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Are you going to be at Inman's Real Estate Connect  in New York City?I am.I would like to invite everyone to send an FYI for the convention. On Tuesday morning 8:30 to 9:30, I encourage any Active Rain members to come join me for a cup of coffee at the Starbuck's Coffee in the hotel. We will wrap...
It reminds me of the shower scene from Psycho.   A youthful blogger is relaxing at the keyboard as they patiently sip a warm cup of coffee. The computer beeps, letting them know some new mail is in their inbox. Outside the window, a brisk night wind ever so slightly rattles the window.   A moment...
One of the great things about being a blogger is all of the information available to us. When my co-workers and friends Richard and Paul wrote Realty Blogging, they used a lot of different sources for information and they qouted a good number of online authors on where this "blogging" thing is he...
I don't know where you are or who you are with. I don't know if you are surrounded by friends and family or wandering in your thoughts alone. I don't know if you believe in Christmas, or even believe in happy times, but this is a time to be everything. It is a time to remember the people who love...
This is what happens when Barry is left at his keyboard without proper supervision. I had to spread a little Christmas humor and practice some of those poetry skills.    Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the net Not a reader was stirring, as no one was ready to post just yet. The...
I wanted to FYI everyone here on AR about our Nardi Gras gie away. I know we had a bunch of AR folk stop on by the booth and enter the drawing for our contest- but it looks like a non AR person beat everyone to the lucky prize.   From the***********************************...
Some people think that networking is handing out business cards. Congrats, they have one step of the business branding idea down. Real networking is about building your brand with individuals you meet. Like any marketing or branding experience, it takes multiple exposures to your message to creat...
Being a blogger is much more than just writing, its about expressing who you are on a personal and a professional level. It defines you and builds your brand, but you must first be willing to break the mold and celebrate how unique you are.  Blogging does not have to be about breaking an idea fo...
I always knew I wanted to become somebody when I grew up. Now I realize I should have been more specific. - Lily Tomlin Anyone can be an expert, yet few of know how to define themselves in the spotlight. For several years my effort on social networking was focused on defining your personal brand...
In my last article The Red Balloon, I talked about how certain very basic aspects of social relationships open the door to introduce yourself and establish a relationship with someone you have't met. To relate this idea to blogging, I'll detail one of the most common questions I get from business...

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