!
 The event is scheduled to take place on Monday, November 17th from 7-8 pm … (2 comments)

things to do in maine: Autumn Fest in Bath! Saturday, October 11th! - 10/09/08 07:02 AM
Well folks, it's that time of year again.  The air has cooled, the trees are a riot of colors, and every yard is blanketed in a thick carpet of red and gold. Living in Maine in the fall is like living in a postcard!
The cooler air also brings with it a variety of fairs and festivals.  This weekend Bath is proud to host AutumnFest, a delightful celebration of the sights, smells, and sounds of autumn!  The day will be loaded with activities for all ages, craft dispays, and food....did I mention the food?
Feeling creative?  Participate in the annual Great Scarecrow … (5 comments)

things to do in maine: Phippsburg, Maine Community Profile Series: Recreation - 03/10/08 11:38 AM
All parents are familiar with the dreaded "I'm Bored" refrain that children everywhere have perfected. Delivered at a certain pitch and repeated enough times, it can drive any parent crazy. But if you live in Phippsburg, are always ready for the onslaught. Simply whip out your Phippsburg Recreation Committee Newsletter at the first sign of boredom and save the day! You and your family can choose from a multitude of activities!
If there's one thing I love about Phippsburg, it's the opportunities it provides for it's residents to have fun!  Not just from the variety of fishing spots, beaches, etc., but from actual … (2 comments)

things to do in maine: Moonlight Madness! - 03/06/08 09:45 PM

Well folks, it's that's time of year again.  Just when it's getting light early enough for me to stumble my way to the coffeepot without finding the light-switch, daylight savings time rears it's ugly head. So I guess I'll be setting my clocks back an hour on Saturday night.  But, looking on the bright side, that means spring is on it's way. will get here.  In celebration of the coming Spring , the town of Bath is holding a special event on Friday, March 21st from 6pm-9pm. Under the light of a full moon, Main Street in Bath will come alive with … (4 comments)

things to do in maine: Want a "Pure Maine" Wedding? - 03/06/08 05:05 AM
Attention Couples!  Looking for the perfect location for your wedding?  How about on the coast of Maine?  Right beside the ocean....sun setting in the background...tables of fresh lobster waiting for the reception...  And did I mention it's free?
Yup!  Sebasco Harbor Resort has announced the launch of their "Pure Maine Wedding Getaway"!  The winning couple will receive a gorgeous wedding at the Resort, including the ceremony site, a reception for up to 200 of their friends and family, overnight accommodations and spa services for the bride and groom, a golf outing for the wedding party, and a rehearsal celebration sunset cruise … (0 comments)

things to do in maine: Bored? Bring Your Board! - 02/27/08 06:45 AM
Looking for something to do?  Need an indoor activity to occupy the kids? Well...have I got a place for you!  In Bath, in many small towns...we try to provide as many activities for our young people as possible.  A safe place for them to hang out with friends, see a movie, and maybe even get some exercise. One such place is the Bath Youth Meetinghouse and Skatepark. is the largest indoor skatepark in Maine.  But even if you don't enjoy skateboarding, there's still plenty to do in the meetinghouse!  For example, you could....
Bring your bike!  There are specific … (0 comments)

things to do in maine: Calling All Polar Bears.... - 02/26/08 10:42 PM
Okay..well you don't have to be a polar bear to participate, but you might feel like one after it's over! I'm referring to the annual "April Fools  Dip" scheduled for March 30th at Reid State Park.  Sponsored by the Coastal Humane Society, the event is held to raise money to help the more than 2,000 animals that are cared for annually by the Coastal Humane Society.  Participants are invited to dip toes, ankles, knees, or whatever body part they choose into the frigid waters off Reid State Park.  Feeling froggy?  Then dive right in!  Participants are asked to … (0 comments)

things to do in maine: Phippsburg, Maine Community Profile Series: Winter Activities - 02/20/08 12:35 PM
Welcome back to the Phippsburg Community Profile Series!  I've noticed that a lot of people are under the impression that Maine winters are dark, dreary, and only good for inside activities.  Well...think again!  Now if you want to spend the days curled up in front of the fire with a good book, then that is certainly an option!  But if you're looking for something to do there's plenty to pick from!
How about ice fishing?  It is a huge sport in Phippsburg and actually is one of my favorite things to do!  Bundled up, out on the ice just as the … (6 comments)

things to do in maine: Paint the Town Red! Or Blue.... Or Green.... - 02/11/08 07:23 AM
Trying to make it through the final dreary days of winter?  How about a little celestial navigation to liven things up?  I'm not suggesting you grab your star charts and head to the dory...just put on your walking shoes and head to Bath! 
Have you ever wanted to paint the town red?  Or blue? How 'bout green?  Main Street Bath invites you to do just that in it's 4th annual "Banners Over Bath" celebration.  People are invited to paint colorful canvas banners that will hang in downtown Bath from March 15th-May 15th.  The theme of this outdoor art exhibit is "Celestial Navigation".   Anyone … (2 comments)

things to do in maine: The Best of Maine! - 12/10/07 12:10 AM
I just received my monthly copy of DownEast event I look forward to every month!  For those of you unfamiliar with the magazine, it is a must-read for anyone living in, moving to, or even just mildly interested in Maine. It is filled with incredible pictures, restaurant reviews, area highlights, real estate, and lots of articles about just regular people who call Maine home. This issue they included their "Best of Maine" list, and I'm happy to see that several of their choices are in my area!  How they ever narrowed the list down is beyond me, but I'd like … (8 comments)

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