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As I am working away and burning the midnight oil, we have a good group of beta users on the service and are always looking for other test groups that serve a particular niche or level of user. If you belong to a niche professional group, let me know and I will look at having some specific materi...
I'm going to keep this simple and short. I read about the new ActiveRain blogs being promoted here and was amazed to see something: 10+ national brand logos being used in templates that are driving revenue for ActiveRain. On my 123 Social Media blog, I write a lot about branding on the web and lo...
Unfortunately this looks like it won't be a Biznik event and I have teamed up with the Social Media Club nationals group to go a different route. They have a very new Facebook group @ SMC FacebookAnyone interested in learning about social media with a bunch of the national experts can still meet ...
As a online marketing, public relations and SEO guy: I take everything with a bit of salt. I need to understand the industry, marketplace, and business requirements to communicate a positive *yet factual* message. I hate seeing "fluffy" PR and marketing that claims numbers or certain metrics, the...
As so many businesses say "Dear God, hold on", I am finding my business to be more along the lines of "Wow, this is going to be a fun ride!" The financial conditions across the world have been wildly interesting both professionally and personally. I've made dozens of new contacts in places I neve...
Well the answer is YES. It is BAD. Bad, BaD, BAD. At least according to the eyes of Google. If you are concerned about search engine rankings and you do not know how certain "shady" tactics will do more harm than good- read this article and the attached one at the bottom. I would love to know how...
This is an article I just wrote today on corporate social media. The crowd here on ActiveRain seems like they would get the big picture statement in it regarding social media marketing, and for those interested in reading more I would greatly check out the list of corporate campaigns that I menti...
I know a lot of folk here on ActiveRain are constantly looking at what we are doing and asking "what is it I'm doing?" or getting similar questions from peers. I found a video from CommonCraft that I haven't seen here on AR before, which I wrote about in my social media training article yesterday...
Keeping in track with some of my other social media tools and articles, I decided to write a quick FYI on Alltop News Aggregation service. Hopefully some activerainers find it useful and discover some nuggets of wisdom from it. Keeping track of millions of news sources is increasingly difficult, ...
The article was originally titled "Social media Training with Joe", but for the audience of Biznik it was changed to "Biznik Relationships- shaking hands to co-hosting" I wanted to share it with everyone here on Biznik because part of the story expands outside of my main readership and touches up...

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