blogging 101: Competitive Business Identifier- Crazy Taxi Moments - 01/13/07 11:33 AM
If you are really looking for a great ride in New York to get the adrenaline pumping, the next time you get off the plane- take an extra $20 and tell the cab driver to get you there as fast as possible. This is an adventure, and not for the weak of stomach.
My friendly driver, a guy in his mid-forties who barely spoke any English should have been an Indy driver. He made so many lane changes in one city block I don’t even think he realized there were lanes, and whenever I looked down at the road my seat … (2 comments)

blogging 101: Learning to use Flaws as Merits. - 01/03/07 02:15 PM
One of the things I often get credit for is relying on my one true addiction- coffee.I can thank the universe that I have such an addiction. It gives me the perfect invitation to sit down with a new soul and learn about what they do.I do not need to know them, I only have to be willing to share something I love with them. For a brief few minutes, we are just two people enjoying the drinks of our choice.Sometimes I run across someone who hates coffee. This is not a deterrent or closed door. In fact, it is the … (3 comments)

blogging 101: Psycho Blogging - 12/27/06 12:52 PM
It reminds me of the shower scene from Psycho.   A youthful blogger is relaxing at the keyboard as they patiently sip a warm cup of coffee.
The computer beeps, letting them know some new mail is in their inbox.
Outside the window, a brisk night wind ever so slightly rattles the window.
A moment passes as our enthralled blogger whimsically clicks through inspiring articles.
Then, without warning, they browse to the bottom of the article completely oblivious to the danger approaching them.
With one button-click they jump back as they feverishly try not to scream.

blogging 101: Research links for Realty Blogging - 12/26/06 06:07 AM
One of the great things about being a blogger is all of the information available to us. When my co-workers and friends Richard and Paul wrote Realty Blogging, they used a lot of different sources for information and they qouted a good number of online authors on where this "blogging" thing is heading. 
There has been a pretty good dialogue covering bits and pieces of the book here and there,  but no matter how much information and thought you put into a book you always have questions and information left out. Sharon Simms asked a question a while ago about where they … (5 comments)

blogging 101: Christmas Blogging, everyone needs a laugh. - 12/24/06 01:21 PM
This is what happens when Barry is left at his keyboard without proper supervision. I had to spread a little Christmas humor and practice some of those poetry skills. 
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the net Not a reader was stirring, as no one was ready to post just yet. The comments were hung by each article with care, In hopes that St Yahoo would soon be there. The authors were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of google-ratings danced in their heads. Some snuggling computers at their desk, some on their lap, All having settled … (9 comments)

blogging 101: Food for thought - 12/15/06 02:27 PM
What do I need to know about the online world? You need to know how to get your name out there. You need to realize that your personal brand is one of the key reasons clients choose to do business with you. By developing a visible presence on the internet and utilizing a toolkit of professional online networking skills, you can add a huge asset to how you interact with both new and existing clients.
In the recent past, certain elements of the web have been nicknamed “Web 2.0”. The 2.0 ideology is that the latest focus of the web … (3 comments)

blogging 101: We must be doing something right. - 12/12/06 04:43 AM
Full Disclosure- This is nothing but a big pat on our back here at Blogging Systems. We've been working hard to create a worthwhile service for our clients and today I'm going to share some of the love we've been receiving. ***************************************************************
I woke up to an e-mail saying “Web video is a powerful recruiting tool.”
This has been a topic addressed by several members of the community, but this time it was more of a great note to see our own Blogging Systems video listed as a “Video of the Week”.
Our piece isn’t about recruiting specifically, but it does detail … (1 comments)

blogging 101: Developing Good Ideas for Blogging - 12/11/06 05:29 PM
It used to happen everyday of my life. I would turn on my computer, jump over to my favorite site, and read something that was perfectly mind-numbing.
I would think to myself “another sixty seconds of my life is gone.”
That was a serious problem. Article after article would produce nothing but meaningless rhetoric in my head as I searched for valuable tidbits of insight and imagination. The consumption of cliché material and creatively draining bad articles eventually turned into a crises, IT HAPPENED TO MY BLOGGING TOO!
One second I was writing what I lovingly thought to be comparable … (4 comments)

blogging 101: Blog Outside the Box - 12/10/06 06:50 PM
There are three fundamental ideas that support great blogging- Great bloggers write “differently”
Insightful viewpoints justify reasonable risk taking
Creativity is not risk taking, it is expected
These three points build a foundation for a blogger to write truly inspired articles that express not only who they are, but also allow them to be at the front-line of their industry. Providing creative and personally motivated thoughts on industry topics is the one of the few ways that a person will be perceived as inspirational or talented.
1- Great Bloggers Write “Differently”If you have ever read a motivated magazine column, … (20 comments)

blogging 101: "legalized small print that makes it worthless" - 12/05/06 04:39 AM
Being in the business development field, I touch on different aspects of marketing and partnerships on various levels. I look at what the industry is doing, I review competitors, and I try to understand the market place and help tailor our solutions to provide a real benefit to our clients.
Every now in then, I come across a site that offers what seems like a reasonable product should do- then I get completely derailed by finding "legalized small print that makes it worthless" 
One such site is *********
Okay- I'm not mentioning the name, its bad form to talk poorly about a … (7 comments)

blogging 101: Why blogging and being a kid are nearly identical - 11/20/06 10:51 AM

At some point, we all realize that we have no clue. We are kids that don't even know how to play. Yet then we pick up the ball, bounce it a few times, and fairly soon we are making new friends. 
I’m sure we are all experts in various things- one of my strengths is writing. I’ve written media copy, magazine articles, classified ads, government grants, a book or two, technical manuals, job postings, executive presentations, lines for stand-up comedy, intensive plot for theatre, and a few strange ideas on post-it notes.
When you are an expert in a specific field, … (35 comments)

blogging 101: What makes a blogger worthwhile? - 11/19/06 05:09 PM
I get a lot of inquiries regarding how to write effectively in a variety of markets. Blogging is a different beast from periodical or printed media- it lives and breathes. Once you let the cat out of the box, it can run around on it's own accord and never come back home. While it can be a scary thought to blaze your thoughts to the electronic world- it can also be an incredibly enlightening act.  In regular print media, you have a moment of absolute 'crisis' as you sign off on the final draft of your article and it goes to … (2 comments)

blogging 101: Just Ask Barry- What is Technorati? - 11/06/06 06:21 AM
As part of my Just Ask Barry articles-
“I've heard a lot about Technorati, but - what does it do, why should we use it, and then HOW do we use it?” Sharon Simms.
What is Technorati?
Technorati is a search engine that indexes blogs. When you post an article to ActiveRain (or most blogs in general) the system sends out a message to various blog directories and search engines. This message is called a ‘ping’.
When Technorati receives a ping, it sends an automated search spider to take a look at the recent article you just wrote. It … (11 comments)

blogging 101: Writing Tips: I’ve got Writer’s Block, Now What? - 11/05/06 04:12 PM
Typical Causes of Writer’s Block- Most of us have great ideas trapped in our heads. Yet we want everything we write to have a “perfect” quality to it. In normal talking, we have built up the experience to talk through our fumbles and errors while trying to keep ourselves at least partially graceful. Writing is different. When our thoughts are placed on a physical page before us, they seem concrete. We look at them and wonder if our words are wrong, we begin to question ourselves, and pretty soon every thought that is transcribed to the written word gets erased by … (7 comments)

blogging 101: Absolute Tech for the Busy Office - 11/05/06 01:12 PM
In searching for nifty tools to use with my office cohorts, I came across two little browser plugins that offer a great feature- the ability to share notes and information on websites that I visit.  The first one is It allows you to add notes, pictures, and video to any webpage you visit. Anyone who has the plugin installed can see your notes (or you can set the notes to private or friends only). You can used the trailfire plugin to create a virtual tour of different sites, and users are prompted with page buttons to walk through your comments. … (0 comments)

blogging 101: Just Ask Barry- What is link popularity? - 11/05/06 01:01 PM
As part of my Just Ask Barry line of answers- I shortened the question from a friendly reader here on AR.   Link Popularity is the metric of quality AND quality of web sites linking to your site. The number and quality of sites has a good amount of significance in determining where your site ranks in search results.
Many SEO companies concentrate a lot of effort on matching search terms and alliances with quality sites that include the terms you are looking to reach.
Two very easy tactics for increasing link popularity you should consider added to your blog knowledge-
Visit … (2 comments)

blogging 101: Blogging 101- Historical Conversation - 11/05/06 12:37 PM
In a radio interview I recently did, I briefly touched on one of the real benefits of blogging- historical conversation.
What is historical conversation?
Historical conversation is what happens when an article is taken from a blog and indexed by the major search engines. Very popular phrases and search terms used in a conversation will continue to pull up an article that was written two years ago along with all the commentary and discussion surrounding it.
When a new visitor arrives and reads it for the first time, they have the ability to add additional remarks to the previous … (0 comments)

blogging 101: Great blog site to learn about Tech... TechCrunch - 11/04/06 04:13 PM
As most of my friends here are not techy blogger geeks like I am, I would like to take a moment and point you over to TechCrunch.
According to TechCrunch itself- "is a weblog dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies. In addition to new companies, we will profile existing companies that are making an impact (commercial and/or cultural) on the new web space."
Why am I pointing this out to all you Real Estate people? Easy- knowing about the latest and greatest internet sites and services coming out is VITAL to you maximizing the benefits they provide. … (2 comments)

blogging 101: Blogging Just- Just Ask Barry - 11/04/06 04:03 PM
I was thinking for awhile about what I could offer the ActiveRain community in terms of strange skills and professional outlook. Could I be superman and leap tall buildings? Probably not. Could I sing a Podcast for the ActiveRain slogan song? Probably, but you'd all turn me off and send me comments to keep my day job. 
So I'm offering an open 'Question of the Day' for members of Active Rain. 
As often as possible (baring holidays, special sporting events, and potential events), I'll sort through my comments and e-mails and provide an in-depth answer to any question related to blogging, online social … (1 comments)


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