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Its a 24' donzi.  Two 150 hp engines.And cuddie cabin. Its a fishing machine.Their is a point...just wait.When I bought it.It was green and black with mold and mildew.Need alot of TLC.  We took every wire off cleaned them and hooked them up properly.NO TAPE.It a 14,000 dollar boat.The guy was ask...
I had a couple contact me on a new listing. Only to have it sell before we were able to make an offer.It was well priced.  Rember you have most of your traffic on your listings in the first 2 weeks.If you price it right IT WILL SELL.   Aaron Barneswww.BarnesBrokerage.comBarnes Real Estate Brokerage
Play the points game with me.  Trade comments.I spends alot of time writing some blogs,the ones for customers,but we need to write a bunch each and every weekAND we need to comment 10 times a DAYso comment on mine and I'll comment on yours. And I'm sure some of you think IT is  wrong to ask for c...
Hello all.  We All Blog.  Thats why we are here.It do dramatic thing for SEO.You DO Get buyers and sellers From this WORK. POINTS is a BIG DEAL,but it does NOT put money in your pocket.It does give me a warm FUZZY feeling inside.So lets PLAY A GAME.Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.GO and co...
I know I do this alot.  At least a few hours of my life everyday.  So how do I determine if I am going to go look at something.  Make a needs vs. wants list.  This is easy.  If you have to have it, then its a need.  If not its a want.  Alot of time I have found that wants are less specific then n...
Shimano teramar - I love this rod it has it all and for about $100 you can to.I did not realize what a wonderful rod this was untill I left it on my boat and it walked away.It has enough feel to tell when a pinfish is biting the tail off you gulp shrimp yet I have pulled in 30 inch redfish, a 27 ...
Do you ever wonder how you can build a stronger relationship with your family?  It takes quality time together.  Where everyone is happy.  Now this is different for everyone, and every family, But I have an easy way to please even the most _________ teenager.  Boating...  This in some form or ano...
This love exteneds to google as well, because they give away their products FREE.... Most of them at are free at least.  I use some of them on a daily basis.  Such as Google earth, gmail, blogger, ect..  Check it out....  Search Alerts Get email updates on the topics of your choice Blog Search Fi...
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I Have Agents I am tring to keep in the real estate Business, But It is a hard Business right NOW.  So I am looking for any Ideas to put some extra cash in their pocket.  No multi level marketing or any stupid stuff.  I tell them to save, but feast or famen still seams to apply.  I love every one...

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