arizona: Heroes Protecting our Homes and our Dreams - 07/04/13 02:24 AM
The state of Arizona mourns the tragic loss of 19 of our most elite fire fighters, the Granite Mountain Hotshots.  These men willingly put their lives on the line to preserve our valuable natural habitats, ranches, businesses and homes.  They make sacrifices of time away from family and friends to secure what we have spent a lifetime to acquire.  They love what they do.  They do what they love.  They would have it no other way.  Every state has their dedicated heroes that quietly serve you and me.  This 4th of July let our hearts and prayers go out to the families … (6 comments)

arizona: The Oasis at Anozira, Tempe, Arizona - 06/09/11 03:48 PM
The Oasis at Anozira in Tempe, Arizona is truly The Oasis paradise in the center of the desert!

The Oasis at Anozira's lush tropical neighborhood is amongst Tempe's finest planned communities and offers an array of single family homes.  A total of 40 executive style homes border the waterfront with view fences to the 6.5 acre lake and fountains.  All other homes have easy access to a one mile lighted sidewalk that surrounds the lake along with a family friendly picnic area and playground.
The Oasis at Anozira is conveniently located to another system of man-made lakes in the ASU Research Park directly … (2 comments)

arizona: Short Sale with Multiple Offers - 09/28/09 04:35 PM
Here in Arizona the competition for a Short Sale can be fierce.  The demand for low cost properties can create a multiple offer situation.  When representing the Seller, there have been 2 philosophies on how to manage multiple offers on a property.
First, the Seller accepts the highest and best offer and only that offer is presented to the bank.  All other offers are held in back-up position until the current Buyer withdraws, Buyer's offer is rejected by the bank, Buyer rejects bank's counter-offer or Buyer fails to qualify for financing.  In the case where a higher offer comes in after the original … (3 comments)

arizona: A Sign of a GREAT Lender. . . - 09/25/09 12:42 PM
. . .is someone who keeps you well informed of the ever changing mortgage incentives that the powers on high giveth and taketh away.  Bob Wasieko with Security Mortgage updated this morning the situation with the USDA Rural Housing loan program which has been available in the rural counties of Arizona.  This program has been an affective tool in stabalizing our rural economies.  For all those who are affected by the discontinuance of this program, here is the latest. . .
The Congress has failed to re-authorize funds for the USDA Rural Housing loan program....yet.  Thus, when the federal fiscal year ends … (0 comments)

arizona: Winter Wonderland - 10/07/07 02:26 PM
With the onset of the winter visitor months, Arizona is the haven for out-of-state residents.  The weather has cooled to a pleasant daytime 85 degrees and will only drop about 10 more degrees in the next 8 months.  The days are warm and the nights are cool, perfect for many outdoor activities such as, GOLF, tennis, hiking, bike riding, watching the sunrise or experiencing breath-taking desert sunsets.  Life doesn't get much better than this!  To make life in the Valley of the Sun even better this year, we are hosting the Super Bowl along with various other bowl games and then … (1 comments)

arizona: Floor Time? - 10/04/07 03:51 PM
I work in the Corporate Office of Independence Realty Professionals, Inc. in Tempe, Arizona.  The designated broker is very pro-active in creating tools for his agents to use in furthering their business.  He has put together a lead-generating website, to use as a referral network for his agents and is now organizing an advertising campaign to attract prospective buyers into a telephone lead capturing station manned by agents who have signed up for "floor time".  I need some feedback as to whether or not this is worth the effort.  I am struggling with the thought that this form of marketing is "behind the … (1 comments)

arizona: Scottsdale's OCTOBER Events Calendar - 09/17/07 03:36 AM
October 4-10  Scottsdale Classic Futurity & Quarter Horse Show, Westworld, Tickets: 520-749-9418
October 6  BRIO Faculty Art Exhibit & Sale, BRIO Fine Arts Center, 480-941-8310
October 6  Obesity Walk, Scottsdale Community College, 7-10am, 480-312-2771
October 6-November 17 Music in the Garden Fall Concert Series, Desert Botanical Garden, Tickets:480-941-1225
October 11-14 Heard Museum Film Festival 602-252-8840
October 14  Tour of Scottsdale Cycling Adventure 480-460-5052
October 18  Western Art Walk, Old Town Scottsdale, 7-9pm FREE
October 20-21  Scottsdale Stadium Sleepover, Tickets:  480-312-2856
October 31  Fall Festival, Eldorado Park, 6-9pm FREE

arizona: STOP the Madness! - 08/04/07 05:49 AM
ATTENTION fellow real estate agents of Arizona! If you have money to burn, there is a worthless marketing campaign out there just for you. It might seem like a small investment to satisfy your sellers with absolutely no return. I'm refering to the endless array of email flyers about numerous listings that fill my inbox every night. Every morning when I sit down at my computer the first thing I do is empty my inbox with a big fat KABOSH on the delete key. We are in the business to make money not give it away, especially in this market. Please … (5 comments)

arizona: LIVE EARTH! Green in Arizona - 07/12/07 01:54 PM
That's right! Green as in money, green as in golf courses and green as in energy efficient alternatives for desert living! The state of Arizona is going green! Those alternatives are right under our feet. With the cost of energy rising as fast as heat off the desert floor, it only makes sense (cents) to build below ground. Basements are not just for the mid-West anymore they have a significant contribution to make in the Southwest. With land becoming more expensive and less available in the metro area, builders are starting to notice the value of building down. However, only 20 … (1 comments)

arizona: What Goes Around Comes Around - 07/07/07 05:15 PM
"Nice job guys!" as quoted by in their explanation of what builders, mortgage, and the resale real estate industries have done to flatten the real estate market reputation in the media. They have deflated its value in the economy. It just isn't a quick 'n easy fix 'n flip market as it was a couple of years ago. No instant gratification here! However, let me remind everyone that real estate is the essential safe investment over the long term. Real estate has a consistant cycle. When there is an over-abundance of available houses for sale there will be downward pressure … (5 comments)

arizona: Could the World be FLAT? - 07/04/07 02:57 AM
With summer upon us here in Arizona, like most outdoor enthusiasts, I turn indoors to reshift my priorities into an alternative source of aspiration. I have to admit, I love real estate! I was disappointed this past Sunday when I read the article in the Arizona Republic proclaiming that real estate is flat. I am here to emend that stale term and suggest that it is round! In fact it is so round, it has been known to bounce around all over, depending on the location, price and/or age of property. My experience with real estate in the state of Arizona … (4 comments)

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