branding: Brand Conquesting - 10/08/07 02:20 PM
A few weeks ago, I wrote an article describing the strategy of “Conquesting” in the online marketing battlefield, which discussed the idea of dominating certain terms in an online market. If you realize a majority of real estate transactions start online and that the largest current real estate lead generators are Google and Yahoo!, then it is a simple matter to realize that names and keywords have very significant value. Here, a slight change to the tactic I described earlier: brand conquesting - placing your brand in direct competition with your business rivals.
Real estate professionals spend a great deal of time … (3 comments)

branding: SPAM - A Brand Abused Like No Other - 09/13/07 01:00 PM
This article was original published on this past week. Due to the response and commentary there I felt it would be a good read for many of our other industry related readers here. Like many other things, some good articles are lost in cyberspace amongst millions of pieces of clutter, just like good e-mail being devoured by your SPAM filter.
There are many companies that strive to mold and change the way they are perceived through brand identity and control. In the 90’s the company that officially lost a huge chunk of “online identity” was SPAM®. One would think that … (0 comments)

branding: Christmas Blogging, everyone needs a laugh. - 12/24/06 01:21 PM
This is what happens when Barry is left at his keyboard without proper supervision. I had to spread a little Christmas humor and practice some of those poetry skills. 
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the net Not a reader was stirring, as no one was ready to post just yet. The comments were hung by each article with care, In hopes that St Yahoo would soon be there. The authors were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of google-ratings danced in their heads. Some snuggling computers at their desk, some on their lap, All having settled … (9 comments)

branding: Branding through your network - 12/21/06 01:51 PM
Some people think that networking is handing out business cards. Congrats, they have one step of the business branding idea down.
Real networking is about building your brand with individuals you meet. Like any marketing or branding experience, it takes multiple exposures to your message to create a “memorable” experience. The more the merrier.
As a Business Development kinda guy, working on my branding is the life blood of what I do. Every contact I make is a chance to stick my name out there with a different twist, sometimes I say it, sometimes I write it, and sometimes … (22 comments)


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