realestate: Short Sale with Multiple Offers - 09/28/09 04:35 PM
Here in Arizona the competition for a Short Sale can be fierce.  The demand for low cost properties can create a multiple offer situation.  When representing the Seller, there have been 2 philosophies on how to manage multiple offers on a property.
First, the Seller accepts the highest and best offer and only that offer is presented to the bank.  All other offers are held in back-up position until the current Buyer withdraws, Buyer's offer is rejected by the bank, Buyer rejects bank's counter-offer or Buyer fails to qualify for financing.  In the case where a higher offer comes in after the original … (3 comments)

realestate: Defining Debt - 09/27/09 04:15 PM
Someone once told me that having debt makes a person more responsible.  He felt that by increasing your debt you become more motivated to work and therefore are driven to succeed.  The larger the amount of debt you accumulate, the greater your chances for success.  He used the term debt lightly without defining the purpose.  Is debt  used for a personal or business neccessity or for a luxury item?  He continued to explain that the purpose we work is to provide perks, otherwise, there would be no purpose in getting out of bed in the morning.
I plan to get out of bed … (3 comments)

realestate: Dear Miss Manners, - 09/13/07 03:01 AM
In the real estate world when fudiary responsibility is so emphasized as a given to our clients, do we return the same courtesy to our fellow agents?  Standards are set by the National Association of Realtors as a Code of Ethics to spell out our duties and conduct to one another.  This is how I read Article 16:
ROBBERS (Realtors) shall not engage in any practice or take any action inconsistent with exclusive representation or exclusive brokerage relationship agreements that other ROBBEES (Realtors) have with clients.
It's all about respect, trust and professionalism treatment to our fellow Realtors.  Take a good hard look at your … (2 comments)

realestate: Mentality Adjustment - 09/10/07 03:42 PM
I feel like I just got pistol-whipped by a buyer this weekend!  I have a reasonably priced condo in a centrally located Phoenix neighborhood listed, that after being on the market for 12 days a buyer made an offer.  He offered $15,000 below asking price with $500 earnest money, wants seller to pay 6% of the closing costs, and have the seller pay for the appraisal.  It was everything I could do to stop my seller from turning on me for presenting such an offer.  Don't shoot the messenger! A return bullet of diplomacy fired at the brain helped bring the seller to his … (7 comments)

realestate: Buyer's Revenge - 09/08/07 04:32 AM
Buyer's are feeding off the glut of properties on the market. For those who restrained themselves during the real estate feeding frenzy that drove home prices to new caloric highs are now feasting on the skinny seller who is suffering from stretch marks left by his quickly deflating bargaining power. "In a lot of communities, smart shoppers can actually get more house for the same money than they could a year or two ago" says Sid Davis, the author of A Survival Guide for Buying a Home. How can we, as real estate practioners, best negotiate in the best interest of … (4 comments)

realestate: LIVE EARTH! Green in Arizona - 07/12/07 01:54 PM
That's right! Green as in money, green as in golf courses and green as in energy efficient alternatives for desert living! The state of Arizona is going green! Those alternatives are right under our feet. With the cost of energy rising as fast as heat off the desert floor, it only makes sense (cents) to build below ground. Basements are not just for the mid-West anymore they have a significant contribution to make in the Southwest. With land becoming more expensive and less available in the metro area, builders are starting to notice the value of building down. However, only 20 … (1 comments)

realestate: What Goes Around Comes Around - 07/07/07 05:15 PM
"Nice job guys!" as quoted by in their explanation of what builders, mortgage, and the resale real estate industries have done to flatten the real estate market reputation in the media. They have deflated its value in the economy. It just isn't a quick 'n easy fix 'n flip market as it was a couple of years ago. No instant gratification here! However, let me remind everyone that real estate is the essential safe investment over the long term. Real estate has a consistant cycle. When there is an over-abundance of available houses for sale there will be downward pressure … (5 comments)

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