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Tips and commentary For Home Buyers & Sellers and REALTORS with primary focus on LIVE - Work - Play - Life Rhythm - Life Performance Oriented thinking for regular folks
Thor got loose last night . . . Thor is the innocent looking one on the left. He’s got a great, loving disposition. Looks can be deceiving! There’s a veritable hellion imprisoned in that calm and endearing presence. 90% of the time, he oozes with love and affection. The other 10% of the time, he’...
Throwing money at marketing to see if it’ll stick ain’t the path of least resistance to a successful business. Every day, I “run the gauntlet” of ads and connection requests from “Marketers” on Facebook, Linkedin, Email, text . . . They all promise the same thing. If I give them (Enough) money, t...
I arrived at the office at exactly the right time this morning. It was a smooth morning. The dogs and I had a great walk – Breakfast – Still a little “High” on a huge win yesterday . . . and LOTS of great things scheduled for today. I turned on the computer and entered my log-in PIN . . . The scr...
Let’s go ahead and declare it to be Spring! Sure! We could get a blast of cold air during one of these Spring showers resulting in ICE or SNOW, but I’m thinking it won’t be much more than a 1 day inconvenience. My property (Owen Hollow) is full of buds and new growth popping up everywhere. There’...
You know those days when you think you’re doing something (EVERYTHING) wrong? The results of your efforts don’t seem to be “all that”, and your perception is that other professionals in your field of expertise are knocking balls out of the ball park. Self doubt creeps in, and we crave validation....
You are your own megaphone! Who are you broadcasting yourself to be? Will you admit to being influenced by: Digital peer pressure? “Independence brings freedom, but also responsibility.” Seth Godin hits the nail on the head . . . AGAIN! Do you have an awareness that, in many ways, you choose to d...
This is a bow to intentional living. A while back . . . in my younger days . . . I was in a very unhealthy cycle of life. I only had 2 speeds . . . Full-tilt and near-death. Working 80+ hour weeks and partying like a rock star . . . It was a veritable 24/7/30/365 all out pursuit to squeeze every ...
Every day I hear of another friend striking out on a new entrepreneurial pursuit/career. BRAVO! For sure, there’s plenty of opportunity for smart, hard working folks with great big, shiny new ideas. I know because I did it myself in 1993 as a full time Real Estate Sales Professional. Back then, I...
Pretty much everything we buy these days is more complex than necessary. Indeed, I would venture to say that the average consumer taps into less than 52.65% of the potential usefulness of any widget purchased. Even the simplest (by appearance) things that “set up themselves” (Like the Amazon Alex...
When I was in the army, every mission was immediately followed by an After Action Review. Most of the time, this review happened while still in the field – Stinky, dirty, worn-out soldiers craving a hot shower and a cold beer gather in a huddle and assess what happened. We knew that it was essent...

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