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Keeping in track with some of my other social media tools and articles, I decided to write a quick FYI on Alltop News Aggregation service. Hopefully some activerainers find it useful and discover some nuggets of wisdom from it. Keeping track of millions of news sources is increasingly difficult, ...
The article was originally titled "Social media Training with Joe", but for the audience of Biznik it was changed to "Biznik Relationships- shaking hands to co-hosting" I wanted to share it with everyone here on Biznik because part of the story expands outside of my main readership and touches up...
I wrote an article on my main blog today and since I used a real estate example, it made it even more pertinent to sharing here on ActiveRain. In part this piece is getting ready for my class on Thursday night here in Seattle (Marketing with Joe and Barry) Hope everyone enjoys!*******************...
In the real estate world, we are obviously seeing more and more public data get used in creative ways- everything from ActiveRain to Zillow. Since I've been contacted by so many decision makers regarding "big thought, strategic conversation" ideas in the real estate realm, if any of you are in th...
Camel Back bottles for children... do they exist? I recently bought my seven year old a new bike for his birthday and as we have been extending our rides further and further, he obviously needs more and more water. I've tried a smaller camel back hydration pack without success (not small enough f...
I try to update my readers on some of the useful tools in my technology arsenal... and this time it requires a video to show you how Piclens (a browser plugin) simplifies brand and reputation management when it comes to online search. In addition to brand and reputation, for all the listing agent...

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