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How anonymity destroys the very nature of community. . One of the proud things that led me to blogging is that it allows a forum to share my voice and opinion with the world. With over a decade of experience communicating online through various e-mails, bulletin boards, forums, and blogs… there h...
LinkedIn is a huge network of millions of professionals. They range from IT professionals and corporate CEOs, to urban bakery professionals and auto mechanics. By using search tools and filtering options, you can find people from nearly all of the Fortune 1000 as well as your friendly neighbor d...
  People often inquire with me whether or not I have the ability to do X or Y. Sometimes I tell them I don’t do either, and that my specific specialty is Z. They look at me perplexed and usually say “But isn’t Y almost the same as Z?” and my response is “Yes it is, “almost”. But it is different. ...
One of the objections I often hear from people is “I don’t have time to network online!" Do you have time to… Professionally NetworkFind a new friendShare your ideasBuild your businessMarket yourselfDe-stress? What about… Elevate yourself as an industry expertEstablish connections in other indust...
A lot of people ask me how to go about establishing an online network. Whether they need it for a new job or to help establish business prospects, realizing the value of your social interactions is essential. Through networking, you can discover that brief contact with an informative and friendl...
I almost have to laugh, because I had written this article last week while traveling and today it seems more appropriate then ever. When confronted by the numerous times I've encountered various mindsets of individuals on multiple boards, forums, wikis, communities, and blogs - how does one go ab...
This play is somewhat the gold standard of theater, haha. It has lived on through two renditions on the silver screen… I don’t often get a chance to go see a bonifide artistic work at a true theater, but since I was in New York I thought that I should watch at least one show. For this visit, I c...
If you are really looking for a great ride in New York to get the adrenaline pumping, the next time you get off the plane- take an extra $20 and tell the cab driver to get you there as fast as possible. This is an adventure, and not for the weak of stomach. My friendly driver, a guy in his mid-fo...
One of the things I often get credit for is relying on my one true addiction- coffee.I can thank the universe that I have such an addiction. It gives me the perfect invitation to sit down with a new soul and learn about what they do.I do not need to know them, I only have to be willing to share s...

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