blog writing: Christmas Blogging, everyone needs a laugh. - 12/24/06 01:21 PM
This is what happens when Barry is left at his keyboard without proper supervision. I had to spread a little Christmas humor and practice some of those poetry skills. 
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the net Not a reader was stirring, as no one was ready to post just yet. The comments were hung by each article with care, In hopes that St Yahoo would soon be there. The authors were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of google-ratings danced in their heads. Some snuggling computers at their desk, some on their lap, All having settled … (9 comments)

blog writing: Why blogging and being a kid are nearly identical - 11/20/06 10:51 AM

At some point, we all realize that we have no clue. We are kids that don't even know how to play. Yet then we pick up the ball, bounce it a few times, and fairly soon we are making new friends. 
I’m sure we are all experts in various things- one of my strengths is writing. I’ve written media copy, magazine articles, classified ads, government grants, a book or two, technical manuals, job postings, executive presentations, lines for stand-up comedy, intensive plot for theatre, and a few strange ideas on post-it notes.
When you are an expert in a specific field, … (35 comments)

blog writing: What makes a blogger worthwhile? - 11/19/06 05:09 PM
I get a lot of inquiries regarding how to write effectively in a variety of markets. Blogging is a different beast from periodical or printed media- it lives and breathes. Once you let the cat out of the box, it can run around on it's own accord and never come back home. While it can be a scary thought to blaze your thoughts to the electronic world- it can also be an incredibly enlightening act.  In regular print media, you have a moment of absolute 'crisis' as you sign off on the final draft of your article and it goes to … (2 comments)

blog writing: Brain-storming and Dry-Spell Writing Ideas - 11/04/06 12:54 PM
One of the most crucial elements of successful blogging is consistent writing over time. If more than a few days go by without some up to date writing, readers will slowly and surely stop checking your blog. Yet even the most prolific and creative mind has writer’s block and dry spells where nothing comes out. The following list provides some suggestions for days when bringing your creative energy out seems to lead nowhere.
Share your thoughts on a current topic. Browse through the top five article or news links on your blog and find a recent topic that you have … (6 comments)

blog writing: Writing effective blog articles - 11/04/06 12:51 PM
There is no cardinal rule of how to blog. Blogging is about providing your ideas and information in an easy to interpret manner, with the goal of opening a new line of communication. With no specific rules, there are key elements that many successful bloggers pay attention to- Some recommendations to writing blog entries-
Keep writing short, focused, informative, and easy to understand. The average person reads 200 words per minute. Keep articles to the point and under reasonable time limits. A typical entry should not exceed 250 words and you should reread anything over 500 to make sure you are … (3 comments)


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