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The more people I coach, the more I realize the sheer importance of paying attention to the fundamentals of our business. Sure, we talk a LOT about the importance of LEAD GENERATION . . . and we know that we must have systems in place to CONVERT those leads to appointments . . . and once we have ...
Hi folks,I woke up this morning feeling a huge responsibility to be as effective as possible today. I am leading an all day session for the agents in our Market Center . . . a session about "Lead Generating in a Shifted Market." Without question, I knew that this presentation would require 100% f...
"Hallowthanksmas New Year" . . . If you read my last post, you'll understand :-)I Attended a great "Profitability Camp" yesterday in Huntsville, AL. The event was orchestrated beautifully by our Regional Owner Bob Kilinski and was geared specifically to give the Leadership in the Market Centers t...
I was in a training event a few weeks ago and heard about "The REALTOR Holidays" Which begin at Halloween and end somewhere around the 7th of January unless there is snow on the ground - in which case the holiday can be extended until mid-march or April . . . and that whenever that holiday ends m...
I just feel a responsibility to blubber for a few minutes about the sheer volume of information and training material that is currently flowing from Keller Willaims International and how it has all affected my current reality.Before I attended the Coaching Skills Camp in Austin last week, I had j...
Our Tennessee Association of REALTORS (TAR) emails a weekly "Digest" of current events and trends in the real estate industry. What I love most about this digest is that there is ALWAYS useful, relevant information that I can forward to our agents and/or use as "training Opportunites" in our Team...
I had 2 very productive coaching appointments the past 2 days. The first was with an emerging team (the WHOLE team). They invited me into their "lair" to "explore possibilities". I know each of the members of this team individually but had not seen their collective organization, so I gladly accep...
It's a little known fact that more and more organizations around the world are opting to invite their membership/employees at ALL levels to participate in the planning and organizational decisions of the company. This was a scarcity in the "days gone by" but is now becoming increasingly commonpla...
I took the kids to McDonalds yesterday after Jessica's soccer team had their first WIN of the season. Jessica played her little heart out, and I was very proud :-) Allison selected our table and it happened to be across from Larry, a Broker/Owner of another real estate office in Green Hills (Nash...
Always - You never what life is going to bring you. Reminds me of the "Life Comes at you fast" commercials. Yesterday was a great day of training and role playing here at the Keller Williams Realty Coaching Skills Camp in Colorado. Dianna Kokoszka and Tony Kokoszka have absolutely done a masterfu...

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